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23 September 2021



Clownworld Chronicles.

By the bye, did any catch the ACLU rewrite of Ginsburg?


You're now not allowed to use the word 'women' in Clownworld.

Apologies if previously posted.

Don Bessee

They must all look alike to them, in the obit for van peebles the picture is clarance thomoas III! LOL -

Karu F. Daniels, New York Daily News
Wed, September 22, 2021, 3:20 PM
The Godfather of Black Cinema has died.



A nice pic I ran into showing the WHITE SUPREMACY!!! tempest in a teapot of the day.


You know, the Blue Mob are such liars that there are really only two outcomes. Utterly ignore them or blow up the whole thing and start over.

Bill Tozer

‘Our Kids Carpooled Together’: How Old Friends In High Places Assembled The Russia Collusion Hoax’

Not just anyone can call up the FBI general counsel with claims of conspiratorial criminality by a presidential candidate and get a private sit-down. And yet that is exactly what happened

Don’t fit the narrative I

‘Judge orders release of Capitol riot surveillance footage prosecutors wanted to keep under seal’
US District Chief Judge Beryl Howell ruled that the prosecutors' arguments were too speculative, writing in a Sept. 15 opinion that their national security concerns were too broad.

Don’t fit the narrative II

Glenn Greenwald: 'There are no editorial standards as long as you feed liberals what they want'

Don’t fit the narrative III: Try it under a Democrat Administration. I dare you.

Cruz mocks Ocasio-Cortez in Senate floor speech, challenges Dems to 'go see the Biden cages'
Cruz challenges Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats to visit 'Biden cages'


As our News Misdirector would lament, “Trump is destroying our trust in institutions!” Hmmm. It not Trump, it’s the news directors that are destroying our faith in institutions.

Bill Tozer

Music to my ears.

"Democratic House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Rosa DeLauro proposed the stand-alone legislation on Wednesday, eliciting outrage from squad member Representative Rashida Tlaib, who was one of just nine House members to vote “no.”"

"Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez voted “no” on the bill but switched her vote to “present,” which has the effect of an abstention, at the last minute. As the House approved the measure, Ocasio-Cortez appeared visibly upset on camera, as if she were crying."


Bill Tozer

Once more around the park, James.

Our current NSA.

'Biden Security Adviser Jake Sullivan Tied to Alleged 2016 Clinton Scheme to Co-Opt the CIA and FBI to Tar Trump'


Bill Tozer

I say let Biden be as corrupt as he is and stash millions away with impunity just as long as he keeps his dirty hands off the helm on the State of the Ship. We have had too much turn to shit over the last nine months. A compromise if you will.

'Hunter Biden Wanted $2 Million To Help Libya Unfreeze Its Assets While Joe Biden Was VP: Report'


Bill Tozer

Article from May 11 resurfaces and brings it all into the light. What they said in public is opposite than what they said under oath.

Good overview in light (there's that word 'light' again) of current disclosures

Bill Tozer

Opps again. May 11, 2021


Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe was toast from day one -

Biden wanted his first call to a foreign leader to be to Angela Merkel, but she blew him off to spend time at her country house: report



Bill Tozer

Don @ 4:42 pm.

That was just a forestate of how the Biden-Harris Administration would be going. An omen. Merkel has met Joe before. And Joe just this month of Septmember blew off Boris's calls for 36 hours straight.

Hmmm. If the British Prime Minister's calls started on 8/31/2021, 36 hours would make it to September...this month...so, yeah, this month.
Border: Do not notify ICE where they are going. Do not give them a notice to appear. Good to go. The line jumpers make the ones doing it legally look like they have egg on their faces. The uninvited go before the good ones, aka, the invited-the ones that cause no chaos. Alas.

'White House ordered border authorities to clear out bridge by Friday evening ahead of BLM protest: Sources'


Bad optics is a good way to put it. Damn Del Rio put the damn spotlight on the border. Last month it was another sector, McClellan, but the mainstrean wasn't interested.

Just took a cowbody with a lasso.

