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15 November 2021



DAMN,, Scenes,, his Boss cop, attended a BLM rally in uniform.
But that was just fine.

That's messed up on so many levels.


The real "black Friday".

Don Bessee

Patriotism on display -




Walt: "That's messed up on so many levels."

It's the nature of the times. The main lesson is that no matter how crazy it all seems, it's really worse.


Don Bessee

The lap dogs of the propaganda ministry had at work suppressing the truth -




did you know?

Greta Thunberg and Kyle Rittenhouse share a birthday.

Don Bessee

Looks like the dem running to be the next AZ gov has a discrimination verdict problem that should cause the woken to shun her -

Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Katie Hobbs is trying to climb her way out of a hole that is beginning to look like a political grave.

On Thursday, Hobbs finally spoke about the firing of Talonya Adams, a Black woman who won her federal discrimination lawsuit last week after being fired from her job as a House Democratic analyst while Hobbs was House minority leader.

The hole only got deeper.

Hobbs did, at least, acknowledge that she played a role in Adams’ 2015 firing. That is certainly better than last week’s statement from her campaign, blaming it all on Republicans.

But Hobbs also insisted on Thursday there were good reasons to fire Adams that had nothing to do with race or gender. Yet two years ago, she publicly apologized to Adams and lamented that she hadn’t been a “stronger ally”.

Hobbs cites 'other factors' but won't elaborate
Now she says there was a pattern of issues with Adams’ performance.

“I can say with certainty on my part, my decision in the termination was not based on race or gender,” she told Arizona Mirror’s Jeremy Duda. “There were other factors.”

She just won’t tell us what those factors are, reasoning that she could be sued since they apparently didn’t come up at trial. Curiously, she also told Duda that she doesn’t want the state to appeal the jury’s verdict.

Make that, the second jury’s verdict.




Glancing at Drudge Report for the first time in a year or so, I did like this article on Life In Blue Mob America:


But I was mostly struck by the smash 'n grab looteries going on as the usual suspects are off to exercising their free speech rights and getting theirs from The Man. (Nordstrom in Walnut Creek, Louis Vuitton in SF fer two). It got me to thinking. Just how will the normalization of street crime as essentially legal change the layout of luxury good stores, kind of an economic geography problem.

. Increase number and quality of surveillance devices. Probably not useful as the looters are in cahoots with Blue Mob DA offices.
. Much higher degree of passive defense. Change store construction materials and layout to make it more difficult to steal, a kind of retail version of so-called 'hostile architecture'.
. Yet more move to internet sales, too bad for city centers.
. (My favorite) Push for made-to-order luxury goods. I just can't see a bunch of Cadillac SUVs and BMWs roaring up to the tailor or leathergoods shops to steal industrial sewing machines and bolts of cloth. Maybe we could reintroduce excellence in handwork and move away from Chinese (or Italian filled with Chinese workers) sweatshops.

Bill Tozer

scenes @ 9 25 am

“But I was mostly struck by the smash 'n grab looteries going on as the usual suspects are off to exercising their free speech rights and getting theirs from The Man. (Nordstrom in Walnut Creek, Louis Vuitton in SF fer two)”

Me too. It’s not the post verdict violence that grabs me as much as the smack and grab (pun intended’ that leaves me more in shock. I was shocked when the smash and grabs teenage hordes descended on a mall in Chicago a few years ago. 3-4 years ago, maybe. Pre-pandemic period.

I feeling I got reading about 80 robbers jumping out of 25 cars and blocking the street, racing in, and literally the place along with the cleaning out Walnut Creek ....and add the Louie Vuitton store demoralized me. WTF has happened to the Q of L? Respect for other people’s stuff? Lord of the Flies. Societal Breakdown...which is just another example to add to the long record at RRs. Our theme, if you will,

‘Thieves 'emptied out' SF's Union Square Louis Vuitton store, police say’

Have noticed some issues before the pandemic started have re-e emerged. Issues that were bubbling up to the surface with the temperature rising that took a break during the worse epidemic in 100 years. They’re backkkkkk.

The smash and grab is back. My temperature rose reading about the concerns of Latino parents in some densely populated Hispanic majority South LA area school districts quite upset with their school boards pushing the trans agenda on their children in school w/ cries about blow jobs and corn holing and indecency being rammed down their throats. Biggest insult from the parents’ POV is how the board dismissed them out of hand.

When the board would have public comments, a woke to the max select activist from other district’s board was the speaker at the cram-packed auditorium meeting who spent the time blabbing away all the minutes save a few. Teachers Union’s board members disguised as parents where called on first in the remaining few minutes of public comment to run out the clock.

