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22 June 2021



Posted by: Paul Emery | 26 June 2021 at 01:57 PM

PunchyBot vaguely accusatory question subroutine: INITIATE


The best part of this is that an hour from now Paul will forget this exchange ever happened and we’ll get to do it all over again, in exactly the same way, the next time the subject comes up.


re: Mr Fish@2:36PM

I was checking this out.


and marveling at just how much each volley cost.


Yup,, just waiting for the "nuke" question.

Hey Emery!! You autta see the belt fed AR15(America's Rifle) that can be had. Even arguably legal in Ca.! No "high capacity" magazine. Gotta love those pesky loopholes.


Posted by: scenes | 26 June 2021 at 02:44 PM

That it makes for an expensive afternoon I have no doubt.

What I’m sure would send Punchy McPearl Clutcher to his fainting couch is to know that private citizens have had access to these “toys” for years. The guy who sold reloading supplies and published the Blue Press had an annual “shoot” where thousands of rounds were sent down range in a wholly non politically correct fashion since at least the 90’s.

*No guitars were harmed during the posting of these comments.


Of course, you can always spend even more.

Stone Mountain MG Shoot 20mm Oerlikon



check it out at 12:00


Now don't forget the Big Sandy Gun Shoot held twice a year out AZ. way. It full automatic all weekend. And for a nominal fee,
get to pull the trigger on heavy artillery.(all privately owned)
Have you messed yourself yet Emery? You ask stupid questions,, win stupid prizes.

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt: “Yup,, just waiting for the "nuke" question.” The difference between genius and stupidity is genius has its limits.

Haven’t we been done this road with empty emery before? Last time it was the leap of faith by empty from firearms to tanks. What ever happened to Bazooka Joe? I like that penny bubble gum as a kid, especially the Bazooka Joe comic strip wrapping each piece of pink bubblegum. BTW, the Constitution never mentions ammo or guns.
Portlandia: A liberal shithole

‘LPGA Pulls Tournament From Portland Venue Over Concerns About Player Safety, Homeless Encampment’

“The encampment is located close to the entrance to the private golf club, surrounding a nearby parking lot where attendees, players, and media would park their vehicles for the tournament.

The Oregonian states, “Both sides of 33rd (a nearby road) are dotted with run-down RVs, trailers, tents, makeshift housing structures, and mounds of rubble and garbage. As Portland’s homeless crisis has spiraled further out of control during the coronavirus pandemic, the stretch of road has quietly grown into one of the city’s largest encampments, transforming a tree-lined stretch with large bike lanes into an eyesore, fire hazard and — Portland Classic organizers say — a safety hazard.”......

“The Portland Classic is just the latest sporting event to be impacted by Portland’s safety issues. The NCAA denied the city’s bid to host the Women’s Final Four in October 2020, citing concerns over the city’s declining image and the state of downtown Portland.

Portland is also attempting to bring a Major League Baseball franchise to the city but is running into roadblocks as violence in the city has become a major issue.

According to The Oregonian, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred was set to travel to Portland after last year’s World Series to discuss possible expansion, but the meeting was canceled after the Oregon Historical Society was vandalized by rioters.”


No wonder Trump had to send Federal Officers to Portland to protect federal property and the federal courthouse. Portland was unable to protect anything because of the peaceful protestors that engaged in violence for over 100 straight days and nights.

Yup,, just waiting for the "nuke" question. Good one. Genius.

George Rebane

Gentlemen - take your discussion of guns, grenades, and cannons to 'Scattershots' where it belongs. Thank you.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 26 June 2021 at 04:32 PM

PunchyBot vaguely accusatory question subroutine: Re-INITIATE

Bill Tozer

A Conversation with Daniel Elder, the Choral Music Composer Who Was Cancelled for Opposing Arson


Bill Tozer

Brother Walt:
Civil War re-enactments have been deemed racist and have been replaced with Revolutionary War re-enactments....albeit Revolutionary re-enactments’ days are numbered as well because the Revolutionary War was fought solely to preserve slavery, roflmao.

Come to think of it, ‘ One if by Land, Two if by Sea’ is also racist because we have been told that math in and of itself is racist. Good thing those insurrectionists back then did not attend our modern public schools where getting the correct answer to simple math is of no importance. Otherwise, the outcome could have been different. Two if by land....what difference does it make anyhow? Math is not something people use in the real world, right?


Rev. war? We know which side "he" would be on..
"he" is a King and country guy. Still believes it was an "illegal" war.

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 5:14 pm

Well one scrolls down 21 pictures you will see all the paperwork involved.

