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02 November 2021



Biden's accomplishments? Surely you jest!! A question that has been asked, and NEVER answered. There is more evidence the Sasquatch is real.
Biden has claimed be have been in fights with straight razors. Yet not one scare as evidence.


BB calls it for Youngkin

"Democrats were outraged Republican Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin defeated candidate Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial election Tuesday."


re: Bumblebrain.

first response: "Ladies and gentlemen please give it up for the leader of the free world"



There really is a lot to love about Our Modern World.



OK... Biden's accomplishments,, Trashed the economy. Mission accomplished. Reversed just about everything Trump did that was great. Mission accomplished.
Single Handedly made us dependant on foreign oil.... AGAIN..
Now gives the Arabs a reacharound in the hopes they will pump more oil.. WHY should they??!! The money is flowing back in.

Control the energy, control the people. Gas,, now 5$ F**k'n bucks at some stations! Wait till the battery tax gets established.


When all else has failed, just play the race card.

"On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “At This Hour,” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) said the Virginia gubernatorial election “was about local issues. Those were about parental issues. And unfortunately, racism raised its ugly head and the Republican candidate used it very aptly.” And she isn’t going to tie the result in Virginia “to Democrats or anything we did here in Washington.”"


"Wait till the battery tax gets established."

For disposal or for EV usage?

In terms of the latter, here's my bet:

. Smog stations will never go away although they are nearly useless already. Too much financial clout and the bureaucracy is too strong. Expect it to morph into a safety inspection.
. You'll eventually get a per-mile tax in addition to car registration. Maybe it'll be part of the safety inspection. While they're at it, they'll download all the position data from the last year or two.
. Police will have easy access to car data recorders which will have more and more information by statute. This may well include cockpit audio recording, eye tracking, all control input.

Not that electrification is strictly required, but the move to EVs (inevitable in my mind) is an absolutely wonderful time to slam through a whole bunch of State surveillance measures. It's for the children.

George Rebane

Scenes 726am - Agreed and more. The state will have the ability to remotely disable your EV and/or control its speed and area access. For ‘safety’ and ‘traffic control/congestion’ your EV will be enabled only during certain hours depending on your employment and social status. Favored classes will become more favored than ever.

Bill Tozer

Soros Spent $500k+ Towards Defeating Austin’s “Refund the Police” Proposal



Scenes. We already pay a Batt. "fee" for disposal upon purchase..(for cars and trucks)
Elec. cars owners are already deadbeats for road taxes.
I was hearing on the radio a day or two ago where a millage tax may be in the works. 5 cents a mile? SCREW YOU!! I drive 100 miles a day to and from work as it is.

Don Bessee

More solid proof that creepy grampa joe is not running the show -

The White House on Thursday said President Biden is "perfectly comfortable" with the Department of Justice (DOJ) settling with illegal migrants separated from their families under the Trump administration.

White House deputy press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre made the comment in response to Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy after Biden Wednesday told Doocy that reports of his administration offering up to $450,000 to illegal migrants are "garbage" and "not gonna happen."



Don Bessee

All they are doing is cementing his position THANK GOD! -



Bill Tozer

Don B @ 7:12 pm

In case you missed it a few days ago.....Liberal Minds on Display #5:

'Thanks for ruining my wedding': Tearful bride pleads with anti-Kyrsten Sinema protesters to leave her wedding where the controversial senator was officiating


Manchin has it easy. If they follow him into the bathroom, Joe can suddenly turn around in surprise and piss on them. Sinema has no such weapon. Just shows the world that there is no place to low that the Dems will not go.

Whenever I hear about protestors following a Senator into the restroom or protestors disrupting the wedding day of an innocent couple on their day of bliss, I think Democrat.

Don Bessee

Looks like creepy grampa joe does not like the frogs -

Kamala Harris to address migrant, refugee issues during Paris visit
Harris is expected to call for stronger borders for Libya -- as she continues to receive criticism about security issues along the U.S.-Mexico border



Don Bessee

Manchin just got reelected and the dems see the vote pattern in NJ more worrying than the VA sweep. DRILL BABY DRILL -

We agree basically on the climate bill that basically uses technology not just eliminating certain fuels, but technology to use them cleaner so the world will use them cleaner because the world is using more fossil than ever before."

Manchin then turned the conversation to China explaining that the country has 3,000 coal fire plants compared to 500 in the United States.

"My environmental friends will make you believe...that the 500 are polluting the whole world," Manchin said. "They’re just not being accurate."

Manchin’s pushback against the environmental wing in his party comes the day after he spoke to Fox News’ Bret Baier on "Special Report," called for more drilling, and disagreed with President Biden blaming OPEC for the high gas prices plaguing the nation.

