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28 October 2021



You know, it's probably safe to say that people fall into three camps.
. Global warmingcooling is real, the US should reduce it's own share of greenhouse gas (15% of world and shrinking).
. Global warmingcooling is real, so what.
. Global warmingcooling isn't real (at least the manmade variety). Do nothing.

The thing is, in all cases, there should be more in the way of fire mitigation. By 'more', I don't mean meetings, research papers, nonprofits writing grant proposals, money flowing to government and contractor management.

To me, the great crime of the California Left (who run the place, let's face it) is that their sequence of events is (a)global warming is real (b)global warming causes all the fires (c) let's get everyone riled up to win an election or move some money to our friends (d) all done.

I'm bored with the whole thing.

Bill Tozer

All this simpleton can do is to point out that Global Warming Climate Charge here on the Left Coast sure put the hurts on our fire season.

Bill Tozer

Did Glasgow Deliver ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’?

“At root, almost every globalist and transnational institution and summit has a common feature: the endless transfer of wealth from the First World, the historic oppressors, to their alleged Third World victims.”


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