Walt @ 6:02 pm

“Trump is destroying trust in our government!”, cried the Broad St Town Cryer.

No, distrust of government started way back in the 1700’s and armed citizens kicking the Redcoats back to England settled the matter. Those loyal to King George were appalled.

The true classic liberals (and non-green Libertarians) as well as our Founding Fathers all had a healthy dose of distrust of government....for an excellent reason: human history. One could argue successfully that distrust of our government “institutions” created a new nation and the best country in the annals of man.

Bill Tozer

The VA has always been a tough nut to crack. Their union has made it darn near impossible to can the lot of them.

New VA crisis? Ex-official sounds alarm on long wait times, backlog of 20 million appointments
"We don't know what the actual wait times are at the VA medical centers because they're hiding them," Darin Selnick said.


Bill Tozer

Tweets say it all

Democrat Jamaal Bowman Pushes Defunding Police After Requesting Special Police Protection At His Home.

"Congressman Bowman’s cry for extra policing at his home is hypocrisy at its worst,” Olson said. “Not long ago, the Congressman called for dramatically less policing in the most violent, crime ridden neighborhoods … Asking these same police officers to protect your family while creating policies that make communities of color less safe is simply disgraceful.”


Don Bessee

Here we go again -

Hammer Thrower Gwen Berry Turns Away from Flag During Anthem at U.S. Olympic Trials




Does this look like a man with anywhere near all his facilities?

Bill Tozer

Can a potted plant pass a cognitive test?

‘GOP Reps. Call For Joe Biden To Take A Cognitive Test’


6 months from now we will see more decline.


Posted by: Walt | 27 June 2021 at 07:53 AM

Get ready for Edith Wilson.

Wonder where that shrink from Harvard is now? The one who thought Trump had lost his marbles.


Where is OUR resident psychological analyst Emery?
He was real quick to supply a diagnosis for Trump.
Yet MIA with Biden's.
We have plenty of proof to see Biden is lost in the woods.

But Emery will NEVER speak ill of ANY LIB,, no matter how ph*cked up in the head, and idealism he or she may be.

Bill Tozer

Interesting article (to me) from the fashion scene. Not my usual interest by any stretch of the imagination, but it does reflect social trends. For example, when the AIDS ‘pandemic’ struck, the fashions immediately switched to move conservative attire (less skin’ for the party scenes/nightlife. Without further ado....

‘The Cottagecore Aesthetic Is Giving Gen Z Girls A Rendezvous With Femininity’
Why are Gen Z girls so eager to dress like 1950s housewives and Jane Austen protagonists?


Paul Emery

So Bill Barr is speaking out on Trumps contentions of voter fraud. From an interview in the Atlantic:

“My attitude was: It was put-up or shut-up time,” Barr told me. “If there was evidence of fraud, I had no motive to suppress it. But my suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bullshit.”.......


"Barr also looked into allegations that voting machines across the country were rigged to switch Trump votes to Biden votes. He received two briefings from cybersecurity experts at the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. “We realized from the beginning it was just bullshit,” Barr told me, noting that even if the machines somehow changed the count, it would show up when they were recounted by hand. “It’s a counting machine, and they save everything that was counted. So you just reconcile the two. There had been no discrepancy reported anywhere, and I’m still not aware of any discrepancy.”

Here's a link to the entire interview:



Gotta love the gov. idea of "coming clean" on the UFO reports.
You have the report for the public.
Then the news gets out about the CLASIFIED report that none of us will ever see. The one with the real meat and tatters of what's going on.

Just like when they "releaced" all the UFO reports at the beginning of the year.
If you looked through those reports and info,, you won't get anywhere because it's mostly redacted.(pages of black lines)

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 8:30 am

“Wonder where that shrink from Harvard is now? The one who thought Trump had lost his marbles.”

If I am not mistaken, the wacko head shrinker was from Princeton. At least the “expert” than was on CNN or MSPMS a hundred times. Embarrassingly for her, she had let her license lapse and legally could not diagnose anyone, not to mention someone from afar that she has never met. Think she lost her gig after she became no further use to the Leftinistas. Lol.

Now, it would not surprise me in the least if there was one from Harvard as well.

Ever wonder why “liars” and narcissists hit such a raw nerve with the former News Director? A good shrink would say something about projection. We dislike most in others what we subconsciously hate about ourselves. Liar! He is a narcissist! Unfit!

But, I ain’t no shrink. Neither do I live for or seek the applause of others. Ain’t that co-dependent. Don’t need it like some do.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 27 June 2021 at 02:23 PM

Here's a link to the entire interview:

Link? Link, link, link......no time for boring link! I retired.

