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29 May 2021


Bill Tozer

Might be on topic. Challenging the carved in stone mantra that ‘Our Diversity is our Strength’
which has been taken as a given, I am beginning to believe that ‘Assimilation is our Strength. Yes, I once worked for an outfit with 60,000 employees and the cover of the company handbook (about us) was titled, ‘Diversity is our Strength’ with the normal pics of India Indians, a black woman, someone who looked like a Bolivian (lowest percentage of Spanish blood in Latin America), some white dude in a hardhat and dress shirt and a others to fit into the collage...all happy, happy, happy people.

I must clarify: I no longer believe that diversity for diversity’s sake is a strength, but rather foments disunity, envy, and zero harmony, and turmoil, chaos, tension, and divisiveness. Assimilation into becoming Americans is where it’s at. The great equalizer...for all of us. Anyway, this may be on topic.

Pat Buchannon:

‘Does Our Diversity Portend Disintegration?’

Bill Tozer

Same author sited above by Dr. Rebane, for those who might be interested

‘Thomas Sowell’s Harlem Years’ by Jason L. Riley.

Bill Tozer


“I want to give Christian Adams Power Line’s last word on Kristen Clarke’s fitness to head the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. Christian, after all, has had the misfortune of dealing with Clarke (I have not). And Christian’s assessment of Clarke encompasses the issue of voting — something I did not discuss in my many posts about her.”

Bill Tozer

Founder Of Black Lives Matter In St. Paul: ‘I Resigned’ After ‘I Learned The Ugly Truth’ As ‘Insider’


"American liberals have placed a very risky bet in which they are banking on US Whites not coalescing around a White Identity despite engaging in openly anti-White rhetoric and policy. Risky, I insist, because this is a form of ‘othering’, and when a group is othered, they will often tend to rally around the identity assigned to them, even if negative, so as to pursue their own self-interests. We saw this with gays and lesbians in the USA where they have become so collectively powerful that now their so-called ‘rights’ are central to the application of US foreign policy (see: pride parades)....."

George Rebane

scenes 924am - an excellent expansion Mr scenes. From my perch, I see the 'othering' of white, especially white conservatives, as a strong impetus for a Great Divide. The care that such whites must take is that they attract and include conservatives of all hues in their coagulation into the new Other (viz socialists).

Scott O

I'm wondering what conservative blacks would say to this:
First it was blacks are too stupid to obtain and produce an ID to "blacks have to vote before 1:00 pm on Sunday".
OK - I'm game. Maybe our crack leftists that show up here to call us names can explain why Americans with an African heritage are unable to vote after 1pm on a Sunday and why they can't vote any other time or day.
But I doubt it.
The only thing embarrassing is the dumb as shit fool crying about something he can't even explain.
Look - I'm sorry we're limiting voting to people that have a pulse and can prove who they are just as they do everyday at the liquor store, airport, pharmacy, doctors office and Democrat rally.
No - you can't vote 5 times or Xerox thousands of 'absentee ballots' for your fav politician.
The only reason anyone is against voting integrity laws is so cheating can occur.

Bill Tozer


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