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30 October 2021


Don Bessee

Thanks creepy grampa joe and the socialist greens -

Inflation at the wholesale level rose 8.6% last month from a year earlier



Bill Tozer

Top Spygate Hoaxer Adam Schiff Squirms Under First Tough Questions In Five Years On ‘The View’

Conspiracy theorist Rep. Adam Schiff flailed in a segment on “The View” Tuesday when guest panelist Morgan Ortagus, former State Department spokeswoman in the Trump administration, demanded he answer why he promoted the bogus and debunked Steele dossier

Adam Schiff Keeps Lying

“Why couldn’t Schiff have foreseen the consequences of treating Christopher Steele’s work as legitimate? He knew that the dossier was an oppo-research document paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. Schiff tried to suppress information that undercut collusion accusations, claiming, for instance, that Devin Nunes’s memo detailing the dossier’s origins and lack of evidence “was unsupported by the facts and the investigative record.”

“And when, after years of delay, Schiff was forced to release transcripts of interviews conducted by House Intelligence Committee into Russia meddling, we learned that the director of National Intelligence, former Obama attorney general, former deputy attorney general, and the FBI deputy director, among others, all told his committee that there was no direct evidence of criminal conspiracy.”

“Schiff knew, and yet he continued to profess that the central assertion of the dossier — that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign — was not only possible but a fact. He did so on numerous occasions and with great certitude. Every time he did, it was a lie.“



What the hell happened to Biden's mandatory physical?
No cognitive test, not even a blood pressure check.(I doubt he even has any)
I recall when the Proggys were all uptight to have Trump go through it.(and passed with flying colors.)

Biden even forgot he was going to give illegals big bucks.
How's that for a cognitive test????


Think they are pissed off yet?

"I have the privilege of telling you that we are finished collecting signatures for your removal," Jessica Mendez said during the board meeting's public comment period. She said that parent organizers "sacrificed and spent countless hours away from their families, day in and day out."

"I used to think that there was no point in speaking at these meetings," Mendez added. "There was no point in trying to have a voice because you never seem to listen, anyway. But I had it all wrong. It wasn't you who needed to hear our voices. It was all those parents, grandparents and neighbors listening at home, horrified at your actions or inactions. They were the ones who needed to hear us, and they were the ones who sign petitions, see you in court."



Where is Emery? He has splain'n to do.
How come Biden is flat out defying SCOTUS rulings?
SCOTUS ruled the "remain in MEX" is a lawful order. Yet Biden and cronies to this day defy that ruling.
No rule of law for you Commiecrats?
SCOTUS ruled the VAX mandates won't stand muster. Yet still insists people follow HIS mandate.
So you pro dictator Emery? How you would have bitched if Trump went the way of "O" with a "phone and a pen".

Bill Tozer

This is good news. The Dems are caught in their own snare from which they cannot and will not escape. They want more, not less.

‘Biden border-bungling dooms Democrats' 2022 chances: Poll’


The Left’s open border policy hurts them the most and they are sticking with it. By all means give them some running too and a long rope. Road kill.

Don Bessee

There is no doubt that the queen of botox has her face pulled too tight, way too tight, i heard its likely to migrate? -



Bill Tozer

Let me get this straight. We have inflation because of a supply side problem, thinking back 50 years to Macroeconomics 101. Too many dollars chasing too few goods. Demand greater than supply.

Tell if I got right so far. The Biden Administration’s various departments from Yellen to WH to Mayor Pete to every one else steps up in unison and states unequivocally that the Back Back Better bill will flood the economy will more dollars than ever chasing fewer goods and THAT will end inflation?????????? What about the velocity of the dollar, a part of the formula for gaging inflation? Oh, what does this simpleton know anyway.

So, there are two solutions. The first Biden grand idea (Bernie’s plan) is to flood the zone with dollars. Massive amount of greenbacks. Cash. The second is to blame you and me for our crass consumerism. Yes, we simpletons are to blame. Not pious or frugal enough. Spoiled rotten brats we are. It’s all our fault. We want what we want and we want it by Christmas.

