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16 October 2021


Bill Tozer

'Top Four Must-See Moments From The Senate Judiciary’s Questioning Of AG Merrick Garland'

Here are the top four moments from Wednesday's hearing that make Garland's role in authorizing the DOJ to investigate parents for alleged violence and terrorism even clearer


Bill Tozer

wow. Half? Won't take much now to bring it up to 70% think Dr Fauci is a friggin liar and should resign

'Poll: Fauci lied, resign'


Don Bessee

With just days to go in VA the dem can not draw a crowd at multiple events. ROFLOL -

McAuliffe draws tiny crowds as campaign enters final stretch
Photos emerge of McAuliffe speaking to just a handful of people



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe already lost the burbs -

Overall, 63 percent of suburban voters say the country is on the “wrong track” under Biden, and 69 percent of independents hold that view. The majority also gives Biden sour job approval ratings — 53 percent disapproving and 45 percent approving.

A plurality say Biden’s radical “Build Back Better” agenda will hurt the economy, compared to 44 percent who believe it is needed. The three point difference is outside the survey’s +/- 2.82 percent margin of error.

When asked about the Democrats’ original $3.5 trillion spending bill, 62 percent expressed opposition, and of those, 54 percent say they “strongly” oppose it. A majority, 65 percent, also say they believe “overly generous welfare and unemployment benefits are preventing people from looking for work despite job openings due to the fact that the government is paying them to stay home.”

The survey also asked suburban voters about their opinion on Critical Race Theory being taught in schools. Fifty-eight percent said CRT should “not be taught in schools because school children should not be told they are inherently racist simply because of the color of their skin.”

In another section, the survey examined suburban voters’ opinions on Biden’s handling of the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. Overall, 59 percent said the withdrawal was “an unfortunate example of incompetence by the Biden administration.”

Another key finding includes the fact that a majority, 56 percent, blame Biden for the increased amount of illegal immigration in the country.



Don Bessee

Queen of the shithole gets booed off stage at a union fundraiser OUCH! LOL -

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot drowned out by boos at union fundraiser
'Almost deafening,' one attendee said



Don Bessee

The brits let too much truth about their plans slip out to the public -

A government research paper recommending people "shift dietary habits" towards plant-based foods has been hastily deleted.

The paper focuses on changing public behaviour to hit climate targets and also suggests promoting domestic tourism and portraying business travel as an "immoral indulgence".

The Behavioural Insights Unit, also known as the Nudge Unit, wrote the document.

The unit is most known for its role in the design of the sugar levy and early comments on the pandemic "herd immunity" strategy

The Behavioural Insights Unit made a recommendation, following the example of the sugar levy, with a tax on producers or retailers of "high-carbon foods" to incentivise plant-based and local food diets.

It suggests "building support for a bold policy", such as a tax on producers of sheep and cattle meat.

However, it states that an "unsophisticated meat tax would be highly regressive".

The research paper also says the government can begin to get people used to the idea of plant-based food through its spending at hospitals, schools, prisons, courts and military facilities.

It also states a "timely moment to intervene" in changing diets could be to target people attending university or first-time renters.



Don Bessee

A terrorist cell living happily in communist venezuela -

The unnamed hackers told Israel Hayom that they had received help from defecting former socialist officials to access secret files belonging to the regime’s Directorate General of Military Counterintelligence (DGCIM). The agency, they alleged, kept a database of Hezbollah terrorists who had entered the Latin American country under the auspices of a “government language studies program,” many of them residing on tropical Margarita Island. The hackers go by the name “HDP,” the Israeli newspaper reported.




So Biden did learn something from "O".

How to *uck up the economy.


An update for "no voter fraud" Emery.

"Arizona Attorney General Opens ‘Formal Investigation’ Into 2020 Election: Will ‘Hold People Accountable For Breaking The Law’"

"“Some of that report is inconclusive and so we will have supplemental reports coming,” Fann said. “And the reason why it is inconclusive is because Maricopa County did not turn over the routers, did not over the splunk logs. They have now admitted before Congress that they deleted files the day before everything was supposed to be turned in and over to us.”

“They admitted in Congress that, actually, they said that they had to delete them to make room for an upcoming election,” she continued. “However, congressmen then pointed out that there were still elections on the server from previous – before 2020, and they couldn’t explain why that was.”"


It's interesting to watch a disaster move ever closer.

"Taiwan's President says the threat from China is increasing 'every day' and confirms presence of US military trainers on the island"


A person could argue that the War Party is on the march and that the incredibly clumsy retreat from Afghanistan was purely done to free resources for their new hobby project. Hopefully Admiral Rachel (Richard) Levine will be on hand to lead the 420th Volunteers to victory.

