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01 October 2021


The Estonian Fox

George, perhaps the better argument, in light of the times, is that arsonists cause an insurmountable, premature release of the carbon content of the trees that are burned. Hence contributing to the man-made global warming that EVERYONE KNOWS will result in the rapid demise of us all.

Probably makes more sense to the majority of Cali residents.

George Rebane

Efox 510pm - You have compelling point there.


Way back when I was a volunteer fire fighter in my neck of the woods, there was an arsonist within our own ranks.(but wasn't within OUR dept.)
A dude at another dept. was the evil doer. His tool of choice
were highway flairs.

He was eventually caught and prosecuted. Back then 80% of arson fires were done by firefighters.( or so it was told)


lol. George stirred up something of an ant nest on the Union I see. I had to answer ten questions to see the article (I always answer the first choice) so it must have been important. Side note: newspaper websites are practically unreadable nowadays. I'm not sure that building an economy on surveillance advertising is such a great idea.

I basically assume that fires are started by lightning and occasionally by PG&E if they are in BFE. If closer to town, it's a person. It they don't have details on the person (ie. it was some fool burning yard waste) it was a homeless person. Since the homeless are treated with kid gloves, those stories are always always buried.

I personally expect that the town killin' fire in this area will spring from a homeless camp, it's just common sense. It's a pity that politics always overcomes reason. I guess if it isn't the homeless, it'll be fire shooting up one of the holy watersheds that you can't clear. Simply blame Trump and Global Warming and everything will be fine.


The fact that most wildfires are man-made or perhaps women-made as is the case in the fawn fire in Redding will be quickly forgotten. It is easier to feed the BS of anthropogenic global warming, er I mean climate change as the cause of all wildfires to the brainwashed kiddies.

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