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08 October 2021


Don Bessee

Now thats funny! -

NY Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones roasted for making a case for school choice without realizing it
'That’s literally the entire point of the school choice movement




He who shall not be named, who thinks Trump's running would help the LIBS,, has yet to say how, and who could stand a chance, given the current downfall of everything American.
Trump gave America prosperity and honor. Prez the puppet has decimated all that and then some.

Bill Tozer

re: Biden winning streak.

Always good to catch 30 seconds or a minute of Dan. Go, Joe, go!


Don Bessee

Team socialist is going to lose big next year, a tsunami perhaps -




Bloomberg reported last week that because of high natural gas prices due to a reduced supply from the United States, Europe is “snapping up coal.” It’s cheaper now, and compared to wind and solar it’s a much more reliable source of power.

Euroland is also starting to give up on the green energy dreams that are still alive and well in the minds of American pols in Washington, DC. Great Britain and Germany have experienced soaring energy prices at the gas pump and in electric utility costs for homes, factories and businesses. Some relief will come from natural gas that will eventually be supplied to Europe via a gas pipeline from Siberia.

Meanwhile, the nation with three times the population of the U.S. and the world’s largest energy consumer, China, is all-in on coal. The Daily Mail reported that China’s 1,000 coal plants “make a mockery” of any promises by Beijing that China will move to renewable energy. Coal is by far the largest source of energy in China, and new plants are being built every week. This is, as the Telegraph put it, “Beijing’s dirtiest little secret.” Despite those solemn pledges for China to clean up its air, the Chinese emit three to four times more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere each year than does the US.



Bill Tozer

Lets talk about Wednesday's poll.

Psaki Blames COVID-19 Pandemic for Biden’s Poor Approval Ratings


Paul Emery

Simple George, Trump is the biggest political loser in the 20th and 21st centuries losing re-election, the House and Senate in just 4 years. He's The only one to do that. Besides he is becoming more mentally infirm and ill and delusional. He actually believes he won the popular vote by millions of votes for example.

Hope he gets the nomination. It will be an easy win for the Dems.



Obstruction of (in)justice? LOL!! Queen Pelosi's witch hunt has no power of prosecution.

Executive privilege applies to Trump, like it or not.

Bill Tozer

Put more lipstick on that pig.

'Labor Force Participation Drops As Americans Hyped Up On Federal Cash Quit Looking For Work'


Sorry ladies out there, Biden lost you women 29,000 jobs.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 08 October 2021 at 03:48 PM

Did you feel it move Punch....?

Atta boy!

Jose Peyote

@ Fishnigilo 4:17 pm

"Did you feel it move Pinch....?

'To say I'm livid is putting it mildly': Rick Wilson slams the 1/6 committee for blowing their chance to nail Trump'



Speaking of Joe.....in your local fishwrap his namesake whines whiningly!


Oh JoKe......how we’ve missed your constant bleating.

Jose Peyote's Acme Anvil

That's right Paul. You straighten out the Circle of Jerks and put them in their pathetic place.

"Simple George, Trump is the biggest political loser in the 20th and 21st centuries..."


Bill Tozer

Friday quotes, many



Yup, Schumer's little ball spiking event may have just cost him the game.

Nope, no help when the clock runs out again.

Don Bessee

Cali is the first to go full CRT -



Don Bessee

Follow the science eh? -

Top COVID-19 doctors and scientists privately asked the Biden administration to scrap its booster-shot plan, report says



Scott O

Hilarious - Says the guy who said he would take care of the problem back when he was mayor of Frisco.
Now -
Ah well - hope springs eternal in the empty minds on the left.
Now he's really, really, really gonna take care of the problem.
Just give me a few billion more!
I promise!

Barry Pruett

Folks are realizing how well Trump did and how he was actually a good leader. Rough around the edges? Absolutely…but he led us down a better path.

Don Bessee

Whats creepy grampa joe and the socicalist dems suppressing?

Biden has not yet honored the tradition of releasing the results of an annual presidential physical.



