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31 July 2021



Critical Theory in all its ingloriousness will either bring down the American Experiment or it will be put to rest with all of the other versions of Marxism that came before it.

CT and CRT is Marx v4.0, via insights from Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party, as he was rotting in an Italian prison in the '30's, mixed in with the fake People's History of the USA by Howard Zinn.

American "higher" education needs to go on a crash diet.

Bill Tozer

Have any of you pondered (deeply or in passing) that I have read a stack of articles and opinions on the CDC, India Virus (Delta), papers on the risks (harm) of masking children......that just one week ago would have put me in FB jail?

One week ago someone commented on Twitter under a ‘discussion’ of our CDC Director pushing for masking children two years old wrote, “I would like to see the science behind that.” Banned. Not only was his comment banned and thrown down the memory hole, his entire site was erased by Twitter and he was kicked off every major social media platform and harassed at work.

“Gee, Yogi, I would like to see the research behind why Ranger Smith says I have to wear a mask.”
Yogi: “Shut up Boo-Boo or Mr Ranger will kick you out of Jellystone Park”

One week ago. Now we can discuss it. Follow the science? May I see the science to follow?

One week ago....I pondered such things.

Bill Tozer

CRT Roundup: Fairfax County Schools Sent Second Graders Video Vilifying Cops: ‘I Feel Safe When There Are No Police’

‘Massive Teachers Union Sues Mom Who Asked About Political Material In Kindergarten Curriculum’

The National Education Association has sued a mother in Rhode Island who asked what her daughter would be taught in her kindergarten classroom


Bill Tozer

Ben Shapiro Slams Critical Race Theory, Dismantles ‘Authoritarian’ Left On Real Time With Bill Maher


Bill Tozer

Joy Reid is dumb. Very dumb.



In case y'all haven't read it, 'The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies' (Legutko) isn't bad. Presents a reasonable model for outlining the movement of which CRT is a part.

Book review: https://www.ruf.rice.edu/~sarmatia/917/917Thompson.pdf

Don't get too hung up on the term 'liberal democracy', the writer goes through a more explicit definition as used.

George Rebane

BillT 844am - Unfortunately, Reid is only one of the legion of double dummies on the lamestream. I know it's not possible, but I'd like to see one our liberal readers step up in her defense - the entertainment value would be worth more than the price of admission.


"Unfortunately, Reid is only one of the legion of double dummies on the lamestream."

Never heard of her.

(quickly watches a few videos).

lol. What a piece of work, like a sort of CRT Alex Jones minus the gay frogs. The main difference is that Jones is on his own website and not allowed to use Paypal ('cuz social credit score) and someone like her is on a division of NBCUniversal and allowed to prattle on about whatever.

The fix is in of course but you already knew that.

You won't see a defense since the local left doesn't defend anything, just drive-by accusations of Nazihood and Paul playing to his OnlyFans group with the occasional SOGEORGE. Given the tiny group of TeamBlue who participate it's hard to say if that is a reflection of the mob at large.

Bill Tozer

But the Lefties said CRT is not being taught in schools. And people believed them! Thats how insane they are.

'Teachers unions go to court to deter critical race theory disclosure'


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