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23 September 2021


Scott O

Latest from Bernie Sanders: "2 senators cannot be allowed to defeat what 48 senators and 210 House members want. We must stand with the working families of our country. We must combat climate change. We must delay passing the Infrastructure Bill until we pass a strong Reconciliation Bill."
There's 100 Senators, but Bernie can only muster 48 for his side - so "Wah! Not Fair!"
"...stand with working families" - says the guy with 3 houses.
Good grief.


A reality check for the empty Emery.
"Add to that the fact the Democrats are actually looking to lower taxes for their rich friends and contributors rich by, among other things, reinstating the deduction for state and local taxes which almost exclusively benefits the wealthy and the undeniable reality is that all Americans will find themselves footing the bill for these massive government spending projects, whether in the form of direct tax liabilities, increased prices, or reduced economic opportunity."

Yaaaa.... They really going to "tax the rich" This is where I say,, "I TOLD YOU SO".


I see Paul has no comment on the 70% tax rate under Carter.

Scott O

Walt - Nice try. Emery and his kind operate on hatred, bumper sticker slogans and basic ignorance.
I found long ago that Emery hasn't got a friggin clue what he's talking about.
As soon as you ask him to post facts and figures, he disappears.


Scott. Your quite right. Helping him on his way making an ass out of himself is enjoyable.


I think Emery owes George about 50 bucks.


This will put AGW on the back burner. Ready for a deep freeze?

A good global cooler. Plenty of volcanoes are becoming active around the globe. All that work done by the clean burning ECO buggies shot to hell.

Bill Tozer

You go girl. Make us proud.
South Dakota vs Uncle Sam.


Bill Tozer

Gotta love watching the Jacobins battle it out with the Dems showing Biden no respect. Like a potted plant covering a stain on the carpet, scrappy Joe is reduced to. The Left needs an Alpha Male, bigley. When Pushover Joe has the votes in the Senate, he don't them in the house. When he has then in the House, he doesn't have them in the Senate. Buy more popcorn and watch the mad hens really start squawking. Heck, Chuckie is as inept as Joey the Sniffer behind the school yard
Weak Joe Biden caves to loony left: Goodwin

"As Califano writes, Johnson then moved closer to his guests to deliver the final punch: “You know the difference between cannibals and liberals? Cannibals eat only their enemies.”



“And with his thin glass jaw Joseph Stolen does NOT like the disrespect. Be forwarned.”

JOE STOLEN.......?



I'm sure our poll dancer of Nevada City can back up
Sander's claim.
""The $6 trillion that I originally proposed was probably too little. Three and a half trillion should be a minimum. But I accept that there's going to have to be give and take," Sanders said Sunday on ABC News’s "This Week," referring to the $6 trillion infrastructure plan he pushed for this summer.

"Poll after poll shows what we are doing is exactly what the American people wants. It’s not what the big money interest wants, not what the lobbyist wants. It’s what the American people want," he added. "

Better get busy confiscating "the rich's" wealth.


The proggy press tries and FAILS to try and cover for Biden.
"Right after Brown gushed that his “dream came true” in the interview, fans could be heard chanting the now seemingly ubiquitous chant.

The NBC reporter did her best to cover for Biden by claiming that the fans were chanting, “Let’s Go Brandon.” But it is very clear that this is not what the fans were chanting."

George Rebane

Re PaulE’s grasp of Eisenhower and the 1950s. PaulE exhibits the standard, by-the-book misunderstanding of America’s political and economic history shared by his fellow leftwing ideologues.

1. In the depth of the Cold War with communism expanding around the globe, Ike well understood the country’s need for a military to secure America and our allies. His quoted lament was for the state of mankind that required such comparative expenditures. He never advocated forsaking our defense needs to build more schools, hospitals, etc. That part is eternally lost on the Left.
2. Ike accepted the confiscatory tax rates during his administration because he knew no one paid them for the reasons he outlined and advocated – i.e. that the wealthy were easily goaded into investments that made financial sense and were socially beneficial. This created an economy that built the middle class (not the rich) whose taxes generated the overwhelming share of government revenues to build infrastructure and maintain our military. Even with subsequently lower tax rates, the wealthy have fortuitously invested to sustain and grow a capitalistic economy that has benefitted everyone’s QoL. This enabled the growth of the black middle class, launched the age of civil rights, and panicked the Democrats who saw the long-term loss of political power to the Republicans. LBJ’s solution was to cobble together a 'Great Society' that started destroying black families and put minorities on various forms of dole to buy and lock in their votes. The expansion of this successful strategy over the decades has totally flummoxed the Republicans, who to this day don’t know how or have the courage to counter it.
3. Surmising that Ike may be a communist is beyond silly, especially misusing the “dictate to other nations their form of government …” quote. What PaulE and his ilk have totally missed is that it has been and continues to be the fundamental raison d’etre of communism to do exactly that – dictate to other nations their form of government.

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