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28 September 2021


Bill Tozer

As long as California Democrats hate Republicans more than they hate crime, homelessness, rising cost of living, poor urban schools, bad forest management, inadequate water infrastructure, “rolling brown outs,” and illegal COVID mandates, California will have these problems.


The Saga of South Central


The fellow on The Union pages yesterday is an Independent Education Management Professional with a PhD from the California Institute of Integral Studies.




George Rebane

Gregory 747am - Well, that explains it. The California Institute of Integral Studies - "Opening doors to a life inspired through degrees & certificates in psychology, anthropology, spirituality, & leadership." Would like a peek at his dissertation.


He and Ms Cook are both associated with the Nirvana County Democratic Party central committee.


"Opening doors to a life inspired through degrees & certificates in psychology, anthropology, spirituality, & leadership."

One of the things it's hard to forgive the crazy people for is the destruction of anthropology as having any kind of rigor, the rest I can forgive.

Hopefully the CIIS has degrees in homeopathy, aromatherapy, and gracile bald-guy studies.

Scott O

Ah, the subject of inflation.
I've said it before and it bears repeating:
If the same item costs more than it used to, my wallet doesn't care why - it just doesn't like it.
There's rising prices and there's inflation.
George has the correct def for inflation and the good Mr Galston flunks econ 101.
I doubt he ever took the class.
A free market will counter the higher prices caused by lack of supply by increasing the supply - if it's allowed to by the govt. The govt can cause increased prices in several ways that the free market can't control such as increased regs, mandated increased wages, increased taxes and so on.
The idea that it's “unfair and absurd” to think that corporations would pass on increased tax expenses to their customers is just the usual blather from Jen Puh-Saki. She is paid well to stand there and lie through her teeth. What bothers me is that the press just nods and passes along as gospel what ever she utters.

Scott O

The Union has served up some great 'views' lately.
Today Tom Durkin asks: "How is it that we tolerate homelessness in our midst? How is it that we are not mortified and ashamed that, in the richest country in the world, in the richest state, in a well-off county, we accept our fellow citizens living outside in the rain and cold? What’s wrong with us? How is this not a human crisis?"
Oh, the humanity!!
Yep - everyone of them was enjoying a happy productive life of hard work, sober living and domestic tranquility before some evil white man in a tuxedo and top hat got out of his limousine and threw them into the street.
Maybe Tom should revisit the fact that the Soviet Union didn't 'tolerate' homelessness either.
Homelessness is not the problem - it's just one of the symptoms of the problem.
How many Dems live in Nevada County?
What if they all invited a homeless person to live with them?

Bill Tozer

Kinda on topic. Personal antidote:

Last night I was at the Laundry Mat to wash the big stuff, something one should not try at home. Too much hair and fur. Anyway, in a corner on the floor was a rather old partly soiled looking section from the Union. Aha, I thought, maybe that is the crossword section to pass the time.

I picked up the trash (the Union section) and thumbed through it, no crossword puzzle. Darn.
But, I skimmed through the soiled pages and the first thing that popped out was the words “JoAnne Rebane! It was the first words to the first letter to the editor....blasting JoAnne Rebane. The rag was dated Feb 6 or Feb 21, probably Feb 6, 2021. I laughed and laughed and threw the section in the trash without reading it.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, has changed. It is timeless.

If I were to walk into a bar and sit down after all these years, everything would be the same from the day I walked out. Nothing would have changed, expect the faces. It’s timeless and always the same....just like dealing with the Union’s editorial section. Sad but true. Are we having fun yet?

I figure somebody started reading those letters to the editor and threw the fish wrapper away, missing the trash can. Or the wind blew it in.

Don Bessee

Everyone knows creepy grampa joe and the socialists are to blame as we roll into an election year! -

The result: There’s very little supply cushion in the U.S., and whatever is available for export as liquefied natural gas is going to be fought over — not just by desperate European importers, but also by buyers in Asia, who face an energy crunch of their own and are willing to pay a premium.

