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22 June 2021


Bill Tozer

The Left Kills Humor
Social media censors suppress even satire because leftists can’t stand being mocked

“A few pokes of fun at identity politics are seen at The Babylon Bee in its “inspiring true story of the first motorcyclist to identify as a bicyclist” and the irreverent piece entitled, “Female Weightlifter Suffers Tragic Testicle Injury Just Weeks Before Tokyo Olympics.”

“Hate speech,” they cry.

..... “Post an image about an angry female comic holding what’s supposed to represent the severed head of a U.S. president, and free speech and satire are defended. Post a meme about visiting a farm to milk a bull if one is confused about gender, and expect the overlords of Big Tech to subject your content through layers of examination as to whether it meets community standards.

Standards indeed.”


Paul Emery

Well George perhaps "independence" is not the right word to use. How would you describe it? How about co-dependant or co-dependency depending on the grammar.

By the way George I'm still curious about why you tout the Repubs as being so tough on deficit spending when the link you sent shows that Obama is 3rd in in deficit spending behind Reagan and Bush. Any ideas?

Your link


George Rebane

PaulE 1235pm - Paul, these conversations would be much more productive if you showed any appreciation for how import/export markets worked. Any industry that has a sizeable export component to it will have that part of its operation preserved for the overall benefit of the nation and its financial structure (exchange rate of dollar, etc). That means we will continue importing some even as we export more. You have never shown much understanding of such complexities and always go back to Democrat talking points designed for their great unwashed.

And circling the 'which president spent how much' barn is a futile exercise when the entire deficit dollar amount is attributed to the WH, without even regard to how much of the budget is discretionary. Again, you apprehend it all with the simplicity of a mid-schooler in his first (what used to be known as) civics class.

None of this says the spending habits of Dems and Repubs are a black/white matter. Both parties have favorite funding objectives they must fulfill to satisfy their constituents. In the large, my own objectives have flown in tighter formation with the Repubs, but not always (especially in the area of corporate subsidies).


" How about co-dependant or co-dependency depending on the grammar. "

What can I say, it's complicated.


Also, there are the vagaries of surpluses, the cost of shipping, business and treaty arrangements. It's not like shoes however, a thing the US is unable to make anymore, we could be 'self-sufficient' in the simplistic way you think of it if necessary.

In the final analysis, the US produces (produced?) a surplus. It's like any other good, you are probably exporting whether or not you are producing a surplus or deficit. If all oil were identical, you could probably still make a case to ship crude from Alaska to Japan and from Saudi Arabia to Texas.

Naturally, the US Left is dead set against fracking (which I'll bet has lowered CO2 emissions more than any other single thing) and pipelines (so so much safer than ships and railroads). So my bet is on a future deficit.

Paul Emery


I was using the numbers you provided in your link to emphasize the extent of Obama's deficit compared to Trumps. How do you explain that?

Here's is your post intact including the link you provided and referred to in your post. That link is what I used in my response to this.

"PaulE 817am - Probably for the same reason you kept very quiet about Obama, with the sound of silence now continuing under Biden. According to the OMB, Obama raised national debt by 74% and Trump by 33%. And what does all this have to with CRT, unless progressives' lying about presidential debt is the point you want to make?

Now you say this: "And circling the 'which president spent how much' barn is a futile exercise when the entire deficit dollar amount is attributed to the WH, without even regard to how much of the budget is discretionary. Again, you apprehend it all with the simplicity of a mid-schooler in his first (what used to be known as) civics class."

cn you explain this obvious contradiction?


"cn you explain this obvious contradiction? "

I don't see the problem with saying (a) the President is not 100% in charge of how much money is spent and (b) the increase was higher under Obama than Trump.

Those are both true statements. It's not an 'obvious contradiction' unless obvious means 'bullshit that I made up'.

I think it all get nailed with the 'mid-schooler in civics class' angle, although it's all starting to sounds like Of Mice and Men. TELL ME ABOUT THE BUDGET, GEORGE.

Of course, in an era of the Wokester Civil War, Obama is looking pretty damned good. Instead, we have President Potato and the Free Shit Army attempting to destroy all civic institutions.

Don Bessee

As if we didnt know they would try -

Panamanian Official: Terrorists Blending With Migrants from Outside Americas Trying to Reach U.S.



Bill Tozer

It’s become clear that the reason we have a new crisis at the border is because President Senility and his Kackling Kamala sidekick like it that way. They want it this way.

‘An Unflinching Guide to Biden's Immigration Fiasco’

‘Report: House Democrats’ Budget Slashes Border Enforcement Funding By A Billion Dollars’


Bill Tozer

1) This in not surprising.

