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19 July 2021


Bill Tozer

I think I found one of the two answers, Paul. Maybe. Only one more answer to find.

Punch: “Do you deny that the riot at the Capitol chanted Hang Pence while they were jingling the noose outside in encouragement? I grant you then it was symbolic but combined with a chanting crowd there was a true threat to h is life. What do you think would have happened to Pence if they hadn't hustled him to safety?” @ 7:44 pm.

Now, I did not see where you answered Yes (or no) to Gregory’s question about the gallows being a cheap stage prop. Is the “it” the gallows? What is symbolic? The stage prop gallows? “It is symbolic”? Was that your answer, Paul. Kinda not clear like a Yes or No would be. Kinda confusing about what you meant.

I guess it all depends on what the definition of it is. Now,where is the 2nd answer. Come on man, toss me a bone.

Bill Tozer


Was “it” the noose or the gallows? Thanks in advance for helping me find the 2nd answer. This is like a scavenger hunt. How exciting.

Bill Tozer

Another Lying Castro in the News


What did you expect?


.......scavenger hunt?! Was wasn’t I called? Are we looking for Punchy’s upper plate?

Anyway....while that gets sorted out.

IT WAS AN ARMED ANTI-GOVERNMENT INSURRECTION — BY FEDERAL OFFICERS! DEA agent charged with carrying badge and gun at Capitol riot. “An off-duty special agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency carried his government-issued firearm while attending the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, according to court documents unsealed Tuesday. Prosecutors say he posed for pictures while flashing his DEA badge and climbed onto the Peace Monument to film himself as he delivered a ‘monologue.'”

People took selfies and posed for pictures because they thought they weren’t doing anything wrong. They figured as Americans they had a right to protest, and they knew their behavior was much milder than what had been praised all summer. They just didn’t realize that the rules for them were different, because they thought they still lived in America.

Barry Pruett

I confound you Paul because you are blind.

Barry Pruett


Progressives are useful idiots and they don’t even know it


Come on Fish,, Emery,, like other LIBS, believe THEY are the ONLY ones who can protest.. Violently, or otherwise.
HELL!,, Most ANTIFA and BLM get their charges dropped.



Bill Tozer

What's Biden going to do now? Threaten to withhold aid if they speak to Congress? Or, just withhold aid if they don't remain silent? What a Putin puppet.

'Biden Admin Pushes Ukraine To Keep Quiet On Russian Pipeline, Not Discuss With U.S. Congress: Report'



"What's Biden going to do now? "

Probably not much except cavort with his 'little fishies' (h/t Tiberius) in the White House hot tub. God knows what the various factions running the machine are really after but I expect I can guess what the aggregate feature set will be.

With the ancien regime back in the driver's seat (were they ever really out?) you can expect lots of pieces being moved on the board. Consistently rolling 6's seems to be built into the calculations but it all makes for good TV. Keeping the 'Black Tulip' filled up is just the cost of doing business.

re: Nooses. My bet is that the evilrevolutioninsurrectionists simply picked up a Bubba Wallace Brand(tm) noose and built an appropriate gallows. Just imagine the uproar if the gallows was made from Legos.


You certainly can't accuse the Blue Mob for laziness in terms of The Revolution.

Then they came for the Copts,



It's nice to see a long-form article. Worth a read if you care about such matters.

Yer tax dollars at work:

"The prosecution has already emerged as a critical test for how the Biden administration approaches the growing threat of homegrown anti-government groups. More than that, though, the case epitomizes the ideological divisions that have riven the country over the past several years. To some, the FBI’s infiltration of the innermost circle of armed anti-government groups is a model for how to successfully forestall dangerous acts of domestic terrorism. But for others, it’s an example of precisely the kind of outrageous government overreach that radicalizes people in the first place, and, increasingly, a flashpoint for deep state conspiracy theories."


(I had some trouble reading the first bits due to a graphics designer being more interested in look than usability, but simply highlighted the text. YMMV.)


...and lastly, a short piece about (drum roll) NPR v. Daily Wire.

"NPR's Brilliant Self-Own
National Public Radio complains about a media figure who tells people "what their opinions should be" and uses political "buzzwords" "


Don Bessee

Creepy grammpa joe is one self hating white boy -

Biden admin promotes radical group pushing critical race theory in schools
A critical race theory handbook is intended to disrupt Whiteness and oppression



Bill Tozer

Caleb Hull
The Texas Democrats came to DC with a case of Miller Lite and left with 6 cases of Corona
8:01 AM · Jul 20, 2021

Paul Emery

So Barry you appear to have no problem that over 100 Poice were injured in the "mostly peaceful" break in.

