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16 October 2021


Scott O

Don - That 'passive' transphobia will get you every time!
So - is 'overt' transphobia okie-dokie?
A 'phobia' is a 'fear-of'. I don't fear 'trans' folk.
What the heck is there to fear? They might flounce in a violent way?
Oh, my!

Scott O

Is this Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble?
It's no laughing matter - actually it is.

Don Bessee

He is absolutely right about that -



Don Bessee

Looks like nations are waking up and dont want to subscribe to national suicide and the shakedown artist. The socialists and the luddites have run into 5 gallon gas, 150% nat gas prices no meat and idiots shutting down power generation we need. Power FOR the people!



Bill Tozer


I wrote here about Trafalgar poll data indicating that most Americans (56%) think that Joe Biden is not directing policy and agenda for “his” administration. A doughty minority of 36%, in that poll, thought that Biden was really in charge. That was in July.

Since then, things have gone badly downhill. This is the latest of many, many instances where Joe Biden clearly appears not to be in full possession of his faculties, which were never outstanding to begin with.

Today, Rasmussen asked a different, more pointed question: “How confident are you that Joe Biden is physically and mentally up to the job of being President of the United States?” That is brutally clear, and the responses are not encouraging, if you are a Democrat:



Next up, censorship of peer-reviewed academic papers. I feel stupid as hell for not seeing this one coming.

"More Censorship/Cancel Culture. The authors were not notified of this "Temporary Removal" action. I have never seen anything like this, ever, in my entire scientific career."


At this point, it's pretty obvious that Blue Mob Culture is all about dominance rather than improvements to society. Resisting them in any way gives you the same bad response as telling a cop to pound sand for pulling you over for a burnt-out license plate light. You are not being arrested, you are just being detained.

Bill Tozer

"At this point, it's pretty obvious that Blue Mob Culture is all about dominance rather than improvements to society."--Scenes

'Handmaid’s Tale’ Author Under Fire For Tweeting Article That Asked Why We Can’t Say ‘Woman’ Anymore'

But [in 2018] Atwood went on to criticize #MeToo, claiming that vigilante justice — making claims about harassment and then demanding men be punished without trial, destroying careers and ending families — violated the accepted civilizational norm of affording due process, and turned radical feminists into tyrants."


Bill Tozer

'Byron York's Daily Memo: Why is the Democratic spending bill such a mess?'

"If you want to skip to the end of the story, the Democrats will ultimately pass something. It will be big — too big — by any reasonable estimation, but it will fall well short of the party's FDR- and LBJ-sized ambitions. It won't be because of Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema's scheming. It will be because the Democrats' ambitions far outstripped their numbers. And no amount of big talk and fawning media attention will change that."


Bill Tozer

Its hard, but don't let them break you.


Scott O

Oh boy - more money for the choo-choo trains.
Cause it's all about subsidizing other people's ride.

“I got more money for passenger rail than the entire Amtrak system cost to begin with,” he said. “We’re going to change the nation in a big way.”

It might help if the govt could at least stop women from being raped on trains.
Billions more dumped into a money losing operation.
Sounds peachy.
Trying to remember the last time I wanted to take the family to a train station...


re: Trains

Dunno what the fascination with trains is all about. They work great if you are transporting a great big bunch of people from a few big places to a few big places. Sextuple bonus points if they go between the two big places on a daily basis rather than on a yearly vacation.

No doubt freight trains need a different system than passenger. Less need 4 speed, different car and engine design, more practical to go from many places to many places.

Also, given the huge push for virtual meetings and general lack of importance for being in the same place at the same time, there'll be less business travel and going home to see gramma over time.

I'm sick of hearing about trains from the Crazy People(tm). It's pure pork barrel politics driven by virtue signalling (choo choo!!).

Don Bessee

So having a diversity head results in wider achievement gaps, could that be because they are more focused on wokesters agenda and crt? -



Bill Tozer

re: choo-choos coming down the line:

There is only one Amtrack corridor in the entire nation that is profitable (don't loose mula). That one line is from Washion DC to New York, New York. The one Biden rode a million miles and once played Engineer Bill.

Also the one AOC uses as her idea of people movers. Great for folks who commute or those urbanites who don't have a car, many never owning one. To expensive to pay for parking the 'caa' everyday.

Thats all they know. Trains are good, grrreat way to get around if you want to go to Buttonwillows. Then catch the Greyhound to other parts south....