"I say that we can basically do more for ourself," Manchin said. "We've been energy independent for the first time in 67 years. Why can't we do more? Why can't we produce more? We've got plenty of natural gas. My state beautiful state of West Virginia has an ocean of natural gas under it. If they will just let us build a pipeline we can get the product to market."

Manchin added, "And why don't we do more drilling and why don't we do more basically production in the United States? I'm not depending on OPEC. I'm not depending on other countries for my energy anymore. We know how to do it. We have the technology. We should be relying on ourselves."



Don Bessee

Even the dems hate stelter and lemon' -



Bill Tozer

CRT is akin to socialism. The Dems say the are not socialists because they can find an example where the exact socialist definition does not apply. Same with CRT. They say it is not being taught in schools, but that is a crock. All the new teachers in teachers school are taught to think CRT. People have eyeballs and do not like what is being taught to their children. The Youngkin campaign made it about intersectionality, an aspect without which CRT cannot exist. I see it all under the banner of equity and if group equity is not achieved, it is solely due to ‘systemic’ racism and no other possible reason exists. No wonder the left hates individual liberties and great achievements of Western Civilization. The evil White Man is to blame for all the ills of society. It takes discrimination to fight discrimination. And it takes tyranny, not freedom, to toe the CRT line

‘America's story is at stake in the fight over critical race theory.’


Bill Tozer

Bill Tozer
CRT is akin to socialism. The Dems say the are not socialists because they can find an example where the exact socialist definition does not apply. Same with CRT. They say it is not being taught in schools, but that is a crock. All the new teachers in teachers school are taught to think CRT. People have eyeballs and do not like what is being taught to their children. The Youngkin campaign made it about intersectionality, an aspect without which CRT cannot exist. I see it all under the banner of equity and if group equity is not achieved, it is solely due to ‘systemic’ racism and no other possible reason exists. No wonder the left hates individual liberties and great achievements of Western Civilization. The evil White Man is to blame for all the ills of society. It takes discrimination to fight discrimination. And it takes tyranny, not freedom, to toe the CRT line

‘America's story is at stake in the fight over critical race theory.’


Bill Tozer

Sorry about the double post.



“If race-hustling leftists and their allies on school boards and at organs like the Washington Post want to defend teaching students that America is an incorrigibly racist country that’s experiencing an outbreak racism comparable to the Covid pandemic, they should make that case to the public. Instead, they hide behind the misleading claim that CRT is taught only in graduate schools and “is not taught in [fill in name of state] public schools.”

As we can see from what’s going on in Montgomery County and in many other jurisdictions, a form of CRT is being taught in public schools. Stated differently, and more to the point, “Whites are racists theory” is being taught to American school children.”


Don Bessee

But will anyone actually hear about with the propaganda ministry's lockdown on all of this? -



Bill Tozer

RE: Liberal Minds on Display #1 – Unless ‘Critical Race Theory’ is explicitly listed in a school’s curriculum, liberals and their lamestream will deny that any such subject matter is taught in that school. The same goes for so many other hidden and denied leftwing initiatives and activities,—Dr. G J Rebane
‘Why Won’t The Left Admit Schools Teach Critical Theory And Defend It On The Merits?’

Democrats and the corporate press obviously agree with the tenets of critical race theory. But instead of defending it, they pretend it doesn’t exist

“If people are confused about what critical race theory is, why not explain what it really is? Why argue that its attendant ideas and policy prescriptions are correct and desirable, and make the case for why they will make America a better, more peaceful, and just society?

Leftists won’t do that because they know that most Americans find the ideas at the heart of critical race theory repulsive, and rightly so.

This is also why the left never openly debates the merits of, say, mass illegal immigration, which they obviously support. Instead, they pretend to oppose it, or argue that the border isn’t really in crisis. Same with the Black Lives Matter riots last summer, the effects of pandemic lockdowns, the dangers of transgender ideology and bathroom policies. Whatever the issue, they pretend the thing they support isn’t even real, then call their opponents racists and bigots for insisting that it is.

The bad news for the left is that this tactic obviously isn’t working. So I look forward to frank, open, and honest debates about teaching racial hierarchies in elementary school, the merits of totally open borders, and a rich discourse on why urban rioting for racial justice is a public good.

Just kidding. The media assures me none of that’s even real.“


George Rebane

BillT 1007am - Apropos to your post Mr Tozer, we note the absolute silence of our liberal readers on such matters. Me thinks that confirms they are part of the conspiracy to bamboozle their fellow travelers with more pronounced inter-aural deficits.


"Just kidding. The media assures me none of that’s even real."

It isn't, but mostly due to a linguistic trick. Mr. Frisch makes the same argument, so there's even a local variant. The media, of course, isn't smart enough to know the difference, but they've been told what to say in any case. The funny thing is that 'CRT' and it's relatives are a wonderful way to acquire power, but only to the extent that they are allowed to.

John McWhorter talks about it a fair amount (being a linguist and all, that makes sense).

