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11 June 2021


Bill Tozer

BIden's 90-Day Intelligence Study of Coronavirus Origins Is a Farce


Paul Emery

Of course that's the discredited Newsmax writing that story. They had to deeply appologize to Dominion about the lies they printed on the vote counting and are paying big bucks to settle the lawsuit against them. Of course Trump, Bill and Walt still asserts Dominion altered the vote counting as part of the sstolen election they claim.

Here's their apology and their acceptance that the election was fair and legal. This quote is directly from Newsmax:

"Newsmax subsequently found no evidence that such allegations were true. Many of the states whose results were contested by the Trump campaign after the November 2020 election have conducted extensive recounts and audits, and each of these states certified the results as legal and final," the company said in a statement published online that will also be broadcast'


George Rebane

PaulE asks, “When was America great?” For leftwingers that is a gotcha question, because for any cited period one can always dredge up the country’s warts du jour. And the leftwinger’s response is, ‘So then, you want us to go back to when we had/did/… (fill in the bad behavior)?’ For the anti-American, the worst of any period defined the country overall; no mitigating or ameliorating attributes need ever be considered. And most certainly no proportional assessments of good vs bad are allowed.

Of the many characteristics of greatness, my answer for America’s greatness would be measured by the number of people from around the world who wanted to immigrate here. That could be normalized to the then current population level. Therefore, a measure of relative greatness (i.e. the preferred place people wanted to live) would be a nation’s ‘immigration fraction’ – the higher the better when compared to other countries. The Rebanes arrived during one of those periods of greatness that was post-war America – say, 1945-1965.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 11 June 2021 at 01:22 PM

Given similar chicanery by the "legitimate" media you probably don't want to hang your hat on this Punch. Set fire to any Chevy pickups or watch any Russian hookers pee on a bed Obama slept in lately......perhaps you yourself peed in a bed in a Russian hotel! Perhaps you just pee the bed in general?

Do you deny peeing on a flaming Chevrolet pickup truck rigged to catch fire by a member of the legacy media Punch? Well do you .......yes or no.....YES OR NO?????


"The Rebanes arrived during one of those periods of greatness that was post-war America – say, 1945-1965."

That seems like a reasonable era, although it partly derives from being part of a post-war boom in a place that wasn't bombed to the ground. A strong case can be made for the Apollo landing on the moon being it's high point.

Then: https://static.dezeen.com/uploads/2014/11/Apollo-13-mission-control-room_dezeen_1.jpg
Now: https://bucket.mg.co.za/wp-media/2019/02/6a1bf55e-transgenders-in-us-army-victory-696x445.jpeg

Another time and place might be the last days of the move westward. The closing of the frontier began a new and arguably lesser epoch.

Yet another phase change might be the time before and after the dominance of self-employment, most notably of individual family farms.

In an era of internet surveillance marketing, bar musician policy experts, and non-profit 'business' councils, I'm not sure how we can dig ourselves out. Elon's move to Mars has a certain validity.

At this point probably the best way to go is to ignore the fools until either the shootin' breaks out, we all speak Mandarin, or our robot lord and masters take over.

Bill Tozer

Oh silly Paul emery.

Without a doubt, America became the greatest on the day of my birth. Just happens to fall into the time period that Dr. Rebane referenced @ 1:59 pm above. I used to be humble, but now I am closer to perfection. Stealing from a senile old man, “Build Back Better”. And that ain’t no malarkey, you dog faced pony soldier.

Bill Tozer

By now it is clear that Kamala Harris has had the worst week for a Vice President since Dan Quayle misspelled “potato” and attacked Murphy Brown almost 30 years ago. There are news reports, no doubt aided and abetted by some cagey White House staff, that the White House is “troubled” or even “dismayed” by her poor performance. I’m guessing a lot of Biden’s long-time loyal staff have discovered the unappealing and imperious side of Harris that has been well-known in California for years, reminding me of the line Reaganites used to take about Richard Darman: “Why do people take an instant dislike to Darman? Answer: Saves time.”