Don Bessee

Your false empathy with the cops is shown to be a lie by your following the party parrot line on the looting, rioting and defund the police over the last year and a half oh great pony tail of ignorance.



"So Barry you appear to have no problem that over 100 Poice were injured in the "mostly peaceful" break in."


Barry Pruett

Of course, I have a problem with anyone being injured. Although I am talking to a wall with a closed-mind, I will try one final time to engage you in a conversation as opposed to answering the stupid, rhetorical, generalized, and loaded questions you keep asking. If we cannot find some agreement here, I will no longer have any use for you as far as politics goes.

My point as been and will continue to be as follows:

Folks who break the law should be punished. If you were walking around the Capitol building on January 6, and you did not hurt anyone and were not being violent and were unarmed, there should be no reason to prosecute beyond a misdemeanor and a fine. Simple as this is free speech. If you engaged in violence or were armed or had intent to do something bad (ie, the guys with the zip tie handcuffs should be in jail), you are an idiot and deserve what is coming to you. Your whole schtick about the gallows is a joke. It was a prop, and it is free speech. Kathy Griffin with Trump's severed head is disgusting but also free speech. We have the right to petition the government. We have the right to make them feel uncomfortable. That is the way the system works. Prosecute the people who actually did bad things, but not the folks who did nothing violent.

Now and on the other hand and concerning the 2020 riots, those thugs that looted stores and burned building (FEDERAL BUILDINGS PAUL, WE ARE COMPARING APPLES AND APPLES) and assaulted police and killed police should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those individuals who non-violently protested should be allowed to do that. Again, free speech.

Now the prosecutions in the 2020 riots are not really happening and there is my issue. We live in a society designed in part under the premise that we have equal protection under the law and laws will be applied consistently. That is not happening. If you are conservative or Republican there is one set of rules and if you are an activist (even a violent activist) or a progressive who supports Marxist ideas, you get a pass. If this dichotomy continues, you will see more January 6ths. Folks aren't going to lay down and allow there civil rights to be trampled when they feel that they are being singled out. Blacks did this in the 1960s and they were 100% correct.

If you cannot see what is going on, you are blind. Useful fool.

George Rebane

PaulE 815am - Do you really believe the ‘one hundred police injured’ story? What kind of ‘injuries’ were counted? I’ll start believing the Capitol Police when they tell us why they didn’t heed warnings, welcomed rioters into the Capitol, let us see the 14,000 hours of the 6jan21 security videos, and reveal who shot the protester and why. Today, those believing the Capitol police is another sure-fire litmus test for identifying a progressive.

Bill Tozer

The Biggest Source Of ‘Misinformation,’ Lies, And Delusion Is Leftist Corporate Media
Why would people believe so-called misinformation? It's a pivotal question, and the left can't bring themselves to answer it because it damns them.



re: Barry@8:54

lol. You know he's not going to read a word of that.

re: GeorgeR@8:56

(IMO) The real heads-up that people should get, and a thing that's been true forever, is the utter arbitrariness of the federal law enforcement system. A person swept up into that meat grinder is subject to the politics of the hour, ambitious prosecutors, a gigantic system that needs feeding. A life can be destroyed at zero cost to the apparatchiks involved and there appears to be little rhyme or reason to the punishment meted out for a given crime.

Bill Tozer

'Misinformation’ Is Whatever Hurts Them Politically Today
The Biden administration’s gross collusion with Big Tech to censor opposing viewpoints is not only blatant tyranny but also obvious hypocrisy.

I'm from the government and am here to help Facebook silence you.


George Rebane

scenes 908am - Agreed; see Kahnemann's 'Noise' for corroboration.

Scott O

Ah yes - as predicted by moi and thousands of others:

We can't have investigators who actually investigate.

Bill Tozer

Lotuseaters on Fauci. For those who have the time.


Don Bessee

Get woke go broke -



Barry Pruett

Tozer @ 12:24pm WOW! Great video! Fauci knew all along. And this one...


Don Bessee

They never handled the riots and looting and now its organized looting with no consequences, you are paying for it in the end-

Two men in a Los Angeles suburb were seen on camera brazenly leaving a TJ Maxx store with their arms full of shoplifted items.

