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08 October 2021


Paul Emery

sp pay off

Paul Emery

Walt is back to personal attacks. That's predictable.

Actually Walt I'll show you my tax returns if you'll show me yours. Your choice. I have nothing to hide. Do you? By the way did you ever contact KVMR about the extent of government subsidies for the station. The truth is available if you care to seek it.


So Emery,, how will your side cheat this time around?
Two ballot shredders now fired, and AZ has caught the cheaters.

The midterms will be a Proggy bloodbath. Pretty much a future scene in a new episode of Game of Thrones.


The Emery is SO worked up about Trump's taxes...
The Emery needs to worry about his Dear Leader's.

It will sure will push the 25TH along.

Don Bessee

The pointy heads on the city council are so stupid that they didnt think the inevitable would happen -

Virginia public school that removed officers experience numerous violent fights: 'Free-for-all

The Alexandria City Council decided in May - following a year of national protests calling for police departments be defunded - to remove the school resource officers, and reallocate $800,000 in funding to hire mental health counselors.

The officers were let go at the beginning of the school year, but no such counselors have been hired, ABC7 reported.

"I’m pleading with the City Council this evening that we reinstate our school resource officers immediately," said Gregory C. Hutchings Jr., Superintendent of Schools in the city, just last week at a city council hearing.



Paul Emery

Do you intend to contact KVMR Walt? If not then you have no credibility when you make fake accusations about the station being subsidized primarily by taxpayer money.

Paul Emery

ta ta

All frome for mow. Got seven great concerts in the next month at the Historic Nevada Tneatre including Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas this Saturday. Here's a link:


Don Bessee

The coward flees the field after another humiliation @842 let us know how that civics class goes oh great ponytail of ignorance! ROFLOL


Don Bessee

Who cares when creepy grampa joe is flooding the open boarders to the interior of the country with millions of typhoid mary's from god knows where with no protection for citizens -

US to reopen land borders next month for fully vaccinated: report
The new rules will allow fully vaccinated foreign nationals to enter the U.S. regardless of the reason for travel




I thought he would never leave.

Don Bessee

Dont much agree with vanjones but he hit the nail on the head on this one -

then he steps on a rake and then he slips on a banana peel and then he falls down the stairs with some marbles and now people are looking at him in a negative light.” And people aren’t seeing “strong Joe Biden leadership that I think people were expecting,” and “the honeymoon’s over.” Jones also said that “right now, the Democratic Party is looking over the edge of a cliff,” and if this time next year, “cases are up, gas prices are up, you still can’t pull the legislative win, we’re in very deep trouble.”




Yet another concert that ignores the immunity of the recovered... better than the mRNA vaxxes.

Why, Paul?

Scott O

Paul 8:42 - "All frome for mow."

Is that like 'Let's Go Brandon'?

Don Bessee

Another luddite in the union columns had this gem, but i still wonder why the people who advocate to keep water from the people and shut down clean nuke and nat gas power generation also support open borders. Self hating socialist they be and poor so middle class life is a jealousy target. Perhaps seeing the EU, the brits and the chi coms not having enough energy brigs joy to their black hearts. Here they are destroying the life's of our most vulnerable populations and giving their jobs to compliant socialist refugee illegal aliens. They are also racists -

“Power is the key to solving climate change — but not necessarily in the way that many pundits claim. Solutions will not come just from defeating fossil fuel interests and empowering green entrepreneurs; real climate progress will require the willingness of large swathes of the populace, especially in wealthy countries, to forgo forms of power they currently enjoy: comfort and convenience, the ability to travel far and fast, and the option to easily obtain a wide range of consumer products whose manufacture entails large inputs of energy and natural resources."




One too may pulls of the cheap Irish crap he swills.

Yup, Paul is back in the super spreader business.
"Paul Emery infects"!


Restore "wanted dead or alive"... Works for me...


"Yet another concert that ignores the immunity of the recovered... better than the mRNA vaxxes."

""Paul Emery infects"!

Paul Emery Infects, that's a pretty clever tag line.

I'm not saying this to pick on PaulE, but it seems to me that there are a few no-brainer situations that shouldn't exist right now. I'm all for being serious about the plague so long as the measures aren't just COVID Theatre (it's like being for greenhouse gas reduction as long as the policy makes a goddamm bit of difference).

Sketchy doings...indoor live concerts, Friday night at the bar, indoor public meetings. Those bandanas don't make a dime's worth of difference and of course the typical suspects can do their thing (reinfection of a 'survivor', infection and passing by the immunized, etc.) to varying degrees.