This reality is a stark change from recent years that saw a steady domestic surplus and government efforts to promote exports as “molecules of U.S. freedom.” Americans are likely to face some of their highest energy bills in years. New York-traded gas futures have more than doubled so far in 2021, and the peak-demand season hasn’t even begun. The U.S. benchmark price jumped to a seven-year high this week, and it could more than double in the next few months, according to research firm BTU Analytics.“In theory, the U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of natural gas, but the reality is we have no new gas coming online,”




db 845pm

I just got a fill for my 500 gallon (400 useful) propane tank that I heat and cook with. First time since I bought the tank that prices didn't drop from Spring to Fall. Ouch.

Don Bessee

G - There were 3 natural gas distributors in the bay area, one of them recently packed up and moved out of state so there even less competition in norcal. UGH!


Bill Tozer

Smart move filling up that propane tank in September. Smart move. Wait til it gets cold and then everybody will screaming to high heaven with a big Ouch! Cheapest is in August, but they don’t fill it up all the way to leave 20% for expansion. With the cooler and shorter day here, I'll call for a delivery tomorrow. ACE is my company. Never heard of them before. No complaints, all smooth. The only reason I picked them was they were the only propane outfit to have all the historical records of all their prices for years prior on-line. ‘Eagle something’ was the tank sitting here when I arrived. They were so nice and friendly when I called them to come pick it up. They did immediately, no problems. ACE moved it to easy access spot.

Thanks for the reminder. I got the 250 gal rental tanks so I get hit with the Dec or Jan prices. Opps. Still at 60%. We came get 100 gallons in there. Thanks why I get hit with those Dec. bills. Just in time for the holidays. :). Never mind. So you own your own tank, eh? I am jealous.

Don Bessee

Hey guys what was your price per gal?


Biker Bill

Don: Haven’t ordered yet, but it looks like today it’s 2.80.

https://www.acepropane.net/our-prices That’s .net

It don’t know if that’s the price when you order it or the price on today’s delivery. Man, Dr. R will not like this diversion off topic, no matter who started it. Time to self censor. :)

Don Bessee

BT - Its when you place the order so know your providers cycle for Ferrellgas is monday.


Bill Tozer

My delivery day is Wednesday. All my neighbors use different companies. Don’t know if two are the same. I don’t what folks use below me, but I see the Amerigas, Ferrell, and Brown go by. Know someone off 174 with ACME. Got new lines put in for free and tank location moved to new spot to meet code. So, everybody has an opinion. Never ordered with this much in the tank before. Usually call when it’s low with a week or so to spare. Two deliveries a year for the 250/Gal tank, but I got to fill them twice in 3 moths, one to get me to thru the winter to early spring, and one to get me from early spring to Thanksgiving/winter. Ouch, then ouch. Unlike Gregory, I use the propane to wash up in the tub or shower, lol.

db 845pm
I just got a fill for my 500 gallon (400 useful) propane tank that I heat and cook with.

Begin self discipline now.


I heat and cook with Propane.
I heat air and water.

Not owning your tank is foolish. Short term thinking. I bought the tank in '94 when I moved into my house.


It was $2.67 a gallon and a delivery charge of $24, disguised as a Hazmat Fee and a Fuel Surcharge, unrelated to the amount purchased. Think of it as a "Not Paying Attention Tax".

Don Bessee

So the kakler in chief's hate of israel makes those mutha mullahs happy and they make her the top of the news lead -



Don Bessee

Cryin chuck is one total POS -

Even though Schumer signed the document, his spokesperson told Politico he never agreed to it.

Joe Manchin confirms he wants a reconciliation bill worth only $1.5 trillion, saying he believes the US can't turn into 'entitlement-based society'



Scott O

DB 2:48 - re Manchin quote "...saying he believes the US can't turn into 'entitlement-based society'"
Not sure how he meant it but from here it looks like America is well on it's way to turning into an entitlement-based society.
The Dems want to speed it up and most Rs just want to slow the roll.
We'll be Britain in no time. A full 1/4 of the population living totally off of the taxpayers with no intention of providing any value to society.
And crying about it.

Don Bessee

Thank God -





Good one.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rand Paul on natural immunity



Here's a more neutral link for the exchange of Rand Paul and HHS Sec'y Becerra

I thought he was a sleaze as California AG. He was.

George Boardman

Boys, you can get rid of the horse medicine and all of Trump's quack cures now:



Posted by: George Boardman | 01 October 2021 at 01:03 PM

Loved you in that Pixar film about the floating with balloons house and the little asian boy........


