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17 October 2021


Bill Tozer

re: Walgreens.

“Walgreens spokesman Phil Caruso says the city’s policy has led to “organized retail crime, by which I mean professional thieves steal goods from retail [that] are ultimately then sold to consumers — primarily on digital marketplaces.” He says that despite Walgreens stores’ efforts, spending “46 times our chain average” for security, theft in its San Francisco stores is “five times our chain average.”

The result is closing 15 stores in recent months, and a lot of lost jobs (relocations notwithstanding).

Mayor London Breed, who grew up in public housing and has worked for the government her entire adult life, blamed Walgreens’ departure on free-market forces. The market, she insists, is “saturated” with drugstores and those Walgreens locations couldn’t be profitable.

Arrogant leftist politicians want to be seen as doing a favor for their constituents, but they are actually hurting those same people — not to mention the vast majority of citizens who remain law-abiding but who now have 15 fewer drugstores from which to purchase necessities.

Nancy Pelosi, call your home office.“


And is not just Frisko. NYC is seeing the same thing with retailers’ shelves picked clean of not just the high end stuff but toothpaste, toiletries, cosmetics, and even toilet paper. You know, the reason you went to the chain pharmacy in the first place. All gone, and has nothing to do with our supply chains passive problems. Picked clean by the Untouchables, the gangs from the den of thieves


Meanwhile we are sending a quarter billion to Venezuelan for humanitarian aide, like formfood and medicine which the socialist nation cannot provide to its people

Don Bessee

Wokester self destruction -

The Art Institute used to have more than 100 docents, 82 of whom were active, until an executive director of learning and engagement, Veronica Stein, sent an email on Sept. 3 firing them all, the Wall Street Journal reported. Docents are trained volunteers who lead tours of museums, and at the Art Institute, they averaged 15 years of unpaid service.

"Why not invest some time in recruiting new, diverse docents? Why not grow the corps in such a way that it’s refreshed? Why not help docents who need help with expenses or child care? Why not have a hybrid model, at least until the current docents exit?" the board wrote in its Sept. 27 opinion piece.

"Instead of trashing volunteerism as inherently elitist, why not avow and attest to its ongoing value as a vital part of necessary diversification and cultural change?"

"Still, the Art Institute hasn’t explained why they had to be jettisoned en masse and not diversified over time. The museum appears to be in the grips of a self-defeating overcorrection. It has adopted the language of diversity, inclusion and equity so completely that it was willing to fire the same upper-middle class volunteers it relies on for charitable donations," WSJ noted.

The Art Institute told Fox News in comment on Sunday that they "have not fired anyone."

"We thought we were being very clear when outlining our plan, but somehow this has been twisted into unfounded accusations of reverse racism




There are eight million stories in a Blue Mob City; this has been one of them


Bill Tozer

‘Libs LOVE LA Times Columnist: 'Both-Siderism' In Journalism Is Failing the Public!’


Bobbie’s gurl. Meet the Mess.

Bill Tozer

might fit here. The Nazi youth, the Khmer Rouge, the Cultral Revolution....and Slate.



re: universities.

This is actually a pretty good point, made over a half dozen or so tweets.


Don Bessee

Not taking their shit anymore -

He then called out the Biden administration, which “has fires all over the place,” for distorted priorities.

“Every issue they’re failing on but they’ve chosen to prioritize targeting American parents who are simply upset at what their children are being taught,” he said.

“They’re upset about their children wearing masks for six to eight hours; they’re upset about mandates; and now they’re being declared domestic terrorists,” he added.

He also described the “targeting” of dissenting citizens as “extraordinarily troubling.”

“I don’t know who’s advising this administration but when we have a situation where the government is now openly targeting people that dissent it’s extraordinarily troubling,” he said.

Claiming to be “waiting for all the conservative organizations” to be more vocal and push back, Giordano urged Congress members to push to investigate the matter at depth.

“I’d like members of congress to start calling for investigations into what’s going on because the full force of the federal law enforcement apparatus with the FBI in addition to the intelligence community is threatening to parents,” he said.

“And this document that the National School Boards Association sent to the DOJ, talks about using the Department of Homeland Security [and] the Patriot Act against ordinary American citizens,” he added. “When did the National School Boards Association get to define domestic terrorism?”



Bill Tozer

Ted Cruz vs. The Civil Rights Division of the DOJ



The list of "we have better things to do" keeps growing.

"So far, 13 Democrats have decided to officially call it quits on the House, leaving their seats open for a competitive fight and giving Republicans a chance to gain another seat. House Republicans only need to net five seats to gain the majority and retire Pelosi as the speaker."


