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26 July 2021



Same donkey shit out of Emery, just different day.
Proggys.." WE need to crash the economy or Trump wins a second term!" And your friends in China obliged.
As for shutting down the economy, that a LIB state game. And they are still at it.

Under great leadership, we were energy independent .

Piss poor leadership, and out of spite, ended it.
LIBS must love sucking camel tit for fuel.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 02 August 2021 at 12:58 PM

Show me the numbers to validate your insinuation that the '21 economy that Biden inherited was better than the '17 economy that Trump started out with.

Dog....meet card trick.


OHHhhhhh. Lets see.... Next to ZERO unemployment was a great indicator.
And the first thing your chump did was put tens of thousands out of work.(And Emery cheered)


CHRIST!!! Emery has a piss poor memory.
Who wipes your ass these days Emery?

Don Bessee

So the backbiting begins -



Bill Tozer

‘False Advertising’: Vulnerable Democrat Congresswoman Tries To Downplay Inflation‘

“Other Democrats have also tried to downplay inflation, as Crabtree noted. President Joe Biden recently claimed: “The overwhelming consensus is it’s going to pop up and little bit and then go back down.” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee chairman Rep. Sean Maloney (D-NY) also tried to dismiss concerns about inflation, comparing it to turning on the water after a pipe had frozen.

“You turn them back on for the first time — it coughs and spits a little bit,” he said in mid-July.

The problem with Democrats claiming inflation isn’t a big concern and is just temporary, is that the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Economic Analysis recently released information showing a key inflation metric had risen to its highest level in 30 years. As The Daily Wire reported:

According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Personal Consumption Expenditures Price Index — which the Federal Reserve uses as a key guide for monetary policy decisions — has risen 4% between June 2020 and June 2021.

Factoring out food and energy costs — which rose by 24.2% and 0.9% respectively — the metric saw a 3.5% increase, therefore reaching its highest level since July 1991.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also showed that “average hourly earnings” in the U.S. rose year-over-year by 3.6%, but when considering the Consumer Price Index to show inflation, “real average hourly earnings” have actually fallen by 1.7% since last year.

Also, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said last week that inflation “could turn out to be higher and more persistent than we expected.”



Never saw this kind of headline was Trump was running the show.
"Thanks to Team Biden, America could soon be on the verge of economic disaster"

You LIBS got the crashed economy you wished for.. But never had a plan to fix it.

Your paying most deadbeats rent,(when ended today thank God)
still paying people NOT to work. ( Why go back? This Commie life is great!)

Now WTF you going to do when you run out of money to buy the ink your printing it with?

Don Bessee

The socialist dems are going to pay the piper for all the pain citizens are suffering from creepy grampa joes inflation and 5 dollar gas -



Paul Emery

Walt writes about the Trump economy "OHHhhhhh. Lets see.... Next to ZERO unemployment was a great indicator."

Where did you get those numbers Walt-link please

Here are the numbers Trump inherited from Obama-unemployment 4.9% When Trump left office they were 9.0. Zero unemployment? That the hell are you talking about? Trumps economy was better than Obama??? Sure Walt.



Don Bessee

Stupid is as stupid does @112. LOL


Unindicted co-conspirators like the DNC and creepy grampa joe who lied about the vaccines and suppressed engagement to stop the chi com flu. -

‘In early 2020,’ a veteran Times employee tells me, ‘I suggested to a senior editor at the paper that we investigate the origins of COVID-19. I was told it was dangerous to run a piece about the origins of the coronavirus. There was resistance to running anything that could suggest that [COVID-19 was manmade or had leaked accidentally from a lab].’

The global pandemic was then in its early stages. Donald Trump was running for reelection and calling SARS-CoV-2 the ‘Chinese virus’. His secretary of state Mike Pompeo had told ABC’s This Week in May 2020 that he had seen ‘significant’ and ‘enormous evidence’ of the virus originating in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. A few weeks later, Sir Richard Dearlove, the ex-head of Britain’s MI6 spy service agreed: ‘I subscribe to the theory…that it’s an engineered escapee from the Wuhan Institute [of Virology].’

Yet the Times, according to two well-placed sources, refused to investigate the biggest story of our time. Instead, senior editors are alleged to have suppressed efforts to probe the virus’s origins, and the Times led the charge to dismiss any questioning of the WHO’s now-discredited line as conspiracist or even ‘racist’.

‘The idea was considered dangerous,’ my first source agreed. They suggest that the Times’s editors weren’t motivated by domestic politics in an election year, or even by a hatred of Donald Trump that ran so deep as to dispose them to trust the WHO and the Chinese government over the Trump administration.

In the years before COVID-19, revenue from China was an integral part of the Times’s business model. The paper received millions of dollars from Chinese government-controlled outlets, especially China Daily, and published ‘advertorials’ pushing the Chinese government’s line. The Times wasn’t alone in doing this — though few outlets anywhere in the West went all-in, as the Times did in 2012, when it launched a Chinese-language edition and, soon after that, a luxury magazine.