One of the things I've found most irritating about this whole she-bang, aside from the weaponization of COVID by the Democratic Party, is the lack of real information. After a year+, you'd think that county health departments would have good statistics on how to avoid this stuff. Are grocery stores bad? Schools? What masks actually work (if any)? and a hundred other questions. Either the health establishment is utterly incompetent or utterly secretive. Maybe both.

Scott O

DB 10:36 - Debbie Gibbs is actually fairly honest about what the green weenies have in store for us.
Her most damning statement was the admission:
"If we believe a technological change may rescue us, please see if you can recall a technological practice employed in the last 100 years that has improved the Earth."
That is exactly what the left is always counting on - a huge breakthrough in solar cell and battery tech that will magically allow us to have the current standard of living without fossil fuel use.
Of course true to left-wing form - some animals are more equal than others and the elites will always be able to travel far and fast.
If you don't like oil wells, please don't visit any operation obtaining the necessaries for your 'clean' energy production. You might get red-pilled.


Posted by: Scott O | 13 October 2021 at 07:50 AM

Remember just how important it is to those on the left to "out emote" others in the promotion of progressive ideals.

Scott O

fishy 7:59 - I thought quoting Jay Inslee was really special. If you are trying to make a serious point, it might be helpful not to try to support that point with a quote from a complete and total bull-shitter.
Just one eensie little example:
Has Jay moved to shut down Boeing in WA state?
Speaking of travel far and fast:
Next time Debbie, try to find some one living in the mud to quote about this exciting new lifestyle you have in mind for us.


Did Emery get the blessing from Lord Fauci?
Will the FED shot police be checking at the door?
According to Baghdad Bob with boobs at the W.H. , there is a "FED law ".


" That is exactly what the left is always counting on - a huge breakthrough in solar cell and battery tech that will magically allow us to have the current standard of living without fossil fuel use."

Hey, it might happen...maybe...maybe not. My take on batteries/solar cells is that they're like CPUs. You can track improvements over time and there won't be much in the way of big step changes. Improvements on the margin are nearly always hard.

I'll suggest a different Left Fever Dream(tm). Many of them envision some sort of utopia society...walkable cities with highrise apartments. Neighbors from El Salvador, Nigeria, and Laos coming by your house for a big fiesta in brotherlysisterly fashion. Mass transit. Making a living with a keyboard doing 'knowledge' work and personal therapy. Concerts with Grateful Dead cover bands and singer songwriter guitarists singing worker songs by non-workers. Woven market baskets to go to the street fair to buy organic kale. Lots of government workers making bank.

Then, you do whatever it takes to get there. Invent emergencies, scold your neighbors, tax and spend your way to nirvana.

Scott O

It's getting just too darn hard to do political comedy any more. Reality has all the best lines.
Just in from Laredo:
"The U.S. will reopen its land borders for fully vaccinated travelers."


" Remember just how important it is to those on the left to "out emote" others in the promotion of progressive ideals."

There's a lot of ways in the world to compete for status. Truth is, we all do it.

Some people want wealth, purty women, martial prowess. Others want to be viewed as member of a holy class, perhaps like a flagellant or some monk who sits on top of a column for years.

For men to be in the second class is peculiar, but not unknown. The bummer is that the flagellants want to beat on me too.

Scott O

scenes 8:56 - But can they pull that off without being hurty towards mother earth?
Debbie and Greta want to know.


"Did Emery get the blessing from Lord Fauci?"

You know, in all seriousness, it's fairly likely that he'll kill a person with a large event. Dunno what the infection and fatality rate is from a bunch of people in a room for an hour or three, but it's a measurable thing. The building probably has crappy ventilation and it isn't like bandanas will help a bit.

A person could make a strong argument for enforcing outdoors-only concerts for quite some time.

Of course, the good vibes from all the Trumphate will cancel out any viral load.

Scott O

The future?
Something like Idiocracy mixed with Brazil, 12 Monkeys and Mad Max.
It'll depend on what part of the world you're in.
It'll be great.


Take a gander at all the fun and games coming out of that ONE county in Georgia.
1 Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking a deep inspection of Georgia ballots Atlanta Journal Constitution
2 Georgia election workers fired for allegedly shredding hundreds of voter registration forms The Washington Post
3 Judge dismisses Fulton County ballot review case in Georgia Associated Press
4 The Jolt: Raffensperger on Fulton Co. elections, ‘Enough is enough’ Atlanta Journal Constitution
5 Georgia Secretary of State has harsh words after Fulton County elections allegations FOX 5 Atlanta

Plenty of "legal" protection of the perpetrators.