The tale above was just one of stories that had my temperature rising at the time. A school district in eastern San Diego County, a place in the Central Valley and the tactics of packing the audience with teacher union board members and the big “we know what is best for your kids education” middle finger. Now Loudoun County, VA is the current flash point.....at least the latest poster boy that speaks for millions.

The greatest thing about the pre-lockdown hoards of normally non-activist parents descending at the local school board meetings was a protest sign that caught my attention and got me quite interested in the topic: “Democrats Do Not Care About Immigrants” it read, held up by a Hispanic woman with baby on hip. One of several. :)


"blow jobs and corn holing and indecency being rammed down their throats."

A modern humanities instructor would argue that that's just the place.

I think there are profit opportunities here in childrens' books.

'Shower with the President' and 'My Dad's Vagina' would be instant best-sellers.


Moi @ 9:25AM

". Much higher degree of passive defense. Change store construction materials and layout to make it more difficult to steal, a kind of retail version of so-called 'hostile architecture'."

"San Francisco to limit car access to Union Square after Louis Vuitton theft"

...and so it goes


Commas are important. Here is a good example.

No more whiskey....
No, MORE whiskey...

Don Bessee

For a guy who is hated in TX rejecting creepy grampa joe is the kiss of death for the dems -

Anchor Dana Bash said, “You campaigned for Joe Biden in 2020 after your presidential run came to an end. A recent poll shows that just 35% of Texans approve of his performance. Would you like the president to come and campaign with you?”



Bill Tozer

‘New York Times Colludes With Corrupt DOJ To Steal Legal Documents From A Journalist Suing NYT’

“A New York judge laid down the hammer on The New York Times by temporarily blocking the newspaper from publishing articles about internal documents from Project Veritas, which sued the newspaper for defamation last year. Project Veritas is a conservative media organization.”


Bill Tozer

‘Amid bias rebuke, FBI raids homes of GOP election clerk, conservative activists in Colorado’
FBI raids on Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters and Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert's former campaign manager follow those earlier this month on conservative journalists associated with Project Veritas.

“Even as the Department of Justice Inspector General released a report this week criticizing the politicization of the department, the FBI on Tuesday raided the homes of a Republican election official and several of her associates in Mesa County, Colo., in connection with a dispute about efforts to preserve 2020 election files.

In collaboration with state and county law enforcement, the FBI raided the homes of Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters, Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert's former campaign manager Sherronna Bishop, and two others.

The FBI operations targeting skeptics of the 2020 election results follow the bureau's raids earlier this month on the homes of conservative guerrilla journalist James O'Keefe and several of his associates with Project Veritas.

Numerous elected officials, reporters, and the American Civil Liberties Union have voiced their concerns about potential infringement of press freedom by the FBI and Justice Department in the O'Keefe raid. These fears were exacerbated when information collected in the raid was published in the New York Times, which has been defending itself against a lawsuit filed by Project Veritas.

The DOJ's inspector general released a report this week rebuking the department for straying from its own policies on avoiding the appearance of political bias.“


Bill Tozer

‘Whistleblower Videos Capture Pennsylvania Election Officials Destroying Evidence’

A complaint alleges Pennslyvania election officials were tearing tapes 'into pieces and placing ... them into the trash stating they will have a campfire to burn the data’


Don Bessee

How much are the parents for the brain washing -

When a Wisconsin jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse of murder charges last week, that development hampered the progress of science, a Virginia university's chemistry department suggested in a series of online posts that at least one critic is deriding as inappropriate "politicized rhetoric."

The communications on James Madison University's official Instagram account also briefly included a so-called "student takeover" video in which a JMU student lamented the "murdering" of "two beautiful Black lives" – even though the jury agreed that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense and the two men he fatally shot were both White.



Don Bessee

Interesting that they are saying nothing about the in custody suspect -

BREAKING: First video of a red Ford Escape breaking through barriers after mowing down parade goers and firing rifle into crowd in Waukesha, WI



Don Bessee

Does anyone remember that we have a treaty with ukraine to protect them in exchange for giving up their nukes, 0 ignored it and no thinks creepy grampa joe will stand up so vlad will grab it and grin at the impotent us president -




huh. That's interesting.


Explanations? Vaccinated population tends older or unhealthier (why the crossover then)? Vaccine-caused deaths? Something else?

I do wonder how long until any stats that could be interpreted this way get buried. Too many careers and belief systems on the line to do anything else. I don't mind if a rushed-to-the-public 'vaccine' doesn't do it's job as the intentions were good, but I dearly hate the censorship.



Luckily, Scott Adams hauls me back to sanity.


wherein he makes the claim that 90% of data involving vaccinations on social media or government is fake. Probably a good view going forward.