In November 2019, it emerged that China Daily had failed to disclose to federal authorities millions of dollars in payments to US outlets including the Times and the Washington Post. In August 2020, the Times quietly scrubbed the China-funded advertorials from its website. Still, in October 2020, the Times ran an op-ed by Regina Ip, a member of Hong Kong’s Executive Council, justifying the repression of anti-government protests in the Hong Kong SAR.

‘The dissonance is astounding,’ one of my sources says. Not as great, perhaps, as the dissonance between what the Times considered fit to print in 2020, what it now considers fit to print — and what it now prefers to officially forget.

Reports on gain-of-function research into coronaviruses were already in the public domain in early 2020. So were reports of lab leaks, in the US and abroad. Instead of doing what journalists are supposed to do — ask questions — the Times led the charge in stigmatizing debate about COVID-19’s origins as a ‘fringe theory’. Alexandra Stevenson, the Times’s Hong Kong reporter, called it ‘the kind of conspiracy once reserved for tinfoil hatters’.

Not any more. So, did the Times distance itself form the lab-leak story because its management hated Donald Trump? Or was its notion of the national interest influenced by its business interests in China?




Here are the numbers Trump inherited from Obama-unemployment 4.9% When Trump left office they were 9.0. Zero unemployment? That the hell are you talking about? Trumps economy was better than Obama??? Sure Walt.

Walt.....he can't be helped. I'm surprised you and George waste so much time on him.

Barry Pruett

I quit. Paul is a moron. Lol.

Paul Emery


Do you agree with Walt when he said ""OHHhhhhh. Lets see.... Next to ZERO unemployment was a great indicator", refering to Trumps economy.

Explain why you consider me a "moron" when I provide links totally refuting Walts statement which he refuses to document.

Don Bessee

#lackofselfawarnes @ 344.


Bill Tozer

Only a moron would ask why am he is a moron. Why, why, why?

As the old joke 50 year old joke goes:
The first sign of being a moron is having hair on the palms on your hands.

(Long pause)

The second sign of being a moron is looking for it.
Headline: Bi-Partisan calls for Biden to replace Kamala Harris as border czar. Replace her now. Nobody likes her, not even the CA Democrats. Definitely not the Beltway Dems.

Don Bessee

Those pesky rules only apply to the little people say cuomo, gavin and team 0 -




I don't need wiki or google O buzzard of broad St.
I lived it.
More jobs than we had people to fill them. But you don't give a shit about real life.
Your were too busy hating Trump to notice, and got your bullshit tank filled nighty by the proggy press.

You go right ahead and live in that alternate universe.


Emery DEMANDS explanations.. Yet provides none himself..

Hey Emery....... Here's a good explanation.🖕

Barry Pruett

Many consider a 4% to 5% unemployment rate to be full employment and not particularly concerning. The natural rate of unemployment represents the lowest unemployment rate whereby inflation is stable or the unemployment rate that exists with non-accelerating inflation. Hence near zero unemployment. Further blaming trump for the unemployment rate going up before he left office as a result of the Covid shut downs it’s just silly and partisan. You waste my time.

Don Bessee

Now BP there ya go again talking as if you were speaking to a thoughtful person. The ponytail of ignorance can not deal with anything because regurgitation the talking points for lefties ignore the obvious problems.

The emperor has no clothes and its a wrinkled mess, but hey caps and hair plugs make him think its still the 70's driving that 18 wheeler.



Bill Tozer

“ Now BP there ya go again talking as if you were speaking to a thoughtful person.”

A grievous error more than one person has committed. I just talk Punchy at his own words that he boastfully claims the only reason he comes over here is to poke people in the eye. No other reason.

Does any single person out there honestly thinks Punchy is seeking an answer to any question he poses? Anyone? He doth not seek answers.

Maybe I was wrong. I said the only reason Punchy comes over here is to.....blah, blah, blah. There are two reasons why Punchy shows up. One is BDS. The second is TDS. Any questions?


"there is no magic wand to bring those jobs back."
Trump found that wand, shoved it up the donkey's ass and broke it off.
Hence the reason the donkey is still so pissed off today.

Trump did bring those jobs back and created the environment for plenty more. Big LIB labor got pissed because they had to pay more for (good)American labor. Thanks to LIBS, the unskilled get pay way more than they are worth. Can't do math, even with a picture book computer at the lunch counter.

Look at all the cheap ass labor Biden is letting in at the boarder. Along with the Kung Flu.(and GOD knows what else)
Yet Emery is pleased.

Don Bessee

At what point do they realize that going woke is not financially working anywhere especially sucking up to the chi coms who just make them kowtow more. They have been slowly burning through the moderates but the socialist dems policies have alienated a ton of swings. -

average primetime audience of 14.5 million viewers through the first eight days of the Olympics and dropped a staggering 48% compared to Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and 58% from London in 2012.