‘Journalist Andy Ngo Says He’s Been Permanently Booted From SoundCloud’

Andy Ngo, editor-at-large at The Post Millennial and a reporter who frequently covers Antifa violence, announced over the weekend he was banned from the music-streaming service SoundCloud.

Ngo was told he “violated” SoundCloud’s terms of service even though the last time he uploaded a podcast episode was more than one year ago. His podcast, “Things You Should Ngo,” is no longer listed on the platform


Not even being gay and Asian could save him. At least he did not masturbate on a NY Mag zoom call. Then he would be forgiven. Time to drop trout, Andy.
2) This is a joke, right? I hope she is not serious. She is.

‘WATCH: Biden Energy Secretary Says ‘We Don’t Know Fully’ If ‘Climate Change’ Caused Florida Building Collapse’

3) Latest proof of systemic racism is.....drumroll please...traffic fatalities. Who can argue with that.

Bill Tozer

AOC dismisses concerns about rising violent crime as 'hysteria'“


Glenn Greenwald
AOC is mocking ordinary people as "hysterical" who are afraid of violent crime in their neighborhood: people who, unlike her, don't have reams of private security.

Yet she just acted to ensure $2 billion more in spending on the police that protects her:


Hmmm. Well, AOC should know all about hysteria. She is still going through therapy over Ted Cruz trying to have her murdered while she was safe and sound in a building NOT on Capitol Hill on Jan 6. Her life passed before her and she cried out to fellow lawmakers casually sipping coffee in an adjacent office that she won’t see her dream of having a baby. Goodbye cruel world.

Double hmmm: Isn’t AOC the one who said she is not going to bring a child into this world because of Climate Change? Back to therapy for her. Hysterical, in more ways than one.

Bill Tozer

Bret Weinstein got cancelled. First by Evergreen College, now by Youtube. Wonder if Rand Paul is next.


Barry Pruett

Paul. Please read the constitution. Who has the power of the purse? When was all the money spent? Who was the majority in the house?

Bill Tozer

“with the intention of improving public safety” via alternate means.”

‘Amid Surging Crime Rates And Murders, Oakland City Council Votes To Defund Police’

Despite recently receiving $190 million from the Biden Administration, the City Council of Oakland, California voted Thursday to defund their police department by almost $18 million. The city’s crime rates have skyrocketed, seeing a 90 percent increase in murders, 88 percent increase in carjackings, and 70 percent increase in shootings all in the last year.

Sixty-five lives have been lost, and 1,300 robberies have been recorded, yet, the city redirected police funds toward the Department of Violence Prevention, “with the intention of improving public safety” via alternate means.

On Monday, the Department of Violence Prevention’s chief was interrupted during an on-camera interview by an attempted armed robbery. The department’s chief was being interviewed on the steps of Oakland City Hall, when they were attacked. The suspects remain outstanding.

Rather than help police officers confront Oakland’s growing crisis, the city plans to fund the employment of “violence interrupters” and “community ambassadors.” This redirection of funds will increase police vacancies, leading to slower emergency response times.


Talk about a bunch of stink-asses.

Barry Pruett


Look at the years. Every time Democrats are in control of the house, the deficit as a percentage of GDP is always double compared to when Republicans have the house


Emery is real good at the whine, bitch, and complain..
But real short on solutions, solid facts, and personal positions. A cut and paste of someone else's opinion,(usually from RAWsewage) is about it.

Barry Pruett

I’ll give Paul a hint. Article I, sec. 8. Read it. Lol


Damn Barry,, your wanting Emery to do homework?
Good luck with that.


Score one for the pipe liners.
On Tuesday, the Supreme Court upheld the rights of a natural gas company to seize New Jersey state-owned land for the construction of a natural gas pipeline. Under the Natural Gas Act (NGA), properly permitted companies like PennEast Pipeline Company can condemn public lands under the federal government’s public domain au, the Court ruled."

Please let it be through the middle of the Statehouse.

Don Bessee

SCOTUS sides with the Trump admin on immigration -

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that the government can indefinitely detain certain immigrants who say they will face persecution or torture if they are deported to their native countries.

Over the dissent of three liberal justices, the court held 6-3 that the immigrants are not entitled to a hearing about whether they should be released while the government evaluates their claims.

Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the court that “those aliens are not entitled to a bond hearing.”



Don Bessee

Here we go again with 'discrepancies' in the NY election -

But Adams said that the vote total on Tuesday was 100,000 more than the total counted on election night. The NYC Board of Elections acknowledged a "discrepancy" in Tuesday's ranked choice voting count.



