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05 September 2021



But...but...but...TRUMP!!! Sorry PE isn't around so I had to step up 😝

Scott O

I'm sure everyone has seen this but if not -
The left wants to end 'misinformation' - what a sick joke.


Posted by: Scott O | 06 September 2021 at 08:52 AM

The left wants to end 'misinformation' - what a sick joke.

Hardly......the left desperately needs “misinformation”......what they want is to control it.

Prevent the opposition from establishing any counter narrative.

Scott O

fish - As I said - what a sick joke.
Of course they need misinformation. Along with the absence of information and the ignorant sheep that graze on that sort of pasture.
Hence the constant dumbing down of public education and the elimination of competency tests to graduate.

Bill Tozer


Steve wrote about the latest Rolling Stone fiasco here. Basically, Rolling Stone picked up a local TV news story out of Oklahoma to the effect that large numbers of Oklahomans were overdosing on Ivermectin, to the point where hospitals were turning away gunshot victims and there were no ambulances to be had. Other leftists like Rachel Maddow picked up the story and ran with it, even though it was laughable on its face. Kyle Smith also has a good review of the story, and Iowahawk and others have fun at Rolling Stone’s expense at Twitchy. I think this is pretty funny:


Breaking News: As of this posting Rechard Madcow of MSNBC refuses to take down her (his?) discredited tweet.

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 06 September 2021 at 02:30 PM

Must be another Steve...

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 06 September 2021 at 02:30 PM

Must be another Steve...

Steven Frisch

Posted by: Bill Tozer | 06 September 2021 at 02:30 PM

Must be another Steve...

Bill Tozer

oh course its another steve, steve. What, did you pull a punchy and think it was all about you?

If you tell a big enough lie that only a Lefty journalist could possibly ever believe, then you too can have your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

Bill Tozer

Steve F: Kinda sad to see the Rolling Stone gather moss. And it ain't pretty moss.

The Fainting Couch

'Judge's ivermectin ruling dismisses science and jeopardizes public health'


Jose Peyote

Warning. Public jeopardized.

Judge's ivermectin ruling dismisses science and jeopardizes public health
Ohio Capit



HEY Jose!,, Is this Emery's ongoing treatment?
"A Butler County judge ignored scientific evidence and proven patient care when he ordered West Chester Hospital to treat a seriously ill COVID-19 patient with the livestock deworming drug ivermectin. This drug, which has been proven safe and effective for treating head lice and other parasitic infections in humans, has come under intense scrutiny as it is being promoted among some as the latest COVID-19 miracle treatment. It isn't. Ivermectin is scientifically unproven as a treatment or as a preventative measure for COVID-19."

If it came from Rawstory, it must be true,, and works!

Hey Emery.. Have any good hallucinations on that stuff?
You get to take a wild trip, and never leave home.

Then again,, they might be feeding it to Biden... YA That's it!! That explains Biden's mind farts in public. "where am I?",, "which way am I supposed to go?" "salute the Marines.." "I'm not supposed to answer your questions"

Jose Peyote’

Who cares if the Invermecin story is phony. Nobody cares. The real story here is that Republicans and Trump puppets add poisonous horse dewormer to their toxic fish tank cleaner cocktail. People could die. Their is blood on your neo-Nazi hands. The lockdown is all your fault. Is Trump’s fault. That’s the real story. Can’t you see what’s going on? Trump wants to poison Americans. It’s a Jim Jones cult! The Republicans’ plan is for you to die.


Well Jose,, Got this one fur ya'.

A new record? And no assault rifle to be found.

Jose Peyote

Walt @ 7:35 pm

You idiot. Emery is not on Imvermecin. Where did you hear the rumor. Prove it with links or your a liar. Your a liar.

No, Walt, they are giving Emery a shot of tetracycline. He was seen in the livestock area at the fair.