This is how stupid LIBS think.
"Democratic mayoral nominee Eric Adams said New York City should “go after guns” after a violent incident that left 10 people shot in Corona, Queens, ABC 7 reported."

But not the vermin pulling the trigger... Right?


Paul Emery

Well Barry you are indeed an Attorney so you are good at trying to explain to the court stupid things your client might have said. In this case it's Walt citing zero unemployment. What you are citing Barry is average unemployment and you are pretty accurate. Last year under Trump unemployment was 10.2 in July. This year it's around 5.8 under Biden which is pretty close to the 4-5% you cite as full employment. Not there yet but under Biden things are certainly improving.


No LYING Emery. Show where I said "ZERO".
Making shit up again.

Barry Pruett

Walt didn’t say anything stupid. And I’m not saying average unemployment. What I’m saying is there’s a natural unemployment. Walt does not need to cite zero unemployment in connection with natural unemployment because they are very basic economic principles. And your failure to adjust the unemployment numbers based on Covid shut downs in connection with Donald Trump’s presidency shows your TDS bias.

Now I have a question for you. Why are unemployment numbers up yet wages are increasing at a very high rate? That’s a problem that your buddy Biden needs to fix, because that’s going to cause inflation.


3.7 qualifies as "next to ZERO". And hourly wages better than ever.
So kiss off LIB zombie.

Bill Tozer

I remember when Trump got elected. The short Korean fat boy (KUF was it.?). I recall Dr. Rebane came something that similar to FUK spelled backwards and maybe a little zinger that went over the FUE’s head for the acronym that was used. Rocketman.

Rocketman was rattling his sabers big time demanding he get some attention. News and folks were saying he is going to launch on South Korea and maybe hit Seattle...on Christmas Day! Others said no, he is going to wait until after the Winter Olympic in Feb, then he will launch. Kim was threatening big time annihilation and personally executed a very high ranking official for the crime of getting caught watching some S. Korea soap opera. Kim used an anti-aircraft gun. Blow that insider into a millions pieces.

So, Trump picks up the phone and told him we have bigger button and if you want to see fire and fury like you could not ever imagine, put up or shut up and know off all this long range stuff right now.

The left went nuts per usual. We are not seeing much saber rattling coming from the Hermit Kingdom. Oh, they have shot of some missle tests towards Japan, but short range test are allowed. No more threatening us.

Afterwards he was doing an interview and said he felt silly doing the fire and brimstone thing....but he was not regretfuli. The least. Results.

Yep, Trump comes into office puts out a nuclear war. A problem no President has ever solved. Think Trump made some progress. Think of the vibrate economy you would have. You look at Kim and you see the face of China calling the shots.

Paul Emery

Not TDS Barry it's the actual numbers. What you are looking for then is a disclaimer such as "These are the numbers but it's not Trumps fault because of Covid."

Can you provide a link to your question to me. thanks

Paul Emery


You went back to 2018 for your 5:30 post. those were not close to the numbers when Trump left office so it's irrelevant to the discussion.


Tough shit Emery. Facts are facts. It was Trump's tenure.
Screw your "end game" plays.
Haters will hate... And your a hater, With terminal TDS.


So O ponytail with the scours, care to lay out the great things the current fraudulency has accomplished?
Driven the cost of a new set of wheels right up there with buying a house is a great one.

Every LIB city is now Tombstone streets of old. Great job.

Gotta love the 4.50 a gallon gas. I'm sure everyone wants to relive the 70's.

Miss Trump yet?

Bill Tozer

The government pays people not to work and sit home, then turns around and taxes those who do work. And they let the clock runout. Extended unemployment benefits stopped yesterday.

Can you believe how inept (or savvy) the Dems are. Extended unemployment benefits end Sunday. . Somebody in the WH realized that’s in two days! Meanwhile, Congress is adjourning for the session, people going home, the Hill is emptying out. Wait! Comeback! We got to get this bill passed tomorrow, Saturday. Bobbled that one big time. What do you do on fourth and forty?

Biden blames the Supreme Court, says his hands are tied, Nancy blaming the CDC, and the media will blame the anti-vaxers. And a lot of fingers are being pointed where they should be—right at the Botox Queen. No, it wasn’t me, it was the one armed man.

Just who are these anti-vaxers? Well, there is Robert Kennedy Jr for one....off the top of my head, but who else?

‘The New York Times Admits that the Unvaccinated Are Not All Trump Supporters’


Barry Pruett

Nobody needs to link to basic principles Paul. You asking for a link to prove basic economic principles or common sense is like me asking you for a link to prove that 2+3 = 5. Hence silly. I will now go back to ignoring you.


Did I miss something Berry? Santa's run out of free money?
the FED UE money ends the same time the anti eviction scam clock ticks it's last?