The monorail push is for Boston.

Bill Tozer

Thomas Sowell does not dig CRT

Condoleezza Rice does not dig CRT.


The Estonian Fox

Since integrated circuits are at the heart of our modern world (trains, computers, refrigerators!!, cars...), let's see what Bob Noyce had to say.

Here is a snippet of Wikipedia's article on Robert Noyce.

Noyce kept active his entire life. ...In his last interview, Noyce was asked what he would do if he were "emperor" of the United States. He said that he would "…make sure we are preparing our next generation to flourish in a high-tech age. And that means education of the lowest and the poorest, as well as at the graduate school level."

Word on the street is that one Warren Wilhelm Jr. was the interviewer, but got pissed that Noyce kept calling him Weiner-Weiner. Things just went downhill from there. At least New York City will soon be free of him.

So Bob Noyce seemed to be inclusive for education, not so much for Weiner-Weiner.

Don Bessee

Well we now know one of the tails that is wagging the dog -



Paul Emery

Here's a direct quote by Steve Bannon on his podcast. No wonder he'll be arrested soon for refusing to appear in the House inquiry on Jan 6.

“You made this happen and tomorrow it’s game day. So strap in. Let’s get ready. All hell is going to break loose tomorrow, It’s all converging, and now we’re on the point of attack tomorrow.”

Don Bessee

Prove it @523 no link no play


Paul Emery

That quote was from his Jan 5 podcast and of course he's referring to the planned insurrection on Jan 6.

Don Bessee

Prove it.


Another sign its going to be a blood bath for the dems next year -

Voters are worried about the classroom.

The latest Fox News national survey finds 73% of registered voters are "extremely" or "very" concerned about what public schools are teaching children.



Paul Emery

You find it Don. Here's a link to his podcasts. The date was Jan 5


Don Bessee

Who's willing to take the mutterings of someone who has terminal TDS! ROFLOL


Be afraid be very afraid! -

James Carville is 'scared to death' that Terry McAuliffe will lose Virginia governors race
Carville said, 'I'm scared to death. And other Democrats should be.'



Paul Emery

I'll make it easier. Follow this link and make your choice of sources.


Jose Peyote

I'll make it easier. Follow this link.....


Bill Tozer

Lie like a dog. And the beat goes on and on.

'Biden Retells Already Debunked Story for the Fourth Time'


Don Bessee

The shit hole mayor in SF lied through her teeth about store closures -

SFPD tells Globe Mayor Breed falsely claims it’s not about theft, begs company to stay

This store loses $25,000 a day to shoplifting,” an SFPD officer told the Globe in lengthy, taped interviews conducted this week. “That’s $25,000 that walks out the door on average between 9 and 6 every day.”

This store does between $80,000 to $120,000 in sales every day. And they lose 25 of it [meaning $25,000]. Even if they’re making 25% profit, the stealing takes that down to zero.”

“They don’t care. There’s no consequences. Literally zero consequences. I’ve kicked out… I’ve been here since 9 AM today. I probably have already kicked out eight or nine people and I’ve recovered a thousand dollars worth of stuff alone off of that. Whether we kick them out, tell them they can’t come back, whether I put them in handcuffs and take them down to the county jail—there is no difference. Because they will not be prosecuted by the district attorney. Therefore, there is nothing documented that they can’t come back here. You know, they get no time in jail to think about what they did, right? There is zero consequence. And that’s why in this store the same exact people come in every other day and in the city the same couple percent of people are the same people committing all the car break-ins, all the robberies and all the shootings, any aggravated assaults right in town where there’s more street people, people fighting. It’s all the same exact people, and there are zero consequences. Therefore you take them to jail they get out of jail. They do it again. It’s a big circle.”



Scott O

Here's a great waste of govt's time:
"The letter was prompted, at least in part, by the release of emails containing racist and misogynistic language between former Raider coach Jon Gruden and then-Washington Football Team President Bruce Allen."
Our current POTUS is on record with several openly racist remarks including the recent event where he referred to an African-American govt official as "my boy".
When does the investigation of this racist asshole begin?
I know - never.

Bill Tozer

Liar liar. Now Dr. F is blaming his buddy Peter Daszak for not telling him that the grant Fauci approved was for for gain of research, roflmao. Liar, liar.

