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08 October 2021


Bill Tozer

Excellent news. A remnant will be spared.

Another Massive Fall Exodus from U.S. Public Schools


Scott O

Paul 8:12 - Nice cherry-picking, Paul.
If you care to actually read, it's not a nation-wide number. And the numbers for Trump right at the end were when the governors had shut everything down.
The governors have mostly opened things back up.
Why don't you just admit Trump's excellent numbers for non-white workers is what really pissed you off?

Bill Tozer

tweets from newbusters


Bill Tozer


Insight: “The more laws, the less justice.” —Marcus Tullius Cicero (106-43 BC)

“‘Vaccinate your kids and it’s over!’ say the people who told you to stay home for 15 days and it’s over, wear a mask and it’s over, get vaccinated and it’s over, etc.” —Jimmy Failla

“We have trained Americans to believe that work is unnecessary. As jobs go unfilled, a certain contingent of politicians celebrates — they say that workers have been unchained from their jobs, and that this is a net positive. In August 2020, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., told Vice, ‘Only in America, when the president tweets about liberation, does he mean "go back to work” … I think a lot of people should just say no. We’re not going back to work.’ … Most Americans want to work; most Americans are in fact working. Hence the unpopularity of the Biden administration spending plans, which most Americans feel artificially suppress economic growth and stifle opportunity. But Biden and Democrats are counting on the long-term play: grow government, breed dependence and ultimately shift the relationship between Americans and the government.“ —Ben Shapiro

Dumb and dumber: "I especially want to thank Joe [sic] Porcari. And I think Joe's [sic] done one heck of a job — my special envoy, specifically on ports, who’s been working this issue with all the stakeholders for the past several weeks.” —President Joe Biden (“Joe’s” name is “John.” And John’s doing as “good” a job with the supply chain as Biden is at being president.)

Braying jenny: “[Mitch] McConnell at one point was saying [Democrats were] playing Russian roulette with the economy. Russian roulette from ‘Moscow Mitch.’ Interesting.” —House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (“One side is free to spread conspiracy theories.” —David Harsanyi)

And the Democrat Party platform is? “Just a reminder: the word ‘filibuster’ is not in the U.S. Constitution.” —Senator Amy Klobuchar

Thanks, Caption Obvious: “I think a lot of times people don’t have a really positive image of the government.” —First Lady Jill Biden

Non compos mentis: “A higher rate of inflation, and correspondingly higher wage growth, could be a net positive for the economy.” —Bloomberg Opinion columnist Karl W. Smith

[Great Question]
And last… “It was never just tax the rich. Why do you think they want to monitor personal banks accounts with just $600?”

Barry Pruett

I am kind of excited to see the results of the VA governor’s race. Trafalgar (a new polling outfit that called the 2020 presidential election very accurately) has the Republican up by one and within the margin of error. Biden and Obama are showing up in VA in an effort to save Terry, but the whole “I don’t think parents should have the ability to tell the teachers what to teach their kids” is killing him. If the Republican wins, look out to 2022. It will be a rout.


The Democratic Party's Sturmabteiling has been busy doing it's thing.

" No arrests have been made yet. " lol, of course not.


"Prosecutor: Don't let defense refer to Kenosha shooting victims as 'rioters, looters, arsonists,' or call defendant 'Kyle'"


Seriously, this makes perfect sense.

Except that shootees *were* rioters, looters, arsonists and his name *is* Kyle.

Just another political show trial, nothing to see, move along. Put this man in jail forever or we'll burn your city down.

It's life in Blue Mob America.


What an amazing time to be alive.

Dear Care and Feeding,

My son, “Jack,” 14, has been maintaining a spreadsheet that tracks all of his classmate’s problematic actions. Jack has always had difficulty fitting in, but he is a compassionate and intelligent boy. We do not allow our children to have their own computers to prevent the risk of them being radicalized by alt-right websites, so our kids share a laptop that we monitor and control access to. We found an excel spreadsheet in Jack’s folder that listed the names of all of his classmates, as well as dates and descriptions of their problematic behavior. Some of the descriptions I saw include “has a mom who is a cop,” “no pronouns in insta bio,” “laughed at a fat joke,” “lists problematic show as one of their favorites,” “mimicked a foreign accent,” and “used cis-normative language.”

While I am pleased to see Jack taking an interest in his peers, I get a weird feeling about his spreadsheet. As much as I don’t condone the behaviors mentioned, it seems a bit creepy for him to be monitoring his classmates. I also wonder what he is trying to do with the document. Another concern is that we are white and some of the kids on the list are Black. Given the long history of white people policing Black existence, I question whether Jack is the right person to be taking on this task and whether it would be more appropriate coming from a BIPOC person."
lol. The parents are as horrid as the kid. They deserve each other.

