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05 June 2021



This, one of my favorite Python sketches, ends with a clear shot a'gin equity.

Dennis Moore, dum dum dumm da dumm.


Yes, redistribution is harder than proponents think.

Scott O

Our modern world is filled with inventions, ideas and arts that were made possible because of a large and growing number of people who had free time on their hands (and often a large purse) to pursue something other than a life of drudgery just to survive. Was it fair that Marconi could indulge in 'crackpot' experiments while his fellow Italians were often hungry?
It is of the greatest concern that the collectivist do-gooders decide that anyone with wealth must be brought down first before the lower classes can be raised up. The fact that the first part of the equation is often accomplished while the second part is never successful seems to be lost to most people. The folks in charge of redistributing the wealth somehow manage to mysteriously end up with a great deal of it.
The govt should always be the least amount of govt possible because the people in the positions to make decisions have no skin in the game and their information feedback is always feeble if it even exists.

Don Bessee

Home boy is just begging them to try to cancel him, it will be an interesting fight -



Bill Tozer

Equity? Redistribution is easy.


Scott O

Here's one for the Econ 101 class and everyone who noodles over George's blog.
from the article:
"Ketchum resident Reid Stillman's current rental home is being sold by the landlord, giving him just a few months to get out. He said he makes "good money" at his advertising job but has been unable to find another place to live.
"You need to step in," Stillman told the mayor. "Because not only am I going to be homeless with a good job Sept. 1, but my friends who are in the service industry, who don't make a lot of money - they can't pay $2,900 a month for a two-bedroom in Ketchum. This isn't San Francisco, Neil.""
So - Mr Stillman wants to live in Ketchum, but can't afford to.
Ergo - the guv'ment NEEDS to DO something.
My wife and I have a comfortable retirement but we'd like to live in Malibu. We can't afford a six million dollar home or the taxes.
Does the govt NEED to DO something?
There are things the govt could have done in Ketchum that would have solved the problem long ago but would Mr Stillman have approved of highrises going up all over Ketchum?
People want a cheeseburger in paradise and the govt had better serve it up.

Scott O

Another great example of people complaining about wealth inequality when they have no idea of what they are talking about.
This article is interesting in more than one area.
First of, the info was gained illegally, but this is waved away as the authors state: "We have concluded that the public interest in knowing this information at this pivotal moment outweighs that legitimate concern."
Always good to let people know that you have concluded that breaking the law is fine in your own eyes.
It looks to me the 'leak' is part of the push to start taxing 'wealth'. It will only be for the 'rich' just as income tax was.
And none of us pay income tax, do we?
Just where the wealthy are going to obtain the 10s of billions the left want them to pay? Most of their wealth is on paper.
The wealthy get that way because they invest in assets that appreciate. Cherry-picking a year here and there, I'm sure the wealthy can follow the tax law to cover losses from other years.
Overall the wealthy pay an inordinate amount of tax - far in excess of what the rest of us pay.
When envy becomes a guiding principle of governance, we will fall.
And remember - “The trouble with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.”

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