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27 November 2021


The Estonian Fox

Well, finally, prosecutors who believe that violating gun laws should have some consequences:

Suspect's Parents Charged in Michigan School Shooting. Oakland County prosecutor Karen McDonald made the disclosure Friday as she filed involuntary manslaughter charges against Jennifer and James Crumbley, the parents of 15-year-old Ethan Crumbley.

McDonald says the gun used in the shootings at Oxford High School was purchased by James Crumbley a week ago and given to the boy,...saying earlier that their actions went “far beyond negligence."

Bill Tozer

A Simple Test for Determining a Person’s Level of PC Craziness


Scott O

E Fox 10:45 - "Well, finally, prosecutors who believe that violating gun laws should have some consequences"
Of course. They ARE white. And they are Trump supporters.
Did I mention Trump?
When will they charge the folks that let Darrell Brooks Jr. out on the public?


WOW!! Biden gets credit for dropping the price at the pump!!!
All of 2 CENTS!! 1 cent in Calif.!
It was all over the news on the radio this morning.

That will surely get him re-elected.

Scott O

Meanwhile back in real life in the Blue, Blue areas - everyone has to put up with a knifing once in a while...
Who could have possibly predicted that this fine chap would commit such a crime?
I'm sure he was planning on becoming a brain surgeon before he 'became involved' with the criminal justice system.
Move along, nothing to see here.


Another dose of news that says AGW is BS.
Snow on Hawaii's mountain tops again.
If there was any hint