Humm,,, Get a job or join the homeless camp.... Decisions, decisions..
Those with mortgages didn't get any kind of relief, The banks still demanded their due. Most rental units have mortgages that must be paid. And the deadbeats within usually trash the place before leaving. (seen the price of lumber these days?)

Bill Tozer

What Biden inherited from Trump was a economy about to be released again with gusto and the world gurus said the world wide slowdown with end, first some developing Asian countries in June, then 3Q busting loose at 6%-7% GDP growth and continuing right thru the Christmas holiday season into next year. Think I read that in the first quarter.

Imagine paying all those workers to not come back. That has been a drag on the economy, but it’s more complex than that. All Biden had to do was keep his mitts off the border and off the economy he inherited and he would have came out smelling like a rose. But, nooooo. Had to meddle with something that ain’t broke.


My LOL for the day re President Larps teleprompter prowess....

It would honestly be easier for everybody if Biden would just turn the teleprompter around and let us read it ourselves.


Goota love the switcharoo. People going back to work at jobs that got shuttered are now rebranded "new jobs".
Think that would fly at the used car lot?

I'm in the prosses of building(well,, doing my part) "new jobs". So a couple of supervisors, three or four wait staff, an illegal cook or two, two or three drive through window order takers, a mop jockey.

That's an official "new job(s)"


Looks like the UK Conservatives got suckered just like the Calif. Conservatives did when we elected a LIB in Repub costume.(yes that would be Arnold.)

"Conservatism is the new fascism. So says Kathy Gyngell, the co-editor of one of Britain’s last genuinely conservative news outlets, which is why in disgust she is changing its name from The Conservative Woman to TCW Defending Freedom.

In a piece titled Farewell to the Contaminated C-Word, Gyngell expresses her horror at ‘the fascist depths to which [Boris Johnson’s] government, hiding behind the name Conservative,’ has plumbed."



Paul Emery

Walt, Barry

You seem to forget that Trump was all for the $2000 stimulus bill in December 2020 which was turned down by Repubs but later passed by the Dems. Trump loves to go into debt-7 Trillion in four years. Not a peep of resistance to that from our host or COJ contributors to this blog.

Trump’s demands for $2,000 stimulus checks, explained

“I am asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2,000 ... and to send me a suitable bill or else the next administration will have to deliver a Covid relief package,” he said in a speech posted to Twitter Tuesday evening. Trump’s chief demands included cutting what he described as extraneous spending and increasing the amount of stimulus checks from $600 to $2,000.


Bill Tozer

Lest we forget, not one shut down of any business in Nirvanna City or West LA or Carmel or Truckee was due to Trump. Look to your Governor if you want to point the finger at how is blame for your stinkin’ economy. The ones that opened first and in the money, chugging right along. Business is booming and growing. Help is hard to come by due to the Blue States’ policies. Even CA, despite all the State imposed obstacles is bouncing back now that the freight is going down the supply lines.

Oh course, there is one Blue State that had some of the strictest lockdowns (can’t leave your front yard or front stoop) and their economy may not come back at all. Still underwater. The Gov is even begging his residents to return and start paying taxes. We need you. They are still in the doldrums. Might end up like Detroit City, going from something like the 4th biggest city to 600,000 to 350,000 to today. That state is New York. And Jersey. And.....

Hurry back to NY so they can abuse you and continue mistreating you. Remember when NYC asked for a federal bailout or loan and the answer from the WH was no. Ya, that was cool. The problems were and are of their own making.

Red states ain’t hurting, Blue states trying to get out of the gate. We know who caused our economic woes. States rights and all that stuff.


Not a peep of resistance to that from our host or COJ contributors to this blog.

Nope.....the war is over.....you guys won. Good luck trying to make things work in about a decade. But it’s totally cool for you Punch.....I think they’ll manage to keep the punch bowl full until you shuck this mortal coil. And you’ll get to dodge the tab yet again.....useless hippy till the very last.

Paul Emery


You were recently blogging that Biden was taking a dive in the polls. Not true according to RCP job approval consensus poll. They show Biden up by 8.6 in job approval. Trump on the other hand on the ame date of his Presidency Aug 2 2017 was down by 17.5. That's a 26 point diference which is huge in Bidens favor. Next you raise a flag that Biden is going down do you're research before you post. It will save you lots of embarrassment, Here's a link to Trumps polling. Easy to find Bidens numbers for today on the same poll.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 02 August 2021 at 09:12 PM

Not true according to RCP job approval consensus poll. They show Biden up by 8.6 in job approval.

.......and like that back to his true ❤️ love!


!00 bucks says the ponytail of bullshit didn't turn down the Trump tax cut.
The Trump 2 grand? BFD Emery. It sure took the bite of your boy "O"s tax hikes.
What the hell do you care? It didn't come out of your pocket.
You really don't care about the spending Not a peep about the spending TODAY by the commiecrats.
For one who "chances the truth" your real good at passing it by. Truth 100.. Emery, ZERO.