Bill Tozer

A bit dated in our instant news cycle. From way back to last week:

‘Fibbing Fauci Shows He’s Just Another Crisis-Loving Intellectual’

“The list of questionable things in Fauci’s emails could go on and one could wonder why Fauci was in contact with tech giant Mark Zuckerberg and billionaire Bill Gates, or why he was willing to cooperate with those who wanted to make a movie about him while this crisis was unfolding. But let’s stop for a moment and just consider the few examples of doublespeak detailed above. Why would Fauci engage in such behavior? Why would he put so many innocent Americans through lockdowns and mandates which had little to no bearing on combatting the disease? Why would he hide important facts while seeking his own glory?

Fauci’s doublespeak behavior should not surprise us. To borrow from the words of Robert Nisbet in Twilight of Authority, Fauci’s actions are simply another example of “the fondness of intellectuals for crisis which can be seen recurrently throughout Western history.” It’s all about a love of power, Nisbet says:“


The Estonian Fox

I am so proud of Uncle Joe:

Feds Restore $929 Million in Funds for California's Billion-Dollar Bullet Train.

Headline was, of course, incorrect - should have read '70-Billion Dollar'. Are you sure they aren't trying to build the Keystone-Golden-Bear-Pipeline along those tracks?

Bill Tozer

‘Beijing’s useful idiots’

Science journals have encouraged and enforced a false Covid narrative


Paul Emery

George, for once I agree with you. that was a very good 20 years for this country. 1945-1965 started with with a good solid economy after 12 years of Democratic Presidencies with Roosevelt and Truman and mostly Democratic control of thru 1965 Congress with four years split. Republican Eisenhower served from '53 till '61 when Kennedy and then Johnson, both Dems rounded out the 20 years. Eisenhower is remembered for his final address to the nation where he warned the nation with regard to the corrupting influence of what he describes as the "military-industrial complex". Also he continued New Deal programs and expanded Social Security. During his tenure we had the highest percentage of Union membership in our history during his administration.
Nixon followed Johnson and that was the end of it for greatness.
As a kid in the 50's my impression of Ike was that he was a kind and intelligent man. You have to wonder what kids though of Trump during his mercifully short tenure.

Nixon followed Johnson and that was the end of it for greatness.

There is much more but that's all for now.


When was America great, the buzzard of Broad St. askes?
The Trump years comes to mind. Then the Reagan years were pretty awesome... Whenever a LIB is running the show, America and it's citizens are looking for the clean end of the turd to pick up.

It's about time for Emery to go help the boozers in the bar kill their liver. The sound of that geetar must be slightly better than than the sound of a strangled cat. "Emery's here... make it a double.... Another dose of "fly'n purple people eater".... Bring it bub...."


"When was America great, the buzzard of Broad St. askes?"

Evidently he's a big fan of LBJ.

I guess there was a bunch of outrage at the Emery household when the Maddox was 'attacked' by torpedo boats.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 11 June 2021 at 04:22 PM

And not a single one of those Democrat presidents that you laud would be welcome or have a place in today’s modern democratic party you feeble minded idiot.


JFK would be considered a Conservative today.


OK,, case in point... JFK got us to the moon.
Barry frosted "O"s killed the space program.

Paul Emery

I was just agreeing with George about great years for America fish. Trump years were great right Walt? Can you tell me about the economy when Trump was elected out of office. Also why was he the biggest loser since before 1900 losning re-election, the House and Senate. Apparently hardly anyone else was charmed by his greatness.

Paul Emery

Don't get me wrong, 45-65 had plenty of rough edges so don't try to trap me into defending everything and everyone from those times but all in all it was a good time to live in this country and to grow up as a kid.

Paul Emery

Do you think Reagan or Eisenhower would fit into the Trump Party fish? As far as I can tell the Republican Party no longer exists. It is now the Trump Party.

Paul Emery

I do think Spiro Agnew would though

Don Bessee

Somebody is sputtering, TRIGGER WARNING for the pony tail of ignorance -



Paul Emery

Robert Nesbit was a a philosophical conservatism Bill. Very interesting person. While he consistently described himself as a conservative, he also defended abortion rights and was opposed to the foreign policy of Reagan. There's much more but that's all I have time for tonight. Thanks for the workout guys (notice no women visit here except very rarely. )

Bill Tozer

E Fox @ 3:48 pm

Don’t forget Barrack Hussein Obama! CA signed the deal with the Feds. The phase one said CA. Would have to have 119 miles of track laid by Jan 1, 2017....or pay the 5 billion back. No problem. The Brown Streak choose the easiest route going down through the Central Valley. As the that completion phase deadline approached, Obama at the tenth (or eleventh hour) extended the deadline on midnight, Dec 31, 2016. His going away gift to CA and the CA taxpayers who voted for the 9 Billion dollar high speed train.