‘NIH admits US funded gain-of-function in Wuhan — despite Fauci’s denials’

“It’s another Fauci flub.

The National Institutes of Health has stunningly admitted to funding gain-of-function research on bat coronaviruses at China’s Wuhan lab — despite Dr. Anthony Fauci repeatedly insisting to Congress that no such thing happened.

In a letter to Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.) on Wednesday, a top NIH official blamed EcoHealth Alliance — the New York City-based nonprofit that has funneled US funds to the Wuhan lab — for not being transparent about the work it was doing.

NIH’s principal deputy director, Lawrence A. Tabak, wrote in the letter that EcoHealth’s “limited experiment” tested whether “spike proteins from naturally occurring bat coronaviruses circulating in China were capable of binding to the human ACE2 receptor in a mouse model.”



Punchy’s “Man of Integrity”…….

Biden Says First Responders, Police Who Refuse Vaccine Mandates Should Be Fired

Another prudent decision by America’s foremost Mick Grifter Douchebag. Let the northeastern democrat strongholds burn…..the fuck do I care.



Here Emery, Your favorite lying son of a bitch.

" Biden was asked about the pace of COVID vaccinations around the country. The President was quick to try to take credit for the progress made thus far, stretching back to events that happened before he was even in office. He said, “When I first was elected, there were only 2 million people who had COVID shots in the United States of America — and the vaccine. Now we got 190 million, because I went out and bought everything I could do and buy in sight and it worked.”

As the fact-checkers were quick to point out, virtually nothing he said in that statement was true. And the bits that might arguably be described as “partially true” are a significant stretch.

THE FACTS: No, that’s not how the vaccine rollout in the U.S. happened. Biden is overstating his part.

First, it’s not true that 2 million people had shots when he was elected in November. The COVID-19 vaccines were still awaiting emergency authorization then. The first shots were administered to the public in mid-December.

Nearly 16 million doses had been administered by Jan. 20, the day Biden took office."

I bet you will vote for him again.
Seems your tune has changed about liars.

Bill Tozer

Lets go Beavis


Don Bessee

Thats cornholio @1010! ROFLOL


Don Bessee

A skeptic might think it was meant that way. Hmmmmmmm -

New York's Covid-19 vaccine mandate for city employees could end up reducing the NYPD work force by a third. That's just what defund-the-police activists want.



Don Bessee

Now thats funny! -

Hypocrisy exposed




Don. Is that a Greek fishing hat on that dude?
The schnoz looks familiar as well... Just say'n....


When LIBS cheat, it's swept under the rug. "nothing to see here".
But when a Repub gets caught,, well,, it's newsworthy.

As Emery would say,, "what's the big deal? It didn't help change the election".


Word of the day. 'Phragmite'.

"If you want a picture of things converging toward an unfortunate outcome, imagine “Joe Biden” playing chicken with the future of the nation. Trouble is, the future is a very big thing — so big, you can’t see where it ends — while “Joe Biden” is one mere mortal, small and feeble… and the old jalopy he’s driving looks like it’s veering off the road….

The net effect is that life will go on in ways as-yet-undetermined upon this land-mass between the great oceans, but the vehicle “Joe Biden” is driving will end up a smoldering wreck, upside down in a drainage ditch with the phragmites and discarded Bud Lite cans. The passengers in the back seat are the economy and the social order of the USA, lying motionless with eyes Xed out in the twisted wreckage......"


Don Bessee

So will they cancel him and protest? Doubt it...



Don Bessee

Not a peep from the wokesters oh right they are communists so they get a pass -



Barry Pruett

Conspiracy to commit fraud and obstruction and lying to federal investigators. Trouble coming for Sullivan, Elias, Sussman, CrowdStrike, Clinton Campaign, et al


Saturday Night Live, did a good job skewering Biden.


Sorry Joe,, you ain't "O".


Hope everyone has battened down the hatches, and hauled in the outdoor furniture. That table umbrella might be found somewhere in Placer County tomorrow.

8 in. of rain? This is going to get good!

Bill Tozer

The Hill’s Joe Concha reports on the ratings for the CNN town hall with President Biden this past Thursday evening:


All I will say is:

Ah heck. I lied. I will say a lot more: the week in pics


Bill Tozer

Walt @ 8:33 am

Morning Brother Walt. Apparently SNL is going down the toilet fast as viewers are not tuning in. Not even a staff of comedy writers can make Joe Biden funny or watchable. With the ratings tank (Biden and SNL) the regular Joe’s out there are saying “we just are not that much into you.”