Just imagine what all these people will be like with they achieve a little power, typically via government jobs or elections. hooo-wheee


side note for moi@12:21PM

There's every chance that this is fake, but what does that tell you about 'Slate'? We have our own opportunities here.

Instead of "Dear Penthouse Forum: I was admitted to the hospital without pants, and I can't believe this happened to me...."


"Dear Slate Magazine: Some meanies on Rebanes blog got bored with my endless nattering on about Donald Trump, so I couldn't get out of my chair because of all my anger. How can I get the stain out?".

Don Bessee

A little late after the wave of typhoid mary's from across the world flooding the red states on purpose -

DHS says it anticipates restarting Trump-era 'Remain in Mexico' policy in November, is rebuilding tent courts




Oh my god......it's clearly an insurrection......!

Police and climate activists hurt in clashes at Interior Dept.

A department spokesperson said security personnel sustained “multiple injuries,” and one officer was taken to a hospital

When can we expect the democrats to bring these traitors to justice????


Don Bessee

Convenient memory issues? -

Biden official who said inflation issues are ‘high class problems’ once ripped Trump admin for price increases




re: fishniglio@12:49pm

Unleash the 10/14 Commission!!

I went looking for video footage of the fracas, but it's surprisingly hard to find.

Judging from the still images on twitter and elsewhere, most of those people should be protesting McDonalds and Dunkin' Donuts.

I do have to say that I'm more kindly disposed to American Indian protestors in search of land, at least those who aren't indigenous via high cheekbones or some whopper their grandmother tells about ancestry. Here's my deal...we saw off some larger chunks of land, add some acreage to existing reservations, and allow the real deal Native Americans to move there and live a traditional lifestyle. I'm totally willing to stick a Western hospital on each tribe's area as there's no point in having people die after an injury. Traditional local law applies in all matters of course, dunno if the women will be in favor but that's OK.

It would be an amazing experiment, give us some backup if the Western effort in civilization fails, and be sort of fun.

Building some goofy cultural hybrid simply doesn't seem to work.


Score 2 for the parents!
"The superintendent of Loudoun County Public Schools issued an apology and a school board member resigned on Friday as the district faces mounting backlash over its response to two alleged sexual assaults, one of which was allegedly carried out by a skirt-wearing male student in a girls' bathroom.

Superintendent Scott Ziegler apologized for saying during a June event that the Virginia district had no record of assaults taking place in its bathrooms. His comments came amid debate about policy changes related to self-identified transgender students. Ziegler said Friday that he misunderstood the question when he made the comment. "


Nope,, NO cheating at all in AZ....

Pima County, AZ had mail-in ballot return rates of OVER 100%!

40 precincts had mail-in ballot returns OVER 97% -- totally impossible

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 12:10 pm

And don’t forget to somehow tell the jury how the youth boy Kyle was being chased down the street by a couple of crazed convicted sexual assaulters intent on doing the minor great bodily harm.


" Thanks for all your help and good work,, Your usefulness has come to an end."

Kinzinger, a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump who is also an enthusiastic member of the January 6 commission, might have expected Democrats to reward his service to their cause by preserving his far suburban Chicago district, the 16th.

Instead, the Democrats who are in charge of redrawing the map have divided the 16th district, putting Kinzinger in a new version of the 3rd district, which has been Democratic for decades and is currently represented by Rep. Marie Newman."


This will annoy a LIB or two,,

Bill Tozer

Do you know .....during this whole supply chain Biden mess up that our Transportation Secretary has been out on maternity leave since mid-August. Major Pete had a baby!!


One man’s opinion.

‘It’s the 1970s all over again, and Joe Biden is the new Jimmy Carter’
The Washington Post

“Well today, America has become the world’s preeminent energy superpower. And what is the left demanding? Energy disarmament. At the very moment the United States has achieved strategic dominance in a critical area for our economic and national security, the Biden administration and its progressive allies want to unilaterally disarm. And with energy prices skyrocketing, Americans are now paying the price for the Democrats’ war on fossil fuels. All we need is for bell bottoms and disco to come back, and our transformation into the Carter era will be complete.“


Don Bessee

The wokester gang that cant shoot straight -



Bill Tozer

'Dems Want to Soak the Rich by Snooping on the Poor'

Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, and co. insist that the IRS needs to know about $600 bank accounts.


Long term goal: to take over the banking system so if you need to borrow money have to go to The Great White Father in Washington, only game on town literary, with the word 'literary has lierary falled much out of favor. good.


