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21 November 2021


Don Bessee

Here they go again -

Cruz blasts MSNBC over segment tying Thanksgiving to 'white supremacy' and 'genocide'
The MSNBC segment tied the pilgrims to 'white supremacy' and the deaths of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin



George Rebane

re 327pm - These are not people with whom we will ever be able to share common values and borders.


Wait for the outrage to begin.

Just not safe to rob people anymore.


The mowing down of people tonight in that Wiss. Parade, just might be because of the not guilty verdict.
I don't buy coincidences.


GeorgeR: "re 327pm - These are not people with whom we will ever be able to share common values and borders."

Well, it's not like MSNBC is a news organization. Just compare their web frontpage with something like RT or CSMonitor. All outrage all the time.

The thing that makes a place like MSNBC (or other Blue Mob News) particularly insidious is not so much that they are *for* anything but that their philosophy is specifically anti-George Rebane. Their staff members cast about for things that are important to the traditional West and then tear them down. It's 'Piss Christ' on steroids.

You can't share space because they will never stop finding what's important to you and then censor it, tear it down, befoul it in some way. It's entirely appropriate that submission, kneeling, began a lot of this, but the beast will never be satisfied.

Scott O

CNN Goes Full Racist: ‘Nothing More Frightening’ than Angry White Men

Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber and Jacob Blake.
3 out of control violent white men that threatened the life of Kyle Rittenhouse.
So he used his Constitutional rights of self protection and being armed.
I'm sure CNN thinks if those men were some other skin color they would have seemed like old ladies inviting you to tea.
Just who is the racist here?

Don Bessee

The runs around the world before the truth gets its pants on -

The Fitchburg State University Center for Diversity & Inclusiveness announced the "processing" spaces were announced in an email to campus community members, which also erroneously stated that Jacob Blake was killed.

"The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness is creating space for our community to process the ’not guilty' on all accounts verdict in the Kenosha, Wisconsin case where Kyle Rittenhouse, an Illinois native shot and killed two people protesting the wrongful death of Jacob Blake in 2020. Kyle was acquitted of all charges in the case after driving to Wisconsin with an automatic rifle," the email read.

Jacob Blake was paralyzed, but not killed, after being shot by a police officer in August 2020. The police officer who responded to the domestic disturbance call that led to Blake's shooting was not charged either by the state or by the federal government after investigations.



Scott O

In all the excitement, I notice not one single lefty has shown up to defend their position.
Let's Go Brandon!


re: Scotto@10:24

Rather surprising given that a white supremacist militia member smuggled a machine gun across state lines to murder three innocent black men. Go figure

Meanwhile, classy Democrats stay classy.



re: moi@7:03AM

lol. I'm not so far from reality on the street concerning accurate reporting.

This is from a writer from Forbes minutes after the verdict.


Scott O

scenes 7:03 You almost had it correct.
His MOTHER drove him across state lines and he's a white supremacist nationalist militia member with ties to Trump and listens to Tucker Carlson's constant racist lies!

Scott O

And lest anyone forget - HE CROSSED STATE LINES!!!
What kind of country have we become?

Bill Tozer

You go girl. The Norfolk police chief won’t like this one bit.

‘Fundraiser Explodes As Candace Owens Steps In To Help Officer Fired For Donating $25 To Rittenhouse’

“The lieutenant’s “spineless police chief, Larry Boone, a radical BLM supporter who attended BLM rallies in uniform— allowed the double standard of his firing to occur because to Boone, delivering mob justice mattered more than siding with truth,” Owens wrote.”



"What kind of country have we become?"

One in which Christmas shopping begins early.



Another perspective...


The Estonian Fox

Scott O @8:08AM-

What I thought despicable was that the prosecution even called upon Kyle's kindergarten teacher, who testified that during coloring class, HE NEVER STAYED INSIDE THE LINES.


Don Bessee

Another fine example of what happens when you adopt a joke of a bail schedule! -



Scott O

scenes 8:40 - But there's no evidence that they crossed state lines.
C,mon, man!


P E is conspicuously absent comment-wise. The local theater league presentation calendar must be in effect. I must admit that I miss his most disturbed liberal influenced commentary...against my better judgement I hope he is okay.

Scott O

Randy 2:41 - I wouldn't worry about Paul. He hasn't been OK for some time now and it doesn't seem to cut into his lifestyle.
The po boy just hasn't found a poll he can crow about.
Seems the truth about the Orange Hitler is becoming apparent to most people and if there was an actual fair election today, Trump would win in a landslide.
And no - this isn't a love note to Trump. It's just that the 'others' are either bat shit crazy, imbeciles or evil to the core.

Bill Tozer

When Rev. Al Sharpton tells the hper-hysterical to reign it in, you know The Woke is too far gone.

Ben Shapiro's take. Calls it as he sees 'em.


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