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19 June 2021



This struck me as an interesting notion:

"Pop star Macy Gray demands woke makeover for ‘divisive’ American flag, complete with colored stars for each race"


..and to be fair it's only one person, but this is an idea with traction I think. We'd have to change the stationary though.

I figure George needs his own day, June 23rd looks good I think, but it led me down another rabbit hole of Eastern European history. The immediate post-WWI period is so insanely complex in Russia and it's neighbors that every time I read about it I forget the details almost immediately. Members of the oppressor class don't get days anyhow, although I think of Anglo-America as being the main baddies. We welcome our brother Estonians into the fold. In arduis fidelis.

It could be that national holidays end up like a calendar of saints. Each day receives a holy imprint and they can be awarded in the order of the progressive stack, each one a federal holiday of course. Once the year is full and government workers are without duties, something might have been a achieved, but I expect we can 'cancel' a few traditional holidays in order to get license plate tags bought.

Bill Tozer

It’s been awhile since we have a new national holiday. Was it Nixon that gave us MLK Day, which is 100% in odds with the New Left. And what the heck is CA going to do with its State holiday Caesar Chavez Day....the man who ordered his Union thugs to go to the border to beat and rob ‘wetbacks’ who threaten his Union organizing. What, 300 ‘wetback’ werebeaten and robbed of every cent they had in just one day in one location.

We have seen many an article (and ado) recently about Tulsa, Ok, a horrible event that 99% of the readership and citizens never heard of until two years ago. A big black eye that happened 100 years ago and in the Left’s mind’s eye, it was if it happened yesterday. Or under Trump.

The largest lynching in US history was probably down in New Orleans where a bunch of Italians were strung up by a mob. To express our deepest sympathies, Columbus Day was enacted to make our Italian residents (Dagos/WAPs) feel welcome. Columbus Day then disappeared for awhile, but was brought back. FYI, Wikipedia defines Dagö as an Estonian folk rock band, lol. Ok not funny. My neck of the woods is being overrun with Italian-Americans for some odd reason. I am once again a minority, especially since the kids are descendants of full blown Italians from their mothers side.

The largest mass killing caused by a mob was way back in The Ciudad de Los Angeles in the latter mid-1800’s when LA was a town of 6,000 with a Chinese population of 200. As the Chinese population grew, so did the distrust between the locals and the Chinese community. Think nearly a quarter of the Chinese immigrants were killed, injured, and/or strung up.

Of course, the largest mass execution in US history for a single day was carried out by the Army as they hung 38 Dakota tribe members (Minnesota) after a military trial on Dec 26, 1862...the day after Christmas. There would have been more if not for Lincoln stepping in and sparing Dakota lives.
The cause of the Dakota uprising had many sources of origins, but the spark that ignited the fire was a anal attentive government clerk who refused to open up the government food storage for the starving Dakotas after two harsh winters until he was given the official ok. A local mercantile also refused to extend credit for food until he was paid by the US Government first.

The owner of the trading post had ‘acquired’ the Dakota land with the best fertile farm land and grew grain for the Army’s horses. When the Indians complained to the government clerk, the mercantile merchant has overheard by the Native Americans saying, “Let them eat grass.” The Dakotas for some odd reason took that as calling them animals on all fours....sub-human. Rather upsetting. That set off the uprising as scores of white settlers were butchered. When all was said and done, they found the deceased merchant with grass and clods shoved deep down his throat.

Federal workers love federal holidays. Especially the clerks.

Steven Frisch

So yeah, as well as stating that people were paying too much attention to the Tulsa race riots naturally you think Juneteenth is bullshit.

Of course you would not mention the fact that from 1889–1918 more than 3,000 black Americans were lynched.

Of course you would not mention the red summer of 1919 when definitely hundreds and probably more than a thousand black Americans were killed in race riots.

Perhaps July 4th doesn't work quite as well as a celebration since the independence it declared was denied black Americans who where deemed to be 3/5 of a human being in the Constitution just a few years later...and were denied their freedom from July 4th 1776 until June 19, 1865.

Face George, you are a goddam racist...always have been...you can't stand any group other than white Christians of European origin being recognized as part of our nation.

Steven Frisch

That should read "Face it George..." but could just as easily read, "Fuck George..."