Bill Tozer

San Francisco Weighs Continuing Homeless Encampment Program That Costs $60k Per Tent Each Year

White Progressives Shocked To Learn Black And Latino Voters Don’t Share Their Radical ‘Defund The Police’ Views

Democrats Blasted As Thousands Of Cops Resign Amid Crime Wave: ‘Taking A Toll On Our Communities’

Immigrant Congressman Shreds Biden For Using ‘Latinx’: ‘Keep Your Wokeness Out Of Our Language’

Ocasio-Cortez Doubles Down On Defunding The Police, Claims Concerns Over Crime Wave Are ‘Hysteria’


ROFLMAO. AOC, who claims Ted Cruz tried to have her murdered and hid in her office closet in a building down the street from Capitol Hill that under no threat of breech or danger.....well, she should know all about hysteria.

Bill  Tozer

UN agency attacks homeschooling

"Against decades of evidence to the contrary, the UNICEF statement promotes the notion that government schooling is the only way for children to be educated, socialized, and prepared for life in a pluralistic society. However, this statist ideology is in conflict with U.N. human rights treaties and reports acknowledging that home education is a human right and must be respected in a country's educational system.

After the fall of the Axis powers in World War II, representatives of the free world gathered as the newly formed United Nations to enshrine human rights that had been threatened by totalitarian regimes and ideology. Education was one of these rights. Responding specifically to the Nazi regime’s use of Germany’s education system to indoctrinate children into its inhumane ideology, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms in article 26.3 that parents have a “prior right” to decide what kind of education their children shall receive.

Similarly, the U.N.’s International Covenant on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights, which Brazil has signed, states in articles 13 and 14 that private learning institutions must be respected and that parents have a human right to ensure that their children’s education conforms to the family’s religious and philosophical convictions.

Other U.N. reports support the inclusion of homeschooling as a right in education. In 2006, Werner Munoz, then the U.N.’s special rapporteur on the right to education, stated that homeschooling should be allowed as part of the educational rights of children and parents. In 2020, UNESCO’s World Education Monitoring Report recognized the growing prevalence of homeschooling and noted that “countries are increasingly making the option available under relatively simple conditions.”


Paul Emery

Yeah the truth is boring fish. Much more exciting to live in the fantasy world that you and all the other Trumpers live in. Have fun. By the way Trump can't even hold a crowd anymore. He is truly a one hit wonder.

"Mr. Trump’s speech — low-key, digressive and nearly 90 minutes long — fell flat at times with an otherwise adoring audience. Scores of people left early as he bounced from topic to topic — immigration, Israel, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s protective mask."


Bill Tozer

Survey sez:




Posted by: Paul Emery | 27 June 2021 at 04:22 PM

You’re the only regular here who is obsessed with Trump Punch.

Well maybe “Roberta” too.

Hey, who am I kidding ....you both crave the Bad Orange Man ......he has truly given meaning to your otherwise pointless and empty lives.


Good call Fish.. Was just about to say close to the same thing.

So Emery,, not a peep about Biden's mental decline from you... WHY Emery,, WHY???!!
Trump passed his cognitive tests 100%.
Living by the President Reagan commandment? "Thou shalt not speak ill of a member of one's own party."? You would have to turn in your LIB card if you did?

Paul Emery

No mental decline Walt. That's part of the Trumpian fantasy world. Have fun with it though. To be stupid and ignorant is you're right as an American and you and the other COJ's are certainly doing a good job of exercising those rights.


Emery died on "Anti 2ND Amend Hill" last night. Had no idea of the legal firepower that Americans can own.(YES Emery,, TANKS!!!)
Now he's retreated to the gray zone. OH what will he do when the true fraud vote news comes to light? Deny it ever existed?
Find the Rawsewage story and claim "It's discredited".
His Proggy Press will never report on the results. (Unless it's what they want to hear)


There you have it folks!! Emery says Biden is sane as he is.
Thanks for the joke of the day Emery.

Have proof of that Emery? I can put up plenty that says otherwise.

Don Bessee

Sorry it was not global warming just plain old fashioned graft -




No mental decline Walt.

You mean you’ve always been like this?

Paul Emery

grammar correction: To be stupid and ignorant is your right as an American...

Bill Tozer

Wow empty emery, what a great comeback. COJ followed by, “To be stupid and ignorant is your right as an American..” Man alive, you really know how to hurt a guy, you big teddy bear, you.
Always worth watching a couple minutes of Matt. I have developed a fondness for his free podcasts. More Blowback. And the hits just keep on coming!