Paul Emery


Curious opinion at 4:37. So you must be blaming the Republicans for Obama's deficit since they controlled the House six out of his eight years. Same thing that George says about deficits that they are controlled by the House.

Barry Pruett

They are numbers Paul. Math doesn’t lie. Look at the numbers. 😂

Jose Peyote's Coyote's Ghost of his Therapist

UPDATE: New York mayoral candidate adopts Trump's 'big lie' language to question election results


Bill Tozer

Barry, Barry, Barry @ 8:56 pm.

You are wasting your time, my fine fellow. Complete waste of time. Have you no learning? What’s wrong with you? Have you overlooked one critical fact that is starring you right in the face? My good man, Paul uses the right side of his brain. The artistic side. There is a broken link to the Left side. It ain’t empty’s fault. It just will not compute no matter how much you give it the ole college try.

Right side of the brain, left side of the brain. Paul emery is an artist, a musician, an actor, a sidewalk and pub guitar man, Not to mention a Professional Entertainer. Artists can be strange breeds and moody and crave attention and some are anal retentive/OSD neurotics, but beside that, they are generally just go about listening to the music playing in their heads. There is a broken connection. As The Fox pointed out @ 2:05 pm over on Open letter to Gov Employees and Neighbors, ‘there is something missing.’

Latest science reveals that artists recovering from strokes need the Left Side of the brain as well as the Right Side of the organ to recover. Let’s pray empty never has a stroke. His left side is like new, never used, and he will be screwed if he needs to rely on his left side for full recovery. Let’s hope he starts exercising that side of his thinker before he really needs it. Show some understanding. Bonus: It relieves the frustration. Are you really going to move that 50 ton boulder by smashing your head against it? :).

A task in futility. Like picking a scab.

Don Bessee

Did rawstory acknowledge what the board of elections admitted @726, didnt think so. You do have to admit that we have a lot of sock puppets who just love them some rawstroy!


Right Wing Watch Fresh Out Of Youtube Jail

I want my RAW STORY and my MTV and MY Trump Fix. I need, of baby I
neeeeed my two minutes of hate. Shoot me up, right in the vein.

'There is a God': Trump brutally mocked after he's denied permit for July 4th weekend rally’

And no 4th of July fireworks at Mt Rushmore ever again! Oh my, I think the kitty just spilled the milk.

Bill Tozer

Night cap. Sweet dreamies. Just the news.

‘Public support for Biden-Harris border policies collapses’
More than two-thirds say the administration's executive actions are increasing illegal immigration, and 55% said Biden should have left Trump's immigration policies in place

‘Number two Democrat in House: Rising inflation 'a concern that we ought not to be ignoring'
While Senate Budget Chairman Bernie Sanders prepares a spending bill that could total up to $6 trillion, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer calls rising inflation a "legitimate concern."
Schumer: Manchin is a yes on advancing For the People Act but it's not enough to overcome filibuster
Schumer declined to discuss the future of the legislative filibuster, telling reporters the caucus is waiting until after today's vote on the For the People Act
‘Lawsuits challenge critical race theory in charter school curriculum, bias reporting in K-12’
"It's not about learning - it's about being forced into this ideology," says lawyer for Nevada and Virginia families.

“Gabrielle Clark and her biracial son sued his Nevada charter school to let him graduate without participating in a mandatory class they claim promotes hostility toward whites as a race.”
‘Advocates for female inmates push back as transgender prisoner transfers ramp up in California”
Even transgender inmates are worried male prisoners will fake gender dysphoria to get transferred to women's facilities
‘Democrat claims that GOP defunded police debunked by behavior of blue cities’
Stimulus-flush cities run by Democratic mayors cut police budgets, undermining new claim by Biden White House and allies
‘Pompeo says as secretary 'enormous resistance' within State to learn about gain-of-function research’
Much of the focus about that research has focused on the Wuhan Institute of Virology
‘New Wisconsin lawsuit challenges ballot drop boxes, ballot harvesting’
The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty filed the suit just days after the Wisconsin Supreme Court side-stepped a legal challenge

And more @ https://justthenews.com/


Life In These United States.



Wednesday......hmmm......wonder what that will bring?

Probably more Punchy™ Brand lament about a guy.....an Orange Guy no less.... who is out of office but who made Punch feel alive! More alive than he'd felt in years.... bringing a rush like when he was just a lad many hundreds of years ago!

Think I'll go put on my "pussy hat".....!


"...an Orange Guy no less..."

I wonder if Trump saw that coming. He is the single most transparent person in history. An entire national press (or 95% of it) and most of a bureaucracy devoted to bringing down Orange Man. Leak after leak, investigations, any embarrassing picture or recording. Plus all the stuff invented from whole cloth. Just imagine if LBJ had had the same treatment, he would have gotten 1000 years plus life in the hoosegow.