...plus a bunch of interviews.

If you want to pretend that CRT doesn't exist in K-12, it's fairly easy to take the exactness tack of Feynman chatting about magnetism or a lawyer discussing a contract. Being built on a platform of sand in the first place (like most handwaving sociology constructs) doesn't help CRT a bit of course.


Filing this here under the Left brains addendumbs...

Has anyone else had a convulsion reading Berkheimer today?

"Some parents are claiming that they should have final control on what is taught in the schools “because they are our kids.”

That’s a false argument that needs to be ignored. Parents have the option of sending their children to private schools at their own expense if that is what they desire.

The purpose of a public school education is not to teach what parents want their kids to be taught. The purpose is to teach what society needs them to learn. The client of the public school is not the parent, but the entire

It's as if Tuesday's farce in Virginny never happened.


re: Darrell Berkheimer

I just got as far as this:

"And it’s all because many Republican leaders, minions of the Donald Trump cult, have used their rhetoric to spawn thug-like threats to public servants across the nation."

I'm surprised he doesn't work in the word 'vile' along with 'thug'.

It's all so tiresome.


Does any reader here know if DBerkheimer have any kids/grandkids?
How does George square this guy with his friendly take on Don Rogers?

Scott O

scenes 6:05 - hilarious!
"...have used their rhetoric to spawn thug-like threats to public servants across the nation."
Ya mean like 'all cops are bastards'?
I'm sure Darrell didn't like that either, but he was too busy with his own sound check to complain.

Calvin Robert Thompson

conservative minds on display: Tucker Carlson, "I never really figured out what critical race theory is." I guess he speaks for all of you as well, but whatever it is, it's got to be bad, right?


Well Calvin, Teachers telling white kids they are oppressors just because they are white is a good thing?

Demanding newborn children (at the age of six weeks) be instructed in CRT

So.. Have YOU apologized publicly for your whiteness?(assuming your of the evil pale face)

I work with plenty of minorities daily. Even THEY call BS on CRT.

My sister in law's kids are of mixed race. Care to be take that on?
Or are you going to like all the rest of the drive by posters and drop a stink bomb and run never to be heard from again?


I swear George…..you get the worst quality of troll…..Calvin Robert Thomas….CRT.

It’s as bad as suffering through another Frisch screed…..blah, blah, blah!


re: "Bumblebrain's Accomplishments"


"He is supposed to be committed to reducing emissions – but when President Joe Biden produced a little natural gas of his own at the COP26 summit, it was audible enough to make the Duchess of Cornwall blush.

An informed source has told The Mail on Sunday that Camilla was taken aback to hear Biden break wind as they made polite small talk at the global climate change gathering in Glasgow last week.

'It was long and loud and impossible to ignore,' the source said. 'Camilla hasn't stopped talking about it.'"

This would explain a lot.


Great catch Fish.
Someone needs to remind "CRT" that racism is owned by the DEMS.
Party of the Klan, Party of the skinheads. Party of ANTIFA

Save your self imposed guilt trip of oppression for your own kind "CRT".

BTW "CRT" who wrote the first anti gun laws aimed at minorities? DEMOCRATS. Who organized to fight those racist laws? The NRA.
Yet you DEMS claim to be looking out for minority "freedoms ".
Tough times there "CRT",, they are ditching the LIB plantations in droves.

"Biden"-: If you don't vote for ME, you ain't BLACK"

George Rebane

Gentlemen, gentlemen - Be kind to Mr CRT and welcome his drive-by comments, for after all, is not he and his ilk our own raison d'etre?

Scott O

Calvin 7:36 - "conservative minds on display: Tucker Carlson, "I never really figured out what critical race theory is."
Calvin lifted this from a left wing web site.
It's the best he can do.
He's at least showing some basic typing skills.


"Tucker Carlson, "I never really figured out what critical race theory is."

I figure that it's a fair statement by Carlson. Critical Race Theory moved from the word salad of philosophical thinkers, founding documents and all, to a more general melange of craziness and raw power grabs. Hard to pin down but you know it when you see it and the public needed a moniker for what is obviously a destructive thing.

The word went out to paint it's critics as "not knowing what CRT is, har har" giving it the slipperiness you see in Antifa (which doesn't exist either). The opponents of the brave new world are merely stupid brutes after all and need to be controlled through social, financial, and government pressure.

I suppose to some extent it's all like the Leftist approach to climate coolingwarming. Destroy the existing infrastructure, either culture or energy production, and some new and wonderful thing will spew forth from the genius of the people. The end result is always the brutal politics of the prison yard as the power free-for-all erupts but maybe this time it will be different. When the power is consolidated, there's always the rest of the world to tend to.


"Just what is critical race theory and what's it doing in a nice field like education?"


