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06 August 2021


Paul Emery


Can you provide a source of data comparing the increased employment between states that have and have not eliminated unemployment early. That must exist for you to make the assumption that elimination of unemployment had a lot to do with the increased employment numbers and that those were from Repub states. .

Don Bessee

#toolazytodoownreasearch @716 ROFLOL


Paul Emery

Why should I do research to support someone else's contention Don.

Barry Pruett


Jose Peyote's  Acme Anvil


Don Bessee

Entertain us, tell us how the marxists are not on the march -



George Rebane

PaulE 716pm - Actually, you're contending that paying people not to work will not affect their enthusiasm to find work. That's a pretty heavy contention for which you should find some support and share it with us.

Paul Emery


You are making assumptions with no facts that that made enough difference to be the driving factor in accelerated job growth. Do you have an data or is it just your personal belief?

Don Bessee

A big one handed clap for the comic stylings of the ponytail of ignorance! LOL


Bill Tozer

How soon they forget. it has not been even 9 hours. Mercy.

"U.S. employers hired more workers than expected last month as a number of states ended extended unemployment benefits before the September expiration.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 August 2021 at 12:55 PM"

its past somebody's bed time. This is getting painful to witness.

Don Bessee

Cue the sock puppets. LOL



LOL Emery,, that's right up there with,"Why pay rent? They can't evict me!"

Don Bessee

Boy they sure seem to be having a lot of let them eat cake moments recently but OMG that sounds like a wokeen self flagellation event with that menu! LOL-

Amid pressure over the virus and potentially bad optics, the Obamas had said they were scaling the party down to just “family and close friends”

Amid pressure over the virus and potentially bad optics, the Obamas had said they were scaling the party down to just "family and close friends" but a local told the Mail the ex-president’s definition may be different from others.'

"His close friends apparently include his golfing buddies, politicians, celebrities. Those people are here on the island and I doubt he'll be turning them all away," the source said. "He wants people to think this is going to be small and intimate, but I don't think we have the same definition of intimate."

"A lot of islanders were very upset at the prospect of hundreds of people coming for the party. Everyone is very nervous about getting together at all."

Tents have been erected around Obama’s property and chairs and couches bedeck his spacious lawn for the last of the months-long preparations, according to the Mail. Guests will reportedly enjoy music from The Roots and others, dancing and lavish meat-free catering.



Barry Pruett

Once again, George. Please proof to me that two plus three is five. Provide a link please. Lol

Scott O

This took 10 seconds to find (not Google):


Posted by: Scott O | 07 August 2021 at 08:09 AM

This took 10 seconds to find (not Google):

“Hey.....if nobody is throwing change in the guitar case it ain’t happening”.


The fleebaggers are at it again.
"Nearly two dozen Texas House Democrats who fled the state last month have sued Gov. Greg Abbott and other Republican officials, alleging that GOP efforts to bring them back to the state Capitol for a special legislative session infringed on their constitutional rights.

The 22 plaintiffs have been "deprived of liberty for substantial periods of time, suffered much anxiety and distress over separation from their families, and much discomfort and embarrassment," the complaint filed late Friday alleges. "


My bad...

Bill Tozer

Walt. I can see why the Texas Dems are suing.

“The 22 plaintiffs have been "deprived of liberty for substantial periods of time, suffered much anxiety and distress over separation from their families, and much discomfort and embarrassment," the complaint filed late Friday alleges.”

Yep, ‘much discomfort and embarrassment”..........

'Get Your Asses Home': Democrats Under Fire for Portugal Vacation’


Paul Emery


No information directly illustrating the effect of cancelling unemployment insurance. When you find some let me know.

Barry Pruett

See Bill Tozer | 06 August 2021 at 09:48 PM

Commonsense. And there is your link. 🤣

Barry Pruett

You should be more careful punch. You got a blind spot.

Paul Emery

Here you go-

U.S. states ending federal unemployment benefit saw no clear job gains


Barry Pruett

Reuters?! Lol

Paul Emery

Oh that's right-typical Barry- If you don't like the news go after the source.

Barry Pruett


Silly man


Posted by: Paul Emery | 07 August 2021 at 10:15 AM

Oh that's right-typical Barry- If you don't like the news go after the source.