Don Bessee

Let them eat spam -

NBC suggests not having Thanksgiving turkey this year to deal with inflation costs
'Some guests may drop off the list, and that's a way to cut costs too'



Don Bessee

It is reassuring that the socialists are so tone deaf and that will be their downfall next year -

AOC blasts Democrats for not using her in Virginia election: 'It was a mistake'
'It was communicated quite expressly that we were unwelcome to pitch in,' the progressive congresswoman said



Don Bessee

The chi coms are laughing as hard as vlad at creepy grampa joe -




"AOC blasts Democrats for not using her in Virginia election"

Oh well, it's hard to get too mad at her.

She's just a flibbertigibbet who is still in love with the idea of acquiring attention and power purely by standing on a podium shouting slogans. Privilege of youth and all that. Just look at how awful rock stars can be.

Don Bessee

Geez you would think that would happen in chicago, sloppy there comrades -

Cuba congratulates Venezuela on poll before result was out



Don Bessee

Can you hear him gasp for air -

Evidentially, California — a typically solid blue state — shows Biden’s approval close to flipping, with only a two-point margin. Forty-five percent of the respondents from the state said they approve of Biden, while 43 percent disapprove.

Overall, the ten-month rolling average of the president’s job approval is now at 54 percent disapproval compared to only 37 percent approval, with nine percent expressing no opinion. Biden’s net approval is at negative 18 percent.

Broken down by age groups 18 to 34, 35 to 49, and 65-plus, all responded with 54 percent disapproval of Biden, while the age range of 50 to 64 showed 55 percent disapproval.



Bill Tozer

Unbelievable. The last half or link is amusing. Bernie Thompson and Adam Schiff tag teaming, BFF.

‘Bob Woodward, tollbooth records undercut Jan. 6 panel claim Kerik attended secret D.C. meeting’
Subpoena from Rep. Bennie Thompson's committee attributes allegation to legendary journalist's latest book, which makes no such claim, in potential embarrassment for Democrat-led probe.


Well, it could have been true. Darn those paper trails.

Bill Tozer

One of the dumbest aspects of today’s academia is the “trigger warning,” where students are alerted to the possibility that what they are about to read may be traumatic. Traumatic, I take it, to people who are pathologically unable to cope, which evidently is the standard in today’s universities. But now England’s Warwick University has gone one better. It has stopped using the phrase “trigger warning” because triggers are…triggering:

A university has scrapped the term ‘trigger warning’ because it fears its use alone could upset snowflake students.

“Warwick University has deemed the phrase too ‘provocative’ for those on its literature and drama courses and is instead now using the term ‘content notes’.
in reply to a Freedom of Information request, it has revealed: ‘”Trigger warnings” are now referred to as “content notes” due to the word “trigger” being itself a provocative word.’

Because, where do you find triggers? In guns.

We can only hope that it is university administrators, and not the youth of today’s Western world, who are hopelessly incompetent to deal with reality.


Life in Blue Mob America.

“We are seeing more and more particularly organized retail crime,” Chief Executive Officer Corie Barry said on a conference call with analysts. “You can see that pressure in our financials, and more importantly, frankly, you can see that pressure with our associates. It’s traumatizing.”


Nothing to see. Move along.

Meanwhile, excitement in Waukesha as man-of-indeterminate-race with absolutely no political motive who is running from a knife fight rams into cracker crowd.


I can bet what everyone wants for Christmas at this point.

Bill Tozer

Colorado Officials Move To Drop ‘Sex Offender’ Term Due To ‘Negative Impacts’ On Sex Offenders


Bill Tozer

Many moons ago, an seasoned citizen in the doctor’s in the waiting room started quipping funny one liners and jokes. Here is only joke I remember even though he had a dozen roll off his tongue in succession:

“The cheapest birth control is to put a pebble in your shoe and walk around until you’re limp.”

Thus, this bait-click headline caught my eye.

‘Fact Checkers Go Limp on Radical Cori Bush's Wild Tale About Being Shot At’


Bill Tozer

Oh what a surprise. Not.

‘Biden Taps Strategic Oil Reserve 11 Months After Suspension Of Oil And Gas Leases’

President Joe Biden ordered 50 million barrels from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve maintained for emergencies released amid high gas prices ahead of the holidays.

“Keep the trains running on time and fix the potholes,” is what is on people’s minds where the rubber meets the road down on the ground closer to the stink.
Virginia is a good example. One year the Governor of Virginia hiked the DMV fees for registering one’s vehicles. It became the central election issue and the governor was defeated for re-election. The media was dumbfounded per SOP.
Remember when some banks charging ATM fees? Oh, the national outrage erupted. A 50 cent of two dollar charge got ‘the people’s’ hackles going big time. Dovetailed with OWS in New York City.