Jose Peyote's Acme Anvil

Who cares about the border? Biden's polls are 10% above Trumptf at during the first nime months, you idiots. Trmpf is the biggest loser since Zachary Tyler.

The walls are closing in on Trumpfy. Biden is a hero. The Circle of Jerks cuddle with Putin's buddy Trumpfy. Trumpft committed treason. What a bunch of losers.


They are coming for Donald Trump': MSNBC analyst says subpoenas are hitting his 'inner, inner

Don Bessee

Please note who the EU thinks ruined NATO. Be careful what you ask for, just look at the condition of the Bundeswehr -

Farage then noted on Wednesday the claim that France was willing to give up its coveted seat on the UN Security Council so there can be a permanent EU representative, saying: “Since Afghanistan and since the weakening of NATO by Biden, the demand for a rapid reaction force, the demand for a European army, has become ever stronger.”



Don Bessee

Hard choices, hard choices from the guy whos hardest choice is which will it be to cross the globe on one of his G's or take a air force VC? Decisions, decisions? What no paddle boarding in the yangtze. The chi coms took what was left of his face.

When he is talking about killing off the little people he may be talking about you.



Bill Tozer

‘Effort to spread discredited Russia collusion theory welcomed by McCain Senate panel, memos show’

Armed Services panel secretly fought court battle this summer to quash subpoena seeking records of contacts with ex-FBI official Daniel Jones and liberal-funded The Democracy Integrity Project nonprofit.



Jose Peyote's Acme Anvil@08:37 PM

lol. Wow, was that phoned in or what?

You do have to admire what an insane circus the President Potato administration is.



Free body armor come with the relocation?

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 7:21 am.

Ben Shapiro on his move to FL. Its not the tax breaks that are of primary importance to them, its what I continue to hear from those who have left CA; its just friendlier. Nicer. Less crazy.


Bill Tozer

lol. There are children in this audience! How dare you read books from the school library.

'WATCH: School Board Squirms As Mom Reads Them The Gay Porn In Books Available To Students'

"Go to jail. Go to jail!" crowd chants


Paul Emery

Even the Trump funded Ninjas show he lost in Arizona. What a hoot and what a loser Trump is.

Sept 24 (Reuters) - Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election to Joe Biden in Arizona's most populous county, a review of results by allies of Trump in the Republican Party has reaffirmed, according to a draft report of the findings seen by Reuters on Friday.

The report, prompted by Trump's false claims of widespread electoral fraud, found that Biden, a Democrat, won Maricopa County despite Trump's claims otherwise. The analysis recorded 99 additional votes for Biden and 261 fewer votes for Trump.

The conclusion, if confirmed in an official announcement later on Friday, will disappoint Trump supporters who had pushed for the review, many in the expectation that it would prove his claims he was robbed of victory due to widespread fraud.

"This was Donald Trump's best chance to prove his cases of elections being rigged and fraudulent and they failed," Ben Ginsberg, a veteran Republican election lawyer, said on a media call organized by the States United Democracy Center, a nonpartisan policy group. "It's a huge defeat for Donald Trump."



Life in these United States.


Don Bessee

Speaking of loser -



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe has no clothes -



Don Bessee

Trifecta You should have listened to us -

POLL: Majority of Americans Say Biden Has Proven Himself ‘Too Old To Be President’
A similar majority said Mike Pence was a better vice president than Kamala Harris




Wow, check out this twitterstorm. These are people with something to hide, you can count on it.



In further news, even Russell Brand admits that our local newscaster is unable to speak the truth.

So...Trump was RIGHT About Clinton & Russia Collusion!!

Paul Emery

Fake news from Breitbart Don. this is a direct quote froom Pew itself about Trumps approval ratings when he left office, much lower than Bidens:

"Donald Trump’s final job approval rating as president was 29% in a Pew Research Center poll released last week, the lowest of his presidency and a 9 percentage point drop since August, when 38% of U.S. adults approved. The decrease stood out because even some of the momentous events of the past four years did not affect Trump’s approval rating very much."