Of course you would never do that.....

Barry Pruett

Bait and switch fish. 😂

Scott O

Paul 9:37 - You didn't even read the article you linked to.
"Continuing claims for unemployment insurance are dropping faster in the states ending benefits, a sign that people may be moving into jobs."
You just proved George's point.

Bill Tozer

‘Joe’s welcome mat spurred a superspreader extravaganza’


Paul Emery

Yes somewhat faster. I'm sure that's accurate but nowhere is the evidence it was a major factor.

Scott O

And Paul moves the goal posts after he's shown he's wrong.

Don Bessee

The woken who used to be athletes abused their positions and alienated the majority of the country including independents the numbers show -

NBC is giving advertisers who bought airtime during the Tokyo Olympics extra commercials due to underwhelming ratings for this year’s 2020 Olympic Games, fueled by a pandemic-weary population and backlash against woke athletes protesting the U.S. flag and national anthem.

The opening ceremonies saw their lowest viewership since 1988.

He quoted a media buying executive who said the early viewership numbers "clearly are not what NBC, our agency or our clients were looking for" from costly investment.

"When you look at the numbers, it's hard to be pleased with them," Andy Billings, director of the sports communications program at the University of Alabama, told the AP. "It's probably NBC's worst-case scenario, but it's probably a worst-case scenario that they would have been able to predict months ago."

And woke protests by American athletes condemning the U.S. or national anthem have done little to attract new viewers

But the emergence of Black Lives Matter in the sports world has also led to a backlash among some Americans."

And the university also quoted independents as opposing the protests.

"The people we sent over aren’t representing the country," one Maryland man, identified as an independent in his 40s, told the pollsters. "They’re kneeling at the flag."

He wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

"I don’t want to see virtue signaling," a 45-year-old New Jersey woman, also an independent, said. "Be a proud American."



Bill Tozer

Kevin Durant, Draymond Green call out media after gold medal win: 'You are an American, too. Act like it”

ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins was among the most notable critics


Bill Tozer

Boy, did Dr. Rebane nail it or what? He nailed it.

‘The Bumblebrain Bunch doesn’t think that Republican governors who cut off government checks to the unemployed had anything to do wi.....’

Punchy ran over to be the first to comment. And third. And.....on to something else.


""The people we sent over aren’t representing the country," one Maryland man, identified as an independent in his 40s, told the pollsters. "They’re kneeling at the flag.""

I figure it's just a branding problem.

The Olympics might be just the place for a soft fissioning to occur. After the immediate endorphin rush the Orange Man Bad and anti-West arm waving has to wear on a person.

To be fair, we probably both need new flags, naming, and then begin working on partitioning the dishware and family dog. It's more uplifting to cheer for a BSA than to boo the USA. The tricky bit will be military assets and access to the coasts. The Soviets led the way here but did plenty of things wrong.


"Punchy ran over to be the first to comment. And third. And.....on to something else."

My guess is that he just views it as a minstrel's lot in life.

Perform a bit of light entertainment for the dinner guests, softly mock the King a bit, caper around the place.

The bells on the hat get a bit annoying but it's a living.

The Estonian Fox

from the BBC today:

"The Taliban have captured three regional capitals in Afghanistan as they continue to make sweeping territorial gains in the country.

It means five regional capitals have fallen to the militants since Friday, with Kunduz being their most important gain this year.

The three northern cities fell to Taliban control within hours of each other on Sunday, with one resident in Kunduz describing the situation as "total chaos"."

Anyone see a one-to-one correspondence to the liberal takeover try of the U.S.? They are focused, and in it for the long-term. Republicans need a strong leader and stronger followers. Maybe only 60% chaos here so far.

Paul Emery

Estonian Fox writes:

" Republicans need a strong leader and stronger followers.

"Well Trump is your guy right?
Please, keep Trump as your leader!!! Biggest political loser since before 1900.

Scott O

Getting worried, there. At least 3 hours had gone by without Paul saying something about Trump.
I was going to ask one of the Nevada County residents to swing by his place and do a welfare check.

Bill Tozer

re: [7aug21 update] ‘College Was Supposed to Close the Wealth Gap for Black Americans. The Opposite Happened’.