Don Bessee

The mexicans said leave her cackling ass home its bad for their image! LOL -

Kamala Harris skips US-Mexico border-security meeting, goes to New Jersey instead



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe can kiss ol verginy good by and his candidate is ensuring it! -

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for governor in Virginia, lectured Anita Blanton, an African-American anchor for WAVY News 10, during an interview that aired on Wednesday night, telling Blanton that discussion of critical race theory in public schools is “racist"


As Virginia's gubernatorial race gets underway, CNN's Jeff Zeleny reports that Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe may be distancing himself from the leader of his own party, President Joe Biden.

Democratic candidate thought virtual meeting was private. This is what he said about Biden



Bill Tozer

Happy Leif Erikson Day, Brother Walt. Celebrated by both the USA and Canada. Beat the Italians by 500 years! Get loud and be proud.



re: BillT@7:50AM

That's a new one to me. Probably time to whip up the Blue Mob for a bit of the old ultra-violence and statue tumbling.

Skræling Lives Matter!


Why Thank You Brother Bill. That's mighty thoughtful of you.

I won't do amy razing and pilliging today.


Submitted for your consideration.....


Don Bessee

Hey look creepy grampa joe is a drag on dems -




Bill Tozer

Submitted for your consideration

It’s obvious that if Trump runs again in 2024, he should name “Brandon” as his running mate, so rally crowds can yell “Let’s go Brandon!” This is better than shouting the vernacular version, and the media will be totally flummoxed having to explain it over and over again. Meanwhile, did Facebook have the worst week ever, or what?



re: BillT@12:40PM Good one.

"“Put this in your body or you will never work again.”

Who said it better, Biden or Harvey Weinstein?"


George Rebane

Bro Walt - A thing to keep in mind is that we Vikings, in the excitement of the moment, often forget the order of things on our 'do list' that would leave something for us to take home after the dust settles - 'Rape, Pillage, THEN Burn'. It's always been a bummer when we forget the sequence.

The Estonian Fox

BT @ 7:50AM -

In addition to Canada's National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21, our own folks in Minnesota (at least the non-liberals) celebrate a similar day. But they call it "Skraelings Day", in honor of the very first victory by whites in what was to be North America.

All hail Erik the Red, er, White. Just think how conflicted that moniker would be today if Erik were an albino, a distinct and persecuted minority.


I knew I forgot something.. helvete!!
It's been a while. Thanks for the reminder great Hersir.

(Yes, I leave you with a trivia lasson)


Time to hit the DNA info on the Swedish side. There has got to be a known "war hero" this side of the stone age.

Bill Tozer

Estonian Fox @ 2:24 pm.

I thougth is was called Lawrence Welk Day.

"In addition to Canada's National Indigenous Peoples Day, June 21, our own folks in Minnesota (at least the non-liberals) celebrate a similar day. But they call it "Skraelings Day"
great Hersir? Sounds a wee bit transgender. Whatever floats your open boat


OH, Not at all Bill. A title of great respect in Nordic tribes.


OOOpss,, forgot to mention, also the one who picks the next village to uh,, "party" at.

Don Bessee

Thanks creepy grampa joe and the socialists for killing our energy independence on day one. -



Bill Tozer

My, that was the quickest blocked post yet. Lasted 30 seconds, lol. I went out of my way to not be a hateful but nice this morning, but must of violated some algorithm’s community standards. Boy, do those 0.5% of the folks wield a lot of power...and control. Topic was pronouns, column in the Union. Maybe I am Irredeemable.


Sharon Delgado: This says it all for me.
“At first, I found it difficult to adjust my words, and I had to correct myself often. Now it comes more naturally, and it helps that my dear ones are patient with me..... thought it would be helpful to share with people (like me) who are adjusting...”
First, nice job of researching the use of pronouns and the English language. Still, your difficulty with adjusting your words should be considered the norm, not the exception. I would address the new leader of the flock as ‘Reverend’, but that’s just me. “Rev. Rohren, I enjoyed your sermon.” Stuff like that.
The sticking point with me is when I see individuals demanding the world adjusts to fit them instead of the adjusting themselves to fit the world.
I feel sorry for parents of younger transgenders. All that work. The parent has to go talk with the teacher, explain that their son is now their daughter, what pronouns to use and make sure everyone from teacher to classmates adjust their language and actions accordingly to the child’s (or parent’s) wishes. Same for the child going to birthday parties, sleep overs, pizza parties, etc. The parent must contact the host of the birthday parties and outings to make sure that their child is addressed by the preferred pronoun and make sure everybody is on the same page as the parents. Even if the parents have their friends over, everyone must be informed first and adjust their words and correct themselves often. So much work and stress for the parent living in fear that someone might say, “How old is your son?”
So, I do feel some sympathy for the parents living on pins and needles trying to get the world to adjust to their child.
Most adults do not have to go through that. Absolutely no need.“