"They didn’t even run out, they walked out," Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Jerretta Sandoz told CBS LA of the incident. "And so, that’s sending a message that we, the criminals, are winning."




So punchy... never did get an answer from you... yes or no... the gallows you were hyperventilating over again was a cheap stage prop. Yes?

The blond lass was stunning in contrast.


Take THAT you Calif. LIB bastards!
"Conservative talk show host Larry Elder won his court challenge Wednesday to California Secretary of State Shirley Weber, who must place him on the list of candidates in the Sep. 14 election to recall incumbent Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

As Breitbart News reported Tuesday, Elder’s campaign sued the Secretary of State after she excluded him from the list of 41 candidates to replace Newsom, if a majority of voters choose to recall him. The reason given was that Elder allegedly failed to file complete tax returns. Elder’s campaign denied that accusation, noting that he had turned in five years of tax returns on time, and also arguing that the law requiring candidates to submit tax returns did not apply to recalls anyway."

Paul Emery

George, Greg

Check out this video which shows a police officer being crushed ty rioters breaking in and give your idea about what the penalty to those involved should be.



Punchy... you answer first.


Let me give you the only correct answer... yes, The gallows were a cheap stage prop that was never intended to be used and I (meaning Paul Emery)knew that all along.

You'll feel better.

Paul Emery


What happens if a police officer is confronted by someone with a fake pistol?

Jose Peyote’s coyote

Cat got your tongue, or you lying again?

Paul Emery

George, Greg
Do you agree with Kevin McCarthy when he says "GOP Leader McCarthy Says President Trump "Bears Responsibility" for Capitol Attack, Favors Censure Over Impeachment

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy says the President Trump "bears responsibility" for the January 6 attack on the Capitol and says "he should have done something to stop it when he saw what was unfolding"



But Emery. What about the cops that get charged with a crime accidently thumping an ANTIFA POS on the head with a night stick? Oh.. With a FAKE "press" sign taped to his shirt.
Nope,, can't harm a rioting protester.


Well hells bells Emery,, you sure didn't give a shit when our own "Back the Blue" event was attacked by a local LIBshit.
Now all of a sudden you have feelings for cops?
You hypocritical bastard....

Don Bessee

Cant say i have any sympathy for the wokeinistas -

Clay Travis: ‘Go woke, get broke;’ Olympics suffer from loss of sponsors, NBA from loss of ratings
'It's not a coincidence; they went political,'




Punchy... we're not going to get anywhere until you answer the question posed!

You wasted our time before with the same bloody thing, and I dug up one of the two pictures of a cute babe to put it into perspective... then you start in on it again a few months later.

So, please, with sugar on top... answer the f-ing question.

Scott O

Paul 3:37 - "...to those involved should be."
So Paul - have they arrested any of the persons involved in that video?
Did Trump actually know this was occurring?
Did Trump order those rioters to do this?
We all notice that CNN never covered any of the left-wing riots in the same way at all.
The police were often subject to worse treatment.
Have you got any videos showing CNN being 'shocked' by police abuse in those riots?

Bill Tozer

“.......scavenger hunt?! [Why] wasn’t I called? Are we looking for Punchy’s upper plate?

Anyway....while that gets sorted out.”

Posted by: 🐠 | 20 July 2021 at 09:50 PM
@ 4:53 pm
Oh Gregory, you are being to sound soooo boring and redundant.

Nice deflection from the dope on the ropes. Remember, dear reader, he answered it TWICE.
Answered that question twice already. You're getting boring and redundant”.

Guilty as charged. Now, help me find the other answered question, paul. Please, with cherries on top.

Boring and redundant

To be continued..........


Hmmm... I was trying for boring XOR redundant, but I'll take it.

Punchy... want to make it stop?

Barry Pruett

Scenes @ 908a

Nailed it

Don Bessee

Hey look it Doug eradicating a drug site -



Barry Pruett

And that is where I diverge with most of the commenters here. I think they should just let people be and do what they want. If you want to grow weed, go for it. I’d rather hang out with a bunch of stoners than a bunch of drunks any day.😂

Scott O

Putin has got to be laughing his ass off. He's dealing with an East German Stasi-Lassie and a complete idiot.
"Pipeline has no gas coming through?"
"Shocked, just shocked! It must be sabotage!"
Biden shuts down an American/Canadian pipeline costing thousands of American jobs and untold loss of millions to the American economy and then pushes for a Putin pipeline to Europe so Putin can make the money that could have gone to America if we had shipped LNG to Europe. It also gives Putin a garrote to put around Europe's neck to use when he wishes.
Who's the Putin cudler?

