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04 July 2021


The Estonian Fox

nad paskuvad vanasse kaevu enne uue kaevamist.
Those are true words for meie Sacramento rumalad.

Sounds about right to me, George.

I can now fully appreciate why they want to mine more lithium. Not for their EV batteries, but for soothing down their bipolar brains.

George Rebane

Efox 1135am - Well done on the translation Mr Fox. The only minor nit is in 'meie Sacramento rumalad' for 'Our Sacramento stupidos'. Even Google doesn't pick up the correct form 'rumalaid' as the possessive plural predicate.

The exact translation of 'nad paskuvad vanasse kaevu enne uue kaevamist' is 'they shit in the old well before digging a new one'. The old Estonian proverb is in the form of an admonition - 'Don't shit in the old well before you dig a new one.' which in Estonian is 'Ära paskuta vanasse kaevu enne kui uue kaevad.'

Estonian is syntactically an extremely efficient language, allowing entire phrases to be made by simply embellishing a noun/verb with pre- and suffixes. That said, as a Finno-Ugric language, Estonian has at least 15 cases, depending on how you count them. And polite speech requires the proper use of the formal v the familiar forms of all pronouns and verbs. It's an absolute bitch to learn as an adult, but glorious to speak, read, and write (especially mellifluous poetry). Finally, as a phonetic language, children learn to read it 'instantly' by just running together the names of the letters in a word which then pronounces itself. (More than you wanted to know; apologies - Palun vabanda mind.)

The Estonian Fox

I bought a book by a linguist, about languages (duh), many years ago. He was fluent (so he said) in 10 or more languages. He posed this question to himself - what was the most difficult language?

His answer was Finnish. To seal that deal, he conceded to the 15 or so different cases just for the word 'no/not'. Since Finnish & Estonian are kissin' cousins, not surprised at the number of cases. In his defense - he may never have heard of Estonian.

Many languages cannot have spelling bees, because they are phonetic. What you see is what you say, what you say is how it's spelled.

And yet we still have 'educators' in the States that insist on not teaching phonics to English speakers, because phonics only covers 75-80% of English words. I'll be more than happy to take only 75% of Jeff Bezos's net worth. I'm not greedy.

George Rebane

Efox 239pm - Am surprised to hear of any 'linguist' admitting to having studied Finnish (one of the 3 Finno-Ugric languages of Europe; other two are Estonian and Hungarian). Finnish and Estonian are closer than kissing cousins, they are grammatically identical and very close syntactically. Hungarian is the outlier; grammatically close but syntactically far removed.

As to the enormous benefits of dealing with a phonetic language, Allan Kiisk, an Estonian I was introduced a few years back who lives in northern California, has done the hard work of converting English into a phonetic language. The results of his work are published in 'Simpel-Fonetik Dictionary' (1st ed, 2012) which is "a simple, consistent, and logical method of writing based on the single-sound-per-letter principle." It's a marvelous piece of research that, if adopted by our educational system, would raise our functional literacy rate from its current 40% to almost 100%, and have all kids instantly reading at grade level.

The new version is 'Simple Phonetic English Spelling' (2nd ed, 2018). For native English speakers this book will make fascinating reading of how easy our language could become to read and write.

The Estonian Fox

Re: Phonetic spelling in English, already done (but in 1946)
MEIHEM IN CE KLASRUM by Dolton Edwards (written with a little 'tung in tshik')

Read more: https://www.city-data.com/forum/great-debates/3226494-making-english-spelling-phonetically-consistent-4.html

He long ago did some of the math er.. fonetiks.

The Estonian Fox

There are college profs who record their lectures for remote learning, and future use. I'm sure there are a number of high school teachers who do the same. They are the ones not afraid to show their expertise, competence, and on occasion - incompetence in their lessons.

The Wuhan virus exposed the charlatan teachers when classes went online. The parents were able to view a good portion of their kids' everyday lessons. I bet that many parents were surprised and upset at the manner and content of the classes. Thank you again, Mr. Trump, for forcing the liberals to show their beliefs to Americans.

Bill Tozer

Oh boy. The very thought of teachers wearing body-cams in the classroom or the very hint of monitors and recorders watching the lessons has the usual cable all up in arms. Soviets ! Jack booted thugs! QAnon! Threats to our Democracy!!!

re: Mean Green Bottomless Pit Machine



California is searching for out of state energy contracts during a friggin record breaking heat way, lol. Should,of planned ahead.

And speaking of A-Non (to sneak into the topic....

GASLIGHTING: Joy Reid, Guest Insist Parents at School Board Meetings Are QAnon People


Couldn’t resist. “Michael Cohen is not in jail, I just saw him on MSPMS.”

Don Bessee

Where is the pony tail of ignorance when he needs a refresher course on his orgasmic fanboy act for this piece of shit, no mea culpa coming from the po ol fakenewsman --



Bill Tozer

Re: Our Sacramento Stupidos


“Green” energy policies don’t work. This is a matter of physics, not politics, so California and other states are on a collision course with reality.



'“Green” energy policies don’t work. This is a matter of physics, not politics, so California and other states are on a collision course with reality.'

I used to be blown away by the people who don't know the difference between power generation and power storage, now I just accept it as fact. Basing a power grid on something that only works in the daytime, mostly in clear weather, is an odd concept lacking really industrial-sized storage.

I expect that the California solution will be it's typical one. Export the problem. Use some adjacent state's coal/gas/nuke plant to do the dirty work and claim victory at home.

Truth is PG&E would be 100% solar if you could make money at it. They don't care how it's done.

Reminds me of all the fooferaw about the General Motors EV1. Lotsa talk about how THEY KILLED THE CAR BECAUSE THE OIL COMPANIES!!! Like the man said in the movie, 'GM would sell you a car that ran on pig shit if it sold'.

Bill Tozer

“Speaking of electric vehicles… Possibly the dumbest thing any country could do from an energy standpoint is to promote widespread use of electric vehicles, while simultaneously mandating reliance on wind and solar energy, which work less than half the time.

Moreover, governments’ politically-motivated reliance on electric vehicles like buses has been a disaster. This is a typical “green” fiasco:...”


Bill Tozer

re: Our Sacramento stupidos have suddenly realized that the state’s ongoing rape of its power generating infrastructure will leave us short of electricity as we proceed into a hot summer

Say goodbye to 10% of California’s reliable 24/7 clean energy. 10% of CA power is going to be raped of its power generating infrastructure. Screwed, blued, and tattooed.



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