In Washington State they tried to raise DMV fees, but because of that state’s laws, it went to a referendum vote. Defeated, but not deterred, the government of the state found a work around. When someone buys a used car or it is gifted to them or an elderly neighbor sells you her good running car because she doesn’t drive anymore for say, $50O-$800, the WA DMV now taxes you on the Blue Book value of the vehicle, not the purchase price....or which ever is greater. They are going to squeeze blood out of the yokel turnips if is the last thing they do. If you need to hide something, bury it in a law or addendum to a bureaucrat regulation. Enough of that letting the people decide.

All that to say is it not recommended to underestimate the Biden caused inflation at the pump. Puts folks in a disturbed mood and hurts the poor and those living paycheck to paycheck the most, including the soccer moms and the Sweet Baby Gang.


BillT: "Colorado Officials Move To Drop ‘Sex Offender’ Term Due To ‘Negative Impacts’ On Sex Offenders"

I'll see yer 1 and raise ya 1.

"Experts caution use of 'looting' in describing rash of Bay Area smash and grabs "


"President Joe Biden ordered 50 million barrels from the nation’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve"

Just think of it as 'oil inflation'. He'd print even more if he could.

Bill Tozer

Scenes: Looting is a now a form of protest and rioting is a legitimate form of protest. That’s what I learned from the Summer of Love 2020. CHAZ CITY, aka, Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

Not surprising, the quasi mostly peaceful demonstrations following the Rittenhouse verdict erupted in places like Chicago and Left Coast Cities like Portlandia, but not in Kenosha, WI. Reckon the good folks of the Upper Lakes Region are simply too busy cleaning up the aftermath of carnage from the Year Zero to go out and protest this time around.

Bill Tozer

Several problematic issues touched upon. Oil, Kamala, appointment to the Fed, Hunter’s brush strokes. My, how they ever do accumulate.


“There’s a strange consistency to liberals when they are in trouble: they always say they have a “communications problem,” with nary a moment’s reflection that perhaps what they are communicating is the problem.”



Douglas Murray makes an interesting point here, that the rest of the world is finding a need to cut itself off from what is happening in the US, largely emanating from the academic world. I'll have to dig around to see if I agree.

From 10:00 to about 19:00, although the rest isn't bad. The French Revolution is mentioned of course.


Bill Tozer

re: The Christmas Parade Massacre.


scenes sez: I'll see yer 1 and raise ya 1.

Risking posting too much from one source (Powerline in this case), I can’t top Scenes's 10:08 am challenge, but I can be an also ran. :). Top Twenty? Or, business as usual?

Amaney Jamal is a Princeton dean. Not the dean of something silly like diversity. She’s the newly appointed dean of Princeton’s School of Public and International Affairs.


Don Bessee

Talk about out of touch -




Everybody (I expect) has heard about the Blue Mob removal of Jefferson in NYC, but I like the details in the story.


There's really no point in discussion or compromise at this point, although I fully expect to have the Statue of Liberty's tablet to be re-inscribed 'AUGUST MDCXVIIII' in one hand and for Jefferson's head dripping entrails to be proffered up by the other.

From an impartial viewpoint, it's all been a slickly-run coup I have to admit.

Don Bessee

America last is creepy grapa joes mantra -

Oil reserves released by Biden expected to primarily go to China, India



Don Bessee

Dementia joe -

President Biden appeared to read technical instructions from his teleprompter during a Tuesday speech about rising gas prices.

"Because of the actions we've taken, things have begun to change," Biden said.

"End of quote," Biden added before moving on to his next sentence.



Biker Bill

FBI naps a clear and present danger to our democracy! Proof of them trying to forcibly take over the Government. Still have your heads up your collect butts you dinosaur Regressives?

‘MAGA rioter avoids jail time because she wore ‘a tutu' and not 'military gear’

"During a nearly 90-minute virtual hearing, federal prosecutor Michael Liebman highlighted social media posts in which Abual-Ragheb put her political advocacy in starkly violent terms. After her home state of New Jersey went to now-President Joe Biden by a wide margin, she wrote on Facebook, 'I won't stop. They have to kill me,'" according to Insider. "Her defense lawyer, Elita Amato, stressed that Abual-Ragheb was inside the Capitol for only about two minutes and did not cause any damage or commit any acts of violence.

Abual says police did not turn her away or give her a sign she shouldn't be in Capitol. She says she really wanted to see the 'beautiful Capitol' for the first time," MacFarlane reports. "Abual said she didn't know she broke a law until agents came to arrest her. She says she couldn't even hurt a bug… and wouldn't try to take over the country.".....

“I don't think it's reasonable to conclude she was planning to be an active participant in a civil war," the judge said.”


The unforgivable sin committed by this horrible violent Right Wing radical woman is posting after the 2020 Nov. election that there is a civil war coming. A social media post. A social media post two months before Jan 6, 2021. A friggin social media post.
Wonder when the FBI will coming knocking at my door for posting, ‘A civil war is coming. Dark clouds of a civil war are a gathering.” When? You tell me and we both will know.


