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14 November 2021



If ET lands in the US, he (It? They?)had better not bring any religion with them. https://thehill.com/homenews/media/581443-michael-flynn-says-of-the-us-we-have-to-have-one-religion


It's all good Crabbman,, Lefties have flooded us with plenty of fake religion. Like Global warming, from the unholy church of East Anglia.

As for "ET", I doubt very much we are "alone". Too much video of things defying the laws of physics. (maybe not quantum physics)

George Rebane

rlcrabb - 544pm - Interesting find Bob. I guess that's another reason few have nominated Flynn as their religious adviser.

Bob Hobert

Man is a spiritual being, setting us apart in the animal kingdom. We must believe in something. Insofar as that something is outside, beyond and better than ourselves, something to strive for, we are enriched. Here's some enrichment from awhile back worth reviewing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H17edn_RZoY


I'll have to give the household Lares a bit of wine today and ponder about Flynn's newfangled creed

" Lefties have flooded us with plenty of fake religion.".

They would argue that their movement isn't religious as it lacks supernatural underpinnings (aside from pretending that men can be women of course), but no doubt it hits all the same brain chemistry as flagellants scourging their way around Europe. A word that means 'religion' but can draw in a scad of civic culture is probably needed.

Can you have a country that isn't a nation? Maybe, but it takes a lot of top-down pressure. As a side note, you can make an argument that some religions are more rural in nature (Protestantism/Mormonism, especially the US variety with the self-reliance meme) and some are more urban (Catholicism/Judaism).

This new thing that has erupted in the West combines the magic of urbanism with a general lack of utility as it combines people who do little that is useful for living with those who do nothing at all. I don't give it long-term legs as adjacent cultures with higher birth rates will swamp it eventually, but a lot of damage can be done in the meantime.

George Rebane

scenes 740am - "... country that isn't a nation?" Examples that come to mind are Kurdistan, and the various culturally cohesive 'tribes' on the Indochina peninsula whose regions (countries?) overlap established sovereign nation-states. One could also say that of most of the conquered 'republics' of the USSR that were culturally very cohesive with known regional territories - my native Estonia having been one of them throughout most of its history.


The clip of flynn is abruptly cut, leaving me to wonder if he had gone on to make it clear he wasn't talking about one church/synagogue/mosque/coven/none of the above.
Freude schoener gotterfunken...

Crabby the Simpleminded was quick to jump to a conclusion,


"Examples that come to mind are Kurdistan"

It's interesting that the name has an ethnic group built in. I should be more exact, by 'exist' I mean 'exist for a long time'. A Peter Turchin notion is that nations are formed from adjacent ones to meet highly-foreign existential threats next door. Russia is a fine example, them steppe tribes was no joke. Protecting the gold and pretty wimmen is an honorable task for all. Question: Is the idea of a Western state even practical in Central Asia? I suppose that once you can get (force) everyone to sit on their ass in front of a computer all day the next logical step is sorting by region or something else, but it'll probably be a while in their case.

Modern boundaries are funny beasts. Some sort of combination of the British penchant for surveying, imposed borders, and a simple need to nail down every smidge of land in terms of ownership. Natural barriers aside, they used to be a lot more fluid and/or surrounded by marches. Even something like Hadrian's Wall wasn't so much a boundary in a legal sense but was a set of defensive works. Changes in shape are usually not as sudden as Poland (which had it's own territorial ambitions) taking a giant step to the left, but both large wars and large treaties give you large results



That's probably a fair point. My search skills are being sore tested to find an original of the speech.

Hey, it's just modern times. Some guy emits some words. A 'news' site picks it up. All the other 'news' sites reference the first one. An unofficial phone bank breaks out with Mr. Crabb at the bottom. No doubt I've done the same thing and life goes on.

I like the idea of having a debate between GenFlynn and somebody like this guy.

You could build a nearly unlimited number of CNN-esque 'news' channels starring people getting het up.

George Rebane

Mike Flynn's speech on video.


re: GeorgeR 1:23PM

(aha, it took a second to find a browser/OS/security settings that would play that in my humble abode. That site doesn't play well with anything security oriented.)

Methinks that's just one more website that points back to the original clip that Gregory was referring to. A hard cut intended to maximize the shockingosity of the statement.

Personally, I don't much care what he says since he's just a private citizen standing on his two hind feet aside from just a general interest in taking a temperature of the water. In a world of ubiquitous surveillance, commercial & gubmint & those oh-so-well-meaning people with cell phones who just want to shoot stuff onto social media, everybody gets their few minutes of carrying-on. The rantings of the country are better used for predicting the future than they are current outrage. Who know, maybe all those evil Christians will start burning down buildings in Minneapolis some day.

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