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27 June 2021



" this would provide the needed ingredients to give people time to see that different cultures could join together and form sufficient bonds for a country and government that would endure. "

I will give you a somewhat different tack, lifted from cliodynamics.

Empires are built on the margins, in places where loosely related people come up against truly foreign cultures. Rome solidified and become something more than an argumentative alliance of towns due to Gauls, it was join up or die. The US and Russia share a similar history in the grossest sense. The Russian people over time were formed due to existential threats from the east, while the early US colonies had one from the west. They also expanded that direction. The existence of a dangerous alien fuses a larger nation (as opposed to 'state') in response.

Now, it may be that a threat is needed to hold any larger state together. Perhaps the Progressives are correct in wanting to find a sort of synthetic adversary in Russia, although China seems tailor-made for the role. At this point, I suppose the coastal elites are making too much money from offshoring to take on the CCP, so Putin will have to be the Designated Demon.

In any case, as sure as eggs is eggs, a more diverse state results in a bigger rule book from the center. Best case is Singapore, worst case is Yugoslavia when the center no longer holds.


Oh well, at least we got the 'foreign' back into 'foreign adventures' although the domestic version of the war on terror should be some fun.

"U.S. citizens derive no benefit, but instead suffer great loss, from endless war in the Middle East. But their interests are irrelevant to decisions of bipartisan Washington."


Bill Tozer

‘The Cruel Progressive Creed Undoing Civilization’

“The new progressivism is not the old Democratic Party, or even 1960s’ liberalism. It is a cruel creed, a faith-based ideology that allows no apostasies. Progressivism envisions humanity as a marbleized abstraction, not incarnate humans. If need be, it will alter language, change names, cancel people, erase events, and destroy elements of existing civilization. It stereotypes both adherents and opponents as either useful or disposable. And the carnage it wreaks on the masses is always acceptable damage for these terrifying visions of the anointed.”



re: BillT@8:45 "...Our currency is on its way to being Lebanonized..."

I think 'Zimbabwefied' might be good. or 'Weimared'.

So called 'Progressive' thought is an odd bird to me. I'm not sure if that sort of thing is new to the 20th C. or basically just another snake cult that is trying to overthrow an existing and rather organic order. It lacks the afterlife payoff of the Islamic sweep through somewhat sclerotic cultures but owes more than a little to the troubles in Germany and Russia after WWI.

OTOH, maybe we're just seeing traditionally formed tribes fighting over Free Shit with a veneer of belief system.

I don't think for a minute that the US is a product of some bits of paper signed by Founding Fathers. It's simply the aggregate of it's people and I'm afraid the people are going to do what they're going to do.

Of course, the added bit of fun is that whatever slouches to Washington to sit on the throne has a newfound ability to keep very close track of it's subjects. The stukach down the street is being replaced by your smart tv and Facebook.

Bill Tozer

This is unnatural for sure. What used to be illegal is legal.

‘Social Media Defends Spa Member Who Erupted After She Said Transgender Exposed Penis In Front Of Little Girls’

“I’m sorry you saw this,” the man eventually says after the woman says that it is “traumatizing, to see that.”

“Yeah, yeah. You’re sorry. You should be, sweetie,” she says. “You’re out of alignment. And this is not right. I can tell you that much. It must be hard. It must be hard not being a real man, huh? Try it.”


Life lesson: Don’t stick your dick between Mama Bear and her cubs.


In case BillT's 1:32PM isn't playing correctly.


Gotta love the Green Libertarian clerk's responses.

Barry Pruett

A little scholarly article about the slave references in the star spangled banner.


Bill Tozer

for those who have time.


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