An ongoing national mental breakdown, Poll is only a tiny and uninteresting bit of that. The pee-stained Barcalounger makes you angry but repetitious, George's personal mosca muerta.

Bill Tozer

California has really pissed off some Wyoming folks.

"Reportedly California has banded 17 states. California government employees and school sport teams cannot visit 17 states on the government's dime. Wyoming is NOT on this ban and people in Wyoming are upset and embarrassed that we are not on the ban list.

Our neighboring conservative states are wondering if we have given up the idea that America is a great place to live. Here in Wyoming, we have done everything we can to be on the list including loving organic fuels, upholding gun rights, allowing personal freedoms, and not allowing biological men to shower with women in public facilities.

Many folks in Wyoming are writing letters to California government officials asking them to PLEASE PUT WYOMING ON THE BAN LIST. It is just embarrassing that we are not a ban state..

Washington State will not allow our coal (cleanest in the world) to be shipped out of Washington. Have we allowed politics to divide this country? Monday, a medical professional told me that she is getting ready for a civil war. I sure hope calmer temperaments prevail."

(An e-mail from someone who was born (as his parents) and raised and raised his family on the beautiful CA Left coast.)

Yep, Gavin is slipping.

Don Bessee

Reality check for creepy grampa joe -



Don Bessee

Comrade deblasios election commission just happens to run phony ballots that push their desired candidate to the top. Nothing to see here move along, move along -

The New York City Board of Elections’ mishandling of the vote count in the high-profile mayoral race has thrown that contest into confusion, but the city’s debacle has significant national import as well.

Confidence in elections nationwide has been on a precipitous decline over the last few years, as the integrity of U.S. election systems has come under assault from a campaign of lies and conspiracies by former President Donald Trump. Trump used his false claims to justify an attempt to try to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

New York City provided evidence of botched vote counting when election officials released results on Tuesday and then retracted them after it was pointed out that their numbers were off. The board then announced it had accidentally counted 135,000 test ballots.



Bill Tozer

Don. The latest spin is that while NYC’s Election Board (BOE) may be corrupt, it is uniquely a NYC problem.
Lori Lightfoot, good at math.

‘Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Says ‘Crime Is On The Decline’ While It Surges In Her City

While data shows nearly 200 more people have been shot this year in Chicago than last year at the same time, Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot claimed during a Friday press conference that “crime is on the decline.”


And that’s no malarky.


Where is Emery? the new series of Fractured Fairytales is about to begin.
"The House on Wednesday passed legislation to create a select committee focused solely on investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, a move that was panned by Republicans as too partisan but hailed by Democrats as necessary to give the American people a full accounting of what happened during the deadly attack.

The vote was 222-190 with two Republicans – Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney and Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger – joining with all Democrats to establish the committee. "

Well, two repubs will never see re-election.


Here ya' go. Ranked voting.. where the winner usually winds up the loser.
And two weeks to count the votes? Plenty of time to get the LIB darling the needed amount of "found" votes.

Bill Tozer

Looks to me like White Privilege in the Big Apple.

Bill Tozer

The “green” energy boom has devastated America’s electric grid. Americans are used to having reliable electricity, but across the country dispatchable energy sources–coal, nuclear, in some cases natural gas–are being replaced with unreliable sources, i.e. wind and solar. The result is increasing fragility of the grid, which is being manifested in blackouts.

First there were rolling blackouts in California. Then a polar vortex led to brownouts in Minnesota, with residents being told not to take hot showers and some being put up in motels. More recently, there was a disastrous blackout across much of Texas. Next, as we wrote here, California asked drivers of electric vehicles to charge them during the day rather than in the evening to avoid peak electricity usage. California wants its residents to dry their clothes before 6 p.m., too.

Today, New York sent out an alert telling its residents to “reduce electricity use ‘IMMEDIATELY’ to avoid blackouts”:

It is no coincidence, obviously, that New York closed its Indian Point nuclear power plant, which reliably produced 1,036 MW of electricity, on April 30.


Don Bessee

The shitholes are reaping the benefits of defund the police, this one right after they slashed the PD budget. ROFLOL -

Robbers Hold Up News Crew Interviewing Oakland Violence Prevention Head in Front of City Hall



Bill Tozer

Team Biden

GOP Senators Press DOJ On Russia Hoaxer Susan Hennessey’s Role In Durham Probe

Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin are demanding answers from President Joe Biden’s Justice Department about the role Russia collusion hoaxer Susan Hennessey will play in its National Security Division (NSD).