Dur to a recent unfortunate event, SNL is bringing in Donald Trump to play Alec Baldwin playing Donald Trump. :)
Is it a burn day? Probably too windy.


Morn'n Bill.. Ironic that Baldwin, a real big anti gun dude,
kills his boss with a gun. (by accident no less)
The question that has yet to come out in public, is "who in hell put the real bullets in the gun!?"

Now why would an anti gun nut, take a roll in a movie where he's supposed to handle a firearm?
Another " It's OK when we do it".


And who's bright idea was this?

"Biden’s choice of a disabled man named Brandon to do a public appearance with, possibly in an attempt to head off the ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ chant that’s swept the nation."

George Rebane

Walt 839am - Sierra County perhaps.


That didn't take long,, power knocked out already, and the big stuff has yet to hit,


Get a load of this.

A campaign yard sign that states " Keep parents out of the classroom" " Keep Virginia blue"

Yup,, that's going to win votes. No wonder the fool is hemorrhaging votes.

Bill Tozet

Walt. Hate to polk ya in the eye, but my power is on. Did dim for two seconds. But, the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed, if for the courage of the fearless crew, the Minnow would be lost. :)

Even the old Guardian Dog with his choice of shelter under the house of between forks in trees at ground level came knocking on the door in his polite way. Was lying against front door, He does not like to be in the house, especially since this currently his kind of weather from heaven. His time to shine. Haven’t been able to call him in for the last few nights out for the rains. Out there in the rain barking at movements in the brush and sleeping like a baby.....until early this morning. :). He is sleeping near the back slider now and enduring his time out punishment.. The other one has no intention of going outside. Same with me and mine. :)

Good day to wash ceiling and walls.


No frets Bill. Just trading gasoline for electricity.
Cable is still alive, cooking on the wood stove like Grandpa used to do. Roughing it easy here.

Bill Tozer

Well, besides water falling from sky, it looks like it is same o’ same ole for the Enemy of the People.
“ A one and a two, hit it boyz.” —Lawrence Welk (Edited) and his bubble machine.

-‘CNN Calls for Press to Ditch Objectivity, Portray GOP as Threat to the Country’

-‘MSNBC Decries Republicans as 'Killers' and Fascists’

-ABC, NBC Discover Close VA Governor Race, Rush to Prop Up Dem McAuliffe
*Note: today’s polls has D +1.8

-As Biden Builds a Wall Around His Beach House But Not The Border – Media Fall Silent
*Note: Thats the same guy who charged the Secret Service outrageous rent for staying in his
pool house. At least Trump gave them a. courtesy discount. 450k and cheap ass Joe gets
to keep it . He is only generous with OPM.

-Variety, AP Brazenly Lie About Chappelle-Netflix Protest
*Note: the Enemy of the People first said 1,000s were going to protest, then hundreds, then 50, then a dozen, maybe, with 50 -100 press as supporters.

-Corrupt Media Censor News of Illegal Who Raped Woman on Philly Train

-NBC Nightly News Ignores Terrible CNBC Survey Showing Biden Econ Disapproval at 54%

-ABC, CBS Are MIA as Border Arrests Reach Historic, ‘Stunning’ High

-Editor’s Pick: Twitchy on Biden’s Own Staff Having to Fact-Check Him

-Nets Disregard AG Garland Grilled in Hearing for Targeting Parents


Don Bessee

Doom for the socialist dems next year -




You can blame the VERY pretty Gavin for the trucking shortage.
It was the current Calif. Libbys that decided to outlaw the "gig" worker.. Yup, Truckers fall into that as well.

Bill Tozer

Walt. And Biden, way off DC, suggested first the Nat’l Guard then teenagers to drive those semis, ROFLMAO. Hey, a single non-union driver is a friggin rarity at those docks. Teamsters ain’t going to let you in. The Longshoremen sure as hell ain’t going to load you up. Think LA’s port is rated 51st for efficiency and Long Beach comes in 53rd close enough. Oakland rated higher, lol. None of the CA ports are in the top ten, top twenty....

Old Joe just doesn’t know that he doesn’t know.