Paul Emery

Current numbers from Pew. Breitbart is outright lying

That figure has since fallen ten points, as 44 percent now approve of Biden’s job performance compared to 53 percent who disapprove. In July, his disapproval stood at 43 percent.

George Rebane

Has anyone seen any PaulE comments on the latest Russiagate news? I was sure he'd be our first leftwinger to apologize for all the lies in which he and his took part.


Posted by: George Rebane | 24 September 2021 at 02:11 PM

I was sure he'd be our first leftwinger to apologize for all the lies in which he and his took part.

Busy....far too busy..................................busy, busy, busy........!

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane

"I was sure he'd be our first leftwinger to apologize for all the lies in which he and his took part."

We all know how much Punch hates liars. Hate I say, hate. Hate with a passion. Obsessed with liars. Its what narcissist personalities do to feel superior to others.

BTW, Punch is not a Left Winger no more. He is now back to being a Green Libertarian....unless, of course, he is lying. :)

Don Bessee

They love their lies dont they oh great ponytail of ignorance -

Photographer behind viral images of Border Patrol agents on horseback: 'I've never seen them whip anyone'
Pictures seized on by progressives as akin to slavery are being 'misconstrued,' photographer says



Bill Tozer

“ Whenever Biden makes a statement like these it’s always amusing to ponder what Jen Psaki will inevitably come up with to defend it. Perhaps she’ll argue that we have plenty of trillionaires in this country, as long as you quote their wealth in pesos.”

‘Biden Apparently Thinks That There Are Trillionaires in America’


Maybe Biden was thinking about that new trillion dollar coin. There has to be a logic reason for the leader of the free world to make such an uniformed and blatant FALSE statement.

Bill Tozer

‘Assault on female US service member by male Afghan refugees at Fort Bliss under FBI investigation’
The incident comes on the heels of two Afghan refugees being charged with federal crimes at a Wisconsin military base


Just getting a piece of the religion of peace. Ironic, isn’t it? The female service member was supporting Operation Allies Welcome

Bill Tozer

National Border Patrol Council head says Biden should be arrested for ‘aiding and abetting’ [If he was not the President right now]

“And when you look at our Border Patrol agents, when they are sent down there to that job, and by the way, Mayorkas was down on the border, and he saw the horses, he knew the horses were out there, and now he’s making, doing a 180.”


Bill Tozer

‘Soros-Funded Group FCC Letter Included Question on Whether to ‘Shoot’ Republicans’

“The George Soros-funded Free Press is in hot water after it submitted a leftist petition to the Federal Communications Commission that included a comment that questioned if Republicans should be shot.

The Free Press petition urged the FCC to “investigate its own history of racism and examine how its policy choices and actions have harmed black people and other communities of color.”

The petition included the following violent comment: “How come we have racist horseshit like FOX and the other ultraconservative outlets and Christians owning most of our media. What happened to separation of church and state? Are we going to have to shoot Republican[s] to reclaim our democracy?” Soros’s Foundation to Promote Open Society and Open Society Institute gave at least $4,785,000 combined to Free Press between 2004-2019 alone.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr reportedly told The Washington Free Beacon that “‘The only action the FCC should take on a request like this—one based on a comment asking whether Republicans should be shot—is to dismiss it with prejudice.’" Free Press issued a statement following the backlash acknowledging “that some violent and inappropriate language was included in the comments” of its petition. The group reportedly “withdrew the petition” after Carr denounced it.”


Learn something new everyday. Never knew that Christians own most of the media. Where have I been? I thought that was the Mews the owned most of the media, them evil Jews. :). I bet the Lefties at The Free Press are a barrel of laughs at the bar after work.

Bill Tozer

how rude to the man of the cloth.



Emery ain't going to own up to his BS. Nope, never going to happen.

I must apologize for not being around to kick Emery while he's down. A new job has taken priority. It's a real SOB of a job.
Delivering where UPS and the like refuse to. Where those who hate society now reside. The fare outback of North San Juan and points North. More washboard gravel roads than I ever thought existed.
Now where do they sell all that weed!?

It's a job, and they pay the gas.


