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25 June 2021


Don Bessee

Ya what about that, with the demise of actual teaching in schools that bucks the party line and no one actually reading history the thought police have a monopoly -

Bill Maher trashes Facebook, Google for suppressing Wuhan lab-leak theory: 'You were wrong!'
'This is outrageous that I can't look this information up!'




Just a thing to keep an eye on, especially since at least some of the mafias controlling the executive branch feel like fighting the Russians. Maybe it's just a job security thang.


Lots of potential for excitement. Although it's not in the topic list, 'Scattershots' seems like a good spot.


re: moi@5:57AM

Surprisingly, a detailed newspaper article in an era of clickbait.



I would like to inform the Left of another loss they just racked up.
""Amazing news! McAllen, Texas is a major border town of 140,000 people. 85% Hispanic — and just elected a Republican mayor. The macro realignment accelerates in South Texas, and elsewhere, as Hispanics rally to America First: Strong Borders Economic Nationalism Pro-Police," tweeted former Trump 2020 campaign adviser Steve Cortes.

Hidalgo County, home of McAllen, went to President Biden by roughly 17 points in the 2020 election."


...... in June, 2020, gave the Floyd family a folded American Flag that had flown over the Capitol on the day he died, as though he were a fallen hero! How SICK is that?

Democrat politicians ride the inner city black community just like jockeys ride horses.

If you recall Grampa Badfingers “Superpredator” rhetoric from the early 90’s or the treatment Browns Pin Cushion gave to minor drug offenders and school truants when she was a prosecutor.

Apparently this state of affairs is acceptable the the black community.

Don Bessee

Unforced error but creepy grampa joe does not even know his own states voting laws -

"I'm highly skeptical and I think they may ultimately regret this move. It could indeed clarify this issue in a way the Biden administration does not want," Turley said.

Turley raised questions over the merit of the lawsuit citing similarities between Georgia and other states such as Delaware. "But, this is a very dubious case in my view. Because the Georgia law has great overlap with other states like Delaware" he said.

Turley also mentioned the popularity of requiring identification when going to the polls to vote, a key component of the Georgia voting law. "Voter identification as an example is extremely popular with voters And you now see a lot of democratic members beginning to say really, ‘we are not questioning that anymore.’" he added.



Don Bessee

Good question -



George Rebane

The Left (democrats, socialists, communists, etc) know from history and the marrow of their bones that it doesn't take F-16s, cannons, nukes, ... in the hands of people to bring down a tyrannical government. The weapons Americans already own legally by the millions is way more than adequate for the task. That's why legal owners must be disarmed and criminals ignored. There is even no need for par force any more as the Founders originally apprehended and provided for.


Bill Tozer

Might fit here. I am bored to tears with our former News Director hogging the mic and holding court over “this discussion.”

The Sage of South Central, aka The Elder Statesman speaks.

ELDER: VP Harris, What About The ‘Root Cause’ Of Urban Homicide?

“But the bodies don’t lie. Blacks between the ages of ten and 43 die of homicide at 13 times the rate of whites, according to the CDC, thanks to comparably high rates of violence.”

Unless one is prepared to argue that Blacks are simply genetically more inclined to commit homicide, where is the discussion about “root causes”? When there is a horrific urban shooting, Democrats are quick to call for more gun control legislation. Democrats, when there is an alleged case of police abuse against a Black suspect, demand police reform, with some elected officials even calling for a defunding of the police. Democrats, when it comes to disparities in homeownership or net worth, readily talk about the “legacy of slavery and Jim Crow,” while failing to address, let alone explain, the increase in the rate of unmarried motherhood in America following the ’60s “war on poverty.” And despite clear evidence about the relationship between crime and fatherlessness, the left does not want to talk about that “root cause.”


Bill Tozer

Once again, the Biden Administration offers no solutions from the border crisis, to the education crisis, to the murder crisis of blacks and black children in our Dem run cities. Talking about these items does not change one damn thing.

The Return of ‘Law and Order

“But the departure of millions of working-class voters from the Democratic Party of Roosevelt, Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy, and its move to the party of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan, testified that Middle Americans believed in safe streets and would reward leaders who would keep them safe — with more cops.

Biden spoke Wednesday as though the inner-city menace was the guns with which people are being shot, not the criminals using them.

But some of the folks helping to produce record gun sales today are Black folks who know who and what the threats to their families really are. Gun control is not crime control, and it is crime that is the enemy.”


Bill Tozer

re update

DERANGED Hayes: Republicans Working With Dems on Infrastructure Is Racist!


Don Bessee

You might think they had cut funding for LE and put crazy limits aka handcuffs on cops -

2021 on track to be deadliest year of U.S. gun violence in 2 decades



George Rebane

For the casual reader - please read the above comments to confirm that Democrats belong to the evil party.

Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

Anyone remember how quickly the rodney king riots were ended? -

Trump Aides Prepared Insurrection Act Order During Debate Over Protests



Don Bessee

Had a conversation about fire evacuation and a concern was will there be enough cops to conduct evacuations and secure evacuated areas with whats coming in Jan? This does not take into account the lack of academy enrollees. -

An eye-opening front-page New York Times story today, "Why Police Have Been Quitting in Droves in the Last Year" (subscription), found that Asheville, N.C., has lost 80 of 238 cops

A survey of 194 police agencies, released this month by the Police Executive Research Forum, found that for the year ending in April, retirements were up 45% — and resignations up 18% — from the previous year.



