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27 October 2021



Ron Lowe is pushing 90. Nice tie-dyes.


"Ron Lowe is pushing 90. Nice tie-dyes."

I think more like pushing 80, not very robust.

A quick google of the name and place shows an absolutely astounding number of letters to the editor all over the country. Good Lord. If he was more mobile I strongly suspect he'd be at every public meeting yelling about Precious Bodily Fluids.


You have acreage?.. You must be a racist!

Bill Tozer

The real problem with the Biden economy is the evil Republicans and Independents have noticed how lousy it is.

‘Politico: The real issue in this lousy economy is all the Republican pouncing to come, you know’



Liberal Minds on Display #4, or George's OV in The Union today;

George, you put the mindset of The Union as "medieval"... A medieval bent?

Unfortunately, no. Their bent seems entirely Critical Theory/postmodernist to me at the moment... and that's worse. Postmodern, postratioal.

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