LOL!! Tap the strategic oil. We will use that up by the end of the week.

Saw a good sign out front of a business.
" WELCOME autopsy club!
It's open Mike night on Friday!"


Yup, Biden is done. Light's are on, but no one is home.

"President Biden appeared to read technical instructions from his teleprompter during a Tuesday speech about rising gas prices.
"Because of the actions we've taken, things have begun to change," Biden said.
"End of quote," Biden added before moving on to his next sentence."

I'm sure Emery would find Biden fully competent.
Emery was real good at claiming Trump was mentally deficient.

Don Bessee

Did they hire the dumbest rocks or what?! -

A reporter who was present for her remarks asked the energy secretary, "How many barrels of oil does the U.S. consume per day?"

"I don't have that number in front of me. Sorry," Granholm replied.

Biden Energy Sec. Granholm admits she does not know U.S. oil consumption rate when pressed by reporter

The reporter told Granholm that according to those numbers, the administration would be releasing "less than three days worth of supply from the Petroleum Reserve."



Don Bessee

Oh no there is no inflation problem spins the white house -




Don Bessee

Lets be glad Manchin has been listening to his voters -

About 63 percent of West Virginia voters said they do not support the amnesty plan, while about 31 percent said they do support the plan. Large majorities across racial lines said they oppose the amnesty, including 74 percent of Hispanics, 71 percent of black Americans, and 62 percent of white Americans.

The amnesty plan is especially opposed by West Virginia swing voters. About 66 percent said they do not support the plan, while only 25 percent said they do.

In addition, 65 percent of West Virginia voters said they would be less likely to vote for Manchin or other politicians who support the amnesty in the Build Back Better Act.

About 63 percent of West Virginia voters said they are opposed to the policy and 72 percent do not want chain migration extended to illegal aliens who would be eligible for the amnesty plan included in the Build Back Better Act.

Majorities of Republicans, Democrats, and swing voters in West Virginia said they are opposed to chain migration.

The poll comes as similar polling has shown that Arizona likely voters are mostly opposed to the amnesty plan. Support from Manchin, who is facing reelection in 2024, along with Sens. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) is vital to Biden’s Build Back Better Act.



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe has lost the crowd -



Bill Tozer

Don: Did they hire the dumbest rocks or what?! -

‘Dangerous Idiot’: Jesse Watters Torches Rashida Tlaib Over Bill Abolishing Prisons


Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 2:08 pm. re: Jefferson Statue.

‘They were always going to come for Jefferson’

“So-called “experts” dismissed conservatives’ concerns about the Left’s push to dismantle history, writing them off as a “false slippery slope.” But those of us who have been paying attention to the radicalization of the Left knew this was inevitable. They hate Jefferson and the other founders — not because of what they did, but because they represent a nation the Left wants to destroy.

Jefferson won’t be the last statue they try to tear down. They’ll come for Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and maybe even Martin Luther King Jr., as he advocated for a color-blind society.....”

Bill Tozer


Scott O

re accusations of inflation and Biden's falling support numbers:
Money quote: "...but what will likely make the biggest difference in price inflation is time."
Yeah - that's it!
Just wait around a few years before you buy anything and the prices will surely come right back down solely due to time!
That's the ticket.

Bill Tozer

Scott O

From your link I found this...among many similar.

‘Shelves aren't empty, oil prices are heading down, but Republicans are locked into a disaster story’

“The same thing is happening in 2021. Inflation is increasing because the nation is once again being pulled out of the ditch by Democrats. And if some of those numbers are currently unusually high, that’s because Trump was such an incredible low.”


Bill Tozer

Thats our media doing what it does best; telling us not only what to think but of more crucial import, how to think.

Waukesha Police Chief Knocks Down Silly 'Fleeing From a Crime' Cover Story Pushed by CNN



Here's one from a month or so ago that's worth considering.


Here's the short version.

. Black and white 14 year olds are friends
. White 14 year old pulls dick-move (being 14)
. Takes picture of black 14 year old, puts on Craigslist with 'Slave for Sale' ad
. (here's the good part) local DA charges white 14 year old with 2 felonies and a misdemeanor
. Kid pleads guilty, gets probation, now has 2 'hate crime' felonies.

Think about this for a minute. I ran into some similar situations but won't spam the topic.


Life in Blue Mob America. Those wacky teens edition.

" An 82-year-old man was surrounded and assaulted by a group of people riding dirt bikes and ATVs in Boston last Thursday. Police are seeking the public’s help in identifying the suspects.

The victim, a Brookline man, suffered serious injuries and remains in the hospital. He is expected to survive.

