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10 September 2021


Scott O

It may seem to some that the article I link to has nothing to do with the topic, but I assure you it does.
I was taught in my social science classes about 'tabula rasa' and the need to consider all mentions of genetics 'NAZI stuff'. The lady featured in the article has the unfortunate need to be a scientist and yet also a child of the times. The article itself is a comic rundown of how ignorant one can be and yet get their items published:
"Harris was drawn to Murray’s defense after an incident at Middlebury College, the previous month, in which Murray was shouted down by student protesters and his faculty chaperone was injured in a melee."
A melee?
Bullshit. Murray and a woman who was with him were violently assaulted by left-wing goons. The woman was injured. There was no melee, but the author is either an ignorant person repeating left-wing talking points or a liar.
I digress.
The salient point here is that the leftist slant in govt that has prevailed for the last 70 years or so is governed by their unshakable belief that everyone ends up middle class and happy as a clam if only we twist the financial dials of govt to effect that end.
Reality has become a bit too real for some and now some sort of deal must be struck a bit different than the old social contract. Now don't you get the idea that short white conservative males will be getting fat contracts in the NBA via govt diktats.
Oh no.
The article recites all manner of lies and nonsense, but the capper is:
"Harden argues that an appreciation of the role of simple genetic luck—alongside all the other arbitrary lotteries of birth—will make us, as a society, more inclined to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy lives of dignity and comfort."
I see.
Society will "ensure" that everyone enjoys a life of 'dignity and comfort'.
Pretty sure that describes the animals in a modern, well equipped zoo.
The article contains a myriad of other laughable slurs of ideas and folks the left don't like.
The misstatements about Murray are many.
Ultimately Hardin tries to put forth the idea she is open to the truth but like too many leftists, if Trump or Hitler think 2+2=4, then by god we will forge a 'better' path.
What that is and when we will hear of it remains to be seen.
Please remember that policy wonks in all levels of govt are now holding these 'equity' views.
It is poison and will destroy our country.

George Rebane

ScottO 750pm - Good stuff Scott; it belongs here.

Scott O

And now I find this:
The last is best: (please - not liberal, 'leftist')
"And do you really think liberals can hold an intelligent discussion of genetic questions like these in the emotional state that they’ve gotten themselves into?
I’m beginning to fear that our multiple current anti-intelligence moral panics might mean that Dr. Harden’s well-intentioned intervention is too late.

The Estonian Fox

Toward the end of the New Yorker article:

*As she (Harden) put it to me in an e-mail, “Even if we eliminated all inequalities in educational outcomes between sexes, all inequalities by family socioeconomic status, all inequalities between different schools (which as you know are very confounded with inequalities by race), we’ve only eliminated a bit more than a quarter of the inequalities in educational outcomes.”

She directed me to a comprehensive World Bank data set, released in 2020, which showed that seventy-two per cent of inequality at the primary-school level in the U.S. is WITHIN demographic groups rather than between them. “Common intuitions about the scale of inequality in our society, and our imaginations about how much progress we would make if we eliminated the visible inequalities by race and class, are PROFOUNDLY wrong,” she wrote.*

Capitals in above are mine. So it looks like genetics may be behind outcome-differences more than we realize. And infinitely more than the liberals even begin to admit. I have not been able to locate her source of the World Bank 2020 data yet.

George Rebane

EFox 744am - Most appropriate, and also belongs in the comment stream under 'Equity Denies Reality'.

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