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07 October 2021


Scott O

So we save 85,000 lives or 2,000,000.
As a famous guy just told us - "sometimes you have to make hard choices".
And since our Green Leaders don't know any of the people that will die from their "hard choice" - well...

The Estonian Fox

From the MIT Review: https://connect.xfinity.com/appsuite/#!!&app=io.ox/mail&folder=default0/INBOX

"The plummeting costs of renewables, the growing strength of the clean energy sector, and the rising influence of activists have begun to shift the politics of climate action in the US, panelists argued during MIT Technology Review’s annual EmTech conference last week.

Those forces allowed President Joe Biden to put climate change at the center of his campaign and helped build momentum behind the portfolio of clean energy policies and funding measures in the infrastructure and reconciliation packages under debate in the US Congress.

However, for all the progress on climate issues, well-funded and politically influential utility and fossil-fuel interests continue to impede efforts to overhaul energy systems at the speed and scale required.

Other speakers on the panel included Leah Stokes, an associate professor focused on energy and climate policy at the University of California, Santa Barbara. When we say to people, ‘We’re going to make it more expensive for you to use an essential good, which is energy,’ that isn’t very popular,” Stokes said. “That theory of political change has run up against the reality of income inequality in this country.”

“The different paradigm is to say, ‘Rather than making it more expensive to use fossil fuels, let’s help make it cheaper to use the clean stuff,’” she added."

Those darn fossil-fuel guys are IMPEDING your transition to reliable electricity - if you could just get more of the plummeting-cost renewables onto the grid. And make sure you don't say 'more expensive'.


I admit that I'm a little mystified by the energy policy of the Left. It's never well expressed but they know it when they see it.

It seems to consist of destroying all 'dirty' sources of heat and electricity (nuclear power, natural gas, coal), it's infrastructure (pipelines, oil rigs), and it's consumers (ICE cars, home natgas hook ups, etc.) and then hope like hell that market demand will produce magic green solutions. In for a watt-hour, in for a kilowatt-hour I guess, like Sherman through the South while destroying the railroad lines behind you.

You can pretty well track improvements in solar panels, batteries, and efficiency improvements and see that the real result will be demand vastly outstripping supply. The wealthy will have Tesla Powerwalls and the not-so-wealthy will live in favelas. It's for the children after all.


What Joe passes for economic development.
"President Joe Biden dismissed concerns after September’s disappointing jobs report, telling the nation Friday that “real progress” is being made."

The "real" progress is the destruction of the nation.

The Estonian Fox

Scenes @ 6:23AM-

I take issue with your use of the word "favelas". Latest LIB approved usage = favelx.

[This message approved by nearly 3% of all Latinx. OK, OK, 0.028%. That's almost 1 in every 3000.]


re: TEF@4:00AM

Oh well, it's part of that new generx in español.

Question of the morning. Is all of the chosen pronoun stupidity being done outside of the English language? The whole 2SLGBTQQIA+ (h/t to J. Trudeau) insanity looks to be an Anglosphere affliction mostly. There's probably a sociology paper hidden in the normalization of mental illness in late-stage empires.

Hopefully our new Thought Leaders can cook up amazing new energy technology. Corporations run by HR departments are bound to be ideally suited to the needs of the future.

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