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 09 October 2021 at 03:41 PM

Eh…..just another reason not to be Lutheran.

Don Bessee

Now that's funny -




ICK! That's one ugly dude/chick.

Don Bessee

Its taken on a life of its own! -



Don Bessee

The left should be worried by this -




How things change. I was just viewing Megyn Kelly's site. and what show up? A "2024 Trump for President" flag sales popup.
Did that "never trumper" see the evil of her ways?


Don @ 5:01 & 5:18 pm

Priceless. So was Walt’s reply 4:57 pm.

All of the pushback pieces are pointing in the same direction: The Woke has pushed the envelop too far and, of course, the predicate BLOW BACK middle finger.

BLM is dropping out of favor. When the NYC chapter of BLM tried to tie the vax mandate to Jim Crow laws (77% of black people between ages 18-48 are barred from restaurants for being the dreaded unvaxed).....well, that outcry and boycott of the establishment mostly fell on deaf ears and recently. Hmmm

Bill Mahn has been all over my feeds. He is saying lately his own words and as often ashe can, “F**k you cancel culture. Have you lost your friggin minds? Ridiculous.” Come back to reality.
They pushed the envelop over the edge.

I , like everybody here, am seeing more and more Scared Woke Cows being on the receiving end for the first times in their lives and they do not like it one bit. Kill the Beast. Blood on the alter, the Woke’s blood. “Terrorism”, they cry, “we are being terrorized”

To steal from a link moi posted here a week or so ago....paraphrase....’Each time a deeply concerned angry mom shows up at a school board meeting, they are saying in their own voice,”F**k Joe Biden. Each time a ......”.

Read a piece somewhere this early AM that had the opening line read something to the tune of this:
‘The American people are craving to ridicule the Woke’. Thirsting for it.

Issue after issue that we have been hounded as science deniers, bigots, xenophobes (border control) gun nuts, spewers of hate speech....and lo and behold I am no longer some Nazi Fascist cult member but am sitting smack dab in the majority of the American public’s view on issue after issue, after issue. I am no longer a rebel, an insurrectionist, no longer terminally unique. Quite the blow to the ego.
PS: I thought they were chanting ‘Go Pound Sand’.

Don Bessee

With all the evidence to the contrary the sky is falling set is ready to destroy the country -

For weeks now, there has been virtually no other news but the energy crunch that surprised Europe in September and has since then gone on to roil every market and industry and spur fears of blackouts, astronomical utility bills, and rising food prices.

The official version of events is that rising energy demand coincided with tight energy supply. The unofficial version has to do with Europe’s energy transition agenda and the possibility it may have rushed to it without enough long-term planning. And now, the U.S. has basically an identical agenda, focusing on boosting wind and solar power generation capacity, reduce demand for oil and gas, and encourage people to buy EVs instead of cars with internal combustion engines.

David Blackmon wrote earlier this week for Forbes that “The energy crisis in Western Europe this summer has been brought on by premature retirements of hundreds of coal and natural gas power plants in favor of massive over-reliance on wind power and, to a lesser extent, solar.”

He went on to note that, “Ironically, this crisis is taking place just as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and congressional Democrats attempt to ram through their massive $3.5 “budget reconciliation” bill that is in large part designed to recreate the European model in the United States.”




So Grass Valley gets hit with another power outage today.
That makes about five this year throughout the county.
And all for "unknown reasons"?
When things go to hell around my place, I always manage to find
just went South and why.

They could at least make a good excuse of a squirrel chewing up the switch box.