I forget how long that first phase was been extended to. 2022, 2023? Well, the land on that stretch has not been secured yet and in Fresno or Modesto they had to MOVE two lanes of the freeway to make room for the now Low Speed Rail and came up with a plan to run the Streak east on a detour from Buttonwillow (rail route) to Bakersfield to squeeze in 20 more miles to get to 120 or 119 miles laid. The Low Speed rail cannot ever go 200 miles an hour because the maintenance costs alone of wear and tear on the wheels and track would make it cost prohibited and never ever pay for itself as presented to the voters.

The whole track has to be laid by 2026 (?) with rail cars, but does not need to carry a single passenger until 2028. Thank you Obama, thank you Stink Finger Uncle Joe. Besides, our integrity-less Gov Gavin has already said CA will never pay that 5 Billion back, even though that was the contract signed by all parties and agreed to in good faith, lol

I grew up with a kid that turned out to be a lawyer for a prestigious law firm named after his father. When I once ran into him later in life and solicited so free legal advise and told him the pack of lies the opposing attorneys wrote, he laughed and said with a big grin, “What, would a lawyer lie?”. Oh, he thought that was funny....my naivety and all. Would a lawyer lie?, lol.

He finished the conversation with another quip: “Contracts are made to be broken.” What a wet behind the ears greenhorn I was. BTY, his advise was impeccable. Matter was dropped after one phone call, threatening the opposing attorney with the words he told me to say. Free advice! Later I was contacted by some office of the CA Supreme Court investigative division and helped get that lawyer disbarred....but they did not really need my help. He did it to himself. So, I take no credit.

Contracts where made to be broken. And I have gone my whole life doing business on a handshake. Those days are long gone. Today, a man is promoted for not being as good as his word.

Only 9 billion, suckers.


Bill Tozer

“I was just agreeing with George about great years for America fish.”

But, but, but, you said “America was never great.” Are you moving the goalposts now, ole cagy one?

You said it, not me. America was never great.....notwithstanding some great decades.

Oh, how naive i still am. ‘A man is as good as his word’ should be stricken from my vocabulary. Another entry that belongs in the Encyclopedia of Worthless Information. Antiquated, like the word ‘behoove’.


Emery is back in his hot air powered wayback machine.
The here and now is the wrong hill to die on.
What the HELL Emery? you voted for the walking dead,
Enjoy the train wreck you helped establish.

Biden is sending money to piss away on the "Brown Streak" choo choo. A billion bucks!
That's one way to expedite moving illegals from the border to the tomato fields. (and motel Six, slaughter houses, and to a lawn near you.)

Don Bessee

There is a lot of that going on recently -




Is this some of that "greatness" Emery claims?
"This decline in real earnings occurred even though average hourly earnings increased as employers scrambled to fill open positions. What happened was that these wage gains were more than offset by the increase of 0.6 percent in the Consumer Price Index. So Americans were paid more but those gains were swamped by inflation.

Average weekly real earnings fell as well, dropping to $334.09 from $335.60, even though there was no change in the average hours worked.

The wage decline was even more pronounced for workers the government describes as “production and nonsupervisory employees”—in other words, not the bosses. These workers saw a 0.2 percent decline in May because their 0.4 percent wage increase was overwhelmed by the rise in prices."


Hey, hey, LBJ
Paul Em'ry is yer friend today.

Scott O

When was America great?
From the get go.
Because it was founded on the idea of God-given natural rights enjoyed by all humans. And the main purpose of a govt was to protect the citizens' rights.
But we are straying from that idea and increasingly the citizens are being brain-washed into the idea that we have rights only to the degree that the govt grants them to us.
And that the govt is mainly our provider of stuff and not a protector of our rights. The fed govt won't even secure the border.