"Critical race theory (CRT) first emerged as a counterlegal scholarship to the positivistand liberal legal discourse of civil rights. This scholarly tradition argues against the slow pace of racial reform in the United States. Critical race theory begins with the notion that racism is normal in American society. It departs from mainstream legal scholarship by sometimes employing storytelling. It critiques liberalism and argues that Whites have been the primary beneficiaries of civil rights legislation.Since schooling in the USA purports to prepare citizens, CRT looks at how citizenship and race might interact. Critical race theory's usefulness in understanding education inequity is in its infancy. It requires a critique of some of the civil rights era's most cherished legal victories and educationalreform movements, such as multiculturalism."

Gloria Ladson-Billings (1998) Just what is critical race theory and what's it doing in a nice field like education?, International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 11:1, 7-24, DOI: 10.1080/095183998236863


Whether or not Education is a "nice field" is an exercise left to the reader.


Here's a link to a pdf of the paper



from Ladson-Billings essay:

"We may have to defend a radical approach to democracy that seriously undermines the privilege of those who have so skillfully carved that privilege into the foundation of the nation."

and there you have it in a nutshell.

You know, when it all boils down to a street fight over limited resources, I can accept and understand the ongoing battles. What I'm sick of are Blue Mob flagellants moping around with angry-sad sermons.


Like I thought. "CRT" TROLL never to be heard from again.
Does he now "identify" as a Black? Looking for affirmative action special treatment?

Bill Tozer

Not exactly on topic, but not for the Sandbox either. Goes here as a placeholder.

‘Academia’s Identity Crisis’



Regarding CRT's comment on CRT, I've been reading postmodernist drivel for a couple of years to get a handle on CRT and it ain't easy wading through that much BS.

Marx 1.0 is Workers of the world Untie! (the dyslexic version)
Marx 2.0 is Leninism
Marx 3.0 is Stalinism
Marx 4.0 is Critical Theory/Cultural Marxism

Bill Tozer

The unhappy angry mob. By all means, don’t stand in their way. More self destructive rhetoric and policies will only lead to more unhappiness and more anger....and their constant state of turmoil, tension, frustration, and chaos.
Best to stand back, keep the life boat tied down, and watch them implode. Give them nine miles of pavement and a long rope. They can’t blame themselves, right?

‘Democrats Are Right To Be Scared About Losing The Parent Vote’

It's an existential threat to Democrats if parents shift to the Republican Party -- and that is already happening, in Virginia and beyond.


Come on Lefties, keep standing between Momma Bear and her cubs. Good strategy for unification, roflmao.


And just down the road. LIB minds on display.

"The quiz question asked students in a social science class at Whitney High School in Rocklin, a city located about 20 miles from Sacramento, to identify "a group of complete idiots." The possible answers were given in a multiple-choice format as: "A) KKK; B) all of Florida; C) Fox news; D) Texans.""
(E) A person that votes Democrat;

Bill Tozer

RE: [6nov21 update] “A big hit to Virginia voters, and their kindred spirits across the land voting on rolling back everything from CRT, to vaccine mandates, to defunding police departments. This is but a glimmer of hope on the sanity of the nation’s electorate pulling back from the progressive/communist policies cliff – nevertheless, all such glimmers enjoy a heartfelt welcome. When the dust settles, we must remember that such one election does not necessarily assure a nation’s future.”—Dr. G J Rebane

Yes, it is only one little election. Not even a mid-term nor nation vote. Things can and do turn on a dime.. May we never boast like the Lefties do in victory. I certainly have enjoyed watching the Lefties proclaim the Death of the Republican Party decade after decade. Dust bin of history, consigned to a regional party of Southern racists.

Thus we must not be like them. It is unwise to take one’s armor off before the battle begins. Winning a battle but losing a war (and country) are the real stakes in play. However, I will still enjoy any rays of sunshine between stormy times.

‘Virginia Secedes From Biden’s Party’


Don Bessee

I would say they lost their minds but that would imply they had a mind to start with -






That's an excellent essay. Good find.

"The ability of the elite to remake American society is limited in general, thanks to the mechanics of mass democracy and the inherent separateness of elite society."

A thing that pushes elite control to the margins are the occasions when monopolies occur for whatever reason. Modern social media, the Honorable East India Company, the Catholic Church in various times and places, megabanks, single points of control/failure on the internet. Ibram Kendi can spew out some nonsense and your ability to use VISA can disappear.

Perhaps the primary lesson is that the avoidance of crazy people is built atop a truly free market and financial/communication independence.

George Rebane

Gregory 1011am - An excellent summary of Marxism's evolution over the years. And we must also remember that if Marxism's current version does not serve, then its acolytes are always ready to revert to the previous version for some added traction.


Marx 5.0 can hopefully be left for a resurrection of a very bad idea in the very distant future.

In the meantime, we have a M4.0 mess on our hands.