So this is how the Progressives do it.
"NARA, Japan — Scientists have discovered a type of {American Progressive} that’s capable of regenerating its entire body, including all internal organs.

Bill Tozer

Notice the crickets when the SOJs found out that CNN is the parent company OAN? What are they going to do? Boycott where they work? Bet that did not sit well with Bobbie.
Another feel good story.

'WaPo Published a Column from Hugh Hewitt and the Left Had a Complete Meltdown'


Bill Tozer

CNN's parent company owns OAN, thus the clarification.

Don Bessee

Looks like someone needs to pay their bill. LOL -



Don Bessee

Thats a dems prediction on the demise of the dems for the next decade -

Democrat political analyst David Shor on Friday warned the Democrat Party has become too elitist, exclusive, and intolerant of the American workers and the American family, which is threatening President Biden’s agenda in the Senate and future elections beyond 2022.

“I think the core problem with the Democratic Party is that the people who run and staff the Democratic Party are much more educated and ideologically liberal and they live in cities, and ultimately our candidate pool reflects that,” David Shor told the New York Times about the Democrats inability to connect with working families in the middle of the country.

Shor is a Democrat political analyst who models future elections according to “educational polarization” and demographic shifts. Shor believes the political data is signaling the Democrat Party has become “too unrepresentative at its elite levels to continue being representative at the mass level.”

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the people we’ve [Democrats] lost are likely to be low-socioeconomic-status people,” Shor told the Times. “If you look inside the Democratic Party, there are three times more moderate or conservative nonwhite people than very liberal white people, but very liberal white people are infinitely more represented. That’s morally bad, but it also means eventually they’ll leave.

To overhaul how the party talks and acts and thinks to win back the working-class voters — white and nonwhite — who have left them behind the electoral eight ball. If they [Democrats] fail, they will not get another chance,” the publican continued about the Democrats desperate position of becoming the elitists party

Putting it all together, between the “educational polarization” the Democrats are experiencing with their elitist, coastal mentality, and the Democrats inability to keep red states from voting for Republican Senate candidates, the Times notes the Democrats are losing their blue-dog Democrat Party of old.

“Educational polarization has made the Senate even more biased against Democrats than it was, and the decline in ticket splitting has made it harder for individual Democratic candidates to run ahead of their party,” the Times wrote.

Shor also credits former President Trump for fashioning the Democrat Party as increasingly out of touch. Trump, Shor supposes, was a populist candidate who exposed the Democrats as being exclusive of working class Americans and families.

“Sure, maybe he [Trump] underperforms the generic Republican by whatever,” Shor said. “But he’s engineered a real and perhaps persistent bias in the Electoral College, and then when you get to the Senate, it’s so much worse.”

“Donald Trump enabled Republicans to win with a minority of the vote,” said. Shor.



Bill Tozer

New source of quotes. Not bad.

'Civility is gone': Quotes of the Week


Bill Tozer

THings are getting real and simple. Uncomplicated. So simple a caveman can understand it.

'Get the Message, GOP: Dems Hate You and They Don't Want to Be Your Friends'


Don Bessee

Will ya look at that! -



Don Bessee

After creepy grampa joes family went full grifter with foreign cash its all the rage now -

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe raked in a $200,000 donation from a registered foreign agent for the United Arab Emirates, according to campaign finance and lobbying disclosure records.

The Persian Gulf monarchy paid Terakeet over $1 million for "public relations activities relating to the embassy of the United Arab Emirates," including search engine optimization to "positively influence search results" in the United States, according to lobbying disclosure records filed with the Department of Justice.

The Terakeet donation comes as McAuliffe's links to foreign money and lobbying activities are under increased scrutiny. McAuliffe recently received a $350,000 contribution from a company owned by a Sri Lankan-British national—whose businesses are at the center of a money laundering case in France—in a potential violation of federal campaign finance laws, the Washington Free Beacon reported last week.

Terakeet was cofounded by MacLaren Cummings, a McAuliffe adviser and former finance aide to Hillary Clinton. The company also did digital outreach work for the Clinton campaign in 2016.