Reading the news, The Biden admin, just ain't screwing the pooch, but the whole damned dog pond.

Good job Emery, when do you start the excuses about voting for Biden? When does the "I voted for the Green Liberation" start to fly?

Oh.. Hyena Harris managed to poll better than Biden. Because Biden now polls crappyer than her.

Hear the news Emery? Trump is beating Biden by TEN!!

No wonder your AWAL.

Don Bessee

They real do hate american citizens -



Bill Tozer

Walt @ 7:03 pm

Evening Mr. Walt. Figured you were back in the saddle. Hope your ride is comfortable. I have never met a washboard willy road I liked. Don’t kick up too much dust. :).

Brother Walt: Each time you ask where The Former News Director for taxpayer supported radio is, I think of someone saying Bettle Juice three times. As they said in Hell, Beetle Juice does not play well with others. At least in the movie.

The discredited Ponytail of Ignorance is busy. Producing something like some masked mime show or something. It takes him awhile, being in his sunset years and all. He has lost a couple steps along the way, which explains his affinity for Slow Joe. He can relate to Walking Dead Joey Fingers. He will be back the second Biden’s number bounce back two points, projecting once again the death of the R Party. I am just waiting for the death of the RINO party. They play too nice with others for my tastes.
Biden Isn’t Facing ‘Challenges.’ Biden Is The Challenge

“Biden politicized the COVID vaccines by saying he would hesitate to receive one produced by the Trump administration. Now we’re going through the second-worst wave of new infections since the pandemic started. Biden invited all of the world’s destitute to America by promising to take them in at the newly opened border. Now they’re all here.

Biden oversaw our incompetent withdrawal from Afghanistan. Now more than a dozen of our service members are dead and scores more are injured. Biden wanted to pump trillions more into our economy to keep would-be workers at home and give out goodies in hopes to reelect more Democrats. Now we’re suffocating under astronomical food and gas prices.

Biden is not a “helpless bystander” to all of this. These are not “challenges” he is facing. Biden is the accident. He is the challenge.“


Note: Maga Cuppa for no putting this in the ‘Everything Biden Touches Turns to Crap’ Sorry-Ass Biden thread over in Scattershots.


Evening Brother Bill. Learning this new gig has shown me parts of the hills I never new existed. And some wild architecture the likes never seen. A pyramid house??,,, REALLY???
Somehow I don't think they are Egyptians. I thought pyramid power was out of style decades ago.
Forests of dope.. That was expected.
No wonder mail order is big. Who wants to trash their eco buggies on miles of shitty roads? Let the delivery trucks take the beating.
The money ain't bad, but not great,, but the Company pays the fuel, and I drive the buggy home. It could be worse.

Now to see if the Preparation H expense gets covered.

Don Bessee

The upside is creepy grampa joe is pissing off he formerly loyal protectors every day. Like the sniveling dogs they are they will turn on him and it wont be pretty for the socialist dems -

Joe Biden Tells Indian Prime Minister Not to Answer Questions from U.S. Press



Don Bessee

We dont need no stinkin rules cry the socialist dems -

Feds Give Planned Parenthood Millions in Pandemic Relief After Ruling it Ineligible for Gov’t Aid
Abortion giant has received $100 million in small business loans




Punchy 1217pm

Sorry, Paul, while the AZ audit found the count was accurate, 50,000 ballots were kicked to the AZ AG, Biden's margin was 10k.


Morn'in Gregory,, It funny how "no issues found" while at the same time pointing out plenty of issues found.
“There were more duplicates than there were original ballots,”

"Logan confirmed that the count alone still showed that Biden had the most votes. A proper canvass would be needed to reconcile the multiple irregularities that indicate the ballots counted do not reflect what actually happened in the election."

” The system was “neither accountable nor was it secure,” said Cotton.

I'm sure the Emery has a perfectly logical excuse.

Yup Everything was on the up and up.... Nevermind the published discrepancies.

Paul Emery

ho humm Walt

boring repetition Deal with it-Trump the loser lost.