Don Bessee

It has become clear that citizens know the source of their troubles with creepy grampa joe at 36%. There is a rumor that Carter wants people to stop comparing him the the total failure of this administration in only 10 months. LOL-

America is ALREADY in a recession that could be as bad as 2008: Dartmouth College prof David Blanchflower warns that the real state of the economy has been skewed by Biden's huge unemployment payments

Conference Board and University of Michigan produce consumer indices
New paper says that anything more than 10-point dip indicates recession
One of the authors, Dartmouth College professor David Blanchflower served on the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee from 2006 to 2009
Conference Board index dropped 25.3 points in 2021, UM index dipped 21 points
Economists argue that GDP growth and abundance of jobs belies pending crisis



Don Bessee

Even dems bemoan the failure of a once great city under lefty dems -

In what appeared to be a stinging critique of his successor, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa called the city he once lead “rudderless” and “adrift.”

“I was born and raised here,” Villaraigosa said Sunday on NBC4’s NewsConference. “I have lived here my entire life. I have never seen this town so dirty, I’ve never seen crime go up so quickly… the spread of homelessness… I think there is a lack of clear leadership in this town.”

When pressed, the 41st Mayor of Los Angeles said his criticism wasn’t entirely about Mayor Eric Garcetti, nor did he blame the current mayor for leaving office early to take a job in the Biden administration. Nevertheless, he argued that there was a “lack of leadership” coming from city hall which he hears “all over this town.”



Paul Emery

George writes:

"Polls show that more than half of Bay Area residents plan to leave permanently."

Waht "polls" are you referring to George-it was a plural reference

Don Bessee

Go educate yourself oh lame ponytail of ignorance @149.

Paul Emery

So Don you are saying that the author of a post has no responsibility to provide documentation for what they post as facts?

Bill Tozer

Paul, I have read polls (plural) say the same thing. polls, surveys, City of SF questionaires, etc. Went from almost half to over half in a year. Didn't say they want to leave the State, just they wish they lived anywhere but the Stink-Ass City.

Don Bessee

Losing the lamestream is going to cost creepy grampa joe -

MSNBC anchor dings Biden on claim Build Back Better costs $0: 'Mathematics that I am not yet familiar with'
Stephanie Ruhle: We don't know what's even in $3.5-trillion reconciliation package



Bill Tozer

Compelled speech is not free speech. It is cohearsed speech.

Are they on drugs?

ACLU fights against free speech, argues Loudoun County teachers must use 'gender-affirming' pronouns


Don Bessee

Not where your are concerned ponytail of ignorance @235 what with all yourcomprehension issues and that TDS shell. No one cares about your talking points for lefties. ROFLOL


Scott O

Paul 2:35 - "So Don you are saying that the author of a post has no responsibility to provide documentation for what they post as facts?"
It's never seemed to apply to Paul Emery - why should any one else be different?
Paul has apparently never learned to use a search engine.
Gee, Paul - I thought you said you were too busy to show up here.
While you're here, why not give us a run-down on how livid you are with the Biden admin's constant stream of lies?
Ah - that's right - NOW you're too busy.


LOL Emery!! When have you ever been concerned with facts?

When facts are posted, you ignore them, marginalize them,and dismiss the outright.

You know,, like the AZ. cheating that was exposed. (you claim it never happened. Yet no facts from you back it up.)

The Estonian Fox

So PE:

Since you appear to be a natural pollemicist, do you have a comment on whether you are in fact masquerading as a pollcat? Or a pollitician?

On occasion (i.e. over 92% of the time- from a poll taken in San Fran last year) you serve up mush (pollenta, from the Italian). Or are mistaken for a chicken (again from the Italian, not the Spanish - pollo).

You may be nominated for the pollster prize, running against that well-known star Pollaris, to be awarded at the Oscars next year. If you win, don't let anyone mistake you for one of the Gemini, Castor and what's his name.

Too much etymology for today - I'm going on vacation to Polland, for a well deserved rest.

The Estonian Fox

The Onslaught of the Physically Dormant-

Woman ‘attacked by rapist Fiston Ngoy for 40 minutes on train as passengers filmed attack and didn’t call 911’.

Police caught the (black) man, Fiston Ngoy, who was raping a woman on a Philly train, while a number of onlookers on-looked. Without intervening. He came to the US legally from Congo in 2012 but his visa expired when he ceased to be a student in 2015.

Does anyone remember Kitty Genovese in 1964, in NYC? She was stabbed to death by a black guy. No one came to her aid either.

Bill Tozer

Have the joyless humorless Wokesters reached their apex? The pushback is widespread and is definitively not Astroturf. Liberals vs Progressives. Who will win?

'Have we reached the high water mark of woke?'
American progressives are provoking a furious backlash.


George Rebane

Still amazed that none of our progressive (woke?) readers comment on any of the crap that they have let loose on the country. It's all about the lies and ruses they continue to attribute to Trump, as if Bumblebrain in the WH has done nothing to bring America to its current disastrous state.

Show-Me Kid

Regarding Emery's request to Mr. Rebane for data to support Mr. Rebane's statement about people leaving California. I do not need data, just personal experience. In the past two years, I have had former colleagues, friends and family move to the following states; Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Arkansas, New Mexico, Texas and Colorado, also to Equador, Mexico and Panama. And not just one family to each of the listed states, but multiple families to some of the listed. I don't need to read any data Mr. Rebane may have based his post on. I can see it with my own eyes.

