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11 October 2021


Bill Tozer



Bill Tozer

Mayorkas Is ‘Destroying’ ICE ‘From Within’: Demands End To Mass Worksite Raids, Must Focus Instead On ‘Exploitation’ Of ‘Undocumented Workers’


Bill Tozer

Don't Let Idiots Ru(i)n the Economy


Bill Tozer

Biden Dismantles the Ban on Hiring Illegal Immigrants



"Biden Dismantles the Ban on Hiring Illegal Immigrants"

I admit it confuses me.

Do Democrats hate the idea of wages going up for working people due to the marketplace?
Do Democrats favor foreign nationals over US citizens?

I mean really, it's one or the other.

George Rebane

scenes 1209pm - I do believe that is not an OR statement, but instead an AND statement. Democrats do hate the idea of the marketplace controlling wages, AND they do favor foreign nationals over US citizens.

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