So Queen Nan just can't handle her job.
"“Pelosi discussing giving authority to raise the debt ceiling to the Biden Treasury would be a total abdication of Congress’s Constitutional duties by the Democrat Party,”"

She did something along the same lines when "O" was Dear Leader.

Paul Emery

Requirements for attending my shows are the as Music in the Mountains, Miners Foundry, Center for the Arts and County regulations.

Scenes, does you support for outdoor only events eliminate basketball and church gatherings for example?


LOL!! Emery now makes EXCUSES!!!
Miss the med reports Emery? Dope smokers MORE likely to catch the Kung Flu. And what is Nevada City full of?

Lord Fauci won't be pleased. He's back to demanding canceling Christmas for the family. Yet here you are. promoting a gathering of "more" than family.
Yup,,,, "Paul Emery infects(LLC)" may live up to it's billing.


You can thank Biden and those that voted for him.
Ground beef: + 10.6 percent.
Steaks: +22.1 percent.
Bacon: +19.3 percent.
Pork roasts, ribs, steaks: +19.2 percent.
Chickens: +17.1 percent.
Fresh fish: +10.7 percent.
Eggs: +12.6 percent.
Peanut Butter: +6.2 percent.
Apples: + 7.8 percent.
Ham: +7 percent.
Baby food: +4.4 percent.

Paul Emery

?Are you opposed to gatherings in churches Walt? My shows would be equivilant of a small church-150 at the most.

Bill Tozer

You can get 150 people to attend. Wow, good going. Thats twice as many as I figured would show up.
'The 2020 Election Wasn’t Stolen, It Was Bought By Mark Zuckerberg'

The true story of how Mark Zuckerberg privatized the government's voter registration and vote counting for Democrats in 2020


Bill Tozer

Daily Mail blows lid off Hunter and The Big Guy corruption scandal. Comes with the terrority. Whever Joe goes, the dark side follows. And vise versa. I give you my word as a Biden.



Your "venue" ain't a church Emery. Better have waivers at the door to sign. As I recall,, your tried to tar Trump as a "super spreader" with his open air rallies.
Whatever Emery, have you looked into liability coverage?

Just one person who claims they caught the bug from your event can make you the next homeless dude in Glenbrook.

Welcome to Calif. litigation opportunities.


Bill. If the story is about Biden and/or "crack" Hunter, Emery is nowhere to be found.
If the story and facts are about Biden and crew destroying the economy and pushing Communism, Emery has somewhere else to be.

Bill Tozer

Court reminds Kathy Hochul that religious rights exist


CA and Newsome were so bad at puting their hands on controling churchs and religious services that after the State losting two straight cases with a sharp admonishment from The Supremes.... CA is the only state in the zunion to have a state wide injuction placed by the Courts to keep government and the friggin lefties in their own lane. Its a right.

The Music Flim-Flam Man venues are not a classified as a right but as non-essential.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and the green socialists are giddy over high energy costs -

With prices surging worldwide for heating oil, natural gas and other fuels, the U.S. government said Wednesday it expects households to see jumps of up to 54% for their heating bills from last winter.

The sharpest increases are likely for homes that use propane, which account for only 5% of U.S. households, but others are also likely to see big increases.




Just what the HELL is wrong with our military???

"The railgun was meant to change naval combat. It was developed to shoot projectiles at remarkable speeds to eliminate enemy shipping in a re-imagined manner. This summer, the Navy removed all funding for the railgun from its latest budget proposal and indefinitely paused the program. The idea is to focus more on producing lasers and hypersonic weapons."

This fucked up Progressive administration is what's wrong.


This is how the Commiecrats treat political prisoners?
"WASHINGTON, Oct 13 (Reuters) - A federal judge on Wednesday held top officials at the Washington, D.C., Department of Corrections in civil contempt, after ruling they violated the civil rights of a U.S. Capitol riot defendant by impeding his access to medical care.

"It is more than just inept and bureaucratic shuffling of papers," U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth said.

"I find that the civil rights of the defendant have been abridged. I don't know if it's because he is a Jan. 6 defendant or not, but I find that this matter should be referred to the attorney general of the United States ... for a civil rights investigation.""


Lets just add a little more to Don's post.