‘Team Biden and its media apologists blame you for supply shortages the White House refuses to fix’


Used car prices spiked again, two months in a row....9% this time....cause new cars are not arriving at a place near you.

Talk about lowering expectations. Time to plant a Victory Garden.

Bill Tozer

What you talking about? I don’t see anything out of the ordinary here.

FCC Nominee Has Unhinged Left-Wing Views, Calls Fox 'Dangerous to Our Democracy'



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 10 November 2021 at 07:33 AM

There is nothing as important to the Federal Government at this point than paying back all that debt with worthless fedbucks. Look for inflation to continue, and continue, and continue.........!

Bill Tozer

Stephen Moore’s take. He did a great job advising Trump and giving us the best economy in decades by all measures.

‘American consumers are paying a steep price for Biden’s policies’


Bill Tozer

While I alawys appreciate candor, I don't always enjoy that which is spoken in honesty. No doubt where she stands. Not in our best interests, thats for sure.

'Top Biden Banking Nominee Wants to Bankrupt Oil, Gas, and Coal Industries'


Bill Tozer

Lookie what showed up in my news feed. An advertisement.

"Make sure to read this article from the Shasta Scout about my campaign to take on Rep. Doug LaMalfa. And please contribute to my campaign! - defeating LaMalfa will require your support.


"Steiner says he decided to run for office because he saw California Congressman Doug LaMalfa as a big part of the problem behind “stop the steal” rhetoric and action. In the days following the November 2020 election, LaMalfa alleged voter fraud, saying he would not consider Biden the winner of the election until he was sworn into office."

"His platform is centered on wildfire, forests and water, the areas he sees as most critical to District 1’s present and future. That’s in part, he says, because climate change is forcing changes in California’s policy, infrastructure, and personnel."


Don Bessee

So much for those 'found' ballots in NJ the truckdriver won! -

Powerful Democrat concedes to GOP newcomer, cites 'red wave'



Don Bessee

There is no way creepy grampa joe is going to fix this by the midterms -

Consumer expenses paid to utilities for gas went up 28%, according to numbers released Wednesday by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Fuel oil rose 59%, and costs for propane, kerosene and firewood jumped by about 35%, the data show.



Don Bessee

So can anyone explain how the marines can dump merit based and go to 'equity'? These are warfighters not social workers. Remember the AF removed pictures from promotion board packages and found less black candidates got promoted which indicates there was unconscious bias in favor of black promotions when there were pictures. How do the wokesters explain that? -




"'Top Biden Banking Nominee Wants to Bankrupt Oil, Gas, and Coal Industries'"

What is the chance that Saule Omarova is such an astoundingly bad choice for the gig that the point is to put in a 'compromise', 'bipartisan', pre-approved candidate?

Just sayin'.

Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

Danchenko Indictment: How Dossier Non-Source Sergei Millian Was Framed


Scott O

Hunter's wife explains the situation to reporters.
"Cohen told the reporters, “It doesn’t exist,”"
She didn't say it never existed.
She's probably not lying.
Pretty cool, huh?

Bill Tozer

WH ‘actively engaged’ with NSBA before ‘domestic terror’ letter: memo


What a big fire one little intern CEO started without notifying the board of her letter to Biden. Board is pissed. I would be pissed too if I had to deal with that fallout. Intern CEO had big plans.

Weaponize the DOJ one mo time.

Bill Tozer

‘WaPo Issues Major Corrections To Reports On Steele Dossier’



CNN To Reportedly Fire "Good Number" Of On-Air Talent, Staff In Major Shakeup



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe gets a reminder he is not an emperor -



Don Bessee

Lets go brandon -

The American Petroleum Institute's (API) president and CEO tells Fox News that Biden administration policies are a key factor in surging energy prices, and he expressed concern for consumers heading into winter months.