Don Bessee

Hey BP, grow your own is cool in cali but if you go big you gotta pay your tax just like the rest of us! LOL


Don Bessee

Thats a good question -



Don Bessee

Trouble for empress gertchen -

Ex-Detroit Police Chief James Craig: 'I'm running' to unseat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is up for reelection in 2022



Barry Pruett

Bessee @ 631p. Fair enough.

Paul Emery


I had no support for the idiot with the BB gun in Grass Valley at the Back the Blue event and never expressed support for him or what he did in any way. Please show me the quote that led to your conclusion.


Not playing that game Emery. It took you six months to even say a word on it, despite repeated references to the attack. You were more concerned about the shoving match at your BLM cop hating march. When you finally did speak up(if you even want to call it that) you sure didn't have much to say. Along the lines of "So some kid with a bee bee gun scared some people....." And that's about all you had to say.

Now here you are getting all hyperventilated about the peaceful protest. All the accusations of the protestors killing cops has been debunked. Not a peep from you about all the cops killed and inured by the radical, feral LIBshits.
Maybe someday before they stuff you in a box, you might grow a pair and answer up in a timely manor.. We won't hold our breath.


Speaking of lying bastards,, Biden is back at it about LIBS and cops.

"President Biden said Wednesday that Republicans are ‘lying’ when they say Democrats want to defund the police.

The president went on to explain the various ways that policing should be reformed and also denied ever calling for police to be defunded.

"I’ve never said defund the police," Biden claimed."

OH yes you did you demented dotard.

Paul Emery

Never said that Walt. Find the quote and send me a link.

Paul Emery

Show us the quote wth a link that Biden said that Walt. H made it clear from the start he never supported that policy. Put up or shut up.

Paul Emery

From a new book about Trump that just came out. The conversation is included in the link at the end of my post. Anderson Cooper reports:

Reporters Carol Leonnig and Phil Rucker's new book, I Alone Can Fix It, ends with a conversation with Donald Trump where he rattles off a random slate of conspiracy theories from attacking the 86 judges who wouldn't rule in his favor to the Supreme Court. But one major part of the recording has Trump saying that the whole ordeal was the fault of the Capitol Police because they "ushered" the protesters inside the building. Nothing of the sort happened, so it's unclear where Trump got his information. Protesters used poles and stole police shields to break windows and doors in an effort to get into the building.

Here are some quotes:

"We want to understand what did you want when you said 'go up there'?" Leonnig says in the recording, referring to Trump saying that he was going to march with the crowd to the Capitol.

"I would have said that you will show — not to go in, although they were ushered in by the police. I mean, in all fairness, the Capitol Police were ushering people in. The Capitol Police were very friendly, hugging and kissing -- you don't see that, but there's plenty of tape on that too, the Capitol Police, that's the way it is. I wanted -- personally, what I wanted is what they wanted. They showed up. Just to show support. Because I happen to believe the election was rigged. At a level like nothing has ever been rigged before. There's tremendous proof. There's tremendous proof. Statistically, it wasn't even possible that he won. I mean, things such as in Ohio, Iowa, there's never been a loss."

"Did you need better lawyers because they took it to court—?" asked Rucker.

"I needed better judges. The Supreme Court was afraid to take it, don't forget," said Trump.

Listen to the recording at this link:


Barry Pruett

Lmao. You lostme to Anderson Cooper reports…🤣

Paul Emery

I included the actual recording Barry. Did you listen to it?

Barry Pruett

Nope. Lost me at Anderson copper. You are ridiculous. The quotes that you posted don’t say anything. It’s just Trump talking. You are so blind in your rage and hatred for Donald Trump, you don’t even see how ridiculous you sound. 😂

Paul Emery


This is a direct quote from Trump on the linked tape. Do you believe him or was he lying and making things up like Walt.

"The Capitol Police were very friendly, hugging and kissing -- you don't see that, but there's plenty of tape on that too, the Capitol Police, that's the way it is. "

Barry Pruett

I saw the video Paul. What Trump said was true.