Last week, ethics watchdogs raised questions about a $350,000 donation McAuliffe received from LycaTel, a company owned by a British national. Ben Freeman, director of the Foreign Influence Transparency Initiative at the Center for International Policy, told the Free Beacon that donations from foreign-owned companies are "effectively a really easy way to launder foreign money into the U.S. political process."

In 2016, the FBI reportedly investigated a $120,000 donation McAuliffe received from a company owned by a Chinese businessman who was a delegate to China’s national legislature.



Don Bessee

The joys of living in NY under the perv cuomo and comrade deblasios 3 world shit hole -

Thanks to a citywide shoplifting tsunami, bare necessities are now rare luxuries on drug-store shelves across New York City.

"It looks like the Third World," bemoaned one Manhattan resident, after eyeing the aisles of a CVS on Sixth Avenue in Soho desperately low of toothpaste, face wash and hand sanitizer, among a long list of other items.

"They’ve all been stolen," a CVS employee told The Post.

State bail reform laws make shoplifting a promising career option for some New York City crooks. One man, Isaac Rodriguez, 22, of Queens, was arrested for shoplifting 46 times this year alone, The Post exclusively reported last week.

The blame goes straight to the halls of power in Albany, said New York City top cop Dermot Shea.

"Insanity," the police commissioner tweeted last week in response to The Post report. "No other way to describe the resulting crime that has flowed from disastrous bail reform law."

As of Sept. 12, the city has seen 26,385 complaints of retail theft — the most ever recorded (going back to 1995). It’s a 32 percent spike from last year (20,024) and 38 percent surge from 2014 (19,166).

Post reporters visited a dozen CVS, Duane Reade/Walgreens and Rite Aid stores around the city and found the same shocking situation in all of them.

Large swaths of barren shelves, in some cases frighteningly empty of almost every imaginable need: cereal, batteries, hand wash, diapers, paper goods and baby formula.

Good luck finding tampons. Each Post visit revealed almost none on the shelves. Displays of relative luxuries such as lipstick and shoe polish also looked neglected.



Scott O

Once again, Kalifornia leads the way in over-regulation.
The funniest part is that the author of the legislation admits he got the idea for this law based on a lie.
"...said he was inspired by the 10-year-old girl daughter of one of his staffers who asked her mom why certain items in the store were 'off limits' to her because she was a girl."
What was 'off limits'.
Well - nothing, but the left just loves to pass laws that prove they have the power to push people around.
Nothing is made any better and the cost to sell retail goes up.


Fair warning. Get the generators refueled and the extension cords straightened out, and pre strung.
PG&E is surly going to throw us back into the 1800s tomorrow sometime after 8.


In general I find that the democratic leadership tends to be more skilled at working the rubes.......

At best, Biden will salvage whatever Manchin and Sinema will allow ($1.5 to $1.9T)

It's possible House Progressives kill the whole thing in a feud, and I hope they do.

Props to the Murder Turtle!



Morn'n Fish,, They can blame Chucky Cheese for his little victory dance yesterday.


Posted by: Walt | 10 October 2021 at 09:22 AM

Right back at ya Walt! Yeah.....December's going to be fun!


Just think of all the Trump masks come Halloween.
Proggys will see Trump "everywhere".

Bill Tozer

I don't know why I am bothering to fret about the border. The Left has no intention of choking off any part of the Southern Border. Zilch, Squat Diddly. They don't care if Biden's poll numbers go to 20, they have a limited window to fundamentally change America. And they mean fundamentally. Biden wants his FDR legacy on steriods.

They read the polls and surveys on the American public sentiment and have their internal deep dive polls....they know and they do not care. Their mission comes first and their mission is to permanently alter America. To erase America and to cancell America.

They don't care about Biden's numbers. The window is open right now.

Bill Tozer

First they came after your leafblower...


Bill Tozer

Biden Administration Cancels Remaining Contracts for Border Wall


Bill Tozer


"I will happily share my Nobel Peace Prize to anyone who can slip “Let’s go Brandon” into President Biden’s teleprompter, because you know he’d read it."


"They don't care about Biden's numbers. The window is open right now."