Barry Pruett


Great article about Juneteenth. I just wish they would’ve called the national emancipation day instead of national Independence Day. Trump should have done this last year. Juneteenth is a shining example of America living up to its founding ideals.


Gee Steve ......you’re like the Schoolhouse Rock of racial grievance history.

George Rebane

StevenF 1040am - Here you are again Steve, with your ever-present penchant for constructing strawmen, giving them lives, and then showing all your prowess in knocking them down. So fulfilling.

George Rebane

BarryP 1048am - Given all the grievances that highlight the dark side of America's black history, do you see Juneteenth as serving to justify more such federal holidays to observe the warts of our past? In short, how many more such "shining examples of America living up to its founding ideals" do you think we should ensconce in our national calendar, and would these serve to unify or further divide us?


Forget who did all that Steve? DEMOCRATS.(You know,, the Klan and friends).
Happy being on the side that did that?


And it gets better. Now the same people want to go after old Glory.
NOT going to happen...


"The cause of the Dakota uprising had many sources of origins, but the spark that ignited the fire was a anal attentive government clerk who refused to open up the government food storage for the starving Dakotas..."

There's a special something to government clerks.

One Quartermaster Edward Bloomfield was unwilling to hand over ammunition during the Battle of Isandhlwana without authorization.

My favorite is from 'The Liberators' (Viktor Suvorov, a pen name naturally given that moniker) in the USSR sent to pick up multiple truck loads of chemical fertilizer with insufficient fuel and need for the chemicals at the collective. He loads up, isn't sure what to do, is told by the clerk to do what the other drivers do. Turns out everyone was dumping their load into the river before picking up the last one. Brilliant, and socialism in a nutshell.

Bill Tozer

Barry @ 10:48 am.

“Great article about Juneteenth. I just wish they would’ve called the national emancipation day instead of national Independence Day....”

The reason they DO NOT call it Emancipation Day is simple. If there were to be a holiday called Emancipation Proclamation Day or the later Emancipation Day, then Abraham Lincoln and 350,000 fallen Union troops would get the credit....which is not how one does history nowadays. Tear down Abe’s statue. Strike his name from all grammar schools, jr. highs, and high schools from our land.
Hey W-T, stay in your lane. Let’s not celebrate together the great thing Americans did for the former slaves. Let’s not share anything together. Gone Tribal, baby


Bill. My Uncle married the Grand Daughter of Chief Tenaya of the Yosemite Indians.



There's no point in getting even slightly miffed. Just ask yourself if the author of a post is lining their pockets via activism of some sort. Self interest is simply part of the human condition.

Bill Tozer

Cut Steve some slack. He has been programmed to react to certain stimuli with an immediate and intense reaction. Poor guy, he has lost a say in the matter and he cannot not react even if he tried. Brainwashed is not the word I am looking for. Anyway

I figure its all that liberal guilt he and his fathers have been carrying around. Get this. As wretched and dishonest our media was to Trump, the elite media treated Lincoln worse. The establishment New York Democrats hated Lincoln’s guts, called him a Buffon a hundred times, mocked his appearance viciously, were totally OPPOSED to the war against the South (or sending any soldiers at all). The Dem Party and Media way back then.

So, Lincoln announces he institutes the draft to fight the Grey Coats. Holy smokes, the Dems started rioting in the streets all over in opposition to the War up and down NE and in NYC, the Dems went ape shit tearing up the town and lynched three black men in one weekend. They blamed the blacks for reason Lincoln called for the draft.

So, with all that Liberal guilt our fellow pilgrim Steve has bottled up, remember all that pain he has to carry and try until his last dying breath to atone for. That mob lynching blacks in NYC were all Democrats.

Laid a trap for Steve awhile back and he swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. I posted a comment in the Union aimed right at Steve. I purposely referred to Supervisor Heidi as HH88 in a brief comment which was pretty tame and brief, if I recall accurately.
Sure enough, I checked back a couple of hours later and Steve really had his hair on fire, warning the readers “DOG WHISTLE, DOG WHISTLE! INTRUDER! Alert, alert, Racist on Premises!!! SENDING OUT SECRET MESSAGES to all the White Supremists out in The Union readership land.

