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14 August 2021


Bill Tozer

Not all roll their eyes and tune you out, Dr. Rebane. Sometimes when you write a fine post there is nothing more to add. We all grieve in different ways. Adding to one of your better writing would be like.....well....like VDH following Mark Levin. Maybe on topic. Take the fight to them.

‘The Taliban May Have Provided a Sputnik Moment for Wokeness’

WATCH: Colorado School Board Bans Critical Race Theory After Black Father’s Fiery Speech

A school board in Colorado Springs, Colorado, banned critical race theory from being taught after a black father gave a speech describing how racism would “by and large be dead” in the United States if institutions were not “keeping it on life support.”


Bill Tozer

Quillette's Best on Critical Social Justice


Bill Tozer

rather long essay...Sunday reading

'Soviet Methods of Character Attack-Based Scandals Thrive in the New Media Environment'

What do a Cold War-era conspiracy theory, a modern-day political operation involving a hoax concerning domestic elections, and a global media influence campaign concerning the death of a Saudi operative have in common?


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