It's an odd thing. I've never convinced myself whether the whole situation is due to Blue Mob hatred of Western Civilization, most particularly the Anglo World, or if they really believe that you can simply mix up the whole world while simultaneously putting some sort of highly peaceful multicultural culture in place.

Truth is, by far the most likely result will be the politics of a penitentiary. TV rooms and lunch tables for groups who rhyme (ignore it at your peril) and a deadly serious administration to try to make sure they don't shank each other.

Maybe it's just that being the public policy version of a prison guard is hellaciously fun, it suits some people's need for status.


I brought up "the court of public opinion"
Well here is the administration of public justice.

Don Bessee

So the same self hating socialists push for population control push open borders at the same time!?!? Seems a little skitso-



Don Bessee

Another disturbing piece of the puzzle -

Purchases of viral tests that can be used to detect COVID-19 infection spiked in the Wuhan area months before China first confirmed coronavirus cases, according to a report from an Australian cybersecurity firm. The report suggests China may have known about the spread of the coronavirus long before it was officially acknowledged.

The firm, Internet 2.0, studied data on public contracts in China to track the purchase of PCR tests, which are used to analyze DNA samples and have been the most commonly used test for COVID infection during the pandemic. According to the financial newspaper Nikkei, the report found that purchases of PCR tests in Wuhan's Hubei province surged starting in May 2019. The first cases of the virus were reported in Wuhan in late December of that year.

Spending on PCR tests in Hubei nearly doubled in 2019 from the previous year, the firm's analysis found. The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention's orders for the tests increased fivefold, and orders from animal testing bureaus increased tenfold. The People's Liberation Army also ordered large procurements of the tests.

"The increase of purchasing was most likely linked to the emergence of COVID-19 in Hubei Province in 2019," the report said. "We assess with high confidence that the pandemic began much earlier than China informed the [World Health Organization] about COVID-19."




Gotta find SOMETHING to get Trump.
"Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” that former President Donald Trump’s “personal efforts” in the state of Georgia during the final days of his presidency were a “ripe” area for more investigation."

They just KNOW he's going to run again. Yes Lefties... Be afraid. Be REALLY afraid.

Paul Emery

I'm sure the "lefties" are licking their chops if they have the good fortune to run against the biggest Presidential loser in the 20th and 21st centuries. Go Trump I say.


Sure Emery,, Name the one to run against Trump.
Oh.. you can't. Got it. Thanks.
Your side is showing nothing but FEAR.
And just what will the platform be? (other than the trapdoor on the gallows your clowns are already standing on)
More illegal immigration? The promise of bigger tax hikes?

Keep yapping Paul Biden. GO BRANDON!!!

Paul Emery

Don't have a clue who it might be Walt. Doesn't matter against that loser.

Paul Emery

I mean stuff like this comes out every day. And you support Trump for President:

"Two sources, not authorized to speak publicly, tell The Intercept the talk of Ivanka at the helm went far beyond the realm of Beltway chatter: Trump very much wanted Ivanka as World Bank president, and it was Mnuchin who actually blocked her ascent to the leadership role.

“It came incredibly close to happening,” said one well-placed source.

Representatives for Mnuchin and Ivanka Trump did not respond to requests for comment, nor did the World Bank or the Trump organization.


The predictable response is that this is fake news. Here it comes:


""Two sources, not authorized to speak publicly, tell The Intercept..."

lol. This, folks, is the news world we now live in.

I'll bet it was the Russians who were behind it all.

At least Hunter Biden dick pics are obviously real.


Emery loves unnamed sources. Pure BS.
Had 4 years of them. All fake.

Emery is like a three legged cat in a litter box.

Paul Emery

There it is folks. Predictable and very boring. Classic spasms from the Circle of Jerks.


OK Emery, so Bigfoot is going to run against Trump.
You have never seen bigfoot. No proof he even exists... But he's going to beat Trump come election day..
Tell us again you don't smoke dope.

And how do you plan on cheating this time?


The TROLL of Nevada City must love getting his ponytail handed to him.

Barry Pruett


The professional socialists are terrified of trump running in 2024. Be advised. Lol. I would actually prefer someone else but if Trump runs, I’ll vote for him.


"The professional socialists are terrified of trump running in 2024."