Boring & Redundant

“ Answered that question twice already.” -

“Do you believe him or was he lying and making things up like Paul Malarky?”

Complete lack of self-awareness. Stunning to watch the psychological phenomenon.
Tic toc tic toc. Come on, man.

Bill Tozer

FB and Hunter and the FBI.

Worth watching a minute..or two


Bill Tozer

8 signs of a collapsing Third World Country. The Left owns it. They did this:


Bill Tozer

‘CRUSHING IT’: Clip Of Biden Goes Viral From CNN Town Hall Event


Paul Emery


Can you provide a link to the hugging and kissing video? Will give me a more rounded opinion. thanks

Bill Tozer

‘Biden Claims Top Democrat Economist Larry Summers Is Not Worried About Inflation. He Is.’

So Barry, are you saying you support.......

‘Reporter Grills Biden Admin On Russian Pipeline: ‘Are You Saying’ Democrat Senators Are ‘Irrational’?’


Bill Tozer

‘Here’s what’s gone ‘right’ after six months of Biden: Devine’

Closer to home..

‘Gavin Newsom invites world's homeless to California’


Bill Tozer

Flashback: Biden’s first presser. PBS gushes and gushes and gushes.

In First Biden Presser, Compliant Corrupt Taxpayer-Funded Media Ask If He’s Just Too ‘Moral’ And ‘Decent’

In his first press conference since taking office 64 days ago, taxpayer-funded PBS White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor asked President Joe Biden whether migrants are crossing the southern border because he’s so “moral” and “decent.”

“You’ve said over and over again, that immigrants shouldn’t come to this country right now, this isn’t the time to come. That message is not being received,” Alcindor said as the nation faces a crisis of illegal immigration not seen in decades. “Instead the perception of you, that got you elected as a moral, decent man, is the reason why a lot of immigrants are coming to this country and trusting you with unaccompanied minors.”


More up to date: last night

He’s no sell-out: Biden speaks to half-empty room at CNN town hall



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 July 2021 at 08:29 AM

.......and trusting you with unaccompanied minors.”

I guess they haven’t seen all the “creepy grandpa” memes.


From the wonderful Instapundit......


Ted Cruz notes, “[B]asically what Joe Biden has decided is pipelines in America, bad. Jobs in America, bad. Pipelines in Russia, good. Jobs in Russia, good. And this is exactly backward. It is asinine. And four months into it, Joe Biden is crawling in bed with Putin and Russia (Putin cuddling perhaps) and the enemies of America. It doesn’t make any sense.”

Flashback: So is it fair to ask if Biden is on the payroll of Putin? As Walter Russell Mead wrote in 2017:

If Trump were the Manchurian candidate that people keep wanting to believe that he is, here are some of the things he’d be doing:

Limiting fracking as much as he possibly could
Blocking oil and gas pipelines
Opening negotiations for major nuclear arms reductions
Cutting U.S. military spending
Trying to tamp down tensions with Russia’s ally Iran.

You know who didn’t do those things? Trump. You know who is doing those things? Biden.


insurrectionwatch 2021: It's sweet to watch Poll run trotlines on two threads simultaneously.

"Blocking oil and gas pipelines"

That's a peculiar bit of geopolitics. Dunno what business it is of the US to worry about gas movement between Russia and Germany. Of course, the people who actually run the country just love their game of Risk(tm). Pipelines are one of those things you can discuss to death in a meeting room in DC while moving pieces around a map.

Another angle that's a mystery to me is the hatred Team Blue has for pipelines. You'd rather use oil tankers, LNG ships, and railroad cars? My only guess is that it's a dick move to force people to either use less electricity or to move to their preferred technology of solar. Solar will happen as soon as it's cheap enough, it's not like PG&E cares how the power is made. I guess in the meantime we need to shutdown nuclear, natgas, coal, and force folks to use electric hot water heaters, home heat, dryers, and automobiles. Magic math uber alles.


Posted by: scenes | 22 July 2021 at 11:29 AM

Thanks in advance for agreeing with me scenes.....

(I'm sorry.....I just wanted to see how typing that felt.)

Bill Tozer

By the way, is it even a "surprise" anymore when the Biden economy continues to surpass expectations of how bad it can be?---Matt Walsh

Bill Tozer

Progressive parents and professors cry out, "Where did we go wrong?"



Listen to the children. No wait, they are White Supremacis!