Posted by: scenes | 11 June 2021 at 06:26 PM

There’s much more but that’s all for now.

Bill Tozer

"My fellow Americans, it is with a heavy heart that I am here to tell you I will not seek nor accept the nomination for President of the United States. The radical left wing of my party has gone ape shit and taken over the asylum. There is rioting in the steets, campuses have tear gas in the quad, national demonstrations, unrest, upheaval, the Negros are burning the cities to the ground, bombs planted everywhere, terrorists blowing up cops, and you all can kiss my ass."

Great times, bro. The Dems got their message out loud and clear. The Dem (forgot the name of the way left of center liberal's name. Mc Govern?)

Boy, talk about a landslide. He only carried one state, Minnesota or some home state. Uno. Wipe out! Scorched Earth.

Hey, aren't the 'Democrats' rather divided right now? The Squad, BLM, GND and a host of other fringe voices probably make up 29% on the Dems right now. Maybe in the low thirties. Quite a powerful wing that gets the attention of Da Party.

Sounds divided to me.

Ok, back to the Ozzie and Harriet, Father knows Best, Opie and Aunt Bee, and those days when all the kids left their bicycles in the front yard or leaning up against a tree on the street in front. Or piled up on the street.

This takes me back: Quiz! If LBJ stands for Lyndon Bainds Johnson, what does LBS stand for???

Biker Bill

'The Second Coming of Jeffrey Toobin'

The Beginning:

"Left-wing media network CNN welcomed Jeffrey Toobin back to the airwaves on Thursday, seven months after the legal analyst was granted "time off" for a "personal issue" after taking his dick out and masturbating in front of colleagues on a Zoom call."

The End:

"Toobin did his best to assure viewers that his days of sexual misadventure were behind him."I don't think there is anything further that is going to come out," he said, inartfully.""

We can only hope.



Pentagon Boss 'Clarifies' Russia & China Pose Biggest Threats After Biden Says It's Climate Change

Looks like one of the White House interns loaded the wrong sound file into President Wax Dummy.

Seen elsewhere in the same post:

“Sooo.... White Supremacy was the biggest problem in America up until Hunter said the n-word.

Now we're back to climate change... got it.”

There is much more but that is all for now


Paul Emery



A certain LIB from Nevada City was SO pleased that Biden ended most of Trumps great doings. Well, add another good program to the hit list.

Can't have a snitch line ratting out Biden's newest invites.
Rape, murder, theft, ect. are the norms where they come from.


Hummm Some of that fine, NEO socialism that keeps getting peddled by the Left? And just North of the border no less.

"Bernier, who served as Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of former prime minister Stephen Harper, was arrested by mounties in St-Pierre-Jolys on the first day of his tour of Manitoba, dubbed the “Mad Max Manitoba Tour”, for refusing to quarantine himself under the province’s Chinese coronavirus guidelines."

"“Just got another ticket for my presence at the Niverville event, and the officer warned me that I could be arrested if I go to other rallies,” Bernier wrote, quoting Section 2 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms which guarantees freedom of peaceful assembly by way of defence."


Perhaps the greatest inadvertent sentiment in a Tweet in the last 5 years.

“CNN insults #MeToo movement, provides happy ending for Jeffery Toobin"
(@TheHillOpinion) http://hill.cm/NpgVWl2



Since Trump, a non politician got more accomplished than any
elected yapper, debater, maybe another non politician?


Better than any Lefty Hollywood showman wannabe.

Don Bessee

Equality wins out over 'equity' -

Judge halts Biden's race-based aid for farmers, says challenge is 'likely to succeed'




Don. Pigford 2.0 gets sent to the butcher shop.


re: DonB@1:20PM

I rather like the idea of race-based benefits if only for the entertainment value. You can imagine how much they get gamed (hint: they already are).

What we really need is a nationwide DNA sampling program, perhaps with your COVID-22 shot, that enables the US to properly rank it's citizens. To do this right, you probably need a percentage value (BQ maybe?, I suppose the racist wags can call it an NQ) rather like those folks who wanted a slice of the Cherokee biz.

Given that the top of the grievance tree are the Men in Dresses, we'll have to expand the program. I suppose that a physical examination will prove who is really serious.