Boy, this is every school kid’s dream. No F’s, no class work to turn in (optional) , no being send to detention for being late to class. No homework to turn it. They really know how to not motivate students. All in the name of equity. The best thing is all will be ready for college!

‘Nevada School District Implements New Grading Policy: Attendance, Participation, Late Assignments Don’t Matter’


From link within link: “Our kids will graduate from this high school ready for the workforce in high-paying jobs,” he said.

Bill Tozer

re: Socialist economists don’t understand





Bill Tozer

I think it is time to listen to what the Left thinks and says. Perhaps we can learn something.

‘What’s Your Most Left-Wing Opinion?’


Don Bessee

Whats wrong with these -

Mainstream media silent while Obama dances maskless in a crowded tent
Guests reportedly told to delete images and videos of the party




Don Bessee

Oh ya, this too -




Now it's illegal NOT to hire an illegal? Only is a LIB state....

Bill Tozer

Oh course they want no videos. Don’t want to let out Obama stark ass naked doing the Barrack get down on it break dance thing in the middle of the dance floor. Or Michele so looped she knocked over the punch bowl while giving orders to the caterer.

And Nancy showed up uninvited. Awkward. But, they (Nancy included) truly have no same so what’s the big deal. Some were rooting for Globen Warming and the rising sea levels would kind of take this time to crash a wake right through the B-Day Bash. Take about flushing the punch bowl. Blame Orange Man Bad.

Just imagine a the pics you would have of all the jetsetters flat on their backs kicking their legs up high as they go sailing across the floor. Think of the Nancy memes.

Don Bessee

OH no we are not indoctrinating say the socialist dems -

Princeton offering 'Black Lives Matter' course taught by professor with 'commitment' to 'critical race theory'
Princeton course will feature reading from a former communist party leader who once landed on the FBI's Most Wanted List



Don Bessee

Entitled and socialist to the core -

For me, not thee



Bill Tozer

take this job and shove it.

Job Openings Surpass 10 Million For First Time Ever As Americans Continue To Cash Unemployment Checks


Don Bessee

They love them some open borders but will pay for it -

President Joe Biden’s border disaster is “politically toxic” for Democrats, according to the Washington Post‘s editorial board

However, they have driven a policy whose incoherence has yielded pressure at the border that may cost the Democrats control of one or both houses of Congress in next year’s midterm elections. So far, there is nothing in the administration’s short- or long-term strategizing that is likely to shift that dynamic.

The convoluted messaging — telling migrants not to seek entry to the United States while at the same time relaxing or scrapping an array of measures that would actually dissuade them, and providing relief to migrants on both sides of the border — has been a failure.

That failure is measurable, and it is politically toxic.

In reality, the semi-open border policy is powered by the self-serving and very deliberate political alliance of progressives and investors. That same alliance can also explain the Washington Post‘s narcissistic and minimal coverage of migration economics.

But that rational alliance is dangerous to the Democratic Party’s traditional goals because the public is deeply opposed to wealth-shifting, wage-cutting economic migration. One symptom is a deep internal split in the Democratic Party, which is largely hidden by the media’s refusal to cover migration’s pocketbook impact.




So some judge is out to make a name for himself?

I guess handing out traffic fines and jail time for drug users got a little old.


"An Oklahoma judge is ordering the state’s Republican governor to reinstate unemployment benefits that conservatives argue are harming the nation’s post-pandemic recovery.

Oklahoma County District Judge Anthony L. Bonner Jr. issued a preliminary injunction Friday directing Gov. Kevin Stitt and Employment Security Commission director Shelley Zumwalt to notify the federal Labor Department that the state will once again allow unemployed residents to accept $300 a week in additional benefits."

Don Bessee

The senate r's that are enabling the socialist spend-a-rama are liars or fools getting played by the socialist dem. The bills are linked says the text of the 1.2T bill! -

Sen. Rob Portman (R-OH), one of the leading proponents of the bipartisan bill, has insisted that the two bills are not linked and that GOP support for the bipartisan bill would not lead to the passage of the even larger infrastructure bill.

Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA), another bipartisan advocate, said the bipartisan bill is “totally separate” from the partisan bill.

“They’re not linked, it is going to increase our debt or else increase taxes, but in terms of our effort it shouldn’t have an impact,” Cassidy added.