Scott O

Joe On Peyote 8:07 - "Who cares if the Invermecin story is phony. Nobody cares. The real story here is that Republicans and Trump puppets add poisonous horse dewormer to their toxic fish tank cleaner cocktail."
Yeah, who cares that the left was once again caught lying with a stupid story that only a moron (Joe P was one of them) could believe and pass around.
Ivermectin is not poisonous and the fish tank cleaner was solely the crackpot idea of one person and had nothing to do with the Rs or Trump.
Meanwhile the Joe Biden Death Toll continues to roll.


Jose', we have it on good authority just what you did with that ultraviolet light. You just HAD to test out Trump's suggestion.
Are you walking any better yet?

Jose Peyote

Waľt you idiot. Ultra violent did not work.
I can barely get up off the toilet since drinking Trump's Clorex. Went down the wrong pipe and now my breath smells like a laundry mat. My upchucks smell like squash soaked in bleach. I have been flushing every three minutes for two days straight. Running out of toilet paper and afraid to leave my house and get too far from the tiolet. What concerns me is my water bill will be too expensive to affort. Excuse me, nature calls.

Its all Trump's fault.


I was sure the black light would kill the problem. But that's for doing the dirty work. You save a lab rat's life.

Let me guess. You didn't dilute the Clorox? You know there are Clorox chewables?

You will flush out soon enough. The end is near... News at 11..


Does Ivermectin give the same tonic finish as the aquarium cleaner when mixed with gin and a lime garnish?

Asking for a friend.

George Rebane

Gregory 1028am - Actually, in that cocktail Ivermectin has been observed to also clear up toenail fungus in 2-3 days.


In any case, a proper Rethuglican only has White Russians.

In other news, I've found just the answer for nasty little old man ponytails.

"Hidden rainbow’ hair is the perfect trend for low key pro-Biden rebels"

although you'd have to figure out how to individually dye 20 hair clumps.

Bill Tozer

Somewhere in this article might mention COVID-19, so I suppose it could be on topic. Your Lucky Strike Extra.

‘WORST Censorship in August: 5 Ways Big Tech Silenced Online Discussion’




Scott O

Just to show how unhinged the left has become:
The leftys at DK are openly laughing at third world people trying to rid themselves of parasites.
Big yucks.
It shows how far gone people become when they decide to deride a widely prescribed medicine because some one they don't like spoke about it.

Bill Tozer

‘The Highly Effective Covid Treatment Joe Biden Won’t Tell You About ‘

“Last week, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), who is without question leading the way to promote both vaccine and early care like antibody treatment, suggested some public health officials bypassed promotion of the treatment in an effort to drive behavior. Basically, officials were scared if Americans knew about the highly effective treatment, they might forgo a vaccine. DeSantis emphasized the importance of vaccination but criticized those, in his opinion, neglecting to inform the public about all their options and care.

There’s also the “Trump Factor” at play, here.

Americans probably first heard of antibody treatment from former President Donald Trump, who famously had the antibody infusion when he was infected with COVID and made a quick turnaround. At the time, the treatment was not yet available to the public, and the media bashed Trump for calling the treatment a “cure.”

Since then, the media seem timid to discuss the treatment.”


Bill Tozer

‘Oh Those Embarrassing Media COVID Corrections’
A story about Joe Rogan, Ivermectin, and completely fake news.

........“Similarly, the Associated Press had to issue a massive correction to an article falsely claiming “that 70% of recent calls to the Mississippi Poison Control Center were from people who had ingested ivermectin to try to treat COVID-19.” The real number? 2%.

Rolling Stone originally asserted that people are making “false claims” that Ivermectin “could fight COVID-19.” Never mind that researchers are still studying that. Shouldn’t we wait for their findings before some keyboard jockey at a culture magazine settles the science?

We’d say these yahoos ought to know better, but the people who really ought to know better are the ones who take these “journalists” seriously. Rolling Stone is infamous for its completely botched reporting on rape allegations at the University of Virginia. And Maddow had egg on her face for her supposed blockbuster on Donald Trump’s tax returns. That doesn’t scratch the surface of fake news over the last five years.