Bill Tozer

‘Why Is AEI Hosting The New York Times And The Atlantic To Tell Us How To Produce Honest Journalism?’
The New York Times, The Atlantic, and an 83-year-old think tank that hasn't had a hit since the Iraq War are explaining how to succeed in the world they built. That's the joke right there.

The New York Times, The Guardian, and the American Enterprise Institute walk into a Zoom meeting. Bartender asks, “What’ll it be?”

“Surviving ‘post journalism,'” they reply in unison.

I tried to come up with a punchline, but there was no need — just take a look at the event description. “Post-journalism,” it reads:’


Bill Tozer

From the opening of a now closed Sandbox:

Sandbox – 10jul21

[With daddy’s help Hunter Biden has figured out how to collect on all of his international graft accounts – the sumbich has suddenly become a world renown artiste, ‘selling’ his paintings for up to $500K apiece. Daddy and his DoJ are making sure that the art connoisseurs don’t get fingered as their money gets laundered. It will be interesting to see if/how these ‘Paid in Full’ receipts are displayed. So, no matter how they are run, elections do have consequences. Or as Josif Vissarionovich observed, ‘It matters not for whom the votes are cast, only who counts them.’ gjr]

Key line: “Daddy and his DoJ are making sure that the art connoisseurs don’t get fingered as their money gets laundered.”
ROFLMAO. Not even the appearance of impropriety!

‘Psaki On Hunter Meeting Potential Buyers Of His Art: Won’t ‘Discuss Anything Related To The Selling Of Art’


Let’s meet in private before the bidding begins. Sociopaths or psychopaths?

Bill Tozer

The Biden administration has enlisted Facebook to police conversations among Americans. This is because the rest of us are too dumb to be trusted, and may fall for “misinformation.” So how does Facebook carry out its mission of uplifting our discourse? By censoring conversation about hoes in gardening groups:


Don’t drown Japanese beetles!


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 22 July 2021 at 03:27 PM

‘Psaki On Hunter Meeting Potential Buyers Of His Art: Won’t ‘Discuss Anything Related To The Selling Of Art’

Yeah....I remember when the usual suspects were just incensed that the Trump Family might be trading on the family name. I guess they just lost interest!

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 3:57 pm

They certainly have not lost one iota of interest in the Trump Family might be trading on the family name....to this very hour. Nor Kavanaugh.

‘Democrats Revamp Attacks On Trump-Picked Justice Brett Kavanaugh In Letter To FBI Director’

“Seven Democratic Senators on Thursday said that newly released materials show the FBI failed to fully investigate sexual misconduct allegations against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh when he was nominated to the court in 2018,” Reuters reported Thursday.

“The senators, including Sheldon Whitehouse (RI) and Chris Coons (DE), said a letter they received from the FBI last month shows the agency gathered over 4,500 tips relating to Kavanaugh without any apparent further action by investigators,” the report added.


Lol. I remember when Coons, psycho Sheldon Whitehouse, and Stolen Valor Blumenthal found the smoking gun in Kavanaugh’s high school book. Boof means gang rape, not the expulsion of gas from the anus, usually a foul order. They had Brett by the balls now. Unqualified!

Coons, Whitehouse, and Stolen Valor Bloomenthal are walking talking dictionary definitions of an expulsion of gas from the anus, a foul odor.

Bill Tozer

"Recall that the Washington Post used to publish breathless outrage about “emoluments clause” violations from random diplomats ordering a cheeseburger at the Trump Hotel when he was President"

Hunter Biden Is Scheduled to Meet with Potential Buyers of His Art Before ‘Anonymous’ Sales https://mediaite.com/a/bhmnm


Bill Tozer

Brother Ben would disagree. So would diaper head Roberta Cross.

‘Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson Owe You Nothing’

“Why don’t they fix the problems on earth?”

Sure, they could do that, if they want to. But if they don’t? That’s fine, too. The thing is — and this seems to be the part that far too many people seem to struggle with — it’s their money. It’s not your money; it’s theirs. And you don’t get a say in how they spend it.


Bill Tozer

Remove fweedom from the public eye! BLM supports Cuba. Remove it now!! We stand in solitary with BLM, not those agitators in Cuba! They are breaking the law. They disrespect authority!! Be gone.