"You’re about to pay a lot more to keep your house warm during the winter months thanks to Biden’s economy inflating like a bouncy castle, but don’t worry, because Biden has a solution. He’ll just ask the energy companies he screwed over to lower their prices despite already harming their bottom line."
LIBS got what they voted for. The only problem is they screwed the rest of us that knew better.
Damned good thing I heat with firewood. (renewable energy)


Paul Emery: "Scenes, does you support for outdoor only events eliminate basketball and church gatherings for example? "

Short answer? Yes. It's something of a no-brainer I think. In addition, they all tend older in the audience age.

Now, if you could find a decent study showing otherwise, I'd be happy to change my mind.

Seriously, think about how people catch this stuff. The primary vector is probably family groups, with kids bringing in a virus (like most illnesses). Next? Enclosed areas with adults for a long period. It's a natural problem for a virus passed through the air.

I can't help that you don't give a damn, a lot of people wouldn't. A person has to make a living after all.

Truth is, there's things that work (N95 masks to some extent, avoiding inside groups) and those that don't (bandanas, intubation).

In other news, I was musing about Superman's boyfriend now that it turns out that Superman (his son really) is gay.

You do have to wonder about the boyfriend's colonic health. There's something of a kinetic problem here.


re: The railgun program.

No doubt they had cost overruns and difficulties in finding mounting platforms. OTOH, I don't doubt for a second that Navy weapons programs represent a bunch of cowbirds in a nest, each pushing each other out. Once the F-35 sucks the air out of the budget, they'll be down to buying a single high tech plane that does absolutely everything.

I can see the issue. Is your primary problem protecting the country? protecting trade routes? power projection? Often, any mission will be subsumed with the personal ambitions of admirals/apparatchiks/company executives and the tsunami of money that flows through the system.


"This is how the Commiecrats treat political prisoners?"

lol. What do you think?

It's worth spending a few minutes on twitter or reddit watching the unfettered opinions spew forth on what to do with 'insurrectionists'.

Dunno whether the long term plan merely involves shunning (variations of social media scores) or barbed wire enclosures. You'll have to ask Steve Frisch on his next missive about Nazis.


Scenes.. It's Lewis lane he dating now.
But Spider man just couldn't swing both ways.

As for virus' they can infect through the unprotected eyes.
The six foot exclusion zone is bogus. Just an arbitrary number grabbed out of thin air. Masks? LOL! No protection against a virus what so ever.

These thing you learn when you have worked in the HAZMAT world.


Rail guns are actually very cost effective. Just a few hundred bucks(if that) per projectile. No explosives. Heck. With a little knowhow, you can build one at home.

Looks like the turnup administration really wants to give the RED Chinese the upper hand.


Walt @1:56PM

N95s appear to make some difference, and look more stylish than N100. Being properly fitted is a trick in itself.

A mixed bag. There's a few studies out there and I've seen it go both ways.

You have to look back in time to find any studies that mean anything. Since Trump, science has been co-opted for political reasons in so many cases that nothing is really trustable at this point. Whether a thing is false or not, at least concerning COVID issues, is up in the air.

I sure wouldn't trust any of these masks if I were doing automotive paint jobs, and that's a fact.


The masks would catch the paint droplets, but the fumes will pass right through. Hence, the organic vapor filter mask.

Paul Emery


Last time Alasdair played there for me he sold out-250. Numbers are down so that's my generous estimate. Do you know the music and legacy of Alasdair Fraser? He is from Scotland and is now a local resident.


re: Walt@2:16PM

I'm always surprised the materials that just reg'lar folks (and half-bright sometimes) shoot in a sketchy manner. Not just modern paints but foam insulation, some wood finishes, etc. Safety considerations fall by the wayside. Of course, there's always welding brake cleaner.

In any case, viruses look to be a statistics game. Some masks do better than the other, it isn't all or nothing. It's like personal activities. Staying at home is safe, going to a local indoors concert or hanging out at the emergency room is a lot less so.


I was just looking at theunion.com and Gregory made a fair point about the local public health officials:

Gregory: "What makes you think the bureaucrats in the County Office of Public Health are "scientists"?"

Sarah Daley: "In order to have that position, one needs to have an undergraduate degree in bio-chemistry, then earn either a Master's or a Ph.D. specializing in science in which one learns how to evaluate the evidence presented in a research study on its reliability, validity, and use of statistics. Without that education and training one would not be hired to work there."

a moments googling:

Jill Blake, M.P.A.
– Master of Public Administration, University of Southern California
– Bachelor’s degree in English literature, University of California, Los Angeles
– UC Davis Public Policy Program certification
– California County Senior Executive credential
– Certified Public Health Accreditation Board site visitor

I'd say one point to Mr. Gregory.