“Ms. Hennessey’s apparent bias against Durham’s inquiry presents a clear conflict that makes it impossible for her to be objective and credible with respect to any elements relating to the Durham inquiry, should she have access to any of it,” the senators continued. “Ms. Hennessey also expressed copious public views in support of the fundamentally flawed Crossfire Hurricane investigation and vouched for the Steele Dossier which, as our joint investigation unveiled, was infected with Russian government disinformation and demonstrably false information.”

In addition to claiming that Steele was ‘a person whose work intelligence professionals take seriously,” Hennessey also “said that the 2018 memo from then-House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes exposing Crossfire Hurricane’s fundamental flaws would need to be ‘debunk[ed]’ before she had opportunity to read the memo.”

Lastly, the senators wrote, “she attacked the IG’s credibility before the [Crossfire Hurricane] report was even completed in an effort to discredit it.”

“This is extremely irregular,” Hennessey said. “There are growing signs that there are serious problems with the IG report and questions as to whether this is designed to be an honest accounting of the views of the IG or a political document driven by Barr’s conspiracy theories.”


Don Bessee

Walter would make a better president -

Political cartoon of the day: Who's the dummy?



Paul Emery

Not global warming? Sure.......

Canadian village that hit 121-degree temperatures is now on fire: 'It's dire'

Canada broke its temperature record for a third straight day on Tuesday - 49.6C (121.3F) in Lytton, British Columbia.

Don Bessee

BONG- no sourcing again eh @859


Bill Tozer

Dovetails nicely with what Dr Terrance McAteer's son said about his awful experience as a Harris campaign volunteer.


Bill Tozer

The soft bigorty of low expectations.

'New York Times calls for Kamala to be held to lower expectations so she can succeed'
Klein's argument is literally that Harris should be given lesser challenges so that she won't look like a failure when she attempts to attain the presidency


Bill Tozer

Phew. I can smell the rot from here.

ESPN's rough week shows its decay at the hands of liberal politics


Paul Emery

Sure Don

According to you 121 degrees in Canada---no problem.


"According to you 121 degrees in Canada---no problem. "

Better get hopping on the following measures. Chop chop.

. Quit importing masses of third world people to the first world where they make scads more CO2
. Large scale building of nuclear plants. Solar kind of works, but has no storage component or ability to temporarily scale.
. Get to work on fracking to replace coal with natural gas for existing power plants.
. Carpet bomb sub-Saharan Africa and some parts of the Middle East with birth control measures.

In the meantime, better put some pressure on the homeless so that they don't burn down the town.


Punchy 1007pm

Weather isn't climate
It will be f-ing cold in BC in 6 months.


Posted by: scenes | 01 July 2021 at 05:37 AM

I would add retire .....completely and stop schlepping to vanity musical gigs in your CO2 belching van.

You know.....acting locally but thinking globally.

Bill Tozer

Supreme Court Upholds Republican-Backed Arizona Voting Restrictions


Bill Tozer

It’s a whole lot different when it’s your IX being gored.


After almost getting shot and killed while in his home, Seattle mayoral candidate Lance Randall on Thursday raised concern over the lack of support for police.


Bill Tozer

‘Supreme Court: No, the California Attorney General Can’t Be Trusted with Donor Lists’

“This morning, in the case of Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Bonta, Attorney General of California, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down California’s law requiring charitable organizations to disclose their donors, concluding the law “burdens donors’ First Amendment rights and is not narrowly tailored to an important government interest,” ruling 6 to 3 that the law is unconstitutional.”


Bill Tozer


Topsy-turvy: “The pose of the trans movement is to pretend their main problem is with society when actually their main problem is with reality.” —Frank J. Fleming

Re: The Left: “Defending assigning critical race theory texts, [Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark] Milley told Congress that it’s important for military personnel to be widely read. ‘I’ve read Karl Marx, I’ve read Lenin, that doesn’t make me a communist,’ Milley said. But that’s misleading. Critical race theory isn’t taught as one of many ideas to be debated. It shuts down debate. Activist Robin DiAngelo says that even keeping your own viewpoint to yourself and staying silent during a discussion of racism makes you a racist. The idea isn’t to foster debate. It’s used only to indoctrinate and compel acquiescence.” —Betsy McCaughey

For the record I: “Jen Psaki was asked about the controversy surrounding Olympic athlete Gwen Berry. She said that President Biden supports the right of peaceful protest and believes ‘there are moments where we as a country haven’t lived up to our highest ideals.’ In other words, Joe Biden is perfectly fine with members of the U.S. Olympic team using their platform on foreign soil to disrespect the United States and our most cherished customs. And this is the guy who is supposed to unite us?!” —Gary Bauer