Don Bessee

The most judges appointed in 1 term ever is already paying off -

Trump-appointed judges obstruct Biden 'pen and phone' policies just months into term



Don Bessee

Now thats good! -

Add award-winning novelist Joyce Carol Oates to list of those who've had enough of cancel culture.

Oates last week mocked as "oppressive" a student-prepared list at Brandeis University in Massachusetts that suggested banning words and phrases such as "picnic," "survivor" and "you guys."

"What is strange is that while the word ‘picnic’ is suggested for censorship, because it evokes, in some persons, lynchings of Black persons in the US, the word ‘lynching’ is not itself censored," the author of "A Garden of Earthly Delights" tweeted Thursday.

"Being vague about important issues risks miscommunication and can also avoid accountability," the list said.

"what sort of punishment is doled out for a faculty member who utters the word ‘picnic’ at Brandeis?--or the phrase ‘trigger warning’? loss of tenure, public flogging, self-flagellation?" she wrote.




The woke nut jobs will find racism in the strangest places.


On the Other Voices comment thread referenced above, Frisch chimed in with a non sequitur following my correcting of the history:
"Isn't it ironic that just as people of color are fully realizing their equality and eventual majority in our American democracy there is a strong white minority in our nation that is gladly renouncing democracy to retain power. That is the best proof that the basic tenet of critical race theory, that American legal and social systems have perpetuated segregation and discrimination, is true."

I think Steve is asserting the right of people to vote in the version of history they want, with facts to the contrary to be tossed into the nearest memory hole.


Posted by: Gregory | 27 June 2021 at 09:44 AM

....progressive drone says something progressive.



Quote of the day from former AG Bill Barr, "“If there was evidence of fraud, I had no motive to suppress it. But my suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bullshit.”

It seems Barr is trying to salvage what is left of his credibility.


Sure Babs,, so those hundreds of sworn affidavits from people who witnessed the monkey business first hand were all liars.
Now what happened to the LIB mantra "accusers MUST be believed!"?
All dismissed without a second glance.

The video in living color of fraud ballots being counted..
Yup,, our ly'n eyes. The water main break that wasn't.

You and Emery lipp'n off the same bottle of cheap rye?

Bill Tozer

It’s Only $6 Trillion:! ABC Pressures Manchin to Move Left, Bring GOP With Him

“The bill Karl wanted Manchin to support was being written by Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and it would cost an estimated $6 trillion. “I know that you've suggested that's a little rich for in terms of what you want. But what is your bottom line? How much more do you want,” Karl demanded to know.

Adding: “As you just said at the top of this, the bill that you're negotiating with the Republicans would be the biggest infrastructure bill in the history of the United States. How much more are you willing to add on top of that?”

Manchin shot down the idea by arguing that his bill was paid for and wasn’t going to add to America's already out of control debt problem. “Well, I think there’s some real questions whether or not this bill is truly paid for,” Karl shot back.

Karl’s line of questioning on the matter was kicked off by pointing out that the more radical elements of the party were not enticed by something reasonable:

KARL: But Nancy Pelosi said she's not even going to bring up your bipartisan bill unless this bigger Bernie Sanders bill also gets passed by the Senate. And listen to what -- how Elizabeth Warren described her understanding of what is going on here.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA, via soundbite): I can't vote for some small subset that, you know, the infrastructure train leaves the station and child care gets left on the platform, green energy gets left on the platform, billionaires don't have to pay gets left on the platform. It that all of the pieces have to move because ultimately, it's one deal.
“So, what is going on here? Are you sure progressives are going to support your bipartisan bill if they don't get a guarantee on something bigger also passing,” he asked.

Manchin stuck by his principles.“



Gee Waldo 1:29 -- No court in the land found the sworn affidavits to be anything but misguided here say..no proof. Either they were liars or stupid beyond belief and "I taught I taw a puddy tat" deranged.
Have you thought about anger management? Facts like these seem to really piss you off. It's not really my fault you bought into trump's bullshiit. That rests totally upon you and you over indulgence in cheap hooch.

Bill Tozer

Top 10 Worst Things Biden’s Expensive, Partisan Infrastructure Bill Will Do
Republicans are hesitant to endorse Biden's plan — and for good reason


Bill Tozer


‘Whoppers’: Washington Post Factchecker Hits Biden With Four Pinocchios Over 2nd Amendment Claims

The far-left Washington Post delivered a blow to President Joe Biden by dismissing his recent claims about guns with a single word: “Whoppers.”

The newspaper owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos hit Biden with a fact check and ruled his claim on the Second Amendment was worthy of four Pinocchios — the highest level it uses.

In related news (no, not the WH doubling down on “Republican are the party of defunding the police”) is a fairly good article.

‘The People Behind Joe Biden’s ‘Fact Check’ Team Have A History Of Lying To The American People’


Bill Tozer

Take us to your leader.

‘Fumbled infrastructure rollout leaves Republicans asking who's really in charge at White House’

Republicans are "trying to figure out who to negotiate with at the White House — because apparently, it's not the President United States," said Missouri Republican Rep. Jason Smith.


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