Don Bessee

King of the shitholes 1/3 of all unemployment in the country and welcoming in all the illegals on top of it. -




Power came on just long enough to kill the generator, and plug everything back in... then back to 1880. Just to add to the fun, the cable goes tits up. Now to see how long my hotspot phone data plan holds out.

Bill Tozer

Just because I miss him so.

65% of voters agree with Sen. Blackburn: Buttigieg should 'get back to work or leave': poll
53% of Democrats also agreed with the Republican senator's statement.


One of the most telling poll I have seen recently was the Quinnipiac U poll or that other devastating poll (
a week later (Gallop?, Rasmussen, NYT?) for Dems is....drumroll please.....one of those top two ouch polls coming out devastation is one poll had 25% R participation rate, lol. Surprise, surprise! Let it settle in. They are starting to feel the earth more under their feet.

They are starting to go all hysterical on us. Drama Queens racing to the cameras. Me thinks they want a reset button.


I think I like Eric Weinstein's A-Z list.

"Things I don't believe we can't conclusively resolve:"

Don Bessee

Not a surprise -



Don Bessee

So what does that leave as a costume option? -




It's been pissing all day but PG&E ain't failed my neighborhood outside of two one second power glitches that commanded attention but nothing else.

I'm sure pge has an ulterior motive...

Bill Tozer

'Steele Dossier: The Lie Told Around the World, Again'


Bill Tozer

While I am 1,000 % against polluting sports by introducing politics into athletic events and thus ruining the color blind community bond to root for the home team.....I will make an exception in this case.

‘The Red State World Series: A Democrat Nightmare’

“The All-Star game was moved as a form of punishment so that moving forward, other states would think twice about making laws the Left opposes. And now, every eye in baseball will be trained on the very state the Left sought to punish.

Georgia governor Brian Kemp found the humor, taking a jab at Stacey Abrams following the Braves victory.”..........

“In a twist that makes the situation keel-over-with-laughter funny, a team from the state of Texas will be representing the American League.

The Houston Astros — just two years removed from the biggest cheating scandal since the Chicago Black Sox — will host the first two games of the World Series, in a state that is currently committing the ultimate sin to the Left — saving babies.

Life has a funny way of coming back around. The Left injected themselves where they didn’t belong — in sports — by putting pressure on companies to punish the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia because they didn’t like a bill put forth by a Republican governor.

And now, six months later, all eyes will be on the states of Texas and Georgia as Major League Baseball crowns their 2021 World Series champion.

If you listen closely, you can hear the Left screaming in anguish.“


Don Bessee

In this envorinment will the R's pick up 2 governorships this year? Still looking very bad for the socialist dems next year -




George Rebane

Gentlemen, I find myself repeating that your gleeful happy dancing about the 2022 election outcome is more than a bit premature. Good happenings now will be but distant dots in the rearview mirror next summer. The overwhelming share of our voting neighbors have alarmingly short memories, and a short suit to boot in their critical thinking skills. As Democrats today go stomping through fresh cow pies, the Repubs' first job is to avoid getting splattered themselves while they work out the best ways to remind voters next year what caused the residual smell when they encounter a Democrat.

Don Bessee

So what asshole put the weapon in vlads hands and shut down US as the worlds leader in production? OH YA creepy grampa joe and the socialist greens! -

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -U.S. President Joe Biden's global energy security adviser said on Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is getting close to using natural gas as a political tool if Russia is holding back fuel exports to Europe as it suffers an energy crunch.

"I think we are getting close to that line if Russia indeed has the gas to supply and it chooses not to, and it will only do so if Europe accedes to other demands that are completely unrelated," Amos Hochstein, Biden's adviser, told reporters, when asked if Putin was using gas as a weapon.



Don Bessee

Lets go brandon and let TX save the day -




"Gentlemen, I find myself repeating that your gleeful happy dancing about the 2022 election outcome is more than a bit premature."

Ain't that the truth.

Plus, it isn't like you're going to change the management of the Silicon Valley surveillance companies, the 17 intelligence agencies, or the American Federation of Teachers.

I'd say that at this point the best you can hope for is just enough Senators or Representatives to throw a spanner in the works. Trump has proven that owning the Presidency means nothing in terms of Blue Mob ownership of the bureaucracy. The more tolerable states will remain so, while in sunny California newly-minted four star Admiral Rachel(Richard) Levine will lead the 420th Volunteers in his fine new uniform. Being CINCBROAD is a tough gig, but someone has to do it.