Well well. The real loser of Nevada Co. shows up.
So how is Prez. brain dead Doing Emery? If Biden was a horse, even the dog food plant would refuse him.

But Trump is still living COVID rent free in your head.( Extra space due to brain shrinkage.)

And 10 points ahead of Biden for the next election.

Biden nation (3RD world shithole at the border) is sure helping Biden,,, ain't it ?

BTW... you need some new material. Your constant repeating is g0ing to get you put in a Dementia home.


I just found the new SBC "ECO sales pitch"
We all remember the worm farm,, well, not so different.

"He and one of his employees have built a "vessel" they hope will usher in a more environmentally friendly era of mortuary science that includes the natural organic reduction of human remains, also known as body composting."

It should sell big in Nevada City..

Going to sign up Emery?

Bill Tozer

Looks like a split decision to me. The Dems can say Biden won and the R's can say there were problems with the election...problems that need to be addressed and fixed before the next election.

'Arizona audit flags thousands of suspect ballots, kicking issue to state's attorney general'

So, the ballots were counted correctly, but the ballots did contain violations and fraud. At least we have moved beyond "There was no election fraud, prove it!"


Bill.. Emery has yet to excuse away mail in ballots with NO FOLDS. How does that work Emery? A mailed in ballot as crisp as it came off the printer.
Just another pesky detail the Emery will ignore as usual.

Paul Emery

What poll are you citing Walt when you write: "10 points ahead of Biden for the next election"

Barry Pruett

Honestly Walt I think that Trump served his purpose. He upset the apple cart and proved that you can get away with, and be rewarded for, attacking the system, the fake news media, and the corrupt American institutions. We could use someone with a little more humor in mocking the left instead of constant in your face bull dog like trump. But for COVID and all of the mail ballots sent by election officials without any constitutional authority and that lack any chain of custody or effective verification system, Trump is still president. That said, if Trump wins the nomination again, he has my vote.

Barry Pruett

Watch Trump today. It is the same thing all the time. I want to hear what he would do differently. He stayed within the system when he was president. It is time to change the way we all think.

Some commonsense. Unlike Paul who is simply a lackey for Biden or anyone that is a democrat, we need new thought. We agree on more than we think.



re: BarryP@11:26AM

I would agree. The lesson of Trump was in exposing a corrupt system and showing 1/2 the population as being crazy (and the other 1/2 for responding to an expert marketing campaign). The Ascendance of the Holy Transsexual tells you all you need to know about most people on the Left.

>We agree on more than we think.

I would not agree with that. If we take everyone's 'good ideas', the aggregate gives you 1984. There's no telling what Paul thinks as he's simply a troll, albeit an elderly one.


Poor Emery. He thinks that all info comes from some web site.
Ever listen to the news Emery? So I piss on your link demands.
Hell. Even if you found it, you would never post it.

Trump has become a "king" maker in the political world.
Those he backs for office, are winning.

Trump has shown you LIBshits for the steaming piles you are.

So Emery,, just what real good have you sewer rats done since cheating Trump? NONE!!!
It goes from bad to worse every day.

Go ahead.. Prove that wrong, O ponytail of BS.


Notice how the emery is tomb silent on the current trillions spending desires of queen Nan? And trying to get it past with every trick in the book, and making up some new ones.

Nope, that don't seem to bother the Emery in the least.
But that won't stop him from going WAY back in time whining about old spending, but never blaming his own.

Better get back to figuring out where four speakers and a microphone get put Emery.. That's a month long project for ya'.

Bill Tozer

I bet decomposed bodies will be appearing as great nutrient additives in pot gardens in the future. Organic soil. All those microbes.
The only problem appears to be the price. One could take a short cut, bury a lib 6 feet under and plant a fruit tree over the spot for some deep root feedings. It would put the missing lib out of his misery and help the ecosystem as well. Like feeding two birds with one scone.

The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out.

Barry Pruett

Scenes @1230p

Exposing a corrupt system. I figured that government was always a little corrupt. I honestly had no idea how corrupt the deep state is. Time to clean house.