However, the text of the budget resolution notes that two infrastructure bills are inherently linked.

Section 4,010 of the budget resolution, which serves as the legislative vehicle for the Democrats’ reconciliation bill, allows for House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth (D-KY) to make changes to the bipartisan bill as he sees fit.



Don Bessee

People who have been around know how bad its going to be. The creepy gramp joe inflation will curtail spending -

U.S. consumers’ expectations for inflation over the medium term climbed higher in July, reaching the highest level in eight years, data from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York showed Monday.



Don Bessee

Emperor Gavin is in trouble -

Could a Conservative Replace Gavin Newsom?
A quixotic effort to recall California’s governor is suddenly gaining steam. And libertarian radio host Larry Elder is the front-runner.


If you live in California, it's hard to avoid the ads decrying "Trump Republicans" and the "Republican recall" of Gov. Gavin Newsom.

First, it was an unseen male narrator who used those words. Then, it was Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Soon, it could be Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, Vice President Kamala Harris or even President Joe Biden.

Newsom's anti-recall committee — which enjoys a 9 to 1 fundraising advantage over the pro-recall side — is increasingly blanketing airwaves and digital spaces with its ads. Despite the blitz, his poll numbers have slid in recent weeks.

This election is not a referendum on President Trump, and while Newsom wants to frame it that way, it really doesn’t make any sense," said Dr. Isaac Hale, a former pollster who is currently a postdoctoral scholar at UC Santa Barbara's Blum Center and an expert on the Newsom recall. "When the signature gathering process was underway in the winter, Newsom said it was an effort for Trump to attack California. Well Trump is gone, and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are setting national policy now."

Some of the ads liken the recall petition — a lawful exercise of California's electoral process as currently structured — to the Jan. 6 Capitol riots or restrictive voting rights bills in Republican-led states.

Despite the Newsom team's attempts to tap into the concerns of the national Democratic Party, one poll after another shows an alarming enthusiasm gap where Democrats are considerably less engaged with the recall than Republicans are.



Bill Tozer

Don Bessee @ 4:51 pm

The Dems have two problems right now; the National Party has a Cuomo Problem and a Newsom Problem.....on top of their self made Border Crisis.

And it’s is the Hispanic women of Texas (Republican) that are the most fired up to crush the Dems’ hope of Texas turning blue. They flipped a border district that has not voted R since records were kept in 1851 and another district that has been voting D for 50 years. Go fine ladies, go.

Scott O

Don 4:51 - Do you mean a lot of Californians are tired of being urinated on while the Dems call it champagne?
Good Lord they are slow, but maybe they'll wise up.
I just hope they realize a governor alone can only slow down the liquid human waste - a full cleansing of socialist Dems in the legislature is what is needed.
Good luck to you all.

Bill Tozer

'California healthcare workers protest state's vaccination mandate'

"Objections to mandated vaccinations run the gambit, with some arguing the shots, all of which are currently approved for emergency use and still await full approval from the Food and Drug Administration, haven't been adequately tested. Other objectors assert they will rely on viral antibodies developed through natural infection."


Bill Tozer

Is America Becoming a Failed State?

“Biden is failing in his first constitutional duty — to defend the United States from foreign invasion. We Americans no longer decide who comes into our national home and whom we shall adopt as new citizens… We defend the borders of scores of nations; we cannot, or Biden will not, defend our own.”


George Rebane

By any conceivable measure Biden is a grossly incompetent and demonstrably failed President. He has taken the torch from Obama. And here I'm talking about the policies that he personally promotes, not what a recalcitrant Congress would do with him as they did with Trump.

Biggest and most impactful lie so far of this century is Biden's 'Our border is closed.'

Paul Emery

Oh Bill, Newsom will cruise to victory in Sept. The recall will be revealed as a massive waste of money-around 215 million- and the Repubs will take the rap for that. Besides the Pubbers don't have a Scwartz to carry their flag. What a gem he was as I recall.


I've been opposed to the recall from the beginning... even the first inklings as the votes had been counted in 2018. Recalls are generally a waste of time, and the free for all tends to keep out the experienced politicians. For one, their life as a pol has a heartbeat, once every 2, 4 or 6 years... not 3.