Of course, any increase in saber-rattling with China will have absolutely no planning in terms of disengagement in terms of supply chain. Everyone had better get used to repairing their own shoes and making car parts in their backyard like they pull off in Cuba.


Speaking of Ms. Levine, I've got a birthday coming up and thought of the perfect gift someone could here might give me.

My wish is to be appointed a temporary dogsbody to the Admiral and go with him/her to some military bases. Camp Pendleton is driving distance and I would dearly love to watch everyone salute the newly minted O-10.


'someone here might give me.'

(typepad, worst software evah)


Doing God's work.

"Uhuru March for Reparations"

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is replicating the 70's -

Economic growth rate slows to 2% on a sharp slowdown in consumer spending





"WASHINGTON—The Biden administration is in talks to offer immigrant families that were separated during the Trump administration around $450,000 a person in compensation, according to people familiar with the matter, as several agencies work to resolve lawsuits filed on behalf of parents and children who say the government subjected them to lasting psychological trauma."



Give me a chance to move some investments around and I'll be all for it. Just for entertainment value, the awesome stupidty of the modern progressive is it's own reward.

Maybe a cool million/person is the right amount.

Don Bessee

I see a plea in the near term -




I wonder if there are tour buses who do the Democratic strongholds.

81% Biden voters.



Don Bessee

Campaigning with the kakkler in chief and creepy grampa joe in VA had a big impact, just not the one they hoped for -

McAuliffe receives 45 percent to Youngkin’s 53 percent in a new Fox News survey of Virginia likely voters. Youngkin’s eight-point advantage is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error.

That’s a big shift from two weeks ago, when McAuliffe was ahead by five, 51-46 percent



Bill Tozer

Send his sorry ass to Devil’s Island along with Fauci.

‘Merrick Garland has proved himself unfit for Supreme Court — but he shouldn’t be AG either’


Don Bessee

Looks like someone is expecting to lose -

"There are a host of election lawyers but McAuliffe selected an attorney accused of lying to the media, advancing rejected conspiracy theories, and currently involved in a major federal investigation that has already led to the indictment of his former partner," Turley wrote.

"McAuliffe may be preparing to challenge any win by Republican Glenn Youngkin," he wrote on Twitter.

Fox News reached out to the McAuliffe campaign for comment on Turley's suggestion. McAuliffe spoksperson Christina Freundlich responded to the email with a message apparently meant for colleagues, not for Fox News.

"Can we try to kill this," Freundlich wrote.



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe sold out europe to vlad when we could be supplying LNG to the europeans -




lol. These truly are the end times.

"Trigger warning: This article contains references to eating disorders.

GBBO's Prue Leith faces backlash for 'triggering' comments
The Great British Bake Off star sparked mass debate"



lol. oh man. somewhat nsfw.

"Memes are evolving."


"Do you marvel, as I do, at this malignant hive organism — arguably worse than the Covid-19 chimera virus — that calls itself “Joe Biden?” The personage of that name is a mere effigy, of course, like one of those grotesque mummies hoisted above the mob in a religious procession from some primitive cannibal kingdom. It’s the mob itself that actually matters, though, the twerking parade of Woke-Progressive Democrats, because it is bent absolutely on rooting out, punishing, and torturing its perceived enemies, which in this case are about half the people in the country. That’s really all it seeks to do. It has never been about anything else, because, get this: the Woke mob is insane."


Bill Tozer

The Vox Formula: Telling Privileged People What They Already Believe

NY TImes Dismisses Parental Concerns on Education: 'Angry and Threatening....Frantic Republican Alarms'


And so much more.


Boy, is Joyless Reid flipping out that De Santis has the lowest SARS 2 rate in the nation. Unhinged.

Bill Tozer

That is one bitch that I would gladly give the ole tomahawk chop to buried deeply in her/it’s forehead....for fun and for free.


See no difference between her and the unhinged Nevada City 420 brigade at the Union

Bill Tozer

‘Wisconsin Elections Commission ‘Shattered’ Laws By Telling Nursing Home Staffers To Illegally Cast Ballots For Residents’

One of the family members said his mother would ask him who he was, meaning she didn't recognize her own son. She hadn't voted since 2012 -- yet MyVote Wisconsin revealed she voted twice in 2020.



"McAuliffe receives 45 percent to Youngkin’s 53 percent in a new Fox News survey of Virginia likely voters. Youngkin’s eight-point advantage is outside the poll’s margin of sampling error."

lol. If they wanted to fund a false flag, you'd think they'd spend more than a dollah fitty.



more on the 420th Volunteers, doin' their thang in Virginia.