‘D.C. Mayor Bowser Orders Removal Of Anti-Castro Mural On Same Street As Black Lives Matter Mural’

“Democrat Mayor Muriel Bowser has no problem with Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) painting the streets of D.C., but had officials scrub an anti-communism mural on the same street less than a day after it was painted.

“Cuba Libre” (“Free Cuba”) was painted near the Cuban embassy but Bowser made sure it was removed from the public eye Tuesday. The artwork was created with the intention of showing solidarity against the Cuban regime amid ongoing pro-liberty demonstrations“


Bill Tozer

‘George Soros funneled $1M to defund the police movement as violent crime continues to surge’

“The sum was Soros’s largest political donation of the 2021 election cycle and supported the PAC’s efforts to slash police budgets.”.....

“Soros’s donation is the latest in a string of financial contributions toward groups or candidates that advocate for defunding the police or that are soft on crime.

The billionaire donated $2 million for the campaign of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who is facing a recall effort after he announced radical criminal reform changes.

The effort included "an end to cash bail, a ban on prosecutors seeking enhanced prison sentences, and showing leniency to many low-level offenders."

The Democratic megadonor has also funded other local prosecutor races across the country, helping Kim Gardner in Missouri, who released 34 of 36 individuals arrested during the summer riots in her city last year; District Attorney Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, who fired 31 prosecutors from his office and ordered police groups to lower prosecutions dramatically and shorten probation and parole periods; Kim Foxx in Chicago, who ended felony prosecutions for a number of crimes and deferred prison sentences; and Rachael Rollins in Massachusetts, who ran on a platform of decriminalizing an array of offenses.”


Bill Tozer

Adding To State Water Woes, Illegal Pot Growers In Nevada County Steal Water Anywhere They Can Get It


Bill Tozer

‘Court no-shows by Soros-backed prosecutor lead to release of murder suspect’
St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner's office "has essentially abandoned its duty," the judge said.


Bill Tozer

Certainly fits the profile of the rash of hate crimes against Asians, from San Fransisco to NYC.

‘Woman busted for anti-Asian assault spree in Queens: cops’


Blame Trump

Bill Tozer

I know you’ve all heard of the famous “plant-based” impossible burger, which is deeply confusing because I’ve always thought every one of my burgers was “plant-based”—cows eat plants, and then I eat the cow. QED. Now comes news that someone is trying to make “plant-based bacon,” and count me skeptical. Actually, if you do a web search, you will find lots of links to “vegan bacon,” which has to be near the great oxymoron ever conceived by a postmodern English department. I say, with Homer Simpson, that you’ll never replace that miracle animal that gives us bacon, hot dogs, sausage, pork shops, baby back ribs, kielbasa, and the rest.

Our friends at the indispensable Foundation for Economic Education did a roundup of 15 key facts and health benefits of bacon a while ago, and some of these deserve highlight and commentary (in italics):


Even if you can’t touch bacon anymore, you can always dream.......

Bill Tozer

Also Brother Walt, while you are here, check out the 8:05 am above. Nevada County makes the news! (again). Friggin thieving low life pieces of human debris.


Thanks Bill.. FAKE BACON!!! Now that's going TOO FAR!!!
Can we test it on Emery? If he likes it's we know it's LIB food. Unfit for human consumption.
It's bad enough I'm working on a VEGIN drive through project in Roseville.
It might take 20 years to begin making a profit, since they decided to build in that Roseville lava-cap.

Pot growers have been swiping water for decades.
I know of a few water trucks that have been making "deliveries".
Yet the next gen mine haters. give the GV mine crap?

Paul Emery

By the way Biden is up by 25% in job approval from when Trump left office. From the consensus poll from the Conservative RCP

Biden up by 9.6 Trump was down by 15 when he left office. If you compare identical dates Trump was down by 18 July 23 2017. Thats a 28% difference. And you think Trump is more popular than Biden, That's delusional. Biggest loser in modern history Donald Trump.

Paul Emery



Bill Tozer

Walt @ 3:49

Opps again. Wrong link. Here is the link I have been saving for you. Darn it. Try it again.


