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06 October 2021



‘Victory For Parents As Judge Sides With Loudoun Parents, Against Prosecutor On School Board Recall’

Bill Tozer

But of course. They own your kids. Er, your children belong to the Lefty autocracy tyranny now. Parents are not to co-parent with teachers. Ex nay.

‘Biden Appoints Avowed CRT Supporter To Education Dept’

, “The Biden administration claims CRT doesn’t exist, then appoints a CRT activist to the Department of Education and sics the FBI on parents who oppose their poisonous ideology. The backlash against CRT started because Democrats are obsessed with inserting politics in the classroom, where it doesn’t belong. Appointing a political activist to an agency that’s responsible for kids’ education is a slap in the face to parents across the country.”

Hopes the new Education Department Communications hire keeps her mask on. Looks better on her with it. BTW, the DA of Cook County, IL is one who should never be seen in public without a mask covering her neanderthal mug fo sure. Justice for Jussie Smollett:! Justice for Kim Foxx.

Bill Tozer

re: Merck's new miracle drug
Matt Taibbi:

'Did Political and Media Bias Stall the Release of Merck's New Covid-19 Drug?'

Former HHS officials say they tried to accelerate funding for what became Merck's new "miracle" drug last year, but were blocked. How culture-war stupidity may have cost "tens of thousands" of lives

Bill Tozer

'Man Dies From COVID-19 After Hospital Rejects Court Order For Ivermectin: Report'

“Each of those times we were successful and those people went home. In this situation we sued, we got a court order and the hospital refused to administer the Ivermectin,” the attorney explained.

Don Bessee

He is not wrong -



Speaking of domestic terrorists, the Senate Judiciary Committee's final report on the insurrection is titled "“Subverting Justice: How the Former President and His Allies Pressured DOJ to Overturn the 2020 Election,” -- read all about it


Posted by: Roberta Xaviera Cross| 07 October 2021 at 11:02am all about it

Meh.....a political report from a wildly partisan democratic senate......while the DOJ case dissolves more every day.

No need to waste time on that Bertie.

Steven Frisch

"‘Domestic Terrorists’ is the DoJ’s new designation for parents and citizens attending local school board meetings to protest teaching Critical Race Theory, gender-bending, and revisionist history to young students. The FBI, acting more like the STASI every day, will be investigating and arresting Americans who still believe that the state does not own their children."

Having attended numerous public meetings in the region in the past 5 months, including Boards of Supervisors, City Councils, and school board meetings, I have to say that the level of violent and threatening rhetoric is completely out of hand, and people making direct threats to public officials should be arrested and prosecuted.(
Open the inane "whataboutsim" floodgate.)

No one is teaching Critical Race Theory, it is a completely made up issue. Teaching the history of African Americans is not critical race theory. No one is forcing your precious children to change genders, they are demanding equal consideration for their kids who may have a different definition of their gender. No one is revising history, your interpretation of history is not the only version of history.

I sat in three meetings over the last 3 months in Nevada County where citizens directly threatened the safety of public officials...those people who made the threats should be arrested.

That ain't the Stasi, it is the rule of law; which "conservatarians," conservatives, Republicans, and Trump cult followers are rapidly turning their backs on in this country...which is why I routinely call all of you here who follow Rebane's Völkischer Beobachter a bunch of anti-American, neo-facisct, idiots.

George Rebane

Re 1110am -


"...which is why I routinely call all of you here who follow Rebane's Völkischer Beobachter a bunch of anti-American, neo-facisct(sic), idiots."

The irony, it burns.

"Don't write naughty words on walls if you can't spell "
-T. Lehrer


Posted by: Steven Frisch | 07 October 2021 at 11:10 AM's RR's favorite overcompensating German guilt guy again.....just love that guy!

Scott O

Frisch responds with the usual left-wing refusal to address the point.
First of all - "No one is teaching Critical Race Theory, it is a completely made up issue."
Except for the ones who are teaching CRT.
I find it more than amusing that if I am against CRT it proves I'm racist and moreover it doesn't exist.
"Teaching the history of African Americans is not critical race theory."
No one has said it is. What is your point, here?
"No one is forcing your precious children to change genders,..."
See above - same windmill tilting.
"No one is revising history,..."
Oh yes they are. See the 1619 Project for a start. It has been shown to be full of false statements and inaccuracies.
As far as violence and threats of violence at various board meetings. It happens all the time. We have folks called the local police and sheriffs that handle the situation.
CNN showed videos of mothers making impassioned speeches with zero violence or threat of violence as "examples" of what they school boards are talking about. The school boards simply don't want to face their bosses and get an earful.
Bringing in the Justice Dept is completely over the top. They have zero jurisdiction in these totally local matters.
That happens to be "the law" Frisch.