Bill Tozer

Thank you Paul for agreeing with me. I accept your “you are welcome” in advance. Da nada.

The shine is coming of the apple. Only took six months.

Bill Tozer

Nice link you shared Punchy. All the polling ends in Jan, 2021. Man, that TDS is something else. I say Gallop poll shows Biden at lowest since taking office and you counter Trump polls compared to Obama and Bush.

What a waste of time. You are a moron. Ok, Biden is up 8.6 since he took office. Whatever you say, Punchy, whatever you say. I am surprised you are not complaining about the current price of your curds and whey.

Biden up almost 9 since taking office? Who can argue with that. Most polls show he hasn’t budged. Gallop was the first, won’t be the last.

Do mines wear masks?

Bill Tozer

7 Bay Area Counties To Reinstate Indoor Mask Mandate After Midnight

Add Sacramento and Yolo counties.

Those darn vaccinated folks are getting sick and spreading the virus. Stay away from the vaxed.

I could me wrong, but I was told that being vaccinated meant I was safe from the virus, safe from the unvaxed and safe to be around others. Like, you can't hurt me and I can't hurt you no matter your vax status. Safe.

I was told wrong. Wished I followed the science instead of the scientist. I sure would hate to be one of those vaccinated super spreaders. Time to start cancelling all those concerts and music programs and plays. Better be safe than sorry. There goes the night out this weekend. Amazon will be hiring a lot more folks since the little guy will have to close up shop again.

Speaking of sorry...

Fauci is one sorry sumbitch.


Political justice served. Screw the victim of the crime.


About Time.

Another Lefty hero goes down.(in more ways than one... apparently)


Henry Weinhard's is no more.

Canceled by the owner of the brand not brewed inPortland since 1999, Molson Coors. The Pisswaters.

I need a moment of silence to gather my thoughts...

Bill Tozer

Henry Weinhard has a fancy label put on beer brewed at the Blitz Brewery in Portland. Blitz beer was one of those local-regional beers that sounded like it’s name. Cheaper than real beers. Piss water.



I remember well those “Hey, where are you going with all that beer” commericals.

Bill Tozer

Blitz. Better than Blatz. So long Henry.



Hell.. I can't stand Coors. Since the statute of limitations expired LONG ago,,(1986) somewhere I have a pic a friend took of me, taking a good wizz in the creek just upstream of the Coors brewery in Col. Someone had to make at least one batch taste better.


The brush fire in GV yesterday must be a new record for the shortest flight for an air tanker. Take off,, empty the load before the wheels are up. Return to reload.

The Estonian Fox

Looks like the CCP has the same type of young'uns, but stirring the Eastern pot. From the BBC-

"The pressure on Chinese athletes to perform has never been higher. Anything less than a gold is being seen as athletes being unpatriotic by furious nationalists online.

... the outrage seen online in China is arguably more pronounced, and not just because its population is massive and internet-savvy.

"The so-called 'little pinks', or youngsters with strong nationalist feelings, have a disproportionate voice online," said Dr Jonathan Hassid, a political science expert at Iowa State University. "In part, this voice is amplified because legitimate criticism of the state is increasingly unacceptable."

Nationalism in China has risen sharply in recent years as its global influence grows and any international criticisms are seen as attempts to target its development."

When they get to be in charge there, we may be on the defensive.

George Rebane

Don't remember Blitz, but do remember Blatz - kinda like the sound you make pissing on a flat rock.


Now that the eviction ban lifts,, just wait for the sob stories in the proggy press start flooding your news cycle.
There is this option some may have heard about... It's called getting a JOB. (Save me the excuses of why not)


"Official" NEWS from "Cheating bastard" AZ

"This BS is the “official reply” from Maricopa County to the lawful subpoenas issued by the AZ State Senate. They must be held accountable."

That is all...


WOW!! This looks like a cirtain LIB from Nevada City wrote this.
"A letter from Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel, signed by Civil Division Chief Attorney Thomas P. Liddy, set forward the legal argument for the county’s decision to refuse to provide the additional election information requested by the Arizona State Senate, “The Board of Supervisors objects to this subpoena,” Liddy wrote, for several reasons, including:

1. … because it was issued while the Senate was out of session. It is not evident that a subpoena issued when the Senate is adjourned is lawful.

2. … because of its lack of adequate notice…

3. … to the extent that it is an abuse of process or designed merely to harass.

4. … to the extent that it is overbroad or unduly burdensome.

5. … to the extent that it seeks records already in the Senate’s custody and control.

6. … to the extent that it seeks records in the custody or control of someone other than the Board of Supervisors.

7. … to the extent that it has been mooted by the actions of the Senate, Senate President [Karen] Fann [R], Senator [Warren] Petersen [R] or their designees."