Don Bessee

The fake news embraces its idiocy -

More journalists admit and embrace bias, dismissing 'fairness' in new era of media



Bill Tozer

Bringing back Daily Quotes

Insight: “Although the legal and ethical definitions of right are the antithesis of each other, most writers use them as synonyms. They confuse power with goodness, and mistake law for justice.” —Charles T. Sprading (1871-1959)

Upright: “You might wonder why it’s important to care about yourself. Here’s why: If you don’t care about yourself and don’t respect yourself, then you will settle for bad treatment from others. You will play the role of a victim; you will assume that their bad treatment of you reflects your worth. That’s not true. Their behavior reflects their weakness. A person’s bad treatment of others reflects their own insecurities and weaknesses. People who are strong are generous and helpful; only the weak are controlling and manipulative. The weak look for those who are even weaker but move along when they run into those who are strong. Do not take up the role of a victim because you will continually run across those who want to keep you in that same role.” —Jackie Gingrich Cushman

Re: The Left I: “Can anybody point me to that one time in history where the side that was demanding censorship, segregation, propaganda, radical education, papers to move freely in society, plus government forces going door to door to demand compliance were the good guys?” —Candace Owens

Re: The Left II: “What happened to turn the party of Harry Truman, JFK and even Bill Clinton into a woke neo-Maoist movement? Globalization created a new multibillion-dollar consumer market for American media, universities, law firms, insurance groups, investment houses, sports leagues and entertainment outlets, not to mention the internet and social media. In contrast, work with hands was passe, the supposed stuff of deplorables and clingers — and so better outsourced and offshored. Traditional Democrats were seen increasingly as namby-pamby naifs who rotated power with establishment Republicans. Now with money and institutions in its hip pocket, and cool popular culture on its side, the left would not just damn American institutions but infect them — alter their DNA and reengineer them into revolutionary agencies. So here we are with a near one-party system of a weaponized fused media, popular culture and the administrative state — confident that all Americans will soon agree to love Big Sibling.” —Victor Davis Hanson

Observations: “Earlier this month, Chicago Public Schools announced that it would be making free condoms available in schools, beginning with children in the fifth grade. … It’s time for some brutal honesty. This isn’t about the ‘health’ or ‘safety’ of the children. If it were, the adults would be up in arms at the mere prospect of elementary school children or middle schoolers having sex and would be doing everything in their power to prevent it. But sex is the only destructive behavior that the grown-ups just can’t bring themselves to discourage outright.” —Laura Hollis

For the record I: “Speaker Nancy Pelosi … took the unprecedented step of rejecting two of the Republican members appointed to the [January 6] committee — conservative stalwarts Jim Jordan and Jim Banks. … Remember, Pelosi refused to remove Eric Swalwell from the House Intelligence Committee even after it was revealed that he had been compromised by a Chinese spy. But Banks and Jordan are beyond the pale. … By the way, if Pelosi wants to investigate something, she might consider investigating last year’s riots. Two-thirds of Americans support such an investigation. That’s a lot more than the 52% who support a congressional investigation of January 6th.” —Gary Bauer

For the record II: “It may comfort the diehard left to imagine that Washington is at the root of the island’s distress, but there is a reason why those throngs of brave Cubans in the streets last week were chanting ‘Down with the dictatorship!’ and not ‘Down with the embargo!’ They know that their agony is caused by the ruthless despots who for more than six decades have stopped at nothing to keep them in chains.” —Jeff Jacoby

Good question: “As for literacy, how does it help if all Cubans can read if all they’re allowed to read is communist propaganda?” —Cal Thomas

Non compos mentis: “I don’t any take great pleasure … in clashing with the senator. I have a great deal of respect for the institution of the Senate of the United States. But [Rand Paul] was completely out of line. He totally distorted reality. And he made some inflammatory and, I believe, slanderous remarks about lying under oath, which is completely nonsense. I mean, and some of the things he says are so distorted and out of tune with reality, I had to call him on that. I didn’t enjoy it, but I had to do that because he was completely out of line. Totally inappropriate.” —Dr. Anthony Fauci

And last… “I do think that [Dr. Anthony Fauci has] been giving us shades of the truth from the very beginning, but I also think that he is predictable as an elitist. People on the Left believe they know better than you and they think that the common man’s too stupid to make their own decisions, so these decisions need to be made by their betters. And I truly think that he believes that he knows better. … He calculates what the people need to hear and he tells them that regardless of whether it’s true.” —Senator Rand Paul


Fake news Emery. Biden's mins is shot,, just as far gone as yours.
You must have missed the train wreck of a town hall on CNN.
A real mental dumpster fire.

Oh... The VERY pretty Gavin is in deep shit. I guess you ignored that poll.

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