Paul Emery


Since you asked, here's a very good thing Biden is doing:

"The Biden administration is moving to undo a Trump-era rule that vastly shrank the number of streams and wetlands protected by the Clean Water Act, taking on a politically combustible issue that has cost Democrats in farm country for more than a decade.

EPA Administrator Michael Regan announced Wednesday that his agency will formally repeal the 2020 Navigable Waters Protection Rule, which removed federal pollution oversight from tributaries of iconic waterways and broad swaths of the arid West. EPA will then begin crafting its own, more expansive definition of waterways subject to federal water protections."


Don Bessee

The push back is happening -




Yes Emery, try floating a boat on a mud puddle. Yet your kind call it navigable waters.
You see value in the the most stupid things.

Bill Tozer

From 🐠 @ 10:37 a ‘s link. Now, where have I heard that before? Accuse your opponent of that which you are doing or have recently done.

Adam Schiff
We need a full accounting of the Trump DOJ’s abuse of power targeting Congress and the press.

An IG investigation is just the start.

The full range of the misconduct must be examined, including Barr’s efforts to protect those who lied to cover up, and go after Trump’s enemies.

Joe Walsh
Jun 11
How come no Republicans have said they’re troubled by these reports that Trump’s Justice Department secretly obtained the personal data of Trump’s media & congressional critics? Isn’t this the “deep state” stuff they’re always wailing about?
Amy Klobuchar
Jun 11
We get more proof every day that Donald Trump weaponized the Department of Justice against his political enemies. This abuse of power is so dangerous and corrosive to our democracy. It undermines the rule of law and it can never happen again.
Scott Dworkin
Jun 11
Where is the GOP outrage over trump spying on Americans? Oh, they were in on it. Got it.

Scott O

Paul Emery 1:58 - re the new EPA rule - "EPA will then begin crafting its own, more expansive definition of waterways subject to federal water protections."

What actual harm was done to any river because of the Trump regulation?
Paul Emery - "duh, I don't know."
Everyone remember Paul's deeply, deeply, held desire for 'local control'?
The man's moral compass has no ability to find a true heading of any sort.
His only guiding principles are a moistened finger in the political wind and a mindless following of whatever the lefty press tells him is good.

Bill Tozer

In other news relating to opening Pandora’s box..


Don Bessee

Defund the police indeed! -



Bill Tozer

Clay Travis asks an excellent question:

"The New York Times wrote a front page article on a teenage girl, a 15 year old, who lost her ability to attend the University of Tennessee for doing what Hunter Biden did. Yet the NYT isn’t covering Hunter Biden at all. How can that be remotely justified?"
Clay Davis @ clay davis

Actually, that question is easily answered. The New York Times is not a news organization, it is an arm of the Democratic Party. As such, its mission is to protect and defend the Biden administration. It has its hands full trying not mention that Joe Biden is non compos mentis, and that things generally have gone to Hell in a handbasket since he took office. With remarkable speed, if you think about it.

So Hunter Biden is strictly off limits. Whom will the Times destroy, a random 15-year-old girl, or Joe Biden’s rich, 51-year-old, depraved, racist, drug-addled, corrupt son? The question answers itself. It’s good to be a Democrat!


Bill Tozer

‘Clay Travis Rips CNN: Banned Me For Saying ‘Boobs’ But Welcomed Back ‘Guy Caught Masturbating On A Zoom Call’


Fables for the Crossed-Out



re: Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky

Thanks, I'll check it out.

As a bookend, I'd suggest this:



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 12 June 2021 at 05:57 PM

I’m sure there’s much more.....but that’s all for now.

(This may be the most important thing that Punchy has ever contributed to the blog. A Yoda like exit line!)

Don Bessee

Looks like the knives are out for whats her name -




Good thing this shipment didn't make it to TX.
I have tried some of that MEX. ammo.. It's crap.


"Pelosi said, “So, in terms of the data mining, what the Republicans — what the administration did, the Justice Department, the leadership of the former president goes even beyond Richard Nixon.”"

But far less than what Obummer did.
That SOB weaponized every Gov. agency against the Right.

Bill Tozer

My Top 10 media lies: Goodwin

J.P. Sears strikes again, this time explaining, as only he can do, the recent evolution of “wokeness,” from “the pre-paleowokalithic era,” and before the social justice warriors learned “how to make weapons out of keyboards.”