Paul Emery


I compared Bidens and Trumps consensus job approval numbers for Aug 1 for each of their terms, Trump in Aug 1 2017 and Biden Aug 1 2021.

Once again these are the numbers which show a 26.7 difference in Bidens favor

Trump disapprove Aug 1 2017-18.5

Biden approvw Aug 1 2021 +8.2

Here's another number-comparing Trumps numbers when he left office compared to Biden today

Trump disapprove Jan 19 15.0
Biden approve Aug 1 8.2

23 point difference

Hope that's easy enough for you to comprehend

Biden is cruising coumpred to Trump who is stuck in the muck

Paul Emery

sp cruising compared to Trump

Don Bessee

That poor old man is mumbling in his polls again.



Always living in the past Emery? Now how many cats do you have?


Long live the 2ND!

And the gun grabbers are pissed.

Paul Emery

Living in the past Walt? No you are not me. You've attached yourself to that loser Trump in the idiotic belief he will once again be President. Get over it he lost, never to return. He is the biggest political loser in modern history and you still believe in him.

Bill Tozer

Punchy, punchy, punchy.

Add Rasmussen to the list. That’s now two. I repeat myself. I said Biden’s numbers since he took office 6 months ago are down. You say I am embarrassing myself, yet continue to avoid Biden’s numbers on the three, four main issues Americans are most concerned with. WTF does Trumps number in 2017 have to do with Joe Biden dropping under 50% for the first time? What the heck does the big nosedive in the question ‘Is the country heading on the right trace or wrong track?’ Biden & Co. has taken a double digit nosedive with more people saying ‘wrong track’ since his first day. Killed that optimism.
Joe Biden stands alone to the voters. In case you have failed to notice, Paul emery, Joey Fingers is in the Oval Office, not Trump. Ok, Joey is in the basement of the WH, but still President right now. The question is polls today, a snapshot of America after 6 months of The Gaffemiester.

Is this gonna be another era when whenever the topic of Obama’s policies or statements comes up, we all have to hold our horses and stop the discussion dead in its tracks cause you run over here yelling, “Bush did it too!”?? Yes, it’s shaping up that way. No surprise. Can we talk or discuss Biden without bringing up past Presidents? Ok, give us your best LBJ quotes again.

To repeat, Gallop and Rasmussen, gauging consumer sentiment, say Joey Lick Fingers is down since he was sworn in and the honeymoon stage may be over. Chinks in the amour.

Paul emergy, good thing you caught me a good mood after a not so fun day. I almost said, “PE, you are kidding, right?” But no need. Ain’t nothing you have not heard before.

Crime, The Border, the economy, fossil fuels, Q of Life, inflation.....Biden is on the short end of the stick on the important stuff and the cumulative effect is Biden last lost support. Not a whole bunch, but enough to send the WH handlers into a tizzy fit. Trending down.

TDS is progressive and irreversible. The Grim Reaper awaits to grant you some relief for your tortured soul.

Don Bessee

Those mutha mullahs are running wild because they are not afraid of creepy grampa joe and the socialist appeasers -

Iranian-backed forces were suspected of seizing an oil tanker in the Gulf of Oman last night, just days after Iran was blamed for a drone attack on another tanker that killed a British crew member.

The Royal Navy’s UK Maritime Trade Operations [UKMTO] agency warned of a suspected “hijacking” incident near the Emirati port of Fujairah but did not give further details.

The hijacked ship was believed to be the Asphalt Princess, a Panama-flagged vessel. Armed soldiers had reportedly stormed on board.

The asphalt and bitumen tanker was believed to be travelling to Sohar, a port on Oman's northern coast, when it was attacked at the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday afternoon.

The incident comes after Dominic Raab, the Foreign Secretary, accused Iran of a "deliberate, targeted, and a clear violation of international law" following a drone attack on the Liberian-flagged tanker Mercer Street last week.

Britain, the United States and Israel say they are confident that Iran was behind the attack, which killed a British security guard, and have vowed to retaliate.

There are growing concerns about increasingly aggressive Iranian actions in the Middle East, with Britain, America, Israel and other nations in secret discussions about how to retaliate. A British special forces team is understood to have been sent to the region and there is growing speculation an offensive cyber attack against Iran is being considered.

Israel's prime minister on Tuesday called for an international response to the attack on the MV Mercer Street but warned he would be prepared to launch a unilateral strike if an alliance took too long to form.

"They can’t sit calmly in Tehran while igniting the entire Middle East, that’s over,” Naftali Bennett said. “We are working to enlist the whole world, but when the time comes, we know how to act alone. Iran knows the price that we’ll exact when anyone threatens our security.”