State Police said the man was driving his 1996 Buick Century from Park Drive to Boylston Street when 30 to 40 dirt bike and ATV riders forced him onto the curb. Several of the suspects then began smashing windows of the victim’s car."

Bill Tozer

@ 8:17 am. A Clockwork Orange has arrived. There will be hundreds of similar stories across the land.

Somewhere scenes posted four possible explanations of the left-media-mob mindset for an reasonable person to make heads or tails of. Make sense out of it all. From the top of my head four horsemen ranged from were Ignorance to full blown evil. Covers the bases pretty well.

Boy, did Andy Ngo grab those screen shots and videos posted by the alleged Christmas Parade Mow Down suspect or what? He grabbed them before they were taken down and is blow the narrative completely out of the water.

That dude is one sick MoFro. Pimping bitches across state lines. How did he know she was a minor. Took her from LA and pimped the bitch in Vegas. I don’t think he cares for white people much or getting popped to add to his rap sheet. Oh my. Taking out the Marching Grandmas is something I would not do, but nobody’s perfect. Grandma died doing what she loved best.

What is it with wannabe rap stars and criminals? It seems the glove does fit.

Anyway, kudos to Andy Ngo.

Bill Tozer

What did you except would happen. All people in prison are political prisoners, right? Ok, not all, but most are, lol. I go for the old cause and effect on this one. Nature abhors a vacuum and all that stuff.

‘Deadly result of progressive arrogance on bail reform’


Scott O

BT 9:49 - "There will be hundreds of similar stories across the land."
Well - at various Blue enclaves across the land.
"...when 30 to 40 dirt bike and ATV riders forced him onto the curb."
Let me guess - the Amish again?
Show this article to Beto - THIS is why we do need 30 round clips.
Anyway - as the DA in the Rittenhouse case cheerfully explained - "we all git a beatin' now and then!"
Just part of life!

Don Bessee

The commie gets kicked to the curb -




The only "accomplishment" is destruction of life as we knew it.

"HILLARY CLINTON: Democracy is messy. People got kind of frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation. They didn’t really appreciate that within a year, the Biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the House and Senate. They’ve passed another major piece through the House that will soon be in the Senate. By any measure, those are extraordinary accomplishments and they will help millions of Americans with health care and prescription drug prices, as well as climate change and so much else. But because of the way we are getting our information today and lack of gatekeepers, and people who have a historic perspective who can help us understand what we are seeing, there is a real vulnerability in the electorate to the kind of demagoguery and disinformation that the other side is really good at exploiting."

Miss Trump yet?

Don Bessee

So if they are not teaching CRT how come they retaliated on the whistleblower?? -

Indiana teacher who exposed CRT teaching put on leave, has email locked, banned from school buildings
The award-winning teacher has been put on paid leave




WOW!!! Don't get your way then quit?
"Magdalena Andersson, leader of the Social Democrats, was selected in a Riksdag (Parliament) vote as Sweden’s 34th Prime Minister on Wednesday morning, replacing outgoing migrant-crisis era leader of the Social Democrat Stefan Löfven. Yet just hours later the Speaker of Riksdag announced the search for another new Prime Minister would begin after Andersson’s government collapsed before she’d even had chance to be sworn into the role."

Don Bessee

While the admin alternates between dont believe your lyin eyes and let them eat cake, meanwhile tone deaf creepy grampa joe jets off to feast at a billionaires mansion for turkey day there is actual food rationing happening -

NBC’s South Florida affiliate reported the empty shelves are not set to be restocked anytime soon, nor are the food shortages just confined to holiday foods.

“The limits are for all stores in our seven-state operating area,” a Publix representative told the station. “There is not a set time determined for these limits, and the list can change to include more items or remove items.”

Though Publix has not yet rationed turkeys, Winn-Dixie, another massive grocer, has rationed the turkeys.

A Winn-Dixie spokesperson told the NBC affiliate the rationing is to “ensure all families have an opportunity to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal.”

Foods costs have skyrocketed in recent months.

Breitbart News reported the price of turkey has increased by more than 24 percent from 2020.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the list of rationed foods include the following:

Canned cranberry sauce
Jarred gravy
Canned pie filling
Canola and vegetable oil
Cream cheese
Rolled breakfast sausage
Paper napkins
Disposable plates, cups and cutlery
Bath tissue
Refrigerated snacks (Lunchables-type items)
Sports drinks
Aseptic-type juices (Capri Sun)
Canned cat food (variety packs)
Refrigerated pet food




I like the idea of Biden Ration Cards. Won't be long now.

In other news, here's one that's been cooking for a while. I really do wonder what the results will be in a couple of hundred years.

"George Floyd portrayed as Jesus in paintings displayed at Catholic University
On Monday, it was revealed that The Catholic University of America has on display a painting and multiple prints depicting George Floyd as Jesus."