I knew HH would get his programmed reaction to certain stimuli going. He has no choice, no say in the matter. It has him, he does not have it...no more. He has been programmed to react to certain. Stimuli. Hilary and Heidi’s names start with the 8th letter of the alphabet or something. Just like Hilter!, lol. HH88. Heidi Hall? Hilary Hodge? DOG FU@$ING WHISTLE.

He did not simply walk straight into that big ole bear trap, he ran into it full steam ahead, lol. Some folks just cannot take a joke. They fit nicely into the Glum Lot.

The Science is settled. Hey, take the high road and give Steve a break until you have walked a mile in his moccasins. His load is heavy. Projection can only hide it for so long. Like holding a beach all under water. Eventually, the beach ball comes up, wins. Man, that about issues.
The Democrat Party has been historically the Party of Lynchers. Fucking racists.


Toz regarding the flaming bag you left for Frisch to kick... what name was used ?

Bill Tozer

Biker Bill, the name Punch donned moi with. I have been Christened. That’s back when we used to talk. Whatz it something I said, Wally? Was it?” Gee Beav, don’t be a dope.

It might be 6 months ago and who knows what the article was about. Probably a Heidi Hill Sez piece. I only use two fake names, only one until more recently. Bill Tozer and now Biker Bill only at the Union comments name. Well, the fake FB page with the bear sitting at the pic-a-nic table goes well with Biker Bill and his lovely Movements. Oh, did the FUE ever step headfirst into that one. Told everyone that he found Bill Tozer and he works for a company call Real Smooth Movements or something akin with a humongous roll of TP as the company page. Drew a few comments, surprising. Busted! Busted on a drive-by as well. Come on, man.
To wake up every morning with a nice smooth consistent movement is the nicest thing this side of paradise, ROFLMAO.

My anonymity has been blown. I have be found out and exposed. My cover is now blown. Alas.

Bill Tozer

Opps. To Gregory, of course.

Saw a short video (under 2 min) and immediately thought of you...on the Union comments. If I can find it, it’s you. It’s you. I will most it as “Naked Link” in the Sandbox. Nobody will look there.

Secret decoder ringer off.

Don Bessee

Reality check -

Gang life, not racism, is responsible for Chicago's violence, alderman says



Don Bessee

WAT! -

Illinois town cancels July 4 parade over COVID-19 concerns but allows Juneteenth and Pride celebrations
Evanston reported zero new coronavirus cases over the last seven days



Scott O

Stevie baby - "Of course you would not mention the fact that from 1889–1918 more than 3,000 black Americans were lynched."
And of course, Stevie baby will not mention that even more whites than that were lynched.
What is the whole damn point?
Kinda seems like humans aren't really very nice without some sort of Lawn Order.
Kinda like we should follow the Constitution and the Bill Of Rights and have a sufficiently staffed police force with folks who will follow the law and answer to the law?
Naw, let's just wallow in egotistic virtue signalling and ignore even worse horrors going on right now across the globe.
'Cause those humans don't count.
Good grief.

Scott O

Don 3:45 - Of course. Because Whitey will just celebrate the 4th in some other way, but if the Inclusive and Diverse crowd don't get to get down with the Par-Tay, then there's be some protests that will 'intensify'.


"Biker Bill and His Lovely Movements"

A killer name for a band.

I think that one James Howard Kunstler pretty much nailed it in his Friday column.

"Coincidentally, the Democratic Party has just now engineered two separate-but-equal Independence Days for America: Juneteenth, for People of Color, and the familiar old Fourth of July for everybody else. Isn’t that a fine way to reinforce the idea that we are irreconcilably so far apart?"

Barry Pruett

Slavery is very different from other potential federal holidays which you discuss. It is the original sin. LGBT and others have no comparison to slavery and I would oppose. We should get rid of Labor Day. Nobody even cares except they get a day off


"It is the original sin."

For who? The Romans, Greeks, or Egyptians?
Brazil? (5.8M+ people taken from Africa, abolished 1888)
North America? (388k of the 12M shipped from Africa across the Atlantic)
Christians taken to North Africa? (around 1.25M, mostly stopped in the mid 1800's)
Emancipation of serfs? (untold people, mid 19th C. in most of Europe, 1894 in Iceland)
Sex slaves by the 'Islamic State'?
Indigenous people in Latin America?
Native Americans by Native Americans?
Not to mention all of the other variations of non-voluntary work in the past 100k years.