There are two small l libertarians in the race. One is a capital L Libertarian who I expect I agree with on most everything. The other that I am aware of is Larry Elder, who has a history of being able to communicate clearly, has a JD, is against Critical Theory and has a good chance to win.

Larry Elder for Governor of the formerly great golden state of California.

There are a number of GOP candidates who would do their party well by dropping out, now, and endorsing Elder.

Bill Tozer

When the recall signatures were being gathered, I though there is no way in Hades that the Gov would be recalled. An exercise in futility....so I thought.

With the Prison Union pouring millions into backing Newsom and Gavin holding a 9-1 fundraising advantage of Newsom, I still thought it was a waste of time in a state where there is 29% R’s.

But, the shock is the polling is tightening as the second biggest political group in CA (Independents) is breaking away from Newsom and now Hispanics are breaking more against Newsom than their 33% R would tell ya.

Being one who has listened to The Sage of South Central’s radio broadcast (Larry Elder Show), I am naturally biased. The Elder Stateman is not as flamboyant as some, but he can tear apart a Lefty narrative as quick and as articulate as Thomas Sowell.

What remains unspoken from the Newsom side is why people would even consider going after Newsom. Giving illegals a special CA State stimulus check does not sit well with some.
The French Laundry dinner with Newsom was a optics disaster after locking small business indoor dining up. BTW, the French Laundry is not just one of the finest restaurants in CA or the USA, it is one of the finest and most exclusive restaurants in the World. They change you over one hundred bucks just to see the menu. Plus, his guests were lobbyists for the Health Care industry and the evil Big Pharma boys, who benefited greatly from the lockdowns.

It’s the elitist condescending shabby treatment of the common man that is the issue that pisses people off. Like Obama’s B-Day Party that was still going on after THREE days and hundreds of servants to cater to their every need. One set of rules for thee, another set of rules for thee.

It’s the same anger of being treated like crap and not listened too that gets the average Joe and Sally off their fannies and showing up at school board meetings. We have to wear masks, not them. They are never hurt one penny by shutting down mom and pop businesses while allowing Walmart and Box Stores to remain open. Doesn’t hurt Gavin one bit. In fact, in CA when Gavin shit down the wineries, his winery remained open.

Time will tell. Best thing is that the Dems have not a clue why Newsom is even facing a recall. The Dems remain out of touch as they have become the party of the rich and famous. The R’s are now the party of the working stiff.
Gov. Newsom Allowed To Blame Recall On ‘Republicans, Trump Supporters,’ Judge Rules

Now Newsom is crying, “It’s not fair!”

Newsom: Recall Election Not A ‘Fair Response’ From CA Voters


Life ain’t fair, Pretty Boy. We are not in the sandbox anymore.
GOP CA Recall Candidate Larry Elder Pushes For School Choice, Condemns CRT


Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

What the hell do you think was going to happen when creepy grampa joe shut down US oil production now you have beg opec to pump more when we were the largest producer in the world -

Earlier Wednesday, National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan urged oil-producing countries that make up OPEC to increase production, citing the need for reliable and stable global energy markets amid the coronavirus pandemic.




Don Bessee

They are destroying themselves by supporting the marxist agenda -

American Express CRT training urged staff to adopt a hierarchy, putting 'marginalized' above 'privileged'
Told white employees to avoid 'microaggressions' like, 'We are all human beings'

The training sessions also warned white employees to avoid certain phrases as "microaggressions." Forbidden phrases include: "I don't see color"; "We are all human beings"; and "Everyone can succeed in this society if they work hard enough."

Rufo noted a high-profile "anti-racism" event, in which Amex executives invited Khalil Muhammad – a great-grandson of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad – to speak on "race in corporate America." He argued that capitalism was founded on racism and that "racist logics and forms of domination" have shaped Western society since at least the Industrial Revolution.

"American Express has to do its own digging about how it sits in relationship to this history of racial capitalism," Muhammad said. "You are complicit in giving privileges in one community against the other, under the pretext that we live in a meritocratic system where the market judges everyone the same."

Muhammad argued that the credit card company should reduce standards for black customers and sacrifice profits in the interest of race-based reparations.



Bill Tozer

To pick up on the topic Barry mentioned: De Santis, public Governor enemy number one. He ain’t Trump, but he will do.