At the very least you should see verified miracles sometime soon.

Don Bessee

Hey remember the troll who loved grifter, grifter, grifter. Who knew he was actually talking about the bidens and the crackhead -



Don Bessee

And he will be canceled in 3,2,1.....



Scott O

DB 7:25 - "...he will be canceled..."
Nah - they'll just down play it or erase it.
The important thing here is to hang these 3 guys for "what should have happened" in the KR trial.
The feds are already planning to charge the 3 without a shred of evidence that the crime was racially motivated. The LSM can't even present a truthful description of what happened in the AA case even after the guilty verdicts. The video clearly shows the kid running over TO the guy with the gun and fighting him. Take your fists to a gun fight and I'm pretty sure you're going to lose. A stupid white guy and a stupid black kid. That's all there is to this case. Just because you're casing houses doesn't give anyone the right to go after you with a fire arm.
That Catholic Univ. better make room for another painting of a new 'saint'. Funny how the black kids that actually do go to college and get good jobs are called names by the lefties when they decide to leave the Democrat Plantation and have ideas of their own.
And we note that even though the white guys were found guilty, Biden says there's 'more' that needs to be done. I guess he's mad because the stores don't re-stock fast enough for the looters.


Anyone hear anything about Doug K. lately?
"A man was allegedly executed after smuggling copies of Netflix’s hit show ‘Squid Game’ into North Korea, Forbes reported Wednesday.
The man faced a firing squad when North Korean officials caught the man distributing illegal copies of the Netflix show. Others will reportedly face severe repercussions for playing a role in the scheme, according to Forbes."

Scott O

I had hopes the New Yawkers would do somewhat better in their choice of Da Mayor, but no.
More BS and lies.
"What are 17-year-olds doing with guns in this country?"
Well - if they're black and live in a Dem-run shit hole they usually shoot people. If they're white and live in a conservative state, they usually target practice and hunt. Next question?
"We have an over-proliferation of guns."
Really? What's the amount we're allowed to have?
"And our children can get guns and not laptops, iPads, computer things that they need."
OK, we're done here. Once you just start lying through your teeth, there's no point in conversation.
Looks like NY city is still headed for the toilet.

Don Bessee

Will the Poles be the next eu exit? The eu should be nice to Poland since there the ones facing vlad -



Don Bessee

The fact that they need to give reporters a security guard in the shitholes should but wont change the way they apologize for the shit hole da's destruction of society! -



Bill Tozer

Well, it’s not bail reform but has the same result. Darn, it bothered me that Biden and Kerry just up and gave away our leverage over Iran and now now this.

DeSantis Slams Biden For Removing Marxist Terrorists From Terror List: ‘Will Embolden Terrorist Groups’

“As if taking off the Houthis in Yemen from the list of terrorist organizations wasn’t bad enough already,” retired U.S. diplomat Alberto Miguel Fernandez said. “The Biden Administration now rewarding the narco-leftist FARC in Colombia.”“


Scott O

Let's get back to the Covid "crises". Lock downs and violent riots in Europe and Oz. Yet the cases are rising. Compare to our state where the cases are plummeting. At the present rate we should be down to around a hundred new cases a day by Christmas for the state.
And what is our unemployment?
4th in the nation at 2.8%.
We just went through a large amount of Nebraska twice this fall including an overnight stop. No one was wearing masks or following any sort of Covid 'protocols'. They're the top of the list for unemployment. Idaho has one of the lowest rates for "fully vaccinated" and yet we best not only other states, but most Euro states for the lowest amount of cases. I read about the restrictions the rest of our nation is going through as well as the rest of the world as if they were all on another planet. Here the children play outdoors per normal and the neighbors all mingle as well as those going downtown and to the stores and work without a thought of covid fear. Is this is because Idaho and Nebraska etal are 'isolated'? Not at all. Consider that places like Australia can easily isolate and have outrageously rigid lock downs and still have covid while places in the American west have zero lock downs and laughably loose protocols with far less covid cases. Meanwhile Biden invites millions of illegals into the country with zero covid testing and uses tax payer money to fly infected illegals to areas no where near where Biden or his cronies live.
People positive with covid are allowed to mingle with the general population in restricted areas because they have vaccine 'passports' while those with no covid are denied because they have natural immunity and haven't bowed to the govt dictates. Covid is real. It came from China under obviously suspicious circumstances that no other country is willing to investigate and it is being used to subjugate the populaces into hideous and overt usurpation of civil rights. The govt, military and major industries are being purged of free thinking and strong minded people. This is the equivalent of the NAZIs and Commies getting rid of the intelligencia by whatever means. In the 30s those people had the free world to flee to. Whence do they flee now?