Don Bessee

Get woke go broke #6300863930 -

Marvel’s woketard Eternals opened to a disappointing $71 million. The predictions had been anywhere from $75 to $85 million




Lets double down on stupidity.
The DEMS are going to seal their loss come election day.
Can you say "RED Wedding"?

How stupid can mules get?

Don Bessee

The insanity of the green demons is unchecked -

Jason Haynes, the director of environmental policy at the Mackinac Center for Public Policy, blasted the Biden administration for its energy policies, telling Fox News that their work on Line 5 is "just one more example of being divorced from reality."
"They're planning to power an industrial nation like the United States on solar panels and wind turbines," Haynes said, while noting that even the solar panels and wind turbines require "oil, natural gas, nuclear and even coal" to be produced.

Haynes presented a dire picture of what shutting Line 5 could mean if people are unable to get natural gas or the electricity it provides as the nation heads into winter.

"I hope it doesn't end like this, but where I see it going is unfortunately the same thing that happened in February in Texas: People freezing in their homes," he said, adding, "Most of the time when it's extremely cold or there's a real bad polar vortex situation, typically it's pretty cloudy and there's not a lot of wind."

Explaining he has trouble understanding why some Western leaders seem unable to grasp the importance of reliable, affordable energy and electricity for everyday citizens, Haynes said, "It seems like the only nations that understand that we require reliable, affordable dispatchable energy is China and Russia. And they're the only ones that are producing energy and they're more than happy to hold that energy hostage for the rest of the world."



Don Bessee

That the kremlin covered for her and her masters loving lennin being unpersoned is reason enough to pull the manchurian candidate -




"Get woke go broke #6300863930 -

Marvel’s woketard Eternals opened to a disappointing $71 million."

They don't care.

Marvel is owned by Disney. Disney is on a mission from God.


"Explaining he has trouble understanding why some Western leaders seem unable to grasp the importance of reliable, affordable energy and electricity for everyday citizens, "

They don't care.

There are bureaucrats who tell Western leaders what to say. The bureaucrats are on a mission from God.


Glad we got that settled.

Scott O

re George's 'puzzle'. Here's one man's take:
Not the total picture but sadly it does seem to address the main problem.
Just think - legalized drugs and a guaranteed income!
Probably not the outcome the lefties considered.
There is a certain QOL that comes when humans are educated about the past, plan for the future and work earnestly to make it all work.
The left claims the govt can hand it to you or mandate it. Sorry - you have to get off your ass (mentally and physically) and apply yourself to the full extent.

Scott O

Don 4:38 - "manchurian candidate"
Hardly - she's an open book all the way.
Dwelt in American academe like many other Reds have for decades.
Slurp up that capitalistic dough and piss on the folk that provided her comfy life style.
She needs to work on a pig farm in Georgia for a living and then tell us what she thinks.

Bill Tozer

re: “The Big Question still stands about Bumblebrain's accomplishments. Can anyone name JUST ONE thing that he's done right since he took office? That now seems to be a question on more minds as we watch the Virginia governor election returns.”

Punchy can! Biden got us out of Afghanistan and got the much needed Infrastructure Bill passed with bi-partisan support, something Trump promised but failed to accomplish. Here is Trump’s exact words from 2016...”.

Talking points are out. Tout Biden’s accomplishments more, people.
Panicked Ruhle Tells DNC Chair to Tout Biden’s ‘Massive Wins’

Lol of the week:
Wash Post Fears Right Wingers Will ‘Weaponize School Boards’


George Rebane

On Biden's accomplishments, I direct the readers' kind attention to the exchange on the topic between PaulE and me that is found in the comment stream of 'Sandbox - 30oct21'.


" Wash Post Fears Right Wingers Will ‘Weaponize School Boards’"

roflmao. That is a totally sweet notion. Ownership of child indoctrination is everything of course, a lesson forgotten by the traditional West.

I'm about 1/2 way through a book on the Cultural Revolution, partly from interest, partly from looking for modern-day equivalents in terms of understanding via analogy, and was really struck by one thing...what complete animals young people can be. Driven by peer pressure and hormones but lacking responsibility and anything to protect, you can easily end up with Hitler Youth, the Pol Pot Progeny, child soldiers in Africa, and Evergreen College. We're not to the point here where mobs of 15 year olds are beating their elders, but it's never far under the surface.

A smart fellow like Mao basically surfed something barely under control. I wonder if the Progressives really understand what they are playing with, it doesn't take much to find yourself on the gallows.

George Rebane

scenes 1020am - Right; revolutions inevitably devour their own. BTW, does anyone have an updated definition (or understanding) of what it means to 'weaponize' something?


"does anyone have an updated definition (or understanding) of what it means to 'weaponize' something?"

You know, I'll take a shot at it.