I love copying from Britannica, makes me feel like a kid a'gin:

"Max Horkheimer, (born February 14, 1895, Stuttgart, Germany—died July 7, 1973, Nürnberg), German philosopher who, as director of the Institute for Social Research (1930–41; 1950–58), developed an original interdisciplinary movement, known as critical theory, that combined Marxist-oriented political philosophy with social and cultural analysis [mis-]informed by empirical research."

It's Marxist storytelling, and the piece Slapsy Maxy wrote was "Traditional and Critical Theory".

I prefer Traditional American history, and Zin to Zinn.


George 11:49 --LOL. Breitbart is hardly a reliable source unless you want to believe bullshit.

11:08 -- you are right.. why read it, why care about the truth in the first place.. just keep your head in the sand where it is more comfortable and everything will be alright..


Posted by: Roberta Cross | 07 October 2021 at 01:14 PM

….. why care about the truth in the first place

Looking for “truth” in the US Senate……? You are a funny girl Bertie!

Bill Tozer

re: My Mother did not wear combat boots. Maybe Jo Mama did.

Throughout my entire adult life, the cause of “women’s rights” has been in the forefront of politics, law, and social thought. But as of 2021, there are no longer any “women.”

“So if there are no longer any “women,” why do we still need “feminism”? In fact, in our new dispensation isn’t “feminism” itself a bigoted term?”

Bill Tozer

re: Garland’s memo, second half of article.


George Rebane

In the small minds department @ 1114pm - again the messenger is impugned with no consideration, let alone comprehension of the message. To discard the report it would be more compelling to first demonstrate that you understood it, and then showed how it was false, thus dealing the desired blow to both message and messenger. But the road taken illustrates once again the futility of attempting to bridge the chasm.

Bill Tozer

Re: Parents and grandparents as Domestic Terrorists.

Heads up. Fasten your seat belts. This is big. Big scandal, coordinated by teachers unions, The AJ, Department of Justice National Security Division, the WH and more. Give it a day to break.

Bill Tozer


'Critical Race Theory’s new disguise'

A rebranded campaign for 'equity' is just as divisive

Scott O

I've posted about this new book before, but here's the latest look at her attempt to admit that the lefty academia is going overboard on their attempts at silencing information that doesn't fit their closed-minded world view.
She is admitting they are going to screw the pooch for the lefty view that society needs to have everyone end up all equal.
She is hung between what she suspects is true and what she would like to be true. And, of course, she wants it both ways.
Harden is an excellent example of an intelligent person that is willing to fudge facts if it means she can consider herself more moral because of it.
And on top of that she has to warn her compadres that they need to start admitting at least SOME of what they advocate is rubbish and if they don't admit it, it will wake folks up to the fact they're being lied to.
This may seem to be a bit in the weeds but believe me - this stuff is the behind the scenes activities of the people that come up with all the bull shit that ends up being public policy and law. I give her some credit for at least trying to be a bit honest, but in the end she will be buried because she has her feet on 2 different realities and is naive enough to think her 'friends' will stick with her.

Bill Tozer

The Biden administration pretends to perceive a threat of “domestic terrorism” when angry parents show up at school board meetings to demand answers as to why their young children have to wear masks all day and be taught that America is racist. Meanwhile, angry mobs who actually terrorize conservative politicians and harass a center-left one are subjects of benign neglect from Team Biden.

Rand Paul’s wife has had enough of this. Kelly Paul tweeted:

“A mob held us hostage for ten minutes, spitting on and threatening to kill us. No charges! Fake anthrax and death threats sent to our home. No charges! Now just learned the person who called Rand’s Senate office threatening to shoot us will not be charged. I’m exhausted and angry.”

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

Sen. Paul added:

“The punk who assaulted the policeman defending my wife and I in DC went free but the Biden Admin. labels concerned parents as “domestic terrorists”?”

That’s “healing,” Biden administration style.

(more @)

George Rebane

BillT 908pm - And the SteveFs of the world know not anything of this (at least of what they will admit).


lol. Nice.