For the record II: “[Gwen Berry] herself is an excellent indicator of just how much promise America holds for its citizens. She grew up in the home of her grandmother, with 13 people in the house; she had a baby out of wedlock at 15 and then earned a college scholarship. She got two jobs and helped support her extended family. Now, she’s going to the Olympics. And presumably, there, she will turn her back on the flag and the national anthem if she makes it to the podium. … Those who spend their days championing their own ingratitude at a society that gives them extraordinary opportunities … aren’t likely to live happier lives. And they’re unlikely to make their nations better, either.” —Ben Shapiro

Political futures: “Over the long haul … the battle is not going to be about defunding the police but defining the police. Republicans should be against funding the progressive vision of law enforcement, which would give the country what it has given Democrat-run cities: non-enforcement and rising crime.” —Andrew C. McCarthy

Touché: “Let me state a simple fact: All of the statues being removed by [HR 3005] are statues of Democrats. … I think the bill should go further. Maybe it’s time the Democrats changed the name of their party.” —House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy

Fact-check: True: “When I was president, I delivered on my promise to build a border wall to protect our country. All Joe Biden had to do was paint it. Instead, Biden has enacted the most radical open borders agenda imaginable.” —Donald Trump

Hot air: “Obviously, we don’t know [the impetus of the Surfside building collapse] fully, but we do know that the seas are rising. We know that we’re losing inches and inches of beaches, not just in Florida but all around. … We’ll have to wait to see what the analysis is for this building, but the issue about resiliency and making sure we adapt to this changing climate, that’s going to mean levees need to be built, that means sea walls need to be built, that means infrastructure needs to be built.” —Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm

And last… “Calling Kamala’s visit to El Paso a visit to the Southern Border is the equivalent of going to Olive Garden and saying you’ve been to Italy.” —Congresswoman Lauren Boebert


I'm sure Emery can tell us when the climate didn't change.


"It’s a whole lot different when it’s your IX being gored."

oooh. Clever.

"I'm sure Emery can tell us when the climate didn't change."

I expect he'd be stokin' the coal furnaces if glaciers were advancing on New York. A lot of this is about saving beachfront property and keeping humans comfy with a giant thermostat, it's not about natural vs human-caused ecologies. I'd be willing to accept the concept of public policy oriented towards minimizing greenhouse gases except that so much of it is oriented toward lining pockets and is built around preconceived solutions. That's why they're called Green Libertarians, it's the color of money.

“The pose of the trans movement is to pretend their main problem is with society when actually their main problem is with reality.”

The normalization of mental illness is the flavor of the year.

Ben Emery

Specifically For George Rebane,

As we have established we don't have the same world view, no problem. I respect your principles and convictions and hopefully you mine, if not, I don't really care. At the end of the day we believe in different ways of moving forward to uphold the dream of the Declaration of Independent of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

What is your opinion, use as much detail as possible. I 100% disagree with this movement and ideology but am fascinated by it. Most people I talk to can not go into depth about the subject since it is so far over their head in comprehension of what it means to perform some of these technological advancements, including myself.

Personally, I think this is the hijacking of the liberal ideology in world politics by being painted into a corner of believing science as a religion. For a long time I rarely identify or agree with the neo liberal ideology being put forward as leftist. It has become very apparent to me Social Anarchist/ Social Libertarian are the best description of my political ideology.



Something has to fill the void that the absence of religion and spirituality will vacate. In my next book, The Singularity Has Been #Canceled, I posit that this vacuum will be filled with techno-utopian thinking, which will pull forward utopia and everlasting bliss from the next life, and via the promise of expertly managed technology, roll it out into this one.

My premise for the book includes four main assertions, which are:
It is techno-utopian thinking, the idea that systems and expert management can control for all undesirable outcomes, that paradoxically exacerbates undesirable outcomes they seek to ameliorate.

True “artificial intelligence” as defined as “wide AI”, sentient and conscious, can never be achieved under our current assumptions. The idea that consciousness is just something our brains emit “as a liver secretes bile” is, I think, actually wrong. No amount technological advancement will achieve wide AI so long as this is the core belief.

That there are fundamental internal contradictions in techno-utopian thinking. The logical extension of the intellectual framework is that consciousness is an illusion, albeit, one we we’ll be able to perpetuate ever after by uploading it into the cloud. These internal inconsistencies, when taken hold at a societal level lead to a type of hypernormalization or what spiritual philosopher Ken Wilbur calls “aperspectival madness”.

Finally, because I’m not a luddite, far from, in fact, I introduce a framework for what I call “techno-realism”, the central premise being that every technological leap ushers in a new set of larger, more complex problems and that this is ok. I do think it’s possible that an era of radical life extension could be upon us, for those who can afford it. Life extension is not eternity, however. Do the math.

