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15 October 2021



I think it's a pretty slick system.

There's always network effects and economy of scale to encourage the establishment of huge companies, but you also use government to do the same thing.

. Non-enforcement of antitrust
. Regulatory moats
. Legal moats
. Arcane tax law moats
. Access to members of Congress/military, etc. via $$$$ and promised jobs

They (megacorp and government) both take advantage of the thing. Once the close ties are established, people can achieve status and wealth in either track. Companies have profits skimmed off to government which is then handed out to the special friends of the nomenklatura.

Very tidy.

Democrats love a system they can control and profit from.
Republicans pretend there's a free market involved.

The Estonian Fox

Scenes, you get the SPoD. (Sarcasm prize of the day).

You were in the top 5, until the last (partial) sentence. The 'win-win' vaulted you over the top.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure it can be called sarcasm when it's true.

And you know neither the Democrats nor Repubs care about our system running off the tracks. As the pilot says on his wheels-up landing - "No problem, just need to apply a little more power to get to the hanger".

Scott O

scenes - "Republicans pretend there's a free market involved."
Well, the 'free market' is 'involved'.
Actually it's mostly Dems that tout his sort of system as a govt-guided free market.
Remember all the lefties that claim the banking system was 'deregulated'.
We have only the whisper of a free market left in this nation.
"Psst - hey man - want a dime bag?"
Beyond that - regulations to the moon, Alice!
Your kid's lemonade stand is not even free-market.
Republican politicians (mostly) just tread water.
Do you blame them?
Look at who they have to count on to elect them.
Yeah - the solid 25 - 30% conservatives but also the famous 'middle of the roaders' that are a bunch of clueless dip shits that can't be bothered to pay attention to much more than the latest game score or a photo of some woman's butt-cheeks on the internet.
You wanna run this show?

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