"Certainly one of the key factors is that the Biden administration has made an effort to reduce production in the United States," Mike Sommers told Fox News in an interview.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told CNN's "State of the Union" host Dana Bash on Sunday that Americans should expect to pay higher costs for heating this winter. "We have the same problem in fuels that the supply chains have, which is that oil and gas companies are not flipping the switch as quickly as the demand requires," Granholm said.

But, Sommers told Fox News, "when the administration is continually putting forward new proposals to limit production in the United States, American oil and gas companies are cutting back on production."

"We have been able to limit the amount of dependence that we've had on foreign countries for our oil and gas over the course of the last decade." Sommers said he believes Biden has started to reverse that trend and "we need to continue development in the United States, rather than being dependent on other countries for American energy."



Don Bessee

Here's where you end up after politically over charging 48 hours after the incident then screw up the charge most likely to stick. What schmucks! -

The judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on Friday said he'll instruct the jury that unless the state proved the teen's AR-15-style rifle had an unlawfully short barrel, he can't be convicted of being a minor in possession of a firearm.

No such evidence was introduced, so it seems likely Rittenhouse will be acquitted on the one charge that seemed obvious to everyone but his lawyers who challenged it from the very start. It might not even get to the jury.




Question of the day.

If you were a Russian military planner, how do you respond to the US forward-basing extremely high speed nuclear-armed missiles in Germany?


George Rebane

Scenes 643pm - the Russian planners should not worry. As reported, the Irish Sun got EVERYTHING wrong about the Dark Eagle missile system they describe - e.g. 4,000 mph is NOT Mach 17.

Bill Tozer

‘The FBI and the New York Times Collude against Project Veritas’. Andrew C McCarthy


Scott O

scenes 6:43 - Who in DC would order the strike?
Too busy fluffing their petticoats and putting on their make up.

Scott O

BT 8:10 - I'm getting tired of the NR. They continue to strike me as a bunch of nancy boys that know good and well where the truth lies, but are too frightened of their own shadow to go to the mat for it.
Brother Bill would be ashamed of their timidity.
Writing an article about the FBI being a 3rd world hoodlum gang is no longer cutting edge or brave.
These folks were almost all never-Trumpers until Trump won and then they harrumphed and fretted endlessly. They still think the GOP should be led by Shelby Steele or Romney.
You'll notice the NR gang have no fear they'll ever be raided. Why would the Dems ever bother?

Bill Tozer

Scott O

Yes, the NR has taken to a group mindset. With that said, it’s the individual writers (some) I like. VDH stopped writing for them (one can get his latest articles in many places), Jonathan Goldberg got the boot, (for why I do not know) and, yes, the editors (Rich Lowry) do not like Trump personally for his mannerisms and never will, but they still see the much greater threat the Dangerous Left poses to our nation...and world.

The NR writes on topics that draw my interests, so I can handle the Trump criticisms buried in the story.

I respect Andrew C McCarthy. Heck, a lot of folks are getting tired of NR lately. The NY Post is pumping out good in-depth stories lately and have hired some new darn good journalists and contributing writers lately.

In this period of Doldrums, it all taste like an very old saltine cracker lately. If you really want to get mad at McCarthy, he has already delivered the bad news. I would rather hear the truth than have my ears tingling. McCathy has good insight from his experience as a career Fed Prosecutor...in NY Southern District. Nobody bats 1.000.

‘Where John Durham’s Investigation Is Heading’


"Scenes 643pm - the Russian planners should not worry. As reported, the Irish Sun got EVERYTHING wrong about the Dark Eagle missile system they describe - e.g. 4,000 mph is NOT Mach 17."

Let's call it Mach 10 at roughly 8500mph, it really doesn't matter (plus the accuracy and ability to change path). It just appears that the offense has at least a momentary advantage at the moment once everyone deploys something like that.

The basic problem is that the US is acting aggressively towards Russia, the Russians are sensitive to those kinds of thing. I have to imagine the outrage if the RVSN decided to build launch points in Tijuana and the Russian navy ran exercises just off New Orleans. Frankly I find the US overseas empire a little tiring.


Russia has nothing to worry about, "O" didn't do anything either. Why should Bumbles?