Hmmmm....looks like another bail out for the wealthy!


Unleash the Grievance Study Majors!


Posted by: fish | 13 June 2021 at 05:42 PM

Oops sorry....forgot!

"There is much more but that is all for now."

Don Bessee

See what happens when you let whats her name and creepy grampa joe out of the basement too long! -

Biden, at G-7, says US, Russia can work together to help people of ‘Libya’ – meant to say ‘Syria,’ aides say

It was one of several gaffes made by the president



Bill Tozer

Now that Harris-Biden are out of the country, it would be a splendid time to close the border.



Bill.. If it were only that simple... Then you would have queen Nan running the show? (shudders at the thought....)

Bill Tozer

A Trip Back to the Fifties


Then Obama comes along and calls those folks in Boonville ‘bitter clingers’.

Scott O

This will be fun to follow:
Dr Dre - "Here's a place that you can go where there's something that you can learn that you're really interested in."
At least they're starting to admit govt run schools are the kind of places that a lot of black families run away from if they have the money.
Expect a big buildup at the start and then after a few years it will be a forgotten project no one will want to talk about.
But at least it will be 'cool'.


But just one.....one time only! And you rubes in the "middle class"....don't you want to be patriots too!? I knew you did!

Exclusive: Democrat exploring 'patriot tax' on multimillionaires' wealth

....and again....let us be completely clear.....we are only going to do this one single time!


Scott O

Yeah - "...we are only going to do this one single time!"

Next time, we'll call it something else.

Bill Tozer

Jab, jab, jab. I just got my second wind. Now, where is the Dope on a Rope?

‘Eighteen months later, Democrats' first Trump impeachment tale in tatters’

Disclosures from open-records requests, Hunter Biden laptop and Senate testimony undercut Democratic narrative that president's son did nothing wrong in his dealings in Ukraine.


Hey, I warned the Lefties not to open up the Ukraine cans of worms. But, they knew better living in their Science Fiction land. And they have only scratched the surface, if that.


Governor.....meh! You were born to be a gameshow host!


Scott O

Love the term "hidden cost".
Hidden only from morons drinking the Green Koolaide.
Lots of folks have been ringing the alarm bells for decades about the vast new strip mines and destruction of the environment of our magical electrical future. This article barely scratches the surface of what the green weenies want to do with mama earth.
The important thing for the left is to make America energy dependent on other countries again. Remember "no blood for oil"?
Trump made it a reality.


Lithium mining? That's some real toxic shit!
And they whine about our local gold mine?

Scott O

Walt 3:57 - "And they whine about our local gold mine?"
Sure - because it's local. But they want their Teslas and don't give a shit how much environmental destruction it causes in some other country. And guess who controls most of the rare earth elements needed for our glorious green future? Biden's buddies - China!
Trillions to 'build back better' and most of it goes to China.
Pretty cool, huh?


Scott.. Lithium mine in Nevada.

Just not Nevada County.......

Scott O

Walt - Ah, good old Fort McDermitt Injun Rez. I've been past there umpteen times on US 95. It's just stinkin' desert, so hardly anyone cares. Of course if Standard Oil were to put one little hole in the ground out there, all hell would break loose.
Still - it's not in Nevada County, so who gives a small rodent's behind?
I remember when Nevada gave Musk tax breaks if he were to build his battery operation in that state and buy the lithium from the Nevada lithium mines. He put in the battery plant but started buying lithium from out of the country. That guy knows how to game the system. Dems are so easy to roll.

Bill Tozer

Arizona state senator warns Attorney General Garland: ‘You will not touch Arizona ballots’ or you will go to jail



re: BT@8:40


Bill Tozer

‘Whites Need Not Apply: Federal Judge Blocks Biden’s Racist Loan Forgiveness Program’

[The Leftinistas:]

“Under Biden’s $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, $4 billion is allotted through the USDA towards loan forgiveness for “socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers.”

Disadvantaged farmers and ranchers are classified as being members of a group who are “subjected to racial or ethnic prejudice because of their identity as members of a group without regard to their individual qualities,” including African Americans, Asians, Hispanics, refugees, immigrants, and other minorities.””