Don Bessee

Looking liker a clean sweep in ol verginy -

The same survey showed Winsome Sears and Jason Miyares — the GOP’s candidates for lieutenant governor and attorney general, respectively — ahead of their Democratic opponents. In a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans, Youngkin’s lead is entirely attributable to his 17 point advantage with independents.




Looks like I gotta change my alter ego.. From Dirtmover,, to Dirt Maker. Making planting dirt now. It's a stinky job, but the pay is good. Composting wood and veggie matter on an industrial scale. Some pretty cool equipment to operate, and no deadlines.


Here is an "OH shit!" moment for those who say there was no voter fraud.

"Wisconsin Election officials did not accidentally break these laws. This was not sloppy mismanagement of elections or criminal incompetence. This was a coordinated plot to subvert election laws and steal the Wisconsin election. In other words, criminal malfeasance."

"Based on just nursing home abuses and election fraud, there could be as many as 50,000 – 100,000 fraudulent ballots cast in Wisconsin during the 2020 election. Biden supposedly won the state by 20,682. This is more than enough fraud to have changed the outcome of the election.

The Wisconsin Election Commission orchestrated a criminal and fraudulent election. The sheriff has said that he is referring the crimes to the Racine District Attorney, Patricia Hanson. Hanson is an elected Republican and will be called upon to prosecute these crimes. At the same time, the Wisconsin legislature has more than enough evidence to show that the results certified in 2020 are fraudulent and must be decertified. It’s incumbent upon the Republican state legislature to stand by the laws they pass and not allow criminal activity to overrule law and order. The Wisconsin State Legislature is primed to decertify their election."

Bill Tozer

Greetings Ladies, Gents, and assorted scum bags. Let’s see what I missed on this beautiful burn day in God’s Country

Hmmm. Well, hell hath froze over:

1) BREAKING: Portland Antifa member indicted over 2019 Andy Ngo attack
Footage from the incident shows John Colin Hacker stealing Ngo's phone at a 24 Hour Fitness after dumping a liquid on....


2) More White Devils (males are the worse kind of white devils)

‘All White Men Nominated For Science Award, So Committee Refused To Pick Any Of Them’


3) Former Soros Activist Explains How Progressive Policies Ruined San Francisco


4). Buchanan: ‘Who Decides What Kids Should Be Taught?’

5). Bonus Headline: ‘Legal Experts Say Kyle Rittenhouse Has Strong Self-Defense Claim’


Now wait a minute. The driver was just fulfilling customer satisfaction.
I could think or worse things to get fired for.
Like being Joe Biden.

Don Bessee

Looks like it all over in VA the kkk was a democratic institution after all -




Don Bessee

Now that's funny! -



Bill Tozer

You are the problem. Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

‘You are the problem': AT&T tells white staff they are racist, asks them to confess their 'white privilege' and to promote Defund the Police as part of re-education program by CEO John Stankey’


Well, if the employees would all just don black face makeup, then there will no more problems.

Don Bessee

With all the other failures of the socialist dems green agenda they may have handed a wedge issue that is ranking as high as the economy and invasion of illegals who dont have to follow the mandates the rest have to. That seems to make US citizens second class or even third class citizens. -

Bill Maher warns Virginia Dems: McAuliffe could lose election over schools issue because 'parents vote'
The HBO star said 'whats going on in the schools' was going to be 'the issue' in future elections



Don Bessee

Looks like the years of 'peaceful protests' and the lamestream suppression of the marxists in antifa and blm have taken its toll what with a massive increase in murders and crimes that are ignored by the latte lapping liberal soros DA's. The independents have kicked the socialist greens to the curb. -

While a majority (85 percent) of the Democrat respondents support the movement, the majority (86 percent) of the Republican respondents oppose the movement. Interestingly enough, more independent respondents opposed the movement, nearly half (49 percent), compared to only 34 percent of the independents who supported BLM.




BTW George R... did you ever take a class from historian Lynn White at UCLA? A medievalist at Scripps College had White as his PhD advisor and introduced me to White's Medieval Technology and Social Change. Interesting book.

George Rebane

Gregory 957am - I did not, but it sounds like a very interesting study. I was able to satisfy my humanities and out-of-major course requirements by talking my way into two upper division/graduate history courses - Colonial History with THE Paige Smith, and American Intellectual History by a forgettable prof.

Medieval times have gotten a bad rap, mainly because of its orthodox religiosity applied fanatically. A lot of new stuff was developed during the 'Dark Ages' that we never connect with that period.


Dr. Blaine, the medievalist at Scripps and Dr. Rae, a Scot (and my humanities advisor) at Mudd put together a four semester Technology in Civilization sequence. It was excellent.

The very first class was Fall '73, and faced with half the class being from Mudd, he remarked that he could only guess that it filled some sort of breadth requirement.

We gave him a very polite round of applause.

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