Bill Tozer

Walt and fish (the mischievous). Best back off. Paul is quite sensitive to any talk of mental decline. He kinda takes it personally, even if it’s about Biden. A narcissistic tendency of his. Hey, nobody is perfect. Talk of Empty taking his Walker out for a spin is off limits, too. Careful or he with take his antiquated microphone home with him and tell us that’s the last time we ever kick around Paul from Seattle.

‘No mental decline Walt’

It’s called ‘forgetfulness.’ Normal, right on time. And women don’t sweat, they perspire.
I can’t imagine Trump running in 2024. No way. He would be the same age as Joe Biden is now in Jan 2025 and look what a scrambled egghead Biden is at his age. No thanks.

The good news is that Trump does not have to ever worry again about Biden taking him behind the schoolyard and giving Trump the ole knuckle sandwich. :)

‘No mental decline Walt’. Denial is not a River in Egypt—Robert X Cross


Speaking for your self for a change Emery?(about time)
"To be stupid and ignorant is your right as an American."

But there is a diff. between stupid, and ignorant.....Emery.
You can fix ignorant.(LORD we have tried... You know what that leaves?)


Did they wake up Biden to tell him yet?
Or did his wife OK the mission?


A no truer political cartoon has been drawn.(You have been beat Crabb)
Image #3! Voter suppression at it's best.

Paul Emery

Oh Bill you are so depleted of any ofitinal ideas you too have resorted to silly personal attacks since it's about all you and your fellow RR's have left. You're stuck with Trump as your hero. Do you honestly think he gives a shit about you?

Even Bill Barr says he's full of shit yet you embrace him as the future of this country. My goodness.

By the way where in the hell did you get the "Paul from Seattle" yap? Never lived there or spent a night there in my life.

Paul Emery


"oh bill you are so depleted of any original ideas"

Bill Tozer

Oh Paul. My mistake. Thought you said you went to high school in Seattle on some old bio or Union article. My mistake. Ouch, I am mortally wounded. When the looney local lefties say, “You can’t make this stuff up!”, they are correct. They just don’t the imagination or mental capacity to make this stuff up. I will give that to you. There’s your bone for the day.

Fact Check: Biden's Chopper Was 'Forced Down' by Snowflakes
Associated Press

“In a Baltimore speech last week, Biden said: "If you want to know where Al Qaeda lives, you want to know where (Usama) bin Laden is, come back to Afghanistan with me. Come back to the area where my helicopter was forced down with a three-star general and three senators at 10,500 feet in the middle of those mountains. I can tell you where they are."

Two days later, in Cincinnati, he said Al Qaeda has re-established a safe haven and it's not in Baghdad. "It's in the mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan," he said, "where my helicopter was recently forced down."

At a Sept. 9, fundraiser, Biden addressed his national security credentials by talking about "the superhighway of terror between Pakistan and Afghanistan where my helicopter was forced down. John McCain wants to know where bin Laden and the gates of Hell are? I can tell him where. That's where Al Qaida is. That's where bin Laden is."

THE FACTS: In February, Biden and fellow senators John Kerry and Chuck Hagel were flying in a helicopter over Afghanistan in a fact-finding trip when a snowstorm closed in.

"It went pretty blind, pretty fast and we were around some pretty dangerous ridges," Kerry told The Associated Press afterward. "So the pilot exercised his judgment that we were better off putting down there, and we all agreed."

He said the group waited for about three hours until a convoy with U.S. troops took them to Bagram Air Base.

"We sat up there and traded stories," Kerry joked. "We were going to send Biden out to fight the Taliban with snowballs, but we didn't have to do it."

He added: "Other than getting a little cold, it was fine."

The area was reported as not being under Taliban control. But Wade noted "it's the wild west out there" and the senators were transported under guard and with air cover from an F-16.

Though Biden never said his helicopter was shot at in Afghanistan, last year he asserted that he was "shot at" in Iraq. He amended that later, saying the quarters he was staying in while visiting Baghdad's protected Green Zone shook from a nearby blast, and "I was near where a shot landed."

The McCain campaign jumped on the Biden stories Wednesday, putting out a statement from a retired Black Hawk pilot saying there is no mistaking being shot at or forced down by the enemy.



......depleted...... ofitinal......?????

Know the signs of stroke!



Emery.. You can keep your dotard Biden. We will take Trump any day.
He DID look out for our best interests. You geezer Biden and cohorts are trying to sell us down the river as fast as they can. Hence "Phuck America first".
Trump made us energy independent. Now we are back to Russian and Arab camel jockey oil.
Biden give Putin a handjob, and allows his pipeline to continue, while shutting ours down. So much for infrastructure.
How you liking the massive inflation there Emery? We didn't have it with Trump.
Trump put the breaks on illegal immigration..
Your pal Biden and Cumilla said COME ON IN!!
Now illegally giving them OUR tax dollars.

