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23 August 2021


Don Bessee

He thinks like these guys -



The Estonian Fox

I haven't seen the word "quisling" associated with Joe Biden yet. Maybe there should be a push to start associating the two, even if there is no logical reason to do so. Put the liberals on the defensive. Mr. Quisling was executed (Oct'45) even before the first of the German general staff was (Dec 1 '45). The real Norwegians were out in front of his prosecution.

I hate to quote Wikipedia, but - "Quisling's defence rested on downplaying his unity with Germany and stressing that he had fought for total independence, something that seemed completely contrary to the recollections of many Norwegians. From that point on, wrote biographer Dahl, Quisling had to tread a "fine line between truth and falsehood," and emerged from it "an elusive and often pitiful figure"." QED.

Republicans don't seem to have a really hard pushback for the insanity going on - new mask policy (again); Afghan strategic withdrawal; voter fraud; and has anyone even heard of the Mexican border in the last week?

Bill Tozer

'Why the Crown Heights pogrom still matters'

"That means that not only are we still obligated to remember the events of August 1991, but we should also understand that far from being marooned in a dark past, the lies that helped kill Yankel Rosenblum have actually gained traction among intellectuals and popular culture.

We ignore the consequences of legitimizing critical race theory and its advocates at our own peril"


Didn't AOC grow up in Crown Heights? No wonder she is a member of the racist and anti-Semitic 'Squad'.

Bill Tozer

Might go here. Interesting (to moi at least) discussion by five folks. Essay.

‘The Authority Blob’

“The Russia hysteria served a psychological function for those at a loss as to how the country they led had slipped from their grasp. It allowed them to offload the blame for the serial failures through which they rendered themselves beatable by a carnival barker onto the machinations of a foreign power.”


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