I know Russell Brand is a little weird but he does have some good thoughts. He mentions that if you want to live in a collective, go live in one. If you don’t, then don’t.

A serious reduction in the size and scope of federal authority in favor of state authority combined with freedom of movement allows California to be its socialist utopia and allows South Dakota to be a libertarian oasis. That said, we would have to agree to the scope of federal government which the socialists and the deep state would never allow. It is a discussion that we need to have and win in order to maintain the union.

Bill Tozer

@ 12:33 pm

“Poor Emery. He thinks that all info comes from some web site.”

Funny you should mention that. His go-to site has nothing to say about his hero, Joe Biden. It’s eery in its silence. Ok, one thing about the WH mandating the jab. Besides that, it’s No Joe all the time. Guess they have nothing to say about Biden. Thus Paul empty has nothing to say about Biden. Coincidence or correlation....or coordination. Paul just has to wait until he receives the memo about Biden. Or has he already received it? No Joe until further notice. Ok, fine.

-Democrat Tulsi Gabbard On Biden’s Border ‘Disaster’: Trump Policies ‘Worked,’ Must ‘Be Reinstated’

Fun news! This stuff never gets old from the Lefty culture.

HATE CRIME HOAX: Black University Employee Arrested For Allegedly Painting Racist Graffiti on School Building

NYT Attacked By Union, Progressives For Using Trans Reporters’ ‘Deadnames,’ Putting ‘Trans Colleagues In Danger’

‘Scientific American Says Jedi Are Problematic White Saviors, Practice Toxic Masculinity’




LOL Bill,, they can't fiend any "real" racism, so they have to manufacture it. It sure ain't the first time.
Jessie Smollett comes to mind. Then there was the DEM headquarter attach that was an inside job. A Black church that was torched.... By a Black guy, wanting the blame to fall on some White guy.

See a pattern yet Empty Emery?


Here.. Let me take another leak on Emery's shoes.

"According to the survey, 59 percent of GOP voters would “definitely” or “probably” vote for the former president while 32 percent said they would “definitely” or “probably” support another GOP candidate. Of those who indicated support for Trump, 40 percent said they would “definitely” support him."


Enjoy Emery,,,,

"A national Emerson College Poll found that if the two men were to go head-to-head in 2024, Trump would be slightly favored with 47 percent against Biden's 46 percent."

How are your math skills Emery?


Yup, election fraud,, despite what the Proggy Press care to say.
"Arizona Audit Proves Election Fraud despite false assertions by MSM"

"The results showed ‘57,734 ballots with serious issues were identified.’ Those ballots are far beyond the margin of victory needed to overturn the results of the election. The independent auditors recommended that ‘the election should not be certified.’

The findings of the audit by Florida-based Cyber Ninjas has many scratching their heads. They used warm fuzzy words like ‘anomalies when what they were really describing was apparent ‘irregularities’ or ‘election fraud’."

"By any means necessary",, Right Emery?

You and yours swindled Trump, and the nation is showing the results.
Enjoy living on that fixed income thanks to the brain dead dotard you supported and elected.

Bill Tozer

Walt, your polling has presented Mr. Emery with quite the quandary. It is dream come true if Trump runs again. The Dems would be shoo in and Trump will destroy the R as frosting on the beer. No downside to that scenario. He’s begging for it. Said so multiple Times.

But what if there an fly in the ointment? The best laid plans of mice and men. Trump up by 10 on a head to head. Oh Walt, Brietbart is lying. Quick, impeach Trump for the rude and disrespectful behavior he spearheaded on Jan 6.
Wonder which way Paul will respond? ‘Do it Trump, do it’ or ‘let’s shed asunder that poll’?
Visual aides:




Walt: this last one is custom ordered for Brother Walt. PS: Been pondering. A heavily padded toilet seat bottom might just fit the bill for work on Monday. Inflatable rings are unreliable for the Oval Office. Happy trails. :)



Bill. I think the masses would love to have the Trump economy back. Pure and simple.
Today, we have freeloading renters demanding free rent forever.
There there is the "why work? Uncle Sam has a printing press to give us free money."

