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29 October 2021



Oh well, there's plenty of wealth taxes already.

Inflation. Property tax. 'Tangible' personal property tax. Car registration, particularly on collector cars. etc.

Of course, once the machinery for collection and enforcement is in, it'll work it's way down from the quadrillionaires (who'll simply avoid it). Just like income taxes did.

It's hard to avoid the theory that the real target will tend to be tax-deferred retirement accounts. There's too damn much money sitting there and the government's ability to hoover up money for good deeds, especially good deeds for it's special friends, is endless.

The Estonian Fox

George, dumbing down in math has been on-going for years. Just look at a 1930s 8th-grade algebra book.

My local school district (a good one too) dropped geometry for 8th graders a few years ago, and doesn't teach slopes until 8th grade. The school-curriculum juggernaut has passed over us, and we didn't even feel the crushing sound it made. Probably drowned out by the latest Cardi-B song.

Liberals are tenacious in wanting to save us from the putrid smell of freedom, and most Republican politicians are clueless, or in survival mode, rather than attack or improvement mode. It's not surprising that no conservative has pointed out the actual higher cost of the Democrat's plan for punishing those (few) who succeed (bigly) in America. Thanks for the real numbers.

And the trickle down of the law may eventually gather in the rest of us workers.

You should send your table to the anti-capitalist guy at the NYT. Sorry, my bad, as if there were only one anti-cap at the NYT - the anti-capitalist guy whose name begins 'Krug'. Whose name I never say.

Mike Walker

It seems like a perfect time for our senators and pelosi to show their own unrealized gain.

Bill Tozer

The Unflushable Turd


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