Israeli television said the country's defence and foreign ministers would present "hard evidence" of Iranian complicity in the attack on the tanker at a meeting of ambassadors of United Nations Security Council members today



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe empowered those mutha mullahs by unilaterally withdrawing defensive might with nothing to show for it and they know the gulf is more vulnerable because of this stupid move by the socialist dems -

US to pull defence systems, aircraft and hundreds of troops from Middle East: Report
Pentagon is removing eight Patriot missile defence batteries from Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, the Wall Street Journal reported



Don Bessee

Good for them, the mob broke down a gate into a non-public street and threatened to burn their house down but the socialist dems in St Louis still pushed a political prosecution and the guv said nevermind! -



Paul Emery

Yes Bidens numbers are down are down Bill but they are way ahead of Trumps numbers from the same dates. I use the consensus numbers that RCP uses. They are actually a rather conservative news compiler if you read their articles. You are cherry picking polls to get favorable numbers. Comparisons with all things equal show Biden up by 26 over Trump at the same stage of his Presidency and up by 23 when Trump left office.


You remind me of a bumper sticker that made me laugh that reads "I may be slow when I'm ahead of you". You are still hanging onto Trump the biggest political loser in modern history. Let go of him Bill. He's an embarrassment to pledge your support for.

Biden sas not my first choice but I find him to be a man of integrity something I can't say about your guy Trump.


Biden sas not my first choice but I find him to be a man of integrity...

And that is all anyone needs to know about Paul Emery.


Hummm.. Your the one drooling over anything Trump Emery.
How bout that train wreck of a Q and A today with Biden?

You have a Trump fixation and a dweller in the past. Anything current, your stoner silent. Real zombie like.

HELL!! Not a peep from you on that "official" news from AZ!
Cheat'em Co. AZ really has something to hide! Not the mark of an election that was "free and fair". If it was, they would welcome an investigation just to make them look bad.. That sure has backfired.

Don Bessee

Now thats fnin funny when the whole family are mid level grifters, not in clintons class but still crooks to the max.

I find him to be a man of integrity

Prof of demintia @606!



Here Emery,, SEE?? Your side has no reguard for the rule of LAW.

"The president reversed his decision on Tuesday after it was clear that leftists were furious with it.

At the White House, Biden complained the courts prevented him from extending the moratorium by ruling against the Centers for Disease Controls order in July.

“Look, the courts made it clear that the existing moratorium was not constitutional, that it wouldn’t stand,” Biden said.

Biden’s new eviction moratorium, scheduled for release Tuesday evening, will reportedly extend protections for up to 80 percent of Americans in some of the areas experiencing a rise in cases.

But Biden conceded his new moratorium would also likely face legal challenges.

“At a minimum, by the time it gets litigated, it will probably give some additional time,” he said."

A real Marxist move.

Paul Emery

Do you consider Trump to be a man of integrity Don?

Don Bessee

No wonder kvmr kicked him to the curb @647!

The worst in 20 years, thanks creepy grampa joe and the socialists -



Scott O

Paul 6:06 - "Biden sas (sic) not my first choice but I find him to be a man of integrity"
When the truck driver involved in the collision with Biden's soused wife risked his life trying to avoid the collision, here's what Biden said:
"In 2007 Biden said the truck driver "allegedly ... drank his lunch."
Of course Biden could never provide any proof that he had ever 'heard' that rumor. The rumor's author was Biden.
"“A tractor-trailer, a guy who allegedly — and I never pursued it — drank his lunch instead of eating his lunch, broadsided my family and killed my wife instantly and killed my daughter instantly and hospitalized my two sons,” Mr. Biden said in 2007.

In a 2001 speech at the University of Delaware, he referred to an “errant driver who stopped to drink instead of drive” and “hit my children and my wife and killed them,” according to a 2008 report in NewsBusters, citing a 2001 “Inside Edition” report.

Think about that, folks - Biden (a lawyer) claims his wife was killed by an impaired driver whom authorities didn't charge and Biden then admits he didn't pursue the matter?
What kind of monster just shrugs when he believes the authorities let a drunk off the hook after killing his wife?
Oh yeah - the records are now "LOST".
And Paul thinks this guy is a man of integrity.
Tells us all we need to know about Paul Emery.
One sick puppy.

Scott O

Biden IS a man of integrity if you consider wads of money to be "integrity".
Biden's record of lying, plagiarism, and complete 180's on basic policy based on a moist finger in the wind are a matter of open fact.
Of course Paul wants links.
I would suggest an 18 hole golf course.

Don Bessee

Just like creepy grampa joe is no clinton cumo is no slick willey -

Cuomo using 'Bill Clinton playbook' in hopes of retaining Democratic stature like ex-president: Marc Thiessen



Paul Emery

Do you really want me to get started on the plethora of lies that Trump has told Scott? Well start here:


and here:

‘Tsunami of untruths’: Trump has made 20,000 false or misleading claims – report


and here: Trump Is Lying More Than Ever: Just Look At The Data


and here:
Trump versus the truth: The most outrageous falsehoods of his presidency


If you want more I can provide them. This is just a start

Barry Pruett

How many lies has Biden told about Covid?