So how does a civilization become more sane? I doubt that it's through voting per se. I think the likely results are either kinetic, complete victory by the anti-West combined with a total surveillance society, or a generational change as a more lucid cohort comes of age.

Don Bessee

Rules are for the little people , hack, hack, cough -




I admit that the fact that the PHSCC is a uniformed service gives you strange results.

'4 star Admiral' 1942:

'4 star Admiral' 2021:

I can't say that either one is very pretty. Maybe it's in the job description.

There's a certain exhilaration in careening downhill with no brakes. Just hold your hands in the air and enjoy the ride.


No Scenes,, there is no "exhilaration". Just pure terror.
There is no joy in changing one's shorts after surviving such an ordeal. But buying a fist full of lottery does enter one's mind for being lucky enough to come out alive.

I have cheated the boatman on the river Styx more than once.
That's one ride I really don't care to take again.

Don Bessee

Ooopsie VA is now swinging our way on the words of the scum bag liar, Stacy won GA, LOL -

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's remarks about "diversity" and "inclusion" in schools, which he made in 2019, have resurfaced in the pivotal lead-up to Election Day on Nov. 2.

Education has emerged as a key issue in the race, with parents raising concerns about critical race theory, COVID-19 restrictions and transgender issues at tense school board meetings in Northern Virginia.

"We don't do a good job in our education system talking about diversity, inclusion, openness and so forth," McAuliffe said on C-SPAN Book TV while promoting his book "Beyond Charlottesville: Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism" in 2019. "We don't. We got our textbooks, but, you know, that has to be a big part of how do you fit into the social work of our nation and our fabric. How we deal with one another is to me as important as, you know, your math class or your English class and so forth."

"Terry McAuliffe introduced political agendas like critical race theory into the Virginia education system back in 2015. He lowered academic standards and dragged our children’s math and reading performances down with those diminished expectations," Youngkin spokesperson Macaulay Porter told Fox News on Monday.

Youngkin has repeatedly cited alarming figures from the U.S. Department of Education's National Assessment of Education Progress, which found that 62% of Virginia students failed to meet proficiency standards on eighth grade math, while nearly 60% of students failed to meet national proficiency standards in fourth grade reading.



Don Bessee

The queen of the shithole chi town can not muzzle the first responders anymore -

Judge denies city’s request to extend gag order against police union chief over vaccine mandate opposition



Don Bessee

Push back on those that would perpetuate shitholes. A communist public defender to DA that is the spawn of terrorists. -

San Francisco prosecutors quit progressive DA Chesa Boudin's office, join recall effort



Bill Tozer

From the trivial social-political scene, “Let’s Go Brandon” made it to the House Floor and into the Congressional Record.

Let’s Go Brandon face mask(s) made it to the House.


Let’s Go Brandon makes it to the televised Fall Classic as THAT chant in the background drowned out A-Rod’s commentary/interview. Of course the crowd choose the other three word chant with the last two words being ‘Joe Biden’.
That Don Jr. is a funny guy. Got the Washington Compost to correct ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to report what was actually said, albeit too vulgar for the Wa Po’s readership’s sensibilities. Lol.

‘Donald Trump Jr. Gets Washington Post Correction Over 'Let's Go Brandon' Chant’-(Newsweek)

Better story:

This, via Stephen Green, is pretty funny: “Let’s Go Brandon! Washington Post Issues the ‘Greatest Correction’ Ever.” I’m not sure it is the greatest ever, but it is pretty funny:



"San Francisco prosecutors quit progressive DA Chesa Boudin's office, join recall effort"

I'd just as soon leave him alone. You can certainly argue that a prosecutor's office that doesn't charge people needs fewer attorneys, so everything works out nicely.

Lawlessness in places like Portland or San Francisco seems like an interesting experiment to me. Perhaps a city run by hapless social workers can actually work, it's worth a shot and I certainly don't have to live there. It's simply a battle watched at a distance, and those are cities that could simply sink beneath the waves without dire consequences to the rest of us.

Bill Tozer

Yesterday’s news. Whatz going on?