I think it's a somewhat dramatic way to indicate that a supposedly neutral party is being steered to political ends. Kind of like Soros-backed DA offices, the FBI, school boards, college administrations, network broadcast news, and senior military officers. Team Red appears to be downright shitty at it from all appearances.

100 years ago it wouldn't have mattered as the gubmint wasn't all up in your business, crazy people had little control over the hinterland and if you didn't like living in New York under Tammany Hall you could simply move to Wyoming. Now, not so much.


The NJUHSD board and administration has already been weaponized.
From the material submitted for today's board meeting presentation:
Written Statements and Documents that Reflect CRT in NJUHSD
1. June 9, 2020 Superintendent’s Message: Racism in our community and the District’s roles
and responsibilities:
“…. I remain firmly committed to fundamentally changing individual beliefs and institutional systems that continue to condone and support racism in our community”.
“…the District will continue to….dismantle systemic racism within our local systems in both policy and practice”.
“Nevada County’s schools must be part of the solution in creating systems that insure equitable outcomes for all students”.
2. January 13, 2021 Superintendent’s Message: Recent Events in Washington D.C.:
“The District has a long way to go when it comes to its own Journey to address internal and external systems of racism”.
3. District Board of Trustees Policy No. 0415: Equity:
The Board and the Superintendent or designee shall develop and implement policies and strategies to promote equity in district programs.

I don't know who these folks are but what I've dug out here is solidly in the Critical Theory , Frankfurt School camp. McFadden should go.

Bill Tozer

‘Democrats are lying about critical race theory’



McFadden:" “…. I remain firmly committed to fundamentally changing individual beliefs and institutional systems that continue to condone and support racism in our community”.

It isn't your job to change, fundamentally or not, the "individual beliefs" or "institutional systems" in Nevada County. You are an employee of a school district. Period.


Posted by: Gregory | 10 November 2021 at 02:30 P

“Nevada County’s schools must be part of the solution in creating systems that insure equitable outcomes for all students”.

Yayyy.....A’s for everybody!!!


no, fish. That's not what it means... but thanks for playing.

One side effect of it would be boring the hell out of the kids who keep getting held back because their classmates aren't keeping up.


Posted by: Gregory | 10 November 2021 at 03:38 PM

I guarantee you that there is a substantial fraction of the "Equity Set" who thinks it means exactly that!

Don Bessee

Cali leading the way to the bottom -

California is an anti-racist state, which is why it wants to deemphasize calculus because it doesn’t think minorities can understand it.



Don Bessee

The obvious distaste from the PM in Paris -

Even Trump got a kiss! Macron avoids giving VP Kamala Harris traditional double cheek greeting as they shake hands at Élysée Palace



Bill Tozer

RE: Liberal Minds on Display:

'Critical race theory' is a fairytale — but America's fascist monsters are real

'Bordering on sociopathic': Criminologist reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse's 'arrogant' testimony

Rittenhouse judge ‘constantly interferes’ in the prosecution: ex-federal prosecutor

‘Trump's plan to escape accountability for Capitol riot just hit a major snag: NYT reporter’

‘Republicans are ready to die of COVID to spite Biden’

‘Net closes as January 6 probe shifts to Trump's role in violence’

Why Roger Stone and Ron DeSantis are engaged in a 'MAGA Civil War': report


[That’s the ‘Flamboyant Roger Stone’ to you, Raw Sewage]
And NOT ONE word about Creepy Sleepy Methane Tooting Joe Biden. Sounds like Punchy’s source of news. Opps, it is!

Don Bessee

Talk about stinking up the house worse than creepy grampa joe. Perhaps some leftist affliction she caught from shrillary -

Kamala Harris panned for using 'French accent' to French scientists while touring Parisian lab
The VP went viral for the 'cringe' moment during her overseas trip to France



Don Bessee

450 a gallon, HA its more than that here and i heard from friends that its 650/gallon in SF. Creepy grampa joe was reportedly mumbling about the cost of tapioca -




" California is an anti-racist state, which is why it wants to deemphasize calculus because it doesn’t think minorities can understand it."

My best guess is that even the rank and file of the progressives thinks this is ridiculous.

I think the main takeaway is that we've somehow produced a bureaucracy, especially in schools, that is more whacked out than the civilian woke people. True in Nevada County? Dunno, but it wouldn't surprise me. I expect that school boards and school administrators do 99% of their good deeds with no oversight.

item: https://www.democraticunderground.com/100216019673


"Kamala Harris panned for using 'French accent' to French scientists while touring Parisian lab"

lol. I can see it now.


Don Bessee

Why those wokester mutha's ^&*(# -




5 bucks a gal for diesel in Linda, gas 4.90.
And Biden yapps,
"Joe Biden Marvels at $4.50 a Gallon Gas Prices: ‘Did You Ever Think You’d Be Paying this Much?"