You must hate America as much as they do.
You can put a lid on it for the night.

Enjoy your right to be butt stupid.


Be afraid Emery,,, be VERY afraid.....

Don Bessee

CRT is bad enough but we already have the 5th column teaching kids -

A California professor was widely hounded on Twitter for praising the legacy of Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, calling him "one of the great leaders" of the 20th century.

Asatar Bair, a self-identified "communist," is an economics professor at Riverside City College in Southern California



Paul Emery

My question to you Bill is why do you think it important to know where I went to high school and also why was that important enough to feature on your post? Really weird for sure.

Don Bessee

@1009 'really weird for sure' hell ya thats almost like a Dark Lord of Liberal Lament Land move or a cross top bun or other sock pockets. ROFLOL


Bill Tozer

Be afraid Emery,,,,be VERY afraid,,
The New York Times reports that crime is starting to worry “progressives” — not the phenomenon, but the politics of it. I don’t know whether progressives in general are worried, but the ones at the Times sure are.

Mystery: Did Stacey Abrams financial group fund temp agency that staffed Fulton Co. elections?
Documents indicated link between Abrams-founded "NowAccount" and Atlanta personnel group that assisted in elections work.

Ethics watchdog warns that No. 2 at Interior Dept. has 'massive potential conflicts'
The watchdog said that "the American public needs to know how he can lead initiatives in the sector while still adhering to federal ethics rules and the Biden Ethics Pledge."

Peter Daszak, major funder of Wuhan lab, faces growing scrutiny amid COVID origins probe
Infectious disease expert funneled hundreds of thousands of U.S. taxpayer dollars to Wuhan lab prior to pandemic.


Bill Tozer

Manchin is a great manly man name. The Left shows no appreciation for the Senator’s valiant effort to save the Lefties from themselves.

‘Sen. Manchin Defends Refusal To Back Radical Democrat Agenda’

Inside the mind of the mad:
‘Biggest loser': Critics slam Trump's '90 minutes of rage' in Ohio

‘Scores of people left early': Trump supporters walked out of rally after his speech 'fell flat'

‘Tucker Carlson, Right Wing Media Host, calls for more violence!!
Battle Stations. Battle Stations. To the fainting couches.


Don Bessee

Well considering most of this socialist dem administration wants to blow up Mt Rushmore canceling the fireworks is just an insult to patriotic Americans of all stripes. -



Don Bessee

Whoda thunk -



Bill Tozer

Whoda thunk, part 2

Buck Sexton

After months of pretending “Q Shaman” was the ringleader of a serious threat to our Democracy(!), Biden’s Feds are finally wondering if the guy who waltzed into the Capitol dressed in a horned beaver pelt with face paint all over might have some issues


The absence of rapid deployment social workers and community organizers during shootouts in New York City’s Times Square is really starting to become a problem



" ‘Biggest loser': Critics slam Trump's '90 minutes of rage' in Ohio"

You know, I don't doubt that it was underwhelming. I think that Trump is enough of a political genius to see if something isn't working plus any kind of incumbent has the problem that they are selling history rather than a story.

Stories gave you a surprise victory by a populist in 2016 and an administration made up of a clear case of elder abuse and a braying VP that no one likes in 2020. All while the 17 intelligence agencies kept on keepin' on.

Unless Trump has some new methodology for politics, and it could happen, I think his best bet is either to become a media figure/king maker or get a House seat. I truly wish for the congressional gig as it's the most entertaining and the most harmful for the uniparty.


"Civil War re-enactments have been deemed racist and have been replaced with Revolutionary War re-enactments."

It could be that they just need updating.

I can see some dosh being made by organizing events from the 1992 LA Riots. You could have the infamous Roof Koreans taking the place of the 1/24 at Rorke's Drift. It's all a matter of keepin' it real for modern consumption.

My very favorite re-enactments are workin' man folk singers who pretend to know what a hammer is, but that's a different matter. It would be that 'work' is off the table as a symbol of white supremacy, but no doubt there's a market for tunes written about Twitter software engineers and their defeat of the Rethuglicans.

Bill Tozer

But of course. It’s the natural evolution. They might just end up canceling themselves, albeit some with their heads in sand say cancel culture does not exist.

‘National Archives’ Racism Task Force Labels Own Rotunda Example of ‘Structural Racism’


Hmmm. Maybe the above post should have been placed under America the Unnatural.