"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has claimed that Russia amassed nearly 100,000 troops near his country’s border as concerns over an invasion continue to mount."

George Rebane

scenes 907am - another thing to take comfort in is that China has demonstrated no hypersonic cruise missile technology. Too complex for the masses, but all they demonstrated was a suborbital ballistic missile with a jury-rigged, finned re-entry vehicle strapped to its nose - technology we had since the 1970s - which is one reason they couldn't get closer than 25mi to the intended target. The definition of a hypersonic cruise missile requires it to be a sustained air-breather that stays in the atmosphere and is terminally controllable with the ability to handle over 50g lateral accelerations, able to be tactically launched and hypersonically (>M5) engage targets as close as approx 500mi.

On the other matter of "empire", how do you suggest that America maintain its ability as a global hegemon? Do you even believe that we should remain a global hegemon?


" Do you even believe that we should remain a global hegemon?"

No. Just a train of thoughts...

In any case, it's usually not up to the hegemon at some point.

Split into different axis, and ignoring strategic nuclear force, I suppose you could think of it as financial, industrial, military, emotional (or some other word that incorporates style, religion, mass movements of any kind). It's all power projection of a sort.

Industrial is what it is. The US can no longer make shoes, many semiconductors/automotive parts/etc.etc., housewares. I suppose that aerospace, at least final assembly, is still an exception.
Financial is simply not nationalistic anymore. This isn't London in 1850.
Military. The entire US ground force is about right to seize and hold a single, low-functioning, Third World country (Iraq is a case in point). Good luck with Eastern Europe or South East Asia.
Emotional. We no longer export freedom but men-in-dresses and general 'wokeness'. Outside of Western Europe,which suffers from much of the same cultural illness, I'd say that it doesn't go too far.

Of course, in the long run, 'demographics is destiny'. The death of the US (or the West) will consist of either population replacement or simply the erosion of in-group ties. The ability to control others will die along with the will and ability to do it.

George Rebane

scenes 1229pm - And you may be right on all counts. Thanks Mr scenes.


..moi @ 12:29PM

I'll add one more node to my taxonomy of power, the (very new) notion of Surveillance (in addition to military, financial, etc.).

You hear the term 'Surveillance Capitalism' now and again, but that strikes me as something of an oxymoron as the surveillance-based organizations typically need something akin to a monopoly to operate.

Is Google part of the US hegemon? I don't think that it is particularly. For that matter, I think of the NSA and it's sister organizations as having their own domestic and foreign policy. They no longer are controlled by the US government or people.


Walt: " "Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has claimed that Russia amassed nearly 100,000 troops near his country’s border as concerns over an invasion continue to mount.""

Oh well. Of course, Russia does have something of a dog in that fight.

I think everyone is being played to a certain extent.

2/26/2014: "Russia Orders Troop Maneuvers Amid Ukraine Tensions" (Time)
2/5/2015: "‘It is crystal clear’ Russian military is on the ground, Ukraine PM says" (CNN)
8/19/2016: " Russia Builds Up Army Near Ukraine Border " WSJ
8/26/2016: "Putin Orders Military Drills as Merkel Accuses Russia on Ukraine" (Forbes)
12/15/2018: "Ukraine Asserts Major Russian Military Buildup on Eastern Border" (NYT)
2/5/2019: "Are the Russians Coming? Russia's Military Buildup Near Ukraine" (Foreign Policy Research Institute)

plus any number of articles on US/Western military exercises and equipment sales to Ukraine.

What does it mean? Mostly the need to sell internet clicks. No doubt in retrospect something eventually will happen and the talking heads on TV will knowingly analyze it all.


We sure won't be with the Left thinking they can run the nation.
The Left is on a good roll to destroy the nation from within.
I don't think examples are necessary.


Gotta love roadside signage.
Someone with way too much time to kill.


The excuses keep getting better and better.
"Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union” that the two white men killed by Kyle Rittenhouse during a protest were like white Civil Rights activists killed in the 1960s."

So rioters are like to civil rights workers?


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