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15 June 2021



We all knew this was coming! Just another stage in the progression of the disease.

Scott O

This isn't even about raising money for the operation of the govt.
The Dems can't actually make our country a better place, so now it's just the Dems showing their dim-witted constituents how they are 'sticking it' to those wealthy bastards. No one's life will be improved. Nobody will be raised out of poverty. The fed debt will climb ever higher. Tax specialty lawyers will be further enriched.
Money will continue to flee to where it will be better treated.
The folks at the IRS are ever obliging to the Dems.
"Certain tax documents need to be released? - Why certainly!"
We've already been through this once. If they ever get close to the person responsible that person will just plead the 5th and then retire with a handsome pension.
We are now in an openly corrupt fed govt. It can only go downhill from here.
Hey middle class America - did your house gain in value?
And it didn't do you any good and you had to pay more property taxes?
Now get ready to pay for that "unrealized" gain!
After this, the Dems can go after "unrealized" income!
Remember that overtime you turned down? Now you owe tax on what you could have made! And we can prove you could have worked a second job on the weekends but you just wanted to lay around the house. Now you'll have to pay taxes on that, too!
Hey - this is fun. Wonder what else we can get you for?
Cue the Beatles - "Mr Taxman".

Dave Cranfield

Up next, VAT?


I have to admit that it's a rather peculiar bit of red meat to throw to the mob. Let's say it happens. How do you (a) determine 'unrealized gain? It sure isn't the price of the last share of Amazon sold on the market X Bezos holdings of shares as they're not all worth the same amount...and (b) does the government pay *you* when the price of an asset goes down?

Honestly, if they actually manage to successfully go after the kulaks, The iron triangle (rich, bureaucrats, activists) will be broken and we're on to a new chapter in Year Zero.

Perhaps the White Supremacist hotline that the Bidens are planning to set up can be expanded to include reporting on your neighbors' hidden stash of something valuable. Oh well, "the way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them between the millstones of taxation and inflation.- sez some Russian guy.

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