‘CDC Retracts Its Bogus Florida Numbers’
That the Biden administration is targeting Florida and its successful Republican governor shouldn’t surprise anyone.

1) ‘He Doesn’t Care’; Joy Reid, Guests: Ron DeSantis Is MURDERING Floridians With Covid

2) https://twitter.com/NewsBusterPicks?

3) ‘DeSantis Is Standing Up to the Weenies’

4) Out for Blood: WH Reporters Lobby Biden, Psaki to Punish DeSantis on Covid

5) PATHETIC: Sad Colbert Laments Disinvite from Obama's 'Cool Kids' Party

6) Unhinged Morning Joe: DeSantis a Covid 'Criminal'

7) Bill Burr Hates Freedom: Calls DeSantis a ‘Piece of Sh*t’ for Blocking Mask Mandates

8) Call it the ‘De Santis Variant’

Washington Examiner’s ‘Liberal Media Scream’ With the MRC’s Assessment

9) CNN Proposes Travel Ban on Florida Over COVID Cases

10) Hateful Mika LIES, Trashes ‘DeSantis Variant’ Governor as a ‘Death Cult'

Chuck Todd Thanks Cuomo for Making Upcoming Elections Easier on Dems


Someone welcome at Crabby's should drop this on his doorstep, "the good old daze":


In short, idiot 'toonists are a bane of empiricism across the centuries.

Bill Tozer

Love this one. From the NYT. Nice study, one million kids and staff!!!....except there was no control group. No unmasked in study.

‘New York Times Promotes Study On Child Masking That Has One Massive Flaw’

“The authors highlighted the ABC Science Collaborative, a project they set up with colleagues in North Carolina to collect data from more than 1 million students, faculty and staff in the state’s schools. The project found that between March and June 2021, more than 7,000 adults and kids attended school while infected with COVID-19, but only 363 additional children caught coronavirus in those communities. The authors argue this proves the effectiveness of universal masking in limiting community spread within education environments.

However, as pointed out on Twitter by author David Zweig, the study has no control group to compare to.....”


George Rebane

BillT 939am - Mr Tozer, your citation again confirms the long recognized truth that Democrats are neither intellectual nor the party of science. The tally of their fluff college degrees withstanding, the evidence for that is overwhelming and arrives daily in generous helpings. Here is WSJ's Dan Henninger on this same thread -

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, re 9 August update, COVID-19. I snooze, I lose.

This video has been removed for violating Community Standards-YouTube.


Bill Tozer

I will stick this here because the current mood over in The Sandbox is a bit lighthearted and I don’t want to rage and bust up the good mood threads.

WTF is the LA Teachers Union doing even considering BDS? I thought the teachers unions were about teaching and teachers??? Rage, Biker Bill, Rage. United Teachers my aunt petunia’s ass.

‘LA teachers working to quash a union BDS vote say they’re winning,

“If the resolution is defeated, it will mark a departure from a trend in American labor. Since the 11-day Gaza-Israel conflict in May, teachers’ unions in San Francisco and Seattle passed BDS resolutions, as did Vermont’s AFL-CIO state council and the longshoremen’s union in Oakland.

Efforts to stop the resolution began almost immediately after two of the union’s eight area chapters passed the resolution in May, triggering an automatic union-wide vote Sept. 1.


Two things: First, A lesson in fighting back. The LA United Teachers are now not going to consider the BDS resolution...so they say. If the Jews did not jump on this getting their faces in the Marxists’ faces, then the BDS would have passed without fanfare. Thank you 45 for showing us how to stand up. Silence is violence.

Secondly, I forgot #2 point. Guess I will stick a meme here or something. Nah.

Bill Tozer

Citizen Matt Walsh got his alloted three minutes before the school board.


Bill Tozer

What do the experts say about face masks for children?

‘NIH Director Francis Collins Admits Masking Rules For Kids Are Based On Rare Anecdotes, Not Data


Well, so much for following the science.

Bill Tozer

DeSantis Vindicated: There’s No Science Behind Masks On Kids

“A recently published study from the Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention (CDC) shows there is no scientific rationale for forcibly masking schoolchildren. The study’s publication simultaneously vindicates Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been a vocal opponent of the policy due to its lack of scientific evidence.”


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