George Rebane

Show 1202pm - Well said. The Great California Exodus is obvious to all of the state's makers. It is the takers who are blind to it because they don't see any of their tribe exiting, and also for obvious reasons.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe and the socialist's are found out -



Scott O

George 10:57 - "...as if Bumblebrain in the WH has done nothing to bring America to its current disastrous state."
It started long before Mr Potato was posing in the fake Oval Office. CA and other Dem-run states have been driving the whole nation towards ruin for years now. The current desperate push by the Dems for this multi-trillion dollar left-wing bonanza is largely a bail-out for the broken down govts the Dems love so much. They want to federalize the misery of their ineptitude. Hard to find a state to move to where the problems you've tried to escape from are sent after you by the feds.

Scott O

Here's a made to order headline for the Politically Dormant: JUST IN: Senate Republicans Block Voting Rights Bill!!!

There is, of course, no such bill. The bill in question has nothing whatsoever to do with 'voting rights'.
But the lying news media set it up for the lazy and ignorant to try to impugn the R's.
And sadly - it usually works.

Bill Tozer

1) Many of the R states ‘war on the ability for POCs and po folks to vote” actually make it easier to vote and offers less restrictions than, say, Delaware. If the G-Men along with the Squad and Bernie militants and Statists, and the self declared terminally oppressed are going to write our states’ election laws and edicts, then purging long lost vacant voter rolls will cease to exist from henceforth evermore. It’s already written, lol. Banned FOREVER. Ballots sent. Can only increase, never decrease.

2). Only the ignorant and our ‘Californian, Love it or Leave it’ out of touch local crowd are totally unaware that the pace of Californian exodus has increased since pandemic started and increased in 2021 over the high of 2020. Ignorant in this case is using the more accurate meaning ‘not knowing.’ Them and the crowd far far away from the stink....like on the coast and in the foothill communities much closer to Tahoe than say Frisko or Marin. Or Carmel. Or Redding. Or...South Sac in traffic.

I don’t trust your source. Never heard of such a crazy story. California is the trend setter for the nation. Why would someone want to leave God’s Country? Prove it or you are a liar!

Hint: the Real Estate’s Industry National and State stats/data) captures trends quite well. Heck, U- Haul knows how many trucks it sends out of CA one-way. So do the big moving van companies.

I suppose the little known teenie weenie fact that the population of CA had a net lost for the first time in the state’s history might be a clue. We lost a Congress critter along with New York.

But, what do know. Oh yeah. Neighbor loading up as I speak heading 4-5 days drive from here. Been moving stuff out out slowly at his leisure. Had a good business in GV, nice place to raise the kids. Now he is the last one of his nuclear family still here. They are waiting for him....

Don Bessee

Its funny but in a sad state of affairs having a woke general in charge! =

Misplaced priorities?



Don Bessee

Setting up for the socialist empire -



Don Bessee

She hates her cops and wants to fire almost half and wants others to clean up her defund the police blm agenda, good luck with that girl -

"The devolving situation in Chicago and the very real threat to public safety in the city has been entirely manufactured and unnecessarily escalated by Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Now she is searching for a way out of this mess and insists that ‘contingency plans’ are in place," the statement issued on Wednesday said. "The truth is her recent call for help through the Illinois Law Enforcement Alarm System (ILEAS), a system designed to help agencies respond to emergency situations that may overwhelm responding agencies, has been met with considerable skepticism and rejection by at least two nearby agencies. This emergency system is for emergencies and is not intended for instances where a mayor or agency suspends or fires a large number of their own police force.

"I also will not allow my deputies to be subjected to use of force in the City and be under the prosecutorial jurisdiction of the Cook County State’s Attorney."

As of Monday, just under 65% of Chicago Police Department personnel reported their vaccination status through the city’s online portal, according to FOX 32 Chicago.

"The city of Chicago is served by some of the finest men and women in uniform. They are dedicated and committed to keeping the citizens of Chicago safe," the statement from the police union added. "Instead of working cooperatively with police personnel or engaging with the labor union, Mayor Lightfoot mandated that all officers must receive one of the available vaccines for COVID-19 or face potential termination. She has left no room for compromise, and her ultimatum could force a significant number of officers off the streets."

Crime has continued to plague the nation's third largest city highlighted by 39 shootings last weekend alone.

Chicago has seen some 1,400 carjacking victims in Chicago and elsewhere in Cook County so far this year, which include many people who’ve been shot in the face or elsewhere by offenders looking to oust them from their vehicles, the Chicago Sun Times reported. Through the end of September, there were 43.5% more carjacking incidents across Cook County compared to the same time last year.



Scott O

BT 2:30 - "I suppose the little known teenie weenie fact that the population of CA had a net lost for the first time in the state’s history might be a clue."

But, but, but, think of the millions of 'vibrant' folk moving in! Colorful little tent-haus popping up all along the nice ocean front avenues!
It'll be great!

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