They want to drag Repubs before a kangaroo court?
Then they should just stand on the 5TH, and repeat "I don't recall"
Just like the LIBS did in Repub hearings. Lois Learner did that, and walked.


Here is one for the Friday funnies.

"The Babylon Bee? The Onion? Nope, the above headline is not satire. What it is, is a partial quote from Biden’s Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre aboard Air Force One on Friday, hilariously claiming that our intrepid vice president “has done a “tremendous job” on the Biden Border Crisis™— as illegal border crossings remain at a 21-year high. Perhaps she was referring to that “root causes” thingy."

So letting illegals flood across the border is just what they want.. So yes.. She has done a "fine job" in that respect.

Bill Tozer

If memory serves correctly, William H Holder was the first and only AG ever convicted for defying-contempt-obstruction of Congress. Nothing happened to him. He just waited it out till Darryl Isa rotated off the chairman of the committee investigating Obama's Wingman. Can you say obstruction?

Don Bessee

OOOPSIE let the truth out again but the lapdog lamestream will suppress it just like the laptop -



Don Bessee

The woke lapdogs caught again but will it change their lien' ways, NAW! -

ABC, CBS, NBC evening newscasts offer 'lopsided' coverage of Dems, GOP lawmakers amid spending battle: study
ABC, CBS, NBC offered seven times more airtime to Democrats than Republicans, according to MRC



Don Bessee

Another scum bag dem caught lying bigly -

Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D), who persistently denies Critical Race Theory (CRT) exists in schools, oversaw the Virginia Department of Education in 2015 when it encouraged using CRT, according to a slideshow that surfaced this week.

The slideshow, unearthed by investigative reporter Christopher Rufo, is titled “Legal Implications of School Discipline: Street ‘CRED’ (Culturally Responsive and Equitable Discipline)” and features multiple mentions of CRT, the controversial catchall concept dominating education policy debates across the country.

The presentation is dated September, 22, 2015, and was published by the Education Department under McAuliffe, who is now running for governor again.

One slide, describing “culturally-responsive alternatives to suspension” to educators, notes to “incorporate Critical Race Theory lens,” while another slide cites professor Geneva Gay with the quote “CRT makes learning more appropriate and effective for students.”

A third slide advises to “embrace Critical Race Theory” and “engage in race-conscious teaching and learning.”

The new document showing that the state was implementing CRT under McAuliffe’s reign in Virginia comes as McAuliffe vehemently denies CRT is being taught in schools, despite a slew of evidence contradicting his position.

The new document showing that the state was implementing CRT under McAuliffe’s reign in Virginia comes as McAuliffe vehemently denies CRT is being taught in schools, despite a slew of evidence contradicting his position.

“Let’s just be clear. We don’t teach Critical Race Theory. This is a made up, this is a Trump-Betsy DeVos-Glenn Youngkin plan to divide people, and it really bothers me,” McAuliffe said Sunday on CNN, referring to his opponent, Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin.

On Tuesday, McAuliffe doubled down on his stance, saying during an appearance on MSNBC that Youngkin “talks about Critical Race Theory. He talks about having these parents meetings on Critical Race Theory. It really bothers because it is a racist dog whistle. We don’t teach Critical Race Theory here in Virginia.”

In June, McAuliffe dismissed CRT as a “right-wing conspiracy” and called it “totally made up by Donald Trump and Glenn Youngkin.”

McAuliffe’s campaign did not respond to Breitbart News’s request for comment on the newly surfaced slideshow.

In response to McAuliffe repeatedly refusing to acknowledge CRT in schools, Youngkin’s campaign charged in a statement to Breitbart News on Thursday that McAuliffe wants to “keep parents out of the classroom so his special interest allies can force their radical political agenda into classrooms and tell children what to think instead of teaching them how to think.”



Don Bessee

Yes we do! -

2020 hindsight



Don Bessee

Antifa tactics have been the death of the horrid creepy grampa joe agenda. SWEET! -

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., responded Friday to criticism from U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., derisively declaring that he wasn't going to take marching orders from a socialist.

"Congress should proceed with caution on any additional spending and I will not vote for a reckless expansion of government programs," Manchin wrote in a statement. "No op-ed from a self-declared Independent socialist is going to change that."

Manchin said Sanders has "no relationship to the state," adding that Sanders' remarks did not mark the "first time an out-of-stater has tried to tell West Virginians what is best for them."

"Millions of jobs are open, supply chains are strained and unavoidable inflation taxes are draining workers' hard-earned wages as the price of gasoline and groceries continues to climb," Manchin stated, accusing Sanders of trying to "throw more money on an already overheated economy while 52 other Senators have grave concerns about this approach."