Scott O

Paul 7:32 - "Do you really want me to get started on the plethora of lies that Trump has told Scott?"
Sure, Paul - that would be something totally new and unexpected from you.

OK - you see, folks?
Paul is trying to rebut my facts about Biden by talking about Trump.
TDS has now been shown to completely destroy the reasoning abilities of grown humans.

Scott O

Biden's latest on the factual findings of the left wing Dems at the NY Atty Gen's office re Cuomo:
"Look, I’m not going to flyspeck this [report]. I’m sure there are some embraces that were totally innocent. But apparently the attorney general decided there were things that weren’t."
So it's all a matter of what the AG 'decided' and nothing that Cuomo did.
Got it.
Lots of integrity there.
And please, please, please don't look into the dead people at the convalescent hospitals.
Well - they died on the ambulance on the way to the hospital, so they don't count, right?

Don Bessee

Somebody throw a nickel into his tattered guitar case @732 #sadolTDSaddict


Scott O

Barry 7:55 - Biden is on record as saying that vaxed people won't get covid.
It had already been shown that wasn't true before he said it, but Biden is a "Man Of Integrity" according to Paul so if you are vaxed and become positive afterwards for covid, it must be because Trump told some lies or something like that.

Paul Emery


do you believe Trump is a man of integrity?

Don Bessee

The ponytail of ignorance needs to look in the mirror and ask if repeated TDS projectile vomiting makes him a man of integrity.


Scott O

Yeah, Barry?
Huh, huh, huh???!!
Answer now, Barry!
Yes or no - yes or no!!!!!


Posted by: Scott O | 03 August 2021 at 08:02 PM

TDS has now been shown to completely destroy the reasoning abilities of grown humans.

Punchy’s reasoning skills....such as they are are fine. He claims Joey Fingers is a man of integrity when 90% of Washington wouldn’t make that claim. His former boss called him a complete fuckup. Joe Biden the Senator from MBNA, insert money here and watch legislation come out Joe’s backside.

Now if Punch just wanted Biden because he wasn’t Trump....no skin off my ass....we wanted Trump because he wasn’t Hillary but nobody here made the claim that “Trump was a man of integrity” before or after the election. All Paul has done is replace a “lying grifter” (his words) with a “less successful lying grifter” (mine for The Pride of Scranton) and Paul gets to feel like both Woodward and Bernstein for his constant kvetching.

The cognitive dissonance would be funny if the country didn’t have to take it in the shorts.

No, the issue isn’t so much that Biden’s not a man of integrity but it’s that Paul isn’t. All that Green Libertarian nonsense for the last decade....that’s just so he could weasel drinks from people at the bar. Run the right line of bullshit, let somebody else pick up the check.

Scott O

re Fish-appearing icon 8:40 - Hey, a gig's a gig.

Don Bessee

Seems that the ponytail of ignorance was enamored of the cuomos especially fredo, this is what qualified as a man of integrity in the world of the TDS set -

Chris Cuomo silent on CNN show as NY AG says brother sexually harassed women, host himself appears in report



Don Bessee

I wondered what those wails were from the direction of the socialist dem environs, looks like the littlest congressional commies endorsement is not worth a warm bucket of spit -



Paul Emery


Why is it so difficult for you to say you believe Trump is a man of integrity?

Paul Emery


How about Trumps lies about injecting disinfectants or something like that?

Here's the quote

""The virus dies quickest in sunlight," leaving Trump to wonder whether you could bring the light "inside the body."

"So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it's ultraviolet or just a very powerful light — and I think you said that hasn't been checked because of the testing," Trump said, speaking to Bryan during the briefing. "And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or some other way, and I think you said you're going to test that, too."
We apologize, this video has expired.

He added: "I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? As you see, it gets in the lungs, it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that."


Scott O

Totally non-Cuomo.
Just to let everyone know how completely F'd up California govt is:
So - don't have a natural gas stove - use an electric range with a 50 amp breaker.
Don't use a gasoline car - plug in an EV to that special 220 volt outlet in the gay-rauge.
Oh, wait - OMG!!!! Yer computer uses some milliamps to stay asleep!!!!
We're all gonna die!!!!
And how many wall worts are permantely stuck in outlets?
We are talking complete insanity, here.
Complete Insanity.
And folks wonder why we left.

Bill Tozer

Beaker 1-9. Biden drove 18 Wheelers, man. His helicopter brought down by the enemy’s hell fire and brimstone over Afghanistan.

Only a Democrat (and Dem donor) would be stupid enough to give her husband fish tank cleaner to drink. At first they thought the wife was trying to kill her husband on purpose, so the police looked into that. But, through time, ask grandma around and interviews, they concluded she was really that dumb. Now when someone says in general,conversation, “Nobody is that dumb”, they are speaking falsehoods. Fish tank cleaner lady is really that dumb.

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