‘Defund The Police’ Advocate Ilhan Omar Now Blames Police For Rising Crime Rates In Minneapolis

Treasury Department Appoints First ‘Counselor For Racial Equity’

Lol. Yep, that’s Ben. The NBC sportscaster who just a few days ago got the boot, the actress who got the big boot and erased is hired on as an actress for Shapiro’s new movie making division....heck, anytime an intelligent, thoughtful, and rational member of the Lefties Industrial Media-Entertainment Complex get erased, young Ben says “we will take you in.” Mi casa is su casa:

Dave Chappelle Says Hollywood Blacklisted His New Documentary. Ben Shapiro: ‘Happy To Take A Look Over Here’


Don Bessee

They really do want to destroy society -

Biden releases 'gender equity' plan that calls for eliminating cash bail
Calls to end cash bail come at a time when FBI data show an unprecedented rise in violent crime



Don Bessee

The gift that keeps on giving -

Many of the groups that powered Biden to the presidency have now soured on him, as he is underwater with Hispanics (-5 percent) and college-educated white voters (-3 percent). A majority of voters (53 percent) do not believe Joe Biden is competently running the country. Among independents, 62 percent do not believe Biden is competent.

Republicans now lead across 85 battleground congressional districts “as a result of Democrats’ incompetence,” according to the report, which found that the GOP is leading with independents by eight percent (35 percent GOP – 27 percent Democrat). Republicans have also swayed college-educated white voters who supported Biden in 2o2o by 3 percent (44 percent GOP – 41 percent Democrat). Furthermore, Republicans continue to gain ground with Hispanic voters — the generic ballot in battleground districts shows Republicans and Democrats tied 42 percent to 42 percent in this demographic.

“Republicans have a decisive advantage on the issues most important to voters,” according to the poll.

Republicans, according to the poll, “have an advantage among voters on which party can best handle these issues,” an advantage which has increased since the summertime.

“Among independents, Republicans have a +37 percent advantage on the border, +24 percent advantage on making the country prosperous, +18 percent advantage on jobs and the economy, and +9 percent advantage on cost of living,” the report states.

Overall, the report concluded that “voters understand the negative consequences of Democrats’ policies.”




"Biden releases 'gender equity' plan that calls for eliminating cash bail"

There's plenty of that kind of action going on at the state level.

It seems to me that there's a profit opportunity here. There's a widespread push to decriminalize street crime, bail goes away, more mayhem as a pretty big cohort has no family life (parents or wife/kids), no useful job, pro-crime culture etc.

I expect that this *will* happen. Where the lucre is is personal security for people with money, triple bonus points for passive versions. Urban homes will become forts, bullet-proof Uber?, fleeing to well-behaved rural areas where you can safely spend your day writing surveillance software for Google. All of these are growth industries and probably more.

Don Bessee

Liar in chief or just dementia? The world wonders -

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is spinning a convoluted tale of an Amtrak conductor who congratulated him during his vice presidency for logging more miles riding the train home to Delaware than by flying on Air Force Two.

“I apologize because some have heard this,” Biden told a crowd Monday in New Jersey, starting up a story he has repeated in various forms at least five times, dating back to the 2020 campaign.

“I swear to God. True story,” he said Monday, for emphasis.

But it's a mangled one.

By his own accounting, Biden's Amtrak miles over the years only surpassed his Air Force Two miles after the conductor who supposedly informed him of that fact had died. Moreover, the conductor had retired about two decades before the conversation Biden claims to have had with him while boarding a train.




The prosecutor will have a real hard time winning this case.
"Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense team scored a pre-trial victory Monday after a Wisconsin judge ruled that prosecutors cannot refer to the three men Rittenhouse allegedly shot as “victims.”
Judge Bruce Schroeder denied Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger’s request to stop Rittenhouse’s defense team from referring to Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz as rioters and arsonists.

“If more than one of them were engaged in arson, rioting, looting, I’m not going to tell the defense you can’t call them that,” Schroeder said, according to ABC 7. Schroeder also said the three men could not be referred to as victims, according to the report."

Don Bessee

The grifters have been caught and the game is over -

Brexit champion Nigel Farage has declared that teaching Critical Race Theory-style concepts such as ‘white privilege’ in schools is part of a Marxist attempt to make white people hate their country, their history, and themselves.

Responding to Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi’s pronouncement that “contested” political beliefs such as white privilege should not be taught in school “as fact”, Nigel Farage said that he “one hundred per cent” supports the government in stamping out leftism from Britain’s education sector.