Don Bessee

You can bet the farm on that one -




re: Nevada County Public Health
Looking at the staff job titles (at least in 2019), practically the entire group is oriented towards 'behavioral health'. You know, it could simply be that no one was prepared to deal with infectious outbreaks. Honestly that would explain a lot, I had never really thought about it.

I suppose there were no affordable folks with the appropriate credentials even available once this whole situation got going.

Bill Tozer

‘Konstantin Kilimnik, Russiagate's Last Fall Guy, Speaks Out’
The Senate Intelligence Committee, the Treasury, and even Robert Mueller pointed fingers. But none bothered to question him.


Don Bessee

You might think that creepy grampa joe and the socialist greens hate Americans hmmmmmmm......



Don Bessee

She would know -

Virginia mom who survived Maoist China says DOJ, school board association use ‘communist tactics’



Don Bessee

You have to give creepy grampa joe and the socialists for the height of gall after doing everything to dismantle the energy industry that gave us the best production in the world of clean nat gas only a year ago -

The White House has asked energy companies to help lower fuel prices amid a worldwide rise in energy costs, Reuters reported on Wednesday.

Oil and gas companies have spoken with the White House in the preceding days regarding the request, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters. One of those sources said the Biden administration has been internally discussing ways to lower fuel costs.

“We are closely monitoring the cost of oil and the cost of gas Americans are paying at the pump,” a White House official said in a comment. “And we are using every tool at our disposal to address anti-competitive practices in U.S. and global energy markets to ensure reliable and stable energy markets.”

The report comes after U.S. oil prices rose above $80 a barrel for the first time in seven years on Monday. The average gas price in the U.S. is currently $3.29 per gallon, according to AAA.

In an effort to counter rising fuel costs this summer, the Biden administration asked OPEC+ nations to increase production. That request was rejected. The administration had previously implemented policies to curtail some domestic production, including a ban on new oil and gas drilling leases on federal lands and the cancelation of the Keystone XL pipeline.



Don Bessee

Looks like trouble for the dem in ol viginy -

A new CBS poll of Virginians shows that school curriculums — particularly those pertaining to race and history — will be a major factors in their voting decisions as they head to the polls to choose their next governor.

Sixty-two percent of voters say curriculums will be a “major factor” in their voting decision, including 77 percent of self-described conservatives and 54 percent of moderates. Liberals, on the other hand, are less concerned with education than they are vaccine mandates — 71 percent call candidates’ position on them a driving force behind their choice.

Crime and the economy are, however, the two issues that most motivate both Virginians more generally and the all-important moderate demographic. Sixty-seven percent of both groups call the former a key consideration, and more than 70 percent of both groups say the same of the latter. Most voters believe that Youngkin would be the better pick on both issues, and by a ten point margin in the case of crime.

The poll did not ask which of the candidates was preferred by voters on the issue of education specifically, but past polling has demonstrated that a sizable plurality of Virginians agree with Youngkin’s position that critical race theory should be banned in public schools. McAuliffe has stated that any discussion of whether critical race theory should be banned in schools is “racist” and a “dogwhistle.” Notably, more black than white, and more women than men called school curriculums a major factor for them in the CBS poll.




Maybe it's in Emery's best interests not to say a word about
Der Leader.

"“Let’s Go Brandon” Meme Goes WORLDWIDE As Joe Biden Becomes Global LAUGHING STOCK!"

Yup, Putin and RED China will fear Biden far more than they did Trump....🤣👍

Don Bessee

That is an interesting turn of events for the dems -



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe done burned up all his goodwill in no time at all THANKS! -



Bill Tozer


Quotable quote (Eldik to the student): “As a man of color, there probably isn’t as much scrutiny of you as there might be of a white person in the same position. I just want to acknowledge that there’s a complexity to that too.”


Bill Tozer

Judge blocks United Airlines from suspending employees over vaccine mandate


What, paid leave ain't good enough? What, you want to work instead? Some people, I tell ya. ;)

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and the socialist have managed to piss off the world and the EU is missing Trump! LOL -

With a domestic approval rating of just 38%, Joe Biden is fast becoming one of the most unpopular presidents in modern U.S. history at such an early stage of a presidency. The catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal, a massive crisis on the southern border, and a Socialist-style big government economic agenda have all combined to disillusion American voters.