The Union's own Emily Litella, George Boardman sez: "Boys, you can get rid of the horse medicine and all of Trump's quack cures now:"

Huzzah. An anti-viral which is similar to ivermectin.

Here: https://austinpublishinggroup.com/pharmacology-therapeutics/fulltext/ajpt-v9-id1149.pdf

"Pharmacodynamically, the mechanisms of anti-SARS-CoV-2 action, both of molnupiravir and ivermectin are overlapping and complimentary "

Enough, you silly old ass.


Boardman, Ivermectin is widely used and available in human pharmacies in human sized doses approved by the FDA. But you knew that.

The reason some people are turning to veterinary sources is that MD's are not prescribing it, with their medical licenses in jeopardy if they do. Even so there'd be no OD's if people knew how to parse out a human dose delivered in horse sized packages.

I tried to get the combo used in France and NYC (HCQ, Az and Zinc) when I first came down with SARS2 symptoms but my MD didn't even return my call. So I crossed my fingers, took Zinc, Vitamin D and lots of bed rest. Made it out the other side somewhat worse for wear but OK.

There is no profit in Ivermectin or Hydrochloroquine. But there will be fresh versions with full patent protection and a really big profit margin coming soon.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Boardman

A bit off topic, but I was wondering what you think of the Biden policy to not test illegals at the border for The China Virus.

Also the House Dems just blocked a bill to have illegals caught at the border to be mandated to get test.

'U.S. Officials Quietly Preparing For ‘350,000 to 400,000’ Migrant Encounters At Mexico Border In October: Report'


Scott O

Boardman 1:03 - Uh, Boardman - that's a really stale bit by now.
You know the stuff that you drink out of the tap and wash your body with?
That's horse trough liquid!
And - if you drink too much you die!
Proven fact.
I have no idea what "quack cures" Trump recommended - why don't you provide a link to Trump actually recommending "quack cures", Boardman?
Oh - that's right, you can't.
You see, folks - this is what happens when people of low intelligence read crap on the internet and spread it around with out thinking or examining the facts first.
But try again soon, Boardman - you look so cute when you pretend to be up to the task.


Has Boardman tried the rectal UV light COVID therapy yet?

Bill Tozer

Walt. It may not cure C-19, but it tamed the savage beast of roids. Don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
She would fit in perfectly in Blue CA.

'GOP Opposition To Soft-On-Crime Massachusetts Attorney Deadlocks Her Nomination'


The Estonian Fox

Possible procedural problem, not immunological problem, for bad reactions to vax.

See vid by Dr. Campbell (Brit) here:

He references this paper (done using mice), for possible explanation of the blood clots for a small number of vaccinated folks.

Prominent times: 1:00; 1:32; 10:26 – “this is exactly what we are seeing, more myopericarditis AFTER the booster dose than after the first dose.“ 11:30 to 13:30; 13:50; 17:20 to 17:30.

Human problems are showing up in the heart and liver, precisely where the mouse study showed problems.

Seems injection technique (making shot intravenous, not intramuscular) may be responsible for an unknown number of problems.

So both the British Health System & our CDC recommend NOT aspirating before injecting. Yet nurses & most pharmacists do this routinely. Except when they don't.

Bill Tozer

Update to the Marxist nominee Biden appointed for Comptroller of the currency.

‘Biden nominee removes thesis on Karl Marx from resume’
Omarova listed a paper titled "Karl Marx's Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in The Capital" on her resume as recently as 2017.

“Omarova reportedly wrote that thesis while attending Moscow State University on a V.I. Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. However, the curriculum vitae (CV) viewed by the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs did not list that paper.
Toomey demanded that Omarova hand over the original Russian-language thesis and an English version if it exists to the committee no later than October 13. "To ensure there is adequate time for translation and review by lawmakers, my Committee staff reached out to both you and staff at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) requesting a copy last month. Unfortunately, we have not received any assurances that the committee would receive a copy of the paper in a timely fashion," he wrote”........

“In a paper titled The People's Ledger, Omarova advocated for 'end[ing] banking,' as we know it," which garnered backlash from Toomey. "Ms. Omarova has called for 'radically reshaping the basic architecture and dynamics of modern finance' including nationalizing retail banking and having the Federal Reserve allocate credit," Toomey said the day following Omarova's nomination.”


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