Bill Tozer

Puppies? Not puppies, especially beagles puppies.
Run Snoopy, run. Now, if the Wuhan Lab don’t get ya like a stake through the heart, then puppies will break through. Fauci is a Gobble -type character out of a real life horror film. Vlad the Impaler. Freddie Kruger. Sadist!

#FauciLiedDogsDied trends on Twitter after revelations that Fauci funded cruel experiments on puppies’

A new hashtag, #FauciLiedDogsDied, is trending on social media in the wake of revelations that Fauci is behind many cruel and unnecessary experiments on puppies.


I knew there was something way off about Dr. F. Something bad, something evil. I have a trust issue with the mad scientist. :)

Don Bessee

So who do you think this will help in ol verginy? -




Don Bessee

The dems who run sac must be so proud of themselves -




Db 827pm

That brings this dialog to mind:

Hattori Hanzo: [in Japanese] What do you want with Hattori Hanzo?
The Bride: [in Japanese] I need Japanese steel.
Hattori Hanzo: [in Japanese] Why do you need Japanese steel?
The Bride: [in Japanese] I have vermin to kill.
Hattori Hanzo: [in English] You must have big rats if you need Hattori Hanzo's steel.
The Bride: [in English] Huge.

Don Bessee

The truth is hurting the dem gov candidate in VA while a current and ex president lie their asses off -

Local Virginia TV stations including ABC, CBS and NBC have refused to air an ad depicting sexually explicit materials that are widely available to students in school libraries in the state, citing federal law which prohibits airing pornographic images.

“It’s shocking that images, and even some words, that federal law prohibits TV stations to share with adults are the same images being shared with Virginia students with no accountability,” said Victoria Coley, vice president of communications at Independent Women’s Voice (IWV), which created the ad.

The ad notes that Virginia’s Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe, who served as governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018, vetoed a bill permitting parents to block sexually explicit books in school during his time in office.

Last month, during a debate with his Republican opponent, Glenn Youngkin, McAuliffe argued that parents should not tell schools what to teach.



Bill Tozer

'Biden released a 'National Gender Strategy,' and it is every bit as ridiculous as it sounds'

"If the Babylon Bee had been asked to write a “National Gender Strategy” to be posted on the White House’s website, it wouldn’t look any different than the document the Biden administration actually released last Friday."


Don Bessee

Speaking of that idiot in VA a leftie paper slapped his pp and creepy grampa joe had another senior moment number 689593632895738398 -


"In fact, we’re taking a page from Terry’s book when he was governor and when he’d be governor next time," Biden said. "We’re emerging from this pandemic…we want to expand pre-k for 3 and 4-year-olds—millions of [inaudible] students."

The Republican National Committee posted a 15-second clip of the video and wrote, "Huh?"

Biden’s top critics have pointed out times in his presidency that they say he became incoherent during speeches.



Bill Tozer

Don @ 10:56 pm
While Virginny takes the national spotlight, New Jersey is tighening under the radar.

So, lets look at Virginny. Hmmm. Youngkin is now a racist, eh? Boring in its predictability. Dems always throw down the race card as their final last ditch gasp from the primordial ooze from which they dwell.

'McAuliffe’s Infamous ‘Parents’ Quip Wasn’t a Gaffe — It’s How Democrats Think'


Don Bessee

Hey lookie the marxist who graduated moscow university and had vlad destroy her dissertation from history that wants to destroy banking in the US is having problems getting confirmed. Whoda thunk! -

"It’s not every day that we’re presented with a nomination for a Lenin scholarship recipient who attended the Moscow State University and wants to end banking as we know it in the United States," Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., told Fox News Monday. "If her nomination advances out of the Banking Committee, it will be an easy ‘no’ vote from me. And as we’ve seen with other flawed nominations from the Biden administration, I think hers would face a similarly uphill battle in the Senate."

She also has a history writing about Marxism, calling the banking industry she would regulate in her potential new job the "quintessential a------ industry," and calling for an end to banking "as we know it," by "the complete migration of demand deposit accounts to the Federal Reserve."




Comrade Omarova is perfect Stalinist for Comptroller.

Let's go, Brandon!


"Kill Bill" Gregory? Nice touch!


What a way to go. Some real good police work!

Bill Tozer

roflmao. Nick Sandmann sends the dumbest lout in media, Mr. Meathead himself, a short tweet.



Bill Tozer

Sen. Cotton Torches AG Garland: ‘You Should Resign in Disgrace, Judge'

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