Anyone reporting or analyzing the news is going to make a mistake at some point. The problem is that these aren’t just mistakes; they’re deliberate lies aimed at enforcing the narrative while smearing regular Americans as idiots.”.......


Todd was right. The AP has gone down the extremely biased and unprofessional Fakenews sewer. Reported 70% and the actual number is 2%????? That is not even in the same universe.

Joe Peyote’s Acme Anvil

Where is Walt? Walt, you idiot.

I spent the day in ER. A good dose of horse dewormer worked great for my worms. The drug cleaned out my intestines beautifully, better than the juice one takes before a colonoscopy. A fantastic colon scrub. I felt great for the first time since drinking extra strength Clorox with added solvents. Found the special Clorox in the deck washing section. Won’t do that again, ever. Trump is killing people.

I figured if one big dose of horse dewormer in the privacy of my studio could take care of those nasty parasites in my stools, what would ten big doses do? I found out. I felt like my bowels became detached from my plumbing. The ER doctors literally saved my live.

I hate Trump. It’s all his fault.

Bill Tozer

Well, the Leftists (media) went all goggly eyed when Joe Rogin came down with The Chinese Plague. They could not contain their euphoria. Then they were all disappointed and had their smiles wiped from their faces when Rogin recovered, and much to soon for their tastes. No accounting for taste, I reckon.

‘Joe Rogan: I Literally Got Ivermectin From A Doctor’


Don Bessee

Are you kidding!?!?!?! Only creepy grampa joe would mandate vaccines and exclude illegals! -




Of course not Don, Gotta have plenty of carriers for the variants to mutate. It's all about control. Big pharma has to make new vaccines to keep the FED money piling up.

Bill Tozer

The Enemy of the People strikes out. 0-3, you are outta here.

‘News Outlet Retracts Story Claiming Ivermectin Causes Male Infertility, Third Time Media Has Failed To Accurately Cover Drug’


The Estonian Fox

From your own Imperial Valley, more info on ivermectin off-label use.



re: vaccines, not a bad run through.

short version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmy8znrLPc0
long version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNyAovuUxro


re: The Estonian Fox@3:22

That led me to this.


Don Bessee

I have to agree its best they phoned it in -

The president met Saturday with members of the fire department that responded to the United 93 crash, which was brought down on Sept. 11 by passengers who rushed their hijackers.

During a brief interaction with the press, the president asserted the victims of the attacks would likely be confused and disappointed by the voters who don’t like him. Biden also complained there’s no use in trying to fight al Qaeda wherever it has a foothold, which is a hell of a thing to declare in Shanksville on Sept. 11.

“What I’m thinking about today is what these people who — and I’ve got a piece of — a small piece of one of the beams they have — they gave me last time — or not last time, but how many times ago — and the flag they gave me,” Biden told reporters Saturday in Shanksville, explaining how he plans to unify the country. “And I’m thinking of, you know, what — what — of the people who died, what would they be thinking? They think it makes sense for us to be in this kind of thing, where you ride down the street and someone has a sign saying ‘F so and so’? Or — it’s not who we are.”

A reporter also asked Biden a broad, no-pressure question.

“Mr. President, what is going through your mind today, sir?” the reporter asked.

Biden could have answered this in any number of ways. He could have responded with something straightforward and to the point. He could have responded with something poetic, something with some flourishes. He could’ve given something moving, something from the heart. After all, “empathy” is his supposed superpower. What Biden offered instead was a complete mishmash of free-form stream of consciousness, jumping from one topic to the next, giving us a glimpse into what a live address likely would’ve looked like.

“I’m thinking about my — for real, this is my fourth trip here. And I was thinking about a guy named Davis Sezna that I grew up with, who, like a lot of people, are probably having a tough day today," Biden responded. "He — I was sitting at home watching television in 2000 and — 2000, in September, and I was watching TV, and my kids were in the swimming pool just outside, and — and all of a sudden came on TV this guy sitting on a bank in the — on the Delaware and Chesapeake Canal."