Ben Emery

Of course I meant "Declaration of Independence" not independent. I am one and done with comments, therefore all the typo's.


Social anarchist... That says it all
and Emery stated he never agreed with A TIFA...who are,,, just that.

George Rebane

BenE 1151am - Thank you that thoughtful comment and topic. To begin, I believe that I have already answered your points in my various commentaries collected under the Singularity category (see right panel). However, if you have remaining questions, please list them so that I can understand and answer them directly. We'll probably have to do this under a separate post that includes your original assessments.

Don Bessee

Vote integrity is becoming a reality thanks to SCOTUS -

Supreme Court upholds Arizona voter fraud protections
The case centered on a ballot harvesting restriction and a rule blocking provisional ballots cast at the wrong location




re: GeorgeR@12:53PM

Heck, just cut 'n paste the missive as it's own editorial. A few people can muse about the future of machine intelligence, Paul can decide that it's Trump's fault, Mr. Frisch can decide that it's probably a Nazi construct, Pelline can see if AI can deliver a pizza.

It's all good.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and the crackhead burned again by the laptop -

Joe Biden reportedly met with Hunter Biden’s Mexican business associates at the vice presidential residence in 2015, despite telling Americans repeatedly during the 2020 election that he had never discussed his son’s business dealings.

The New York Post‘s Miranda Devine reported Wednesday that documents — and photographs — on Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop documented meetings between then-Vice President Biden and his son’s foreign business partners



Bill Tozer

Don. Miranda Devine is a real journalist. Old school. An oasis, a desert bloom in a sea of sand and the wasteland of Mainstream media. Folks can learn a lot following her. Now, let’s see what Miranda found. It’s been starring us right in the face since the Dem’s pooh-poohed Hunter’s laptop...as Russian disinformation, roflmao.


‘Hunter Biden used Joe’s VP perks to pursue deal with Carlos Slim’


More Devine:


Bill Tozer

I tat I saw a putty cat, I did, did, I did....but it was another one of Crosstops's nuthinburgers.

Still batting 000.000 Roberta, I see. Call me when you get one thing right, Bobbie bubble bobble head. Just one thing correct is all I ask. Obviously too much to ask, but hope burns eternal. You, dear sir/Ms, have been cancelled.

Here's a real journalist who knows that of which he writes. Try reading a real journalist for once, X man. It may been strange at first.

'The Trump Organization Is Manhattan DA Cy Vance’s White Whale'


"This indictment exercise has the distinctly foul odor of selective prosecution."

"Sometimes, I wonder if Democrats are trying to get Donald Trump reelected president.

The question presses today. As our Zachary Evans reports, Allen Weisselberg, chief financial officer of the Trump real-estate organization, voluntarily presented himself at the office of Manhattan district attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr., before pleading not guilty during his arraignment later Thursday. The indictment charged the CFO with violating state tax laws.

"In the greater scheme of things, the charges appear to be puny. Essentially, they amount to failing to pay taxes on corporate perks — cars, apartments, and private-school tuition for executives’ children, according to the Wall Street Journal. If that’s all prosecutors have, then they have nothing. Donald Trump is not being charged, nor are his adult children who are the business’s top executives"


Bill Tozer

CNN tried to get Micael Cohen to come on as their special guest to give his thoughts on the Trump Organization Indictment, but Michael is in prison. So, CNN, not to be denied, brought in a lawyer to discuss the topic. This one is a disbarred lawyer who once was a convicted felon, lol. What's John Dean up to? Another convict disbarred lawyer. He be an expert, lol.

MSNBC tried to get lawyer Michael Avarati to come on air and trash Trump, but he is in prison as well and unavailable.

Guess Tubin' Toobin is available. Whoa Neely, dark she blows!

There is always Lenney Davis (Clinton crisis fixer and bagman) on deck.

Paul Emery

Bad news today that Trump enterprises and their CEO have been busted for Fraud, tax evasion, etc, etc, etc 15 felony charges. That pretty much does Trump in as far as his political future is concerned. That's not a good thing for the Dems since they were hoping Trump, the biggest loser in modern political history, would run for President again therefore assuring a Dem win in '24. Oh well, you can't win them all.

Bill Tozer

NEW: Wuhan's 'Bat Woman' Worked With Chinese Military on Weaponizing Coronaviruses Using US Government Money

"As the walls are closing in on those who’ve attempted to deflect, discredit, and ignore the evidence over the last 18 months that SARS-CoV-2 was engineered at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a few legacy media organizations are starting to report what we’ve reported for a few months and bringing the receipts – sort of."