Toz 1145pm

Someone questioned Bison Boi's competence?


Fortunately Illinois has just the type of strict gun control that protects the public from firearms related shenanigans like this....eh Steve?! Steve??.........Steve?

...tap, tap, tap....is this thing on??



Posted by: scenes | 28 June 2021 at 11:44 AM

'Trigger warning' needs a 'trigger warning'.

You want a trigger warning....I got yer trigger warning!


Bill Tozer

This woman is sick. She has no idea the damage she is doing to her child.
BF Skinner put his own child in the Skinner Box, an action that I cannot overlook to this hour without revulsion. The former USSR would showcase their clean and pristine orphanages with brightly colored toys and stuffed animals lining the shelves above each bed....just out of reach of the children. Looked great, but touching the child toys were forbidden.

I wonder how this sick tormented mother would react if her child was black or Puerto Rican. She has been brainwashed. She has been programmed to react to certain stimuli...or rather, programmed not to react to comfort her little girl.

Worth two minutes of watching.


How woke is that!


"Worth two minutes of watching."

You know, I'm not sure that I needed that. I'm better off, but upset.

Combine it with that choral music composer, the situation surrounding Howard Bauchner (JAMA), and Racial Justice Math, it's hard to say how to respond. Is there any point in being even slightly kind to the 'progressive' posters? Is there any point in even responding to their nonsense?

Don Bessee

The nice part is the socialist dems wont listen -

“On one hand, you have folks screaming and yelling about getting rid of policing, which makes no sense at all. And then on the other hand, you have some people totally misinterpreting what community policing is, just as we were really making huge progress,” he said.



Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 1:43 pm

Yep, that was a real party pooper I floated out there. Certainly killed the flow and fun building on trigger warnings. Is there any point to responding to their nonsense? There is blood on my hands. No point at all, save win a worthless argument. As The Mischievous One once replied to my inquiry why he bothers even going to so-and-so’s blog, the answer was packed with truth.

Paraphrase: It’s like picking a scab. You know better than to do it, but you do it anyway. Like opening that jar in the closet the science teacher told the students to take home, put it in a closet, and don’t open it the end of the year. Science experiment. You know you should not open it, but you open it anyway.

I offer no excuse, save Andy Capp’s, “I have will power, but I refuse to be a slave to it.”
After a few moments, this podcast gets good. Nails it. Why respond? Quilty as charged....but I have made process. There is a lot I do not post anymore. Why bother? Too upsetting and what’s the point? They can be stupid or evil, all ends up the same. It’s Death Match 2021, and updated version of the B movie Death Race 2000.

We, as country, are leaderless right now.


Paul Emery

What was the quality of our "leadership" under Trump Bill?

Don Bessee

Blah blah blah blah @543 no orginal thoughts whatsoever. LOL



Your really have the stupids to ask that question Emery.
I see have failed to take your memory meds.

I bet you believe King George won the fight against the colonials too.

Don Bessee

Socialists killing their own -

The top cop in Oakland, Calif., warned Monday of fewer police officers and slower response times ahead of a new city budget that will divert $18 million from the police department amid a surge in gun violence and following a bloody weekend that saw four people killed.

In a news conference, a sometimes emotional police Chief LeRonne Armstrong asked city leaders to put "politics aside" and lives "before political agendas" as he addressed reporters. He warned of fewer police officers and slower responses to emergency calls, particularly in marginalized neighborhoods, at a time when authorities are already having a tough time responding to calls for service.



Bill Tozer

Timing is everything. This one is worth watching 90 seconds. Why even talk to these losers?

Same ole same old. At least I am not burdened down with none of dat proper grammer. Always a silver lining.

‘Professors say proper grammar is racist, perpetuates whiteness’





How's this for the LIB game? Move the goal post hoping it helps you win. They did it once, now are trying again.
"Democrats in California’s Legislature are taking steps to change the recall process in order to aid Gov. Gavin Newsom at the polls, the Associated Press reported.

Democratic Lt. Gov. Eleni Kounalakis can set an earlier election date if the state Legislature removes legislative review, which would set an earlier voting date, potentially aiding the governor’s current position in the race, the AP reported."


We are so f*cked.. Biden (uh) talking about the air strikes with the Israelis... "Um,,uh,,, uhhhhh", reads from notes, ummmm uhhhh,,,,,,, reads from notes....
Pitiful. Just pitiful. The cognitive decline of the dotard puppet is more prevalent by the the day.
Miss Trump yet?


Here A fine dumpster fire.

Paul Emery

Did they break in Walt or beat up any police?

Paul Emery

Well Walt what then is your opinion of the quality of our leadership under Trump?