"Anybody Fighting Joe Biden Is Helping Trump’s Next Coup All Republican politics is now functionally authoritarian."

Seriously, those are the kinds of words that come from people who are trying to gin up the courage and organization to build gallows. Keep an eye on any largish wood orders by the 420th NC Volunteers.

Scott O

Love it!
"Anybody Fighting Joe Biden Is Helping Trump’s Next Coup All Republican politics is now functionally authoritarian."
Looks like the left has given up even trying to deny what a failure 'Go Brandon' is.
So just pivot to the tactic of scorched earth.
"If you say anything against us - you're evil!"
"Next coup..."??
Wasn't aware there ever was one in the first place.

Bill Tozer

re: social media

'What Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen really wants: more censorship of conservative views'

Bill Tozer

Mom is a terrorist
Digest this; violation of 1st and 4th Amendments. Government conspircy, collusion, misuse of Patriot Act, etc

"Biden Administration Caught Colluding to Silence America's Parents. Mark Levin Has the Receipts.'


This is how "build back better" is supposed to be?
"President Joe Biden turned his back on reporters and walked away as they shouted questions on Friday following his remarks on a bleak September jobs report.

Biden, speaking from the controversial set across the street from the White House, offered his signature "may God protect our troops" closing line before quickly exiting as reporters yelled questions over each other.



re: BillT@11:17

Your pjmedia link led me to this:

Since, of course, due to unequal outcomes in terms of race, the gifted programs get the axe.

However, I have a super brilliant solution. In order to avoid the problem of disparate results due to income level, test coaching, etc. we simply use IQ tests for school placement. You can assume that the less well-educated can be brought up if they are smart.

There are plenty of test varieties that don't require education, and quite a few that don't require language skills.

No doubt the demographics of the results would exactly mirror the demographics of the city as all humans are identical.

I mean, seriously, this is the way to go. No one should complain. Next up will be their use in college entrance requirements and corporate workerbee intake.


"'What Facebook ‘whistleblower’ Frances Haugen really wants: more censorship of conservative views'"

Well of course. Orange Hitler is still on the prowl. I did like G. Greenwald's notion that Facebook *wants* more government-forced censorship. It not only keeps the rank 'n file's feelings from being hurt but (more importantly) it serves as a moat for any new social media company. It takes serious software and infrastructure to censor a large site.

I doubt he's with it enough to imply anything.

I went hunting for this, but it was surprisingly hard to search for:

"'Even with the assistance of an autocue' Biden is 'utterly incoherent'"

just for the lulz, but I need to mention another thing.

I went hunting for a meme when the subject of Biden nipple-twisting came up yesterday. He's holding a male infant rather oddly and there's a funny tagline.

The thing is that a (I think) well-constructed search led nowhere on Google. Every single GD image result on Google led to New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, etc. plus a couple of Blue Mob op-ed sites. Every...single...result. For pages.

If you went to Yandex (Russian) or Bing (Microsoft, like Russia but less charming) you got expectable results. Hunter Biden dick pics, 4chan memes. Google? 100% Blue State major league MSM websites.

Somebody threw a switch somewhere while I wasn't looking. It's super noticeable.


scenes 1237pm, you misunderstand. That's only for the proles.

when filtered for status, at private k-12, the self appointed elites get the accelerated programs as needed.


re: Gregory@1:14PM

I was thinking in terms of those NYC higher-end public schools. Heck, you'd think that the very elite would simply hire tutors as in days of yore.

But I have to hold myself with laughter thinking of the uproar you'd cause by using an IQ test as a gate-keeper for the Bronx Super Duper School of Technology and Learnin'. I'll bet I could guess pretty closely what the student body would look like.

Bill Tozer


"We have written about the National School Boards Association’s letter to Joe Biden asking for federal help against an alleged epidemic of violence against school boards, and about Attorney General Merrick Garland’s response to that request, a memo to the FBI dated just five days after the NSBA’s letter to Biden. When Garland’s masters say “jump,” he jumps.

Glenn Reynolds weighs in at the New York Post:"


JHK pretty much sums it all up.

Bill Tozer

re: Oct 9 update, the pool everyone but the leftinista media and Dems are gabbibg about. Don't forget CRT!

'Revolution has come to America'

Bill Tozer

The lying left would eat their own children to preserve their ideology and narrative.

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