"....Chinese military scientist named Zhou Yusen filed for a patent for a coronavirus vaccine on behalf of the People’s Liberation Army in February 2020, only five weeks after China finally admitted that COVID-19 could be transmitted from human to human. Zhou, an award-winning military scientist,...."


Odd. The People's Liberation Army?

Paul Emery


Michael Cohen is not in prison anymore, Just saw him on MSNBC. They have to make room for Trump and his business crooks.


Still not Trump Emery.. And nothing any LIB CEO hasn't done..
But that's not the issue.. Now they will pull a Flynn.. Twist his arm, threaten his family with prosecution ,etc, so he might give them Trump.

Have you reported your geetar case takings? It's taxable income there bub.....

Don Bessee

The sadoldman oh great pony tail of ignorance it was the CFO not CEO, that comprehension thing giving you trouble again eh. You might want to get a link and read it and not regurgitate the talking points for lefties.

Nothing on Trump no matter how much you hyperventilate LOL


Bill Tozer

Thanks for the update Paul. Yes, I do now remember that Cohen got released to home detention due to the COVID 19 outbreaks in prison. Same with our local jail. Rock Star lawyer Michael Avanti tried to get out on the COVID-19 loophole, but was denied. Back to Albuquerque for him. He will most likely be doing a jail house interview for MSNBC or Democracy Now!! Mike Cohen on MSPMS? Very credible, lol. Another ‘ fact is stranger than fiction’ example.

Glad you are taking the bad news for Trump’s 2024 run in stride. With Trump off the table, maybe now the voters can look at the Democrat policies and their self inflicted carnage. Good place to focus.

Bill Tozer

Since today and yesterday’s news are filled with Judicial Stuff, a recap may be in order. Most of the news has already been posted here, but just in case someone missed the stories...’once more around the park, James’.

-BREAKING: Supreme Court upholds Arizona's voting laws
Arizona's law put limits on who was allowed to turn in early ballots on behalf of others, and said that ballots that were cast in the wrong precinct do not need to be counted.

Arizona AG Praises SCOTUS Ruling Protecting Election Laws: ‘A Win For Election Integrity … Across The Country’
Well, it kinda reminds me of the big IRS targeting of conservative non-profits....but this time it went to the Supreme Court. No, Liberals cannot be trusted to keep secret things secret.

‘Four Takeaways from the Supreme Court’s Nonprofit-Donor Disclosure Case’
Justice Kavanaugh Splits the Baby on Eviction Moratorium

Disappointing decision for those who support property rights. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.
A Good Day for Free Speech and Free Elections


BONUS!!! Pounding the tables just like Nikita Khrushchev. Sorta of embarrassing if you ask me. And more....!



Bill Tozer

MSNBC MELTDOWN Over Supreme Court Upholding GOP Voting Law

Nice videos:

‘Journos RAGE Against ‘Racist’ Republicans ‘Rigging’ Elections But SUCK UP to Psaki’


Don Bessee

The push back is happening -



Don Bessee

You would think at some point they would get tired of getting caught lying -

New York Times slammed for framing of SCOTUS decision as 'siding with conservative groups'
ACLU and NAACP joined conservatives in opposing law



Don Bessee

In the middle of the pandemic we get a little good news -



Bill Tozer

In the middle of the pandemic we get a little good news --and some crazy news....

'San Jose to Tax Gun Owners – Confiscate Firearms for Noncompliance'


Bill Tozer

Judge Rules To Unseal Docs From Epstein Pal Ghislaine Maxwell; Docs Demanded Related To Any Clinton Funding

No surprise here. That dog don't hunt.

CNN’s Top-Rated Show Came In 22nd Place In Cable News Ratings


Bill Tozer

Night cap. Sweet dreamies.

Donald Trump Jr.



Don Bessee

@1108 If the mainstream media ignores it did the slick willy fall in the forest?


Don Bessee

We must all keep the truth alive in our homes -

Political cartoon of the day: Don't let school interfere with education



Bill Tozer

Like picking a scab

“Just saw him (Michael Cohen) on MSNBC.” Somehow I am not surprised, paul empty.

-‘Someone Need a Hug? MSNBC Panel Loses It Over ‘Racist,’ ‘Violent’ SCOTUS Ruling’

-‘UNHINGED Hayes Claims SCOTUS Election Ruling Part of a GOP Conspiracy’

-‘RECKLESS: MSNBC Predicts GOP Will Spark Mass Violence’

-‘ Nets Accuse SCOTUS of Giving GOP 'Green Light' to 'Restrict' Voting Rights’




Is global warming a crisis?


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