[The Constitution:]

“Judge Griesbach found the plan relied on anecdotal evidence, rather than compelling proof, of such discrimination taking place. And if the USDA has engaged in discrimination in the past, Griesbach wrote, the loan forgiveness plan only continues to do so.

“The obvious response to a government agency that claims it continues to discriminate against farmers because of their race or national origin is to direct it to stop: it is not to direct it to intentionally discriminate against others on the basis of their race and national origin,’ Griesbach wrote.

Griesbach cited a previous court ruling that stated “government policies that classify people by race are presumptively invalid.””


Bill Tozer

The Leftinistas:

Superintendent Leaked Private Student Information To A Union, Activists Tried To ‘Bury’ And ‘Distract’ Using Racism Claims

“After the mailer went out, parents were furious, prompting the South Kingstown Town Council to investigate how the labor union got hold of students’ names and addresses. According to local news outlets, Savanstano said that rules allow the school district to share directory information, but denied that it had given the data to the AFL-CIO. “Please know we do not take this lightly,” she told WPRI.

Amid the controversy over potential improper union influence and conflict of interest, the school district shifted focus by hurling allegations of racism.”



Everyday I thank god for the comprehensive gun safety laws that this country has enacted!

US military guns keep vanishing; Used in street crimes...



Todays most important headline from Instapundit.....

WHY IS CNN SUCH A CESSPIT OF WHITE SUPREMACY? CNN Could Have Promoted a Person of Color To Replace White Masturbator Jeffrey Toobin. The Network Refused. Why?


Don Bessee

Hey now if that really catches on with the left they all could self destruct into oblivion and save everyone a bunch of headaches! Clearly a nominee for the wokenista of the month award. LOL -

The Auckland, New Zealand, chapter of a climate organization inspired by activist Greta Thunberg disbanded itself on Saturday because it was a “racist,” “white-dominated space,” the group announced in a Facebook post on Saturday.



Scott O

Now, why would the Biden admin go to bat for convicted crack offenders?
I'm trying to Hunt for a reason.

Scott O

Good morning everyone!
Joyous news from the Windy City.
Best quote: "Lightfoot specifically addressed Tuesday’s shooting of eight people in a residence, saying, “What we will likely learn as the details become clearer is that illegal guns continue to plague us."

A plague of illegal guns! Like locusts! Clouds of illegal guns fly in to hapless Chicago and start shooting folks at bible study and choir practice.

And: "Unfortunately, Chicago is not unique. We are part of a club of cities for which no one wants to belong, cities with mass shootings.”

And what cities belong to this 'club'? Being run by Democrats have anything to do with it?
And the left wants to fix the problem with 'gun control'.
Just like they did with illegal drugs. You sure can't get any illegal drugs in Chicago.
I'm sure Joe will get his Veep right on this. She's already fixed the border crises.


Posted by: Scott O | 16 June 2021 at 07:36 AM

Every night Lori Lightfoot gets down on her knees and prays that there is another spectacular shooting spree that distracts from just how poorly run (it's Chicago so there's a point spread) the city is and how abysmal her administration of the city has been! If it wasn't for The Art Institute of Chicago a couple of nukes would be a good first start at urban renewal.

Last time I heard..... Lori has detailed about fifty cops for her residence and personal security alone.

Dat's the progressive way....!

Apologies to Sean Connery.


Uh oh.....President Wax Dummy went "off script" again!

Media Meltdown Over Biden Nodding That He "Trusts" Putin Forces White House Statement



Failing upward......the progressive way!

Newsom sees his political fortunes rise as California reopens

At least he didn't "Cuomo" a bunch of nursing home residents. That's probably what saved him......especially after his dinner fiasco.



Biden's care givers are too embarrassed to allow him to show up
at the press conference..

They know damned well Biden can't hold his own with the international media. "where am I???,,, What am I doing here????"


But remember....they care....they care so deeply! Clearly they are better than you.....visionary if you will!