Already answered Emery,, Not my problem you refuse to read.
And your commander in cheat has done just what? "Make America LAST again."


Emery REALLY misses Trump.. He can't go a a day without asking about him.

Funny,, he can't even bring himself to even utter a peep about Biden. That embarrassed about the brain damaged one you voted for?

Paul Emery

Here's peep about Biden, he's doing a great job. Covid is under control and th e economy is coming back. It will tale a little while because it was trashed under Trmu, but we all know that. Mostly he has restored the dignity of the Presidency. Like he says, America's back.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Trump runs for President. So far so good. As long ashe's got expostulators like you on his team he'll continue making lots of noise. Good work Walt. America needs you to keep Trumps ego on fire to keep him in the game.


So Emery,, which is doing the yapping? the stupid of your noggin,, or the ignorant?

And just what "great job" would that be?,, Inflation? ending our energy independence? The high crime rate?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 June 2021 at 08:58 PM

.....it was trashed under Trmu

Trmu indeed.

Paul Emery

Never had energy independence Walt. Show me that we did. Inflation is a predictable result of the recession that happened under Trumps watch. Just like Obama after Bush those Republicans sure do know how to wreck the economy for the next administration. .

Bill Tozer

Evening Walt. Does this outfit sound familiar? They and their Left Coast affiliates are watching you, lol.

Right Wing Watch's YouTube account reinstated after being 'mistakenly suspended'


🐠 @ 9:38 pm. You forgot to finish the sentence..."but we all knew that."

Paul Emery

Energy independent under Trump? Sure Walt

"How much petroleum does the United States import and export?

In 2019, the United States imported about 9.14 million barrels per day (MMb/d) of petroleum from about 90 countries. Petroleum includes crude oil, hydrocarbon gas liquids, refined petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel fuel, and biofuels (including ethanol and biodiesel). Crude oil imports of about 6.80 MMb/d accounted for about 74% of U.S. total gross petroleum imports in 2019, and non-crude oil petroleum accounted for about 26% of U.S. total gross petroleum imports.



" In 2020, annual petroleum net imports were actually negative (at -0.65 MMb/d), the first time this occured (sic) since at least 1949."


RR's own Ron Lowe, Paul Emery, with senile savoir faire, sez: " Inflation is a predictable result of the recession that happened under Trumps watch."

a) Recessions typically cause downward pressure in prices.
b) Expansions (which we are in now) typically cause upwards pressure.
c) Every western nation I've looked up has had almost identical inflation with the same timing
d) Quote from Reuters:
"Indeed, it could turn out to be the country's only one-month recession, and will almost certainly be one of the briefest. The shortest one, based on records dating back to the mid-1800s, was a six-month downturn in early 1980, though that was followed quickly by another.
"My guess is that the NBER dating committee will conclude that it ended in April or May," of 2020, said David Wessel, director of the Hutchins Center on Fiscal and Monetary Policy at the Washington-based Brookings Institution. "
e) You don't have any idea what you are talking about, do you?


Emery never does any real looking.
"The United States was a net total energy exporter in 2019 and 2020
Up to the early 1950s, the United States imported relatively small amounts of energy.1 In the mid-1950s, the United States began to import greater amounts of crude oil and petroleum products (such as gasoline and distillate fuels) to fill the gap between petroleum consumption and domestic production.

Total U.S. annual primary energy net imports (imports minus exports) generally increased in most years since the mid-1950s and reached a record high in 2005, equal to about 30% of total U.S. energy consumption. Since 2005, total annual energy imports have decreased and total energy exports have increased. The United States became a net total energy exporter in 2019 for the first time since 1952 and maintained that position in 2020 even though both total energy production and consumption were lower in 2020 than in 2019. Total U.S. energy exports exceeded total energy imports by 3.46 quadrillion British thermal units (quads) in 2020, the largest margin on record. U.S. energy exports in 2020 totaled 23.47 quads, and energy imports fell 13% to 20.0 quads, the lowest level since 1992."

Must have been the stupid doing the posting again.

It must be the open border policy that Emery thinks Biden "is dong a fine job" at.
No wait... Giving Putin a list of businesses and corp.s that he CAN extort via ransomware. Yes,, that was a very fine job indeed.


moi: "b) Expansions (which we are in now) typically cause upwards pressure."

'Recovery' is the more accurate term, although I've seen the two words used in their opposite sense.

The economy is an unsatisfying topic to me in that it has voodoo pseudoscience, the mistaken belief that the government is somehow in charge and can manage it, that the statistics actually mean anything. Even the GDP is suspicious in how you measure an economy that went from farming, resource extraction, and industrial production to bar singers and internet marketing. Best to just steer clear and avoid the TV fools prattling on about the markets and indicators. It's mostly BS and you can't tell what isn't.