Now don't forget how the LIBS plan on taxing us into prosperity.


Look at the bright side, after the 2022 election there may actually be evidence of impeachable offenses by Biden and Harris, and there will be a really short Biden presidency.

You reap what you sow, y'all.


Finally found a Biden rally that has any kind of a crowd.
Special delivery to the Emery.

Paul Emery

Thats not 10 % as you claimed Walt

there's this:

But Trump is still living COVID rent free in your head.( Extra space due to brain shrinkage.)
And 10 points ahead of Biden for the next election.

And this:

"A national Emerson College Poll found that if the two men were to go head-to-head in 2024, Trump would be slightly favored with 47 percent against Biden's 46 percent."

which is it Walt?


No link Emery? Go back under your bridge.
You didn't read the whole thing. Now why is that Emery?

It's fun to watch you squirm.


Hummm Trump in double digits ahead of Emery's brother.

President: general election
SEP 21-22, 2021
Rasmussen Reports/Pulse Opinion Research
1,000 LV Harris
Trump Sr. Trump Sr. +13
President: general election
SEP 21-22, 2021
Rasmussen Reports/Pulse Opinion Research
1,000 LV Biden
Trump Sr. Trump Sr. +10
President: general election
SEP 19-20, 2021

President: general election Mo.
SEP 18-20, 2021
Remington Research Group
1,014 LV Biden
Trump Sr. Trump Sr. +19


OOppss.. My bad.. Those are Sept.23 numbers.

Bill Tozer

Shotgun Joe is a bad hombre



followed by

Well, perhaps Biden’s spokeswoman speaks for Paul. I could be wrong. But, she speaks for half the nation and especially Joe’s handlers.🤠🥵

Psaki: ‘We’re A Little Tired Of’ Republicans Criticizing Us For Biden’s Border Crisis


A little tired? You ain’t seen nothing yet. A little tired will look like Easy Street soon enough.


re Walt@6:23

I'm kind of surprised by the +10 for Trump over President Potato (and +12 over his invisible friend, Ms. Harris) on Thursday, but there you have it. It's too early to care about polls in any case.

One thing the man has proven to me is the health-giving features of Big Macs and diet Cokes. I wish I had his constitution, it's really remarkable.

There's too many things that could go wrong in the meantime, but a Trump victory in 2024 would really be something. You can just imagine how many courthouses and small businesses the Party of Peace would burn down.

Paul Emery

That's one poll Walt-Rasmussen. I only respect consensus polling. Remmington is a vanity poll and not credable


sorry, that's +13 for Harris.

She's a remarkably shitty candidate though, I doubt they'd run her unless she becomes a 25th amendment President.

One thing about Biden is that he would be easy to remove. Just stick some sweaty kids in the limo and off he'll toddle.


Dance geezer, dance!! You have used them before thinking they were the gold standard. Why not now?

Many polls saying the same thing and you whine.
Hummm.. LIB polls have you in the crapper, fraud found in AZ.
(Which you REFUSE to even try to explain away.)
And all within half a year of Capt. Clueless being installed.

You think it's going to get better?🤣🤣
Your side is going downhill on skates.

DAMN Empty Emery,, you should see all the " FUCK BIDEN" banners and flags that are out there...
A Great bumper sticker as well.. "You voted for Biden? FUCK YOU too."

Maybe Biden will save a pooch for you to screw too.

Bill Tozer

side stepping the important issues of day, lets at personality characteristics, shall we?

'Majority Says Biden Isn’t ‘Mentally Sharp’: Poll'

"Though one poll does not prove anything (nor does it establish a causal relationship) it does at least suggest that his polling issues go beyond merely Afghanistan."


Who are the 43% that think One Oar in the Water Biden is sharp?? 43% think Joe's elevator goes to the top?


Well Bill,, you can add Emery to the " Biden is at the top of his game" list... So that must make the poll 44%.


So Emery won't take a header onto 49 off the overpass,
a poll he will like. (No bloody way it's accurate)
President: general election
SEP 17-23, 2021
Echelon Insights
1,005 RV Biden
Trump Sr. Biden +11

They poll the illegals down at the border?