Is the leader of the free world though faring any better on the international stage? After all, Biden boasted on the campaign trail about "restoring" America’s standing and credibility across the globe after the supposedly reckless approach of the Trump era.

Yet after just nine months in office, the Biden administration is increasingly viewed as a disaster among U.S. partners, who haven’t taken kindly to being unceremoniously thrown under the bus after fighting alongside the United States in Afghanistan for nearly two decades.

Countless European officials have told me privately that they simply can’t trust the Biden presidency. Some are actually reminiscing about the Trump days, with a high degree of buyer’s remorse – even in Paris.

Trump’s administration was arguably the most pro-British since the Reagan presidency of the 1980s, when the partnership between the United States and United Kingdom was at its peak. Many leading Trump officials, including Vice President Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley were, and remain today, stalwart allies of the United Kingdom.

I have traveled twice to London in the past few weeks, meeting with dozens of officials, members of Parliament and political advisers, as well as newspaper editors, media commentators and think tank experts. I can barely recall a single positive word said about Biden and his presidency. I doubt that any American president in the modern era has been more unpopular in the U.K. with those who are directly shaping British policy.

And the condemnation of Biden is not only on the right. One senior figure in the House of Commons told me she could not think of a single MP of any party who would stand up and defend Joe Biden



Don Bessee

Well creepy grampa joe has turned his back on Americans so why not the press too? -




Well Don,, we know someone else that don't take questions either. He has a ponytail.


"NO!! I won't let you expose the voter fraud."
You know, from tha same damned county the shredder team just got fired from.

Bill Tozer

'Joe Rogan Grills CNN’s Sanjay Gupta: Does It Bother You ‘That Your News Network Lies?’



"Creepy grampa joe and the socialist have managed to piss off the world and the EU is missing Trump! LOL -" -DonB

To be fair, my gut tells me it's not a Biden thing at all. He was something of a midwit before a combination of likely senility and fer sure old age took hold. It's probably safe to assume that 'his' policy is simply the manifestation of warring groups of advisors, government departments, donors, etc.

You're bound to get a dog's breakfast when different mafias of 30 year-old Georgetown grads put their hands on the patient and extract a signature or two.

Bill Tozer

How to stick a knife in economic recovery:

Biden corporate tax hikes will hinder investment, economic growth, study concludes



"Biden corporate tax hikes will hinder investment, economic growth, study concludes"

Jeez, who knows how a tax hike, particularly one that is at the top for the First World, will change matters?

You just know that those financial wonks who actually run large companies (as opposed to marketing, manufacturing, engineering) both (a) hate uncertainty and (b) will simply move large amounts of money around with any significant change in tax law. The side effects are probably unknown at this point.

Taxes for big companies are so arcane that I'm always cracked up by hippies prattling on about 'maann, if those companies just paid for hospitals and schools maaannn'. It makes me lose my will to live.

Bill Tozer



Don Bessee

AS IF anyone is going to buy that bullshit anymore, well there are the terminal TDS cases like the po ol ponytail of ignorance will be parroting whatever the minime reporter is spinning -




Special delivery for "no voter fraud" Emery.

"Acting U.S. Attorney Jennifer Arbitter Williams filed the federal charges against Beren, a then-staffer for Philadelphia City Councilmember Mark Squilla, Philadelphia Magazine reported. Williams alleged that Beren took part in a voter fraud scheme in various voting divisions in Philadelphia and falsified votes through 2015 and 2019, the outlet reported"

Well get a load of that!! A Liberal..


Never blame your own.
As for Garland . We are seeing the Repubs were right about NOT advancing him to SCOTUS.

"President Joe Biden’s commission on expanding (or “packing”) the Supreme Court issued a set of draft documents Thursday that blamed Republicans for current polarization over the judiciary, due to their refusal to confirm Merrick Garland in 2016."



It's interesting to think how a person could redesign a pharmacy to meet current law enforcement standards (ie. none). Of course, everything has to be passive measures since you are also not allowed to protect your own property in Blue Mob America.

A good place to look for ideas is the CharlieBo313 channel. He goes all sorts of places you can't, but there are scads of security notions in them. Basically, you turn the Walgreens into a great big bulletproof vending machine using people as the machinery.


So what does the SF Walgreens of the future look like? Maybe a combination of the GM Futurama and a jail.

Scott O

Here's a great interview with Yellen.
"Over the next 10 years, we have a 'tax gap' of 7 TRILLION bucks!"
That's because the 'rich' aren't paying their fair share. So we have all the banks report every transaction over 600 bucks.
Like the couch or TV you just bought.
Cause you be 'rich'.
I'm so glad Biden's budget blow out won't cost a penny because it seems we already have a 'tax gap'.
Because this is a facsimile of Yellen doing deep fake CGI, Paul will claim it's 'doctored'. You be the judge!

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe probably does not remember but we do and its his ass now and the kakkler. ROFLOL -

FLASHBACK: Biden blamed food shortages under Trump in 2020 on 'lack of leadership'
'We don't have a food shortage problem, we have a leadership problem,' Biden said in 2020



Don Bessee

See what i mean @503 -

#EmptyShelvesJoe trends on Twitter as supply chain crisis threatens to derail holiday shopping
Social media users voiced their concerns with stark photos from local grocery stores that appear to have been impacted by the shortage




LOL Don,, Biden blames Trump, the when the shit hits the fan under his watch, blame everyone else.
Funny, has yet to do anything he claimed he WOULD do.

Paul Emery

Look at the piece of shit economy Biden inherited from Trump. That's the Republican way. Come in with a stable economy, trash it then leave the house in a mess. Same thing happened with B>ush.

Don Bessee

Go tell it the central committee commissars oh great ponytail of ignorance! The people know better what happened with the lies from the party parrots who would destroy anything to have power. 2022 is upon us and it will be the doom of the socialist green dems.

Hell people already know creepy grampa joe is an abject failure and the kakkler is in so over her head its a sad joke. Cant take questions needed child actors for her psycho rant.

No blow up dolls or ann coulter dolls for you this Christmas ya old druid. LOL!


Bill Tozer

Obama’s Defense Secretary Unloads On Biden: Watching Disaster In Afghanistan Made Me Physically Sick


Day 46 of leaving Americans behind....on so many ways.

Bill Tozer

Top Obama Economist: Inflation ‘Worse’ Than Expected, ‘Very Serious’ Cause For Concern, ‘Wokeness’ An Issue


Bill Tozer

Biden down to 36%, 'sinking like the Titanic'


Bill Tozer




Give it a rest Emery, Things are far worse than when Trump left. We were in pretty good shape. the your hero Biden and cronies really fucked it up.

What's Biden done Emery? You never have an answer...Oh wait!! He's done NOTHING of value. There I helped you out.
But he's sure fucked up the economy. Go ahead and deny that.

Begs OPEC to pump more oil after screwing over American energy independence. Now wants our oil producers to lower prices after he screws them over.
Yup,, they will get right on that.

FED mandates to keep people home and not work. Great idea.
Now what?

Big rigs need OIL to get goods to the stores..
You and I will be paying that higher price in shipping.

Miss Trump yet?

Paul Emery


Compare the economy that Trump inherited from Obama to the one he left Biden.

Also compare the economy Bush left Obama to the one he inherited from Clinton.

Let me know what you find.

Don Bessee

What a #sadoldman who still has deep seated comprehension problems and is the textbook party parrot.
Keep whistling past the grave yard, here is a reality check from your own team oh great ponytail of ignorance. -

his fall, Democrats have struggled to push their legislative agenda through Congress. They’ve argued among themselves, put off votes, and radically trimmed bills to try to get past the fact that their margin in the House is tissue-thin and in the Senate barely exists.

But what if, in terms of political power, this is as good as it gets for the Democratic Party for years to come? What if, electorally-speaking, they are doomed?

That’s a discussion that’s exploded among party activists and officials in recent days as they take a hard look at their prospects in upcoming elections. Democrats could easily lose both the House and Senate in 2022, given the map of seats up for grabs and the truism that the party that holds the White House typically loses ground in midterm votes.

Beyond that, things actually look worse, according to some Democratic strategists and political experts. The concentration of Democratic voters in cities, and the dispersion of Republican voters throughout rural and exurban areas, gives the GOP a built-in advantage in the Senate and the Electoral College. Educational polarization – voters with college degrees moving to Democrats, and non-college voters shifting to the GOP – may be accelerating this geographic trend.

Democrats’ underlying fear is that an era of minority rule may lie ahead. Given the partisan bias of the Electoral College, due to the number of thinly-populated safe red states, Democrats have to win 52% of the popular vote just to have a 50-50 chance of winning the White House, according to one estimate. The Senate has even more of a partisan lean – it may be effectively 6 to 7 points redder than the country as a whole

Some members want to use their current majority to enact as many big, meaningful changes as they can – believing this may be their last chance for a while. Others argue if the party is seen as overreaching, it will only further alienate the very voters it must win back if it has any hope of holding onto power.

At the heart of this debate among Democrats is a key issue: is it possible, or desirable, to win back some of the white working-class voters who have moved en masse to Mr. Trump in recent years?

“In an era when so much of this is no longer worked out behind closed doors, we are seeing the Democratic Party negotiating among its members in public. That’s really instructive,” says Daniel Hopkins, a political science professor at the University of Pennsylvania. “Whose voices do they want to elevate?

The bad news for Democrats is rooted in structural imbalance, in Mr. Shor’s view. The Senate privileges rural states – Wyoming has as much power in the chamber as California. The GOP created some Western states in the late 1800s, such as North and South Dakota and Montana, in part to provide reliable party votes, which they still do.

Overlaid on that today is a Democratic coalition that’s increasingly diverse and urban. In recent years, college-educated voters have moved toward Democrats, and non-college-educated voters – both white as well as some Black and Hispanic – have become increasingly Republican. The Trump era accelerated that movement, locking in the GOP’s ability to win national power with a minority of votes.

To break this cycle, Democrats need to win back states that lean Republican, according to Mr. Shor. But at its top levels, the party is dominated by a cosmopolitan, progressive elite that doesn’t understand rural and working-class voters



Scott O

Paul continues to deny reality.
"Look at the piece of shit economy Biden inherited from Trump."
The economy was waaaay better when Trump was in office.
The part that really pissed off Paul was that non-white workers wages under Trump were better than under any other pres ever. Including Obama. But under Biden, no longer. Paul is pleased that the darkies are back in their place. What a guy!
Now we have rising unemployment, inflation out of control, we are no longer energy independent - Paul claims this is better.

Don Bessee

This is a nice post script to my 737 emphasizing how out of touch they are and dont care about screwing over working citizens -




Trump turned the Oloser economy around just about over night.
Your pal Biden hasn't done a damned thing right.

The facts. Pure and simple.
""We have plenty of food," Biden added. "It's being plowed under. You've got-- you're euthanizing cattle and pigs. They're out there making sure that they're pouring thousands of gallons of milk into the ground. It's not a food shortage. It's a lack of leadership-- a lack of leadership."

Biden added that if he were president at the time he would have "ordered the government to buy food from farmers and send it to food banks" and that Trump "failed to step up" by not doing that.

"I'd harness the restaurant industry to help get food to those who need it and help get millions of laid off workers back to work and the job...this is not rocket science. It's leadership."

So Emery, why hasn't your dear leader done what he said he would "have done"?


We were ALL better off with Trump.

DO come up with facts and links that say otherwise.

Bill Tozer

"Jen Psaki explains away all the Biden f#ck-ups as nothing but part and parcel of the administration “incentivizing fundamental change to the American economy.” Has anyone told them that they’ve already achieved such fundamental change by turning our economy from increasing workforce participation, keeping inflation in check, destroying energy independence, flooding the country with unvetted illegals, and attempting to pass a socially destructive spending program that will cripple the economy for the next generation of Americans (at least)??:

George Rebane- topic of Sczttershots.

Paul Emery

Unemployment Scott? How about comparing unemployment now with Jan 2021 when Trump left office. Here are the numbers:

Todays unemployment: 5.2 percent
When Trump left office: 6,3%

Which is better Scott?



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 14 October 2021 at 08:05 PM

“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up….”

Barack Hussein something, something

Bill Tozer

Biden’s Inflation Costing Families $2.1K a Year
“We’re actually accumulating debt at the rate of over $2 million per minute.”

'Top White House official retweets post calling inflation, supply chain issues ‘high class problems’

Prices are jumping in large part because container ships are stranded at ports and because unloaded goods are waiting for trucks


Keep going Emery, Your real good at trying to bring shit up you have no clue of.
There is a ponytail attached to that ass.

Unemployment you say? You mean that the advice of Lord Fauci?

Biden was supposed to the Kung Flu ended by now. Remember?
How that work'n?
Biden bragging about getting people FIRED.. Real prezidential.

And to think you voted for that piece of shit. You sure know how to pick'm.

Bill Tozer

I give you my word as a Biden. Blood is thicker than water.

'Report: Associate Shuffled Money Between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden Accounts; President Potential Target Of FBI Investigation, Expert Says'


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