Here's a decent timeline I ran into.

Without the UK, you could arguably have added 50-100 years to these numbers. Frankly, I think that the main anti-slavery measure was the industrial revolution, not any sort of widespread morality improvement in humans. In any case, it's more profitable to force people to work via poverty rather than outright ownership, there's no implied responsibility for the well-being of a temporary employee.

George Rebane

BarryP 604am - Without dwelling on the type and magnitude of differences in suffered aggrievances, I submit that various cohorts would strongly disagree with you about whether/how to recognize their own past sufferings (scenes 748am withstanding).

But my main point in the commentary was prognosticating the formalized observance of Jan 6th as a perennial reminder of the evil politics and political intents of the 'racist Right'. It would be the perfect politicized holiday for the Left, a good day for Democrats to start every primary season with speeches and observances of their opponents' iniquities.


" It would be the perfect politicized holiday for the Left,"

It seems to me that it's time to start pushing for a big ol' Juneteenth parade every year in GV/NC alternately, perhaps in the opposite town from the 4th.

The 4th of July can then be toned down a little bit every year, mostly disappearing due to non-interest in a decade or so. It'll consist of a half dozen guys in pickup trucks with big US flags accused of a 'hate' crime in The Union.

Next thing needs to be a letter writing campaign to get rid of the Marching Presidents, Mr. Lowe probably has his crazy juices already flowing to pen a missive.

addendum. Hang on, I've got a great idea. We convert Marching Presidents into a sort of flagellants parade. Stick Obama and maybe JFK on a podium, all the others run down Broad Street with the audience yelling and throwing rotten fruit at them. This is brilliant.


Someone needs to tell punchy and frischy


The Estonian Fox

Maybe the Saudis will have their own covid-related "feminine Juneteenth". From Taki's Mag (T Dalrymple)-

"Apparently in Saudi Arabia, the epidemic has had a profound social effect. Many of the migrant workers who supplied the country with its cheap labor have returned to their homelands, and thus created an opportunity, or the necessity, for Saudi women to join the workforce, as they have now done in unprecedented numbers. A third of Saudi women are now either working or seeking work, an increase of 60 percent in only a year or two, a veritable silent revolution."

I have not seen this change reported anywhere else. Maybe the Saudis will have to work for their own benefit for a change, rather than have the government support many of them with oil revenue.

George Rebane

Gregory 948am - good pick-up Greg. This piece of political history will forever remain buried by the lamestream. Bumblebrain is one of the major architects and sustainers of the blacks' plantation, jobs about which main street blacks have no idea as they keep voting for their 'massahs' year after year.

Barry Pruett

I understand, but I also believe the left will politicize everything in order to divide our nation. I simply won’t partake in the politicization of emancipation. I believe most rational folks won’t either. Our local left wing yolks will always seek to politicize. That can’t be avoided. Shit they even politicize Columbus Day, presidents’ Day, memorial day, Veterans Day, MLK day, Christmas. They politicize Valentine’s Day if they can figure it out

Scott O

Barry 11:24 - "I believe most rational folks won’t either."
There's an extremely high percentage of 'rational' folk in our land who wouldn't dream of enacting the BS Biden & Co. are cooking up.
Yet here we are!
Everyone can celebrate or not every/any day of the year for whatever reason they choose.
Already I'm seeing stories of private businesses being guilted into letting workers off for Juneteenth.
Barry - I wish it could be just the celebration of emancipation, but it looks like it will be politicized and used by the Dems to further divide the country.


Is this to be added to the list of "joys"?

Shootings, riots, mayhem,,
EMS responder gets shot, a cop gets shot.

Bill Tozer

But of course.

Buck Sexton

After Juneteenth Declaration, Ilhan Omar Wants Reparations



Juneteenth is best thought of as a Texan holiday, as there were sons and daughters of Africa enslaved until years later.


Slaves held by indigenous slavers doesn't fit the narrative du jour...

The Estonian Fox

Among other "mostly restful" celebrations of 19Jun:

"A celebration gave way to rioting in Long Branch, New Jersey. Hundreds of people took to the streets in a Juneteenth celebration that quickly turned violent, the Lakewood Scoop reported.