I see relocations to nations with no extradition.
"More indictments from United States Attorney John Durham are likely on the way, said Kash Patel, former top Trump administration national security official, during a recent episode of Kash’s Corner on Epoch Times TV published Friday."

The coup conspirators are sweating bullets.

Bill Tozer

If, if, if only elephants could fly.

Biden 1994: ‘If Haiti Just Quietly Sunk Into The Caribbean … It Wouldn’t Matter A Whole Lot In Terms Of Our Interest’


Don Bessee

Instead of protecting the border he is coaching the illegals in how to game the system -



Jose Peyote

Idoits. There is no southern border to protect because there is no southern border. Get with the times, dinosaurs.

Barry Pruett

Paul: I prefer consensus polling.

Paul, I prefer accurate polling. 😂

Paul Emery

How do you determine if a poll i accurate Barry? What is your criteria?

Jose Peyote's Acme Anvil

You tell them Paul. What a Circle of Jerks.

Pollster Zogby: Biden ‘is in trouble,’ a ‘D’ for the week


Don Bessee

Oh come on @946 you forgot the money shot -

And Rasmussen Reports survey found that in a new election, Trump would beat Biden by 10 percentage points and that 1 in 5 Democrats would vote for Trump.

“There is a strong element of buyer's remorse


Barry Pruett

For the simple minded, accurate polling would be polls that correctly predict election outcomes. Duh.


Ummm... Barry, not really. An accurate poll tells you what the vote would be if it was held at the date of the poll. There is art and science behind any good polling org.

Punchy's preferred "consensus" is a dilution of good polls with bad.

Barry Pruett

Good point Gregory. I should have added a time element. My reference has been Rasmussen who in the days before the last few presidential elections has been nearly dead on. He was off like everyone a few years back but after adjustments he was again on target last time. The other polls are just bad and designed to push public opinion and group think. Case and point, RCP had Clinton and Biden winning by massive margins in the days prior to the election and that was simply not the case. Currently Biden is down by over four in the RCP which based on the crappy polls on the RCP he is more likely down by 20. Internal polling for Republicans must be really good because now they are even linking state legislative races to Biden like an albatross. 2022 is gonna be a blood bath for the Democrat communists.


Punchy Malmet…....?


Bill Tozer

Interesting (to me at least) that Black support for Biden fell 5% as soon as Sleepy Joe announced his vaccine mandate. Granted, 5% of a total demographic of 13% is not earth shaking, but it sounds like Biden is trying to put them back in chains.


Emery only like polls that say what he believes.
Truth be damned.
Has Emery EVER posted a poll that said Trump was ahead?,,, NEVER.
Emery will find the most obscure, then play the average game.. "See? Trump is behind!!"

So Emery, That poll I gave you last night that had Biden ahead by 13 give you wood?(balsa wood)


Emery. You rooting for the Repubs on this? If not your a hypocrite.

You have been whining about spending, and the Repubs are trying to curtail it.
Speak up! This is your chance to go on record about LIBS overflowing the piss pot.

Bill Tozer

short video from Dan on collusion.



Civics 101 for Emery. See who is responsible for spending?
""Let me just say we're going to pass the bill this week," Pelosi, D-Calif., said of the infrastructure bill on ABC's "This Week." "But you know I'm never bringing a bill to the floor that doesn't have the votes. And I think any time you put in an arbitrary date... you cannot choose the date, you have to go when you have the votes.""

Really can't blame Biden,, he don't even know where he's at.
"what am I signing???"

Bill Tozer

short video from Dan on Russian Collusion Hoax.


Bill Tozer

the Lefty spin. Funny how all of a sudden the libs are crying "not material to investigation' when one of their own is caught lying to the FBI. I had been crying the same thing over 'process crimes'.
'5 False Narratives About The Spygate Indictment Of Michael Sussmann"

The biggest backers of the Trump-Russia collusion hoax have already exonerated Sussmann. That fits a long pattern of them downplaying every advance in investigation into their hoax


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