He added, “And he — and they said he just lost his son that ran into a beam that was coming up in the D&C Canal that had been there from another, I guess, dock. And his — he lost his 15-year-old son, Teddy. And he’s on the phone, and all of a sudden, my phone rings, and he’s calling me. It turned out to be my buddy, Davis Sezna, because he knew I had lost — anyway.”

Buckle up. There are roughly 700 more words to his response:

And then, a year later, I got a call. His son was on the 106th floor, and he lost his son. And they called him “Deeg.” He was Davis Jr. And so, it’s a tough day for him and everybody who’s lost somebody. And, you know, I know you’ve heard me say it before, and I’ll probably get criticized for saying it again, but these memorials are really important, but they’re also incredibly difficult for the people who were affected by them — because it brings back the moment you got the phone call. It brings back that instant you got the news, no matter how many years go by. So I’ve been thinking about him. I’ve been thinking of all the people I was — when I was down at the rock, talking to a number of family members who lost somebody. You know, think about it — talk about genuine heroism. I’m not talking about any — I’m not talking about the news media now. But think of all of you, if you’re on that plane, knowing two terrorists are in the cockpit. How many would say, “I got a good idea: Let’s go up and rush that cabin”? Even though you knew that probably they were going to do something and you were going to lose anyway. But it’s one thing to say, “I know I should step up,” and another thing to do it. That’s genuine heroism. That’s not “on the margins.” That’s not “maybe you did a heroi-…” I mean, you know. And I just — I just think — I thought that President Bush made a really good speech today — genuinely good speech — about who we are. We’re not — the core of who we are is not divided. It’s just this notion of — I don’t know how to explain it. I think, Jeff, I talked to you a little about this. I think the real issue for those kids that — just had a picture taken with — couple of them had Trump hats from last year — I think, for them, it’s going to be: Are we going to, in the next 4, 5, 6, 10 years, demonstrate that democracies can work, or not? Because I had — just had a long — I’m not going to discuss with you now, but I had a long conversation with President Xi for over an hour and a half — not last night; the night before last. And I’ve had that one-on-one summit with Putin. And I’ve spoken with others. There’s a lot of autocrats who truly believe that democracies can’t function in the 21st century. Not a joke.

They think because the world is changing so rapidly and people are so divided, you can’t bring people together in a democracy to get a consensus, and the only ones that are going to be able to succeed are the autocrats. That’s why it’s so damn important we demonstrate — everybody says, “Biden, why do you keep insisting on trying to bring the country together?” That’s the thing that’s going to affect our wellbeing more than anything else: how the rest of the world responds to us — knowing that we actually can, in fact, lead by the example of our power again. And I think we can do it. We got to do it. And so it’s all tied. And meeting with these people — you know, I know you’re all tired of hearing me say, you know — a lot of good folks on Wall Street, but they didn’t build the country. Hardworking middle-class folks built this country, and the unions built the middle class. It’s about time we start showing them some real respect again. And that’s why I’m hopeful. I know a lot of you think I’m just always too optimistic, but I think we’re going to get major pieces of legislation through, both on a bipartisan basis, and I think we’re going to get something done consequentially — consequential on the whole issue of dealing with human infrastructure. And we do that — it’s more than just how it’s going to grow the economy in an exponential way near-term, but the rest of the world is going, “Whoa. How did he do that? I thought they didn’t talk to each other.” Anyway, you asked what I was thinking. That’s what I’ve been thinking about today.

Good Lord. I can see why the White House went with a pre-taped address.

This type of rambling, tortuous answer is something one would expect from former President Donald Trump. What’s disconcerting here is that Trump has always spoken in long-winded, meandering asides. It’s his style. Biden hasn’t. The president used to be sharp, polished even.



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