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16 November 2021



I think there's too much emphasis on robots replacing burger flippers.

The real change in employment, given a big boost up from COVID & work-from-home, is going to come in the 'knowledge' work area.

It's not all that easy to build a general purpose manipulator as cheap/good as a human or to redesign a work flow to suit machines.

OTOH, if a person's work consists of looking at screens and pushing buttons, there's a good chance that a ton of those jobs can be automated, or have the automated parts drawn out and fewer people are needed. Working from home gave it all good push since it standardized a set of highest-level interfaces (work through a computer) combined with the chance to radically instrument the people working to better understand their job. Double bonus points for the ability to grade workers.

No problem though, we'll all start a 'business' non-profit and go grant seekin'.

"the judicious substitution of universal basic income (UBI)."

Gotta love that concept. The US already has a scad of people living a life of barely scraping by on public money. You think you've got a lot of poor behavior and low level crime now? Just wait. You probably won't see Luddites so much as simple criminal gangs out for a bit of the old ultra-violence, cracking folks a fine fair tolchock on their Gullivers.

The Estonian Fox

Well George, I was going to suggest that the next plateau for robots would be to replace most of our politicians. How could it be worse?

But then scenes says "The real change in employment... is going to come in the 'knowledge' work area." So there went my suggestion. If a pol has even a bit of knowledge going in, they lose it faster than AOC sucks dicksonii tree sap.


The tractor they gave me to operate has a computer system within. It makes the composter grinder "work". I push a button and it fires up the cutter head and conveyor system at the push of a button. All is well till the computer goes on strike.
The damned thing reached it's "call the tech for service" limit, and shut down. The "go" button don't work till the fix it man shows up.


re: Walt@6:51PM

I suspect that embedded systems in tools, from portable drills to great big movers of earth and hewers of wood are there to save money as much as to enable a drop in labor costs/add features. It allows you to design a less robust solution as (fer example) the system can back off when the primate keeps pulling the trigger.

Well, that, and to spy on the operator.

The future of work doesn't look great.

As for automating politicians, it probably wouldn't take much to build a clanking humanoid that wears sparkly cowboy hats on top of a wig and holds a cassette deck prerecorded by staff with an hour or two of crazy 'progressive' catechism.

Scott O

scenes 7:10 - "...humanoid that wears sparkly cowboy hats on top of a wig and holds a cassette deck prerecorded by staff with an hour or two of crazy 'progressive' catechism."
The model for your idea:


Eve'n gents.. Seems the ghost in the machine wiped the program from the system. Just GONE... Now the computer geek from CAT needs to come out and reprogram the damned thing.

After an hour this morning, we got it to work in good ol' manual mode. Ain't hightech great?
All this BS to get the PTO to spin. We never had this issue with the pre computer machines.



Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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