Walt: "Must have been the stupid doing the posting again."

You have to give Poll credit for trying. It seems the Orange Man appears to have twisted his knickers or maybe it's simply a form of Tourette's.

Now, if I were in an anti-Trump (you know, the ex-President) mood, I think I'd dig into his inability to reign in the 17 intelligence agencies, indifference to privacy issues, lack of healthcare initiatives. Trump is just a side issue though. The Left is after bigger game than that in their efforts to destroy Western Civilization. I'm still waiting for the immune system to kick in although Trump populism wasn't a bad first try.

paul emery

Thanks for agreeing with me scenes that we did not achieve energy independence under Trump. Appreciate it.

Bill Tozer

Been wondering how long it would be until the Left goes after Bill Mahr. He is crossing the line now.

“We want to ensure that the first thing users see is information from the CDC, the WHO — that’s who I’m checking on! The WHO has been very corrupt about a lot of s— and the CDC has been wrong about a lot of s—. This is outrageous that I can’t look this information up!” Maher added.

“China does bad things,” Maher said after claiming that there is “nothing political” about wanting to know how the pandemic started. “Liberals don’t want to say anything because [the Chinese are] Asian and [the liberals] don’t think very clearly about this, so they conflate it with anti-Asian hate crimes here. It has nothing to do — one has nothing to do with the other.”


Great line: “this is outrageous that I can’t look this information up.” #RealTime
“Stay in your lane, slim”

‘Bill Maher Calls Out Radical Woke Leftists and MSNBC Can’t Handle It’



re: Poll Emery @7:38AM

You might reconsider what a negative number for petroleum imports means.

On the other hand, don't bother.

More insurrection news:


" A 69-year-old woman has been arrested for briefly entering the US Capitol during the pro-Trump riot earlier this year. The FBI has been ridiculed on Twitter for getting “this monster off the streets.”

Lois Lynn McNicoll, an employee of the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services, was arrested on Monday and released on a $10,000 bond, an FBI spokeswoman told the Los Angeles Daily News.

Her arrest came after a months-long information-gathering operation by the FBI, beginning when two co-workers identified her in video footage from the pro-Trump riot on Capitol Hill in January and snitched to the agency."

"Her crimes, if they could be called that, included walking into the Capitol (while a Capitol Police officer held open a door for her), taking photos with her cell phone, and walking back outside when instructed to by an officer – all detailed in court documents."

"McNicoll is one of more than 500 people arrested for taking part in the Capitol riot, which Democrats and their allies in the media have dubbed an “insurrection,” “domestic terrorism,” and an “attack on our democracy.” Dozens are still being held in deplorable conditions in a Washington, DC jail, and the first woman sentenced for taking part in the riot – a woman several years McNicoll’s junior – only got a lenient sentence because of her “immense remorse,” the Daily Beast reported last week.

Meanwhile, questions remain unanswered about the FBI’s foreknowledge of and involvement in organizing the riot itself. Charging documents against militia members who took part in the riot reveal dozens of “unindicted co-conspirators” who have not been charged and whose names have been kept anonymous, suggesting that they were employees of, or informers for, the agency."

paul emery

Well it sure doesn't mean independence scenes. It means we import as much as we export. If we were truly independent why do we buy as much as we sell?

Bill Tozer

‘9 Most Insane Lies About Georgia’s Voter ID Law In The DOJ’s Lawsuit’

From claiming Georgia lawmakers are racist to relitigating 2020 voter fraud cases, the Biden Department of Justice's complaint against Georgia would be laughable if it weren't so frightening



" If we were truly independent why do we buy as much as we sell? "


George Rebane

scenes 918am - capitalism and markets are an eternal mystery to the Left. It is good that these pages also help communicate this perennial truth. I too am "lmfao".

Bill Tozer

“On the other hand, don't bother.” ——Scenes
‘Inside Schools That Do Amazing Work With America’s Neediest Kids’
Charter schools could be the solution to the vast disparities in schooling quality that plague the American system

“There’s no bigger issue in America today than whether the country is doing enough to provide equal opportunity for people of all races and backgrounds. Charter schools are a mechanism for doing that. They’re not perfect, but that’s not the question. The question is, would those students be better off in a world without them?”


Bill Tozer

First the Federal Government wants to control and run all elections henceforth. Now, the Federal government want to control all zoning laws, especially local zoning laws. Never ask what else could go wrong. The answer would scare the pants off of you.



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