For the love of GOD and all things holy, where is TRump when we need him???

Bill Tozer

ROFLMAO—-The Liberal Mind on Display

Inflation? Here comes the 17 Nobel Prize winners in Economics. 17. 17, 17, 17. Seventeen I say, 17!

Hypothetical question: Bill T, are you saying 17 Nobel Prize winners are wrong? “Yes I am!....especially considering never right always wrong Paul Krugman in one of those arrogant Nobel Economists.




Sandbox seems purty full, so I'll leave this here.

Best eulogy ever:

“Every single witness who testified this week at the trial confirmed exactly what happened. And here are the facts of it: A convicted child rapist called Joseph Rosenbaum was released from a mental hospital and then went directly to join the mob that was burning downtown Kenosha.”

“Once he got to the riot, Rosenbaum saw Kyle Rittenhouse and immediately threatened to kill him,” Carlson claimed. “Rosenbaum then chased Rittenhouse and tried to pull the gun from his hands. When he did that, Kyle Rittenhouse shot him. So, Joseph Rosenbaum died as he had lived, trying to touch an unwilling minor.”

-Tucker Carlson


Posted by: scenes | 10 November 2021 at 07:16 PM



So the Proggy press don't like the judge's ring tone.

Now what would they say if his ring tone was from the flick "Hang'm high"?

Barry Pruett

The defense has a shot at a mistrial, but the judge probably won’t grant it. The defense was right up and a little over the line, but a mistrial with prejudice is a huge deal. I don’t think that the judge will pull the trigger. No pun intended.

Bill Tozer

An Astronomer Cancels His Own Research—Because the Results Weren’t Popular


Don Bessee

Dont trust your bills and the horriable trajectory for our fixed income folks the biggest ssi increase that still lags and fails to include gas and food.

The lamestream lap dogs are running with the you dont understand how it works. WTF! People see their bills outpace ability from every quarter. Hey but its the green new socialist deal. Screw the citizens and open the borders because they will only suck up your kids jobs and money we can not afford. But they might be a socialist voter from a shithole voter right!?



Bill Tozer

Great quote about the Rittenhouse trial:

"CNN's Jeffrey Toobin, who was caught masturbating on camera, says Rittenhouse is lucky it isn't 'illegal to be an idiot'"


"An Astronomer Cancels His Own Research—Because the Results Weren’t Popular"

Aside from the normal mistake of apologizing to Team Woke, and perhaps he did kowtow early enough and deeply enough to get away with it, I expect this is all baby research compared to what goes on at a place like Alphabet Inc. When 100% of your work (and probably a lot of your location and conversation) is monitored, identifying high performers is a natural research project.

I wouldn't be surprised if pro astronomers wouldn't bury this kind of thing purely to deal with one of the uglier parts of performance demographics. Age. For all I know, firing all astronomy researchers over 50 gives you a boost to the trade generally in a world where the Iron Rice Bowl is the Prime Directive.

I don't know how Google will handle a machine learning exercise that gives you an employee base made purely of Chinese people from a certain province and left-handed redheads of Scottish descent (or something like that). Maybe they'll just end up as one of those companies that make the HR department an increasingly large empire that mostly just deals with itself. With sufficient millennia of in-group child production, the HR department will produce a species of Homo Ineptus.

Bill Tozer

Posted by: scenes | 11 November 2021 at 06:51 AM

Homo Ineptus. Good one. I have resembled that label in days of yore. :). Yes, I voted for Carter the first time and have dedicated my life to pay my debt to society for my foolish and destructive decision in the voting booth while drunk and ignorant. It’s a debt I can never fully repay in this lifetime.
It’s not what was said, but who said it.

‘Artificial Insanity? YouTube Censors Issa for Supporting Vaccines’


Don Bessee

Ah the joys of the socialist shit holes -




Did anyone here watch/attend the NUJHSD board meeting last night?

The recording is not yet up on vimeo, and The Union seems to be stalling on its story, saying it's "developing".

I thought it interesting that "District Superintendent Brett McFadden stated at the meeting that the board had received a number of written public comments in advance, and that roughly 131 of these were in opposition to the presentation or in support of the district’s work in areas like equity and inclusivity, while four written public comments were in support of the presentation. The board also received a number of requests to give in-person public comments at the meeting, and the number of speakers was capped at 15."

So, "roughly 131" folks made comments a'gin the presentation... before the presentation.

Bill Tozer


When the heat first came, McFadden told folks not to show up at the Board Meetings, but rather take their complaints to the State Superintendent of schools. They set the agenda and curriculum, not the locals. His hands are tied.

Last thing the school boards around here want is to have to face local parents. White Supremists Terrorists like you. Blame the State, not McFadden, lol. How dare parents want a say in the Government’s children.are taught.