You'd think they'd be in favor of him winning.

There's huge profit opportunity in burning down cities and a bit of the ol' looting. Those purses and big screen TVs aren't gonna steal themselves after all.

Hey, at least Trump didn't appoint one of his brothers to be Attorney General.


We did an AG the is a fascist and has weaponized the FBI to go after the parents of school kids.
"Show the the man(or woman) and I will find you the crime".

Paul Emery

And rounding it off is the usual personal attacks. What a hoot. No wonder Trump is such a loser with supporters like that,


Paul Emery: " Classic spasms from the Circle of Jerks."

But that's what you're here for, right?

We just can't resist that manly brush of your fingers on the keyboard. You're such a beast.

Bill Tozer

Well, a whole lot of this all this “Is Trump running again?” talk depends on 2022.. Things may look a wee bit different in Jan, 2023. And they just can’t get to DeSantis and rattle his cage no matter how hard they try. Nikki starting to appear in the right podcasts to keep her in mind. Forceful lady, straight shooter. Trump-Haley?

Or, is all this just Trump without his Twitter machine ruffling the Dem’s feathers and get all the hens a ‘sqwaking breathlessly from time to time. Play them like a finely tuned fiddle.

That Trump is a funny guy and may be out for vengence right now. Squawk, Squawk the chorus replies.. HE is explaining a lot of policies that would be good for our Country and fellow countrymen on good podcast open interviews. Common Sense. Calm. Confident. Looks like taking away Trump’s Twitter machine backfired and we see don’t Trump’s mean Twitter maniac side no more, ROFLMAO. Just show is good side. Great plan. Need more silver bullets and pointed stakes than that to kill the Undead.

Haven’t read this yet, but let’s she how Molly did with Trump.. I predict a ‘ You go girl!’ Or not.

“I Interviewed Trump For 5 Hours. Here’s What He Told Me About ‘Stupid F—er’ McConnell, McCarthy’s Bromance With Luntz, And The Fake News That Bothered Him The Most
In multiple interviews, Former President Donald Trump unloads on the rigged 2020 election, Republicans who screwed him, and why he regrets elevating Anthony Fauci during the pandemic”



You choose to show up here and spew your bull puckey Emery.
Never anything real to say. You get what you come for.
No facts, nor real factual opinion. Hell You can't even defend
the actions of your donkey party.
Answer a question??🤣🤣 Just the usual 🙉🙊🙈.

I'm sure there is a BINGO game that needs a low rent sound tech.

Bill Tozer

Hey, cable running is an important job. All work has value, albeit some work is light years away from other work in value. Professional Entertainer here is like “I’m an actress” in Hollywood. Waitress, eh?
One lady’s opinion.
‘Joe Biden’s Vaccine Mandate Doesn’t Exist. It’s Just A Press Release’

Americans are no longer living under representative government. We are living under government by the screen people, of the screen people, for the screen people


Show Me Kid

Be sure to buy your shares of the Reno, NV and Medford, OR Home Depots before 2024. Just like the recycling police watching for trucks with aluminum cans coming from Nevada, shall we start a pool for the date that the first truckload of leaf blowers gets stopped at the ag station in Truckee??

Don Bessee

Everyone knows they are bald face lies -

Tulsi Gabbard accuses Biden's Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas of boldly lying to Congress
The former lawmaker said these 'bold-faced' lies cause the American public to lose trust in their government and leaders




Barry @ 6:02 pm

“I would actually prefer someone else but if Trump runs, I’ll vote for him.”

Liking Trump is not a requirement when we have a nation to save. Don’t have to knock on doors for the man, but but your vote is appreciated. Nikki never endorsed Trump in 2016, but she sure as the dickens voted for him. Same with Mark Levin in 2016. Shapiro didn’t vote for him at all, and Beck was begging voters on election eve with pleading tears not to vote for Trump, a big big mistake. They were enthusiastic supporters by 2020. :).

Loved how Trump said he might be too old in 2024, the same age as Biden was in 2021, lol.
I think right now Trump should keep speaking his mind and Punch will keep waiting for Trump to release his taxes.