Police in full riot gear had to be dispatched to the area in order to quell the unrest. The reasoning for the riot is unknown at this time."

So we have to go with the thought of Newt Gingrich asking Bob Dole "why people take an instant dislike to me" - it saves them time. What is the record time for "quickly turned violent"? Or is it instantly turned violent? Somebody must keep those kinds of records. Where's the video on Facebook? Maybe there's a poll on whether it was actual unrest, mostly unrest, minimally invasive unrest, enough to wake the un-dead from their rest....

Can't you guys get Mr. Emery to dig a little deeper on this?

Reason for the riot? Same as for the little skirmish at Lexington, on Aprilteenth, 1775 - the oppressed want to be free from their masters, free to make their own way in the world, free to work hard, increase their own wealth, and not be beholdin' to anyone for handouts. Hmmmm - OK, that last part may not apply for these riots.

The Estonian Fox

Off topic just a little. This has to do with democracy, but in China, so who cares about that. From BBC - https://www.bbc.com/news/business-57549542.

"Apple Daily: HK pro-democracy paper says it will decide closure by Friday.
Last Thursday (6/18), some 500 police officers raided the offices of Apple Daily in Hong Kong, saying its reports had breached the national security law.

Police also arrested the editor-in-chief and four other executives at their homes and froze HK$18m ($2.3m; £1.64m) of assets owned by three companies linked to Apple Daily."

Too bad the 500 didn't try to close down Lebron James's production company here. Might have lost 500 Chinese cops.

Would have used a capital 'b' in his name, but all of those have been taken by the AP Style Guide for the colorful adjective in front of those folks of African heritage. Heritage in the last 500 years that is. We're all brothers under the African sky if you go back far enough.


Ummmm...Where's "Paul E" and company to point out our "racist-nest???"

Scott O

Randy 12:53 - "Where's "Paul E" and company..."
They have nothing to say until the latest favorable (for them) poll comes out.
You surely weren't expecting some sort of original thought or any kind of intellectual contribution...?

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Stevie isn't it any Wonder. He worships the Senator. Its Steve's hero. Figures.


Bill Tozer

Once more around the park, James

Sheldon Whitehouse is among the most obnoxious members of the Senate. He’s also among the most hypocritical.

Whitehouse calls himself progressive and an opponent of “systemic racism.” Yet, the New York Post reports that the Rhode Island Senator has belonged for decades to an all-White beach club. I call that regressive.

Whitehouse has confirmed the truth of this report. What’s his defense? He says “I think the people who are running the place are still working on that and I’m sorry it hasn’t happened yet.”

Asked whether all-White clubs should exist in this day and age, Whitehouse responded, “It’s a long tradition in Rhode Island.”

Since when is “tradition” an excuse for membership in a racist organization?

Whitehouse added that “there are many of them [segregated clubs]” in Rhode Island.

Maybe, but no one is forcing Whitehouse to belong to one of them.


Wayne Hullett

I would think that the date of passage of the 13th amendment would be a more general and appropriate date to celebrate the abolition of slavery. This occurred on January 31, 1865, and was signed by President Lincoln on the next day. The voting in the House of Representatives was 119 to 56. Every republican voted for passage, and the 56 who voted against were all democrats. Perhaps that last sentence is why dems want to celebrate the less well known event of a group of slaves in Galveston, TX learning on June 19th that they were now free.

George Rebane

WayneH 811pm - Excellent point.


The passage of the A the 13th had no force of law, which came with ratification and certification the following December... forcing the last slaver states to free their enslaved Africans.

That was Delaware and Kentucky, not Texas. The American Emancipation Day is properly December the 18th.


Posted by: Randy | 21 June 2021 at 12:53 PM

Ummmm...Where's "Paul E" and company to point out our "racist-nest???

No need to concern yourself with Punch “I hide my own Easter Eggs” Emery he’d just forget that any conversation on the matter was had (this I think why he is always seemingly in “reruns”). We did receive acknowledgment from the worlds whitest man (Frisch) that we weren’t racists a few years ago. This grudgingly offered after desperately trying to make the term stick for the better part of a decade.


"I would think that the date of passage of the 13th amendment would be a more general and appropriate date to celebrate the abolition of slavery."

..unless you're a slave of the Cherokee.

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