McFadden:" “…. I remain firmly committed to fundamentally changing individual beliefs and institutional systems that continue to condone and support racism in our community”.

I know of NO ONE condoning racism in our community.

Bill Tozer

Interesting that the same percentage of folks who support CRT being taught in government schools is about the same as Kamala Harris’s approval ratings; 26% for Harris, 28% want CRT taught.

‘New FDRLST/Susquehanna Poll Shows Biden’s Approval Sliding To 36 Percent, Widespread Disapproval Of Critical Race Theory’

“Critical race theory, which teaches that white people are inherently racist, is extremely unpopular nationwide across nearly all major demographics, the poll also found. When asked whether they believed critical race theory should be taught in government K-12 schools, 59 percent of likely voters surveyed said it should not be taught, with just 26 percent of voters saying the controversial curriculum should be taught in government schools. Even a majority of registered Democrats — 51 percent — said critical race theory should not be taught in schools.

Opposition to critical race theory also transcends race, according to the poll. A plurality of black voters polled — 49 percent — said critical race theory should not be taught, with 42 percent saying it should be taught in school. Sixty-one percent of white voters and 56 percent of Hispanic voters said that critical race theory should not be taught in government K-12 schools.”


Bill Tozer

The Race-Marxists Finally Went Too Far


The far left extremists are in a pickle. They have to argue CRT isn’t being taught in schools out of one side of their mouths and out of the other side of their mouths they have to defend CRT.

Don Bessee

CRT and inflation are going to change the trajectory in a good way -



Don Bessee

No one has adequately explained just how does the FBI have any jurisdiction in a diary that was found in a hotel by a third party? -

The raid was a chilling and frightening overreach by law enforcement of protected journalistic work product. O’Keefe has said that his phone offers a window into what other projects he and his staff are working on — projects the Biden Administration may not want him to cover.

The FBI raided O’Keefe’s apartment about 6 a.m. on Saturday with a phalanx of agents taking his electronics and other information, which they claimed would help discover how the journalist came into possession of President Biden’s daughter’s diary.

They claim the diary was stolen. O’Keefe denies that characterization.

The president’s daughter, Ashley Biden’s, diary reportedly contains down, dirty, and disgusting secrets about the Biden family.

Judge Analisa Torres ordered the FBI to stop exploiting information contained in O’Keefe’s phone and to verify that they’d done so by Friday.

Unless O’Keefe stole that diary, there’s doesn’t appear to be anything different about O’Keefe coming into possession of the document than what happens every day at the New York Times or Washington Post with their leaked documents.

Prior restraint doesn’t even begin to cover how intrusive and frightening this intentional intimidation by law enforcement is on a journalistic enterprise.

The raid is reminiscent of the one conducted by former California Attorney General Kamala Harris into the work product of David Daleiden, who produced a series of explosive videos showing Planned Parenthood buying and selling aborted baby parts.

The way it looks now, this judge’s ruling is a win for journalism, but journalists who don’t like O’Keefe may not see it that way.



Bill Tozer

‘California schools ditch A-F grades, citing racial gaps and dropping student achievement’

“Schools in Los Angeles and San Diego are overhauling the traditional A-F grading system in a bid to raise student grades and eliminate racial achievement gaps.

A number of Southern California schools and school districts, in a bid to boost student achievement levels, have directed teachers to apply grades based on "whether students have learned what was expected of them during a course — and not penalize them for behavior, work habits and missed deadlines," the Los Angeles Times spotlighted .

Student grades have suffered nationwide as a result of school closures and online learning, and in California, only 46% of the projected class of 2022 is on track to meet the state university system’s admission requirements, compared to 59% of the class of 2019, the last full year of schooling before the pandemic.”


Newsflash: There are gifted students. How do they fit into equity? By skin color? Race? Privilege? Or born with more natural talent than the average Joe?

George Rebane

DonB 454pm - the only 'adequate' explanation is that the FBI has the raw power of guns, people, and lawyers to do pretty much anything they want, especially if in the service of the real political leadership in the country. The Constitution and the US Code be damned.

Don Bessee

Gee ya have to wonder what would keep vlad from pulling the trigger again now that he has 0's jv team headed by idiots who scare no one. If they do trust the joint chiefs chair to order more crt programs to root out the religious from the ranks for a purer force that is a farce.

Wars start when the enemy senses weakness ya know like this whole admin -

"Our concern is that Russia may make a serious mistake of attempting to rehash what it undertook back in 2014, when it amassed forces along the border, crossed into sovereign Ukrainian territory and did so claiming falsely that it was provoked," Blinken said, referring to Russia's invasion of Crimea. "So the playbook that we've seen in the past was to claim some provocation as a rationale for doing what it, what it intended and planned to do. All which is why we're looking at this very carefully."




Another "Bring a sword to a gun fight."

Don Bessee

A lefty canary in the coal mine? -



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