Bill Tozer

Looks like our beloved fury rodents in the dark corners on the depressing side of the strret are having a lovely time spreading the love and losing their toasted minds over the VA Gov’s race. Two minutes of hate? How about the next two weeks of hate. Lay it on me, baby.

-Joy Reid, Friends Falsely Paint Youngkin as a Domestic Terrorist Who’ll Steal 2024

-Nicolle's Fake News: Glenn Youngkin Is an 'Insurrectionist' and Election Denier

-Morning Joe Miffed VA Governor's Race Close with Youngkin's 'Wild & Dangerous' Views

-MSNBC Fake News: Missouri Pro-Life Law Will Prevent Cancer Screenings!

-Instagram: Science Proving Male Athletes’ Advantages Over Women Is ‘Hate Speech’


More two minutes of hate if you can stomach it longer than 20 seconds.


They make the National Inquirer look tame, not sensational. Go figure.


"Long term goal: to take over the banking system so if you need to borrow money have to go to The Great White Father in Washington, only game on town literary, with the word 'literary has lierary falled much out of favor. good."

There's beaucoup reasons to have government access to all financial transactions.

Add that in to their newfound ability to legally spy by buying data from private companies, right down to your location at all times and active surveillance of your home (security cameras, 'smart' speakers, 'smart' tvs, using wifi as a form of sonar, highly instrumented cars, surveilled WFH and school from home) you can imagine what machine learning can make of it all.

At this point, you can still somewhat remove yourself from the Surveillance State, but I'd say it's not for long aside from truly exotic lifestyles. With folks like Adam Schiff or James Clapper in charge I see basically no hope for the future in this area.

1984 will be ushered in on the back of the technology used to sell soap.


Posted by: scenes | 16 October 2021 at 07:03 AM

Well….aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine ☀️ this morning.

Scott O

Hilarious - Spike Lee does an ad for crypto and the writer comes up with: "Many online were baffled by the commercial, and wondered what compelled Lee to do such a thing."
Oh, maybe crypto?
Lee is honest:
“I was attracted to this project because I know a lot of people who drive on the Uber platform and it gives them the flexibility they need to pursue their dreams,” Lee said in a statement at the time. “That’s how we do it in Brooklyn–that’s the Brooklyn hustle.”
That's mighty white of you, Lee.


re: Cryptocurrencies.

As I understand it, the storage and transactions are done as a side effect of mining new units of 'currency'. Dunno how they handle the situation in the endgame where the last few 'coins' are impossible to get. Maybe there's some charge-per-transaction, charge-for-storage system out there. Also, I'm not sure how they scale if used for real transactions and less for speculation. It's tough to have a store of value with such variable 'worth'.

I'd sure feel better if someone cooked up (maybe they have) 'Goldcoin'. Units of physical gold, deliverable to owners at a fee, audited and stored somewhere dependable, not free to use, supported similarly to Bitcoin.

My own guess is that cryptocurrencies will someday be viewed as the equivalent of the pyramid schemes in Albania.


"Well….aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine ☀️ this morning."

Such are the ways of keyhole snoopers, they simply can't help it plus there's money to be made.

Privacy is hard to accomplish, really hard. Add in the fact that your family/friends/neighbors likely don't care. Your life is exposed through them.

In any case, the real threat isn't so much instrumentation as it is analysis. For the first time in history your Lords and Masters can make use of a deluge of data. The Deplorables are first in their sights, but that net can be cast for nearly anyone.


Too good for a mere link…..

DISPATCHES FROM VENICE-ZUELA: Squalor By the Seaside. Homelessness and RV fires have overrun Venice Beach, California.

Fires, pollution, and disarray are increasingly common not only in Venice but also around Los Angeles. The city’s 15 councilmembers act as demi-mayors, directing policy and policing in their districts. Mayor Eric Garcetti has seemed missing in action in the two years since his failed presidential attempt, leaving a vacuum to be filled by anarchy and lawlessness.

Garcetti’s legacy of inaction and incompetence has led to blighted living conditions in Los Angeles that are starting to rival those of the Third World. It’s somehow fitting that the city’s failed mayor aspires to be named ambassador of India: he has created conditions in Venice Beach that evoke some of the suffering in that country, along with a modern-day caste of homeless untouchables, exempt from laws and accountability.



OK,,, Then how come there was no recession when Trump got us out of "O"'s???

No inflation. Trump even got prices to FALL across the board.

Getting fuel prices down, and cutting regs worked wonders.

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