Don Bessee

Trigger warning for socialist dems, it will be interesting to see how hard they come down on this guy for telling the truth about the dems destruction of the concept of black families with the so called 'great society' and virtually every other dem brainstorm 'helping legislation'.



Bill Tozer

re: Andy Ngo, the gay Asian reporter and his reporting:

‘Journos and Other Libs Can't Defend Darrell Brooks, So They Attack Andy Ngo’
When in doubt, change the subject’


The Daily Yeast? Good one

George Rebane

Actually, the defense of Darrell Brooks is easy, and the lamestream is already ahead of the game. The man was simply on his way to the parade when he had an accident with his SUV. It could have happened to anyone.

Bill Tozer

Dr Rebane.

I kept waiting for you to post the Norman Rockwell thanksgiving pic until I realized that horrid pic is triggering to so many folks nowadays. Not only on the white privileges and white supremacy angle, it also makes people feel sad that they don't have such a large non-functional family. Thankgiving is NOT a warm fuzzy Rockwell Thanksgiving, but one based on oppression and bad juju.

With that said, Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family, your loved ones and to all those who make up the vast Glum Lot. Gobble, gobble.


Happy Thanksgiving to all.
I say TRIGGER AWAY!! Headed to the eldest Daughter and Son-in-law's place tonight. Something a little different tonight.
Individual "turkeys". (Cornish game hens)

His parents are Berkeley LIBS (this should be fun)
OK..OK.... I won't wear my "I love Trump" shirt.


Berkeley inlaws?

Might I suggest a bit of Christmas cheer.


George Rebane

Gentlemen - My apologies, the Rockwell pic is on the way. I beg forgiveness.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 12:53 pm

"Happy Thanksgiving to all.

So does Matt Taibbi!



OH Look.. Someone gave Biden a fitting Thanksgiving bird.

Bill Tozer

‘Los Angeles Public Schools Teach Students That Celebrating Thanksgiving Is Evil’

LAUSD discouraged students from celebrating Thanksgiving, instead pushing division to erode the quintessential American holiday and undermine our traditions.


At the end of times, good will be called evil and evil will be called good.


It's a crying shame that the new, super special, COVID won't be dubbed the 'Xi' variant (it was skipped).

Don Bessee

Note to cali -



Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe is a racist -

Flashback: Biden suggested Trump's coronavirus travel ban was 'xenophobic'
The Biden administration restricted travel from several African countries on Friday



Bill Tozer

But, but, but Trump is eroding trust in our institutions.

No, the institutions and the media are to blame for the eviscerating our trust in our institutions. Sorry for the redundancy. The media is the institution of the weaponized left, used masterfully by our institutions. As water and teas make tea, so does the government and the media mingle to produce a product that is indistinguishable for its separate entities. Anyway....

‘Five Trump-Russia 'Collusion' Corrections We Need From the Media Now -- Just for Starters’


Just maybe 3-4 short years ago, outside of our servicemen and women, the FBI was the most trusted institution of the United State government. It took decades to rid the Bureau of the stain J Edgar Hoover left on the FBI’s reputation because of Hoover’s politicization (corruption) of the Department. Decades. Folks still refer to it to this day.

I will not be able to see the trust in our institutions restored again in my lifetime. Will take more years than I have left. Ala, lo am I.


Just when you think it couldn't get any worse...



Well, one sees the coming train wreck.

"‘We’re F***ed’ Says Dem Strategist as Focus Groups Show Party in Shambles"


Huh. I'm not 100% on-board with this article, I think he's hitting a few wrong notes, but I'm surprised that someone in regular-journalism land finally noticed.


Don Bessee

Epic fail in only 10 months! -

Biden-Harris dream team suddenly Dems' worst nightmare after just 10 months
Perhaps Hillary Clinton or John Kerry is available for one more political rodeo?



Bill Tozer

“Now why why why would looters hit the Home Depot on Black Friday,” I thought within myself. What, are they going to converge on HD and run out with sheets of valuable plywood. It would look like the Keystone Kops banging into each other trying to carry out with those 4’x8’ with their view blocked hauling out the loot. A comic relief watching the security tapes.

Why, why, why? Silly me. They need more hammers to smash and grab and pillage and loot. Home Depot is where the tools of the trade are. Come to think of it, I am looking for a 5lb medium length handle thumper; a mini-sledge hammer if you will. If HD had them, there probably are on back order now. Oh well.



re: BillT@9:10AM

lol. That's absolutely brilliant. It isn't like most of those people actually own work tools, so you can view this as part of a full-employment plan. A burner wrecking bar is just the thing for Black Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

There's nothing really new here. Non-enforcement of law is as powerful as enforcement in terms of achieving the ends of the State and has been done before. God knows crowd-sourcing policy is the cheap way to go.

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