"The conflict here is between hardscrabble types working with their hands and a small, insulated, post-industrial urban elite that prefers to import its energy, food, and labor from outside the state. It’s a class struggle largely about how people should make their livings. If it’s digits and images, no matter how dubious the endeavor, that’s fine; if it’s producing the basics of modern life, not so much. After all, what burdens ordinary people often turns out to be a great opportunity for the politically connected individuals or corporations buying “carbon credits” or investing largely tax-free, guaranteed-profit “renewable” projects."

If only there was some sort of "business council"...you know that looked after the little guy and his interests. That would be thuper!



BOOM.....goes the narrative!

FBI Operatives Likely 'Unindicted Co-Conspirators', Organizers Of Capitol Riot: Report

Paul "Punch" Emery of Neurotic City, California most hurt!



Fish.. Paul Biden will just counter with "they were PRO Trump FBI"... Unlike the ANTI "good" FBI that spied on Trump's campaign.


Since The Biden Admin is running this train,,
It's time to rename Biden to Prez. "Casey Jones" Biden.
He's the (supposed) man with his hand on the nation's throttle,
And the big train wreck is just about here.


Posted by: Walt | 16 June 2021 at 11:17 AM

Fine Walt, If thats's the case they should parade them before the American people in irons ....FBI or not. Can't have "factions" within a law enforcement....snicker....agency.


Some news for our pro socialists.. Yup,, THIS is what you want for here?
"A Baptist pastor from Alberta was arrested for a second time following an aerial police discovery of his previously clandestine church gathering, as reported by the Calgary Herald.
Pastor Tim Stephens was arrested after officers arrived at his house to inform him of an alleged court order violation, video footage from Rebel News shows. The police informed Stephens that he had disobeyed the order by hosting an outdoor event with hundreds of Christian worshippers."

But looting and burning kind of "protest" is fine and dandy.

Paul Emery

yeah fish. Newsom should cruise to an easy win in the Republican sponsored so called recall which will make the $250 million cost to California taxpayers a future campaign issue with questions like "Mr or Mrs Loudmouth running for whatever did you support the Recall of Gov Newsome which cost $250 million to taxpayers and lost miserably-yes or no"?


Here Emery,, You should LOVE this.

"Osama bin Laden’s niece was protesting President Joe Biden’s Wednesday summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva, Switzerland.

In videos posted to Twitter, Noor bin Ladin, 34, was seen standing on a boat waving a flag with the words “Trump won” on it.

One video retweeted by bin Ladin also showed an encounter she had with Swiss authorities. In the video, bin Ladin was interviewed by InfoWars and reaffirmed her belief that former President Donald Trump won the 2020 election."


Although Paul could work on a consistant spelling of 'Newsom' (part of that 'news craft' no doubt), I agree that a recall is a waste of money.

To me, Gavin N. is the perfect combination of highly connected crook and vainglorious jackass to hold that office in California. No one will be allowed to get the car out of the ditch, so you might as well leave an idiot in charge.


('consistant' spelling is a joke BTW).


Emery really don't care. He just loves to bitch.
All the proggy damage that's looming on the near horizon won't affect Emery. He will just be a memory for a select few.

Now a new question.. Will the natural gas moratorium include the mortuaries?(that's the undertaker Emery)
No more cremations?(Far from ECO friendly) Will that go to solar power as well? ( a BIG magnifying glass in the noonday sun.)

Nope,, Emery don't really care what kind of shithole Ca. becomes.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 16 June 2021 at 01:31 PM

What are you carping about Punch.....thought that you, as a proponent of responsible government, would appreciate the need to put the fear of god into the pampered scion of old California politics once and a while. Just for practice!

It's not like you're going to lose the seat.... and the quarter billion....well President Wax Dummy already shoveled more than that back to the state already. It's not coming out of your pocket.

PS: When have you ever cared about taxpayers?

There is much more but that is all for now.

(Have you ever tried your out line in the Yoda voice? Try it.....it rocks)

Paul Emery


Who gives a rats ass about what Osama bin Laden’s niece's opinion of anything is. Only the Walts and the Shrill Billy Fake News who have nothing better so say or do. What a hoot!


Posted by: Paul Emery | 16 June 2021 at 02:56 PM

Evidently you did Punch......it was important enough for you to leave another whiny Emery special.

There is much more but that is all for now.

(That time I did the line using the voice of the old Indian shaman from “Little Big Man”. Epic!)

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