But, at this moment before Nov 2022, we are on the same page, Barry. The Alpha Male tough guy without the baggage of widespread Trump induced TDS would be a consideration. Watching DeSantis. Trump is one of a kind in handling them. DeSantis is taking the incoming quite well.
Who am I kidding? They will treat whoever wins the nomination the same way they treated Trump and Mitt Romney. No pleasing some folks.

Whoever it is, the base is salivating in impatient anticipation to vote inside the voting booth and yank on that level and ring the bell like the strongman ring the bell challenge on the midway. Come on, any day now. All Ready. I can predict what side the enthusiasm gap will be on. Let’s Go Brandon. Let’s go Brandon.

Chuckie can’t lead, that’s fa sure and Harris should go hide in Haiti to dig up some of those root causes. Anything but hanging Biden’s catastrophe exploding bag of dog poop around the neck of our Border Czar. Poor Biden, no fall guy for you. Bad, VP, bad. She sure gets all excited looking for cupcakes....far away from the stink down in the SW. She she likes flying into Palm Springs. Close enough I reckon. They are giving her private lessons on how to be likeable.

Paul Emery

Ho Hum More personal attacks on me. That's what the Circle of jerks resort to when they have nothing else to say. Boring boring

Don Bessee

The ponytail of ignorance says " Boring boring" who knew after a century you could become self aware! ROFLOL


Bill Tozer

Attacks? Stringing audio is a necessary component of the job so the Bingo Caller’s mike don’t go into loud Screech Mode when the caller touches the mike or is speaking. The show can’t go on without the experienced cable runner. That was not an attack. All work has value.

Help Jeff, they are attacking me!

It isn’t being blue.

Scott O

Poor Paul - "More personal attacks on me. That's what the Circle of jerks resort to..."
Glad to see Paul would never stoop so low.
Those aren't personal attacks, Paul.
We're just trying to help you get to know your inner self.

Don Bessee

The ground is shifting under the socialist dems in a wonderful way, FOR US! Looks like the orange bad man is striking a chord with new voters! LOL -

A progressive group warns Democrats they're facing a "double threat" heading into the midterms: voters of color aren't supporting Democratic candidates at the same rates, and the Republican Party is inspiring first-time voters of color to turn out and support it instead.

Why it matters: Democrats may control the White House and both chambers of Congress now, but history shows their party is set to lose seats next cycle. These latest findings question their strength with Black, Latino and AAPI voters — typically considered reliable Democratic voting blocs.

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Way to Win, a leading progressive fundraising and organizing group, led the study in partnership with 32 state-based organizations and a host of other polling and data firms.

The report is one of the most exhaustive studies of the 2020 election.

It analyzed 64.8 million voters who participated last year across 11 battleground states: Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

The big takeaway: Democrats made gains with some white voters in 2020 — mostly non-evangelical Christians — but saw once-reliable members of their base shift to Republicans.

The GOP increased its support in these places specifically thanks to new voters of color.

In particular, Republicans got a boost from Latino voters in Texas, Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) voters in Georgia and Black voters — especially men — in Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Colorado.

Among the 2020 first-time voters who supported a Republican candidate, roughly 20% were people of color. While 55% of the Democrats' new voters in 2020 were people of color

"Democrats must contend with a double threat in these 11 key battleground states — erosion of Democratic support, and new voter enthusiasm for the GOP among voters of color and younger voters."



Bill Tozer

'Downtown San Francisco Empty As Office Workers Move Out'
The city's downtown is struggling to bounce back after the pandemic.

Here, this will solve CA's problems:

Newsom Signs Law Requiring Gender-Neutral Toy Sections At Large Retailers


Don Bessee

Interesting how that works for botox nancy -

When in doubt, pick the same stocks that lawmakers' spouses are buying? That's what retail investors are doing when it comes to trades made by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's husband, Paul Pelosi, a businessman who owns a real estate and venture capital firm.

Though Nancy Pelosi herself doesn't trade stocks, her husband does. And that's enough for some social traders, who see his trades as hers. "We've been tracking their performance and every single stock she has bought in the last two years has gone up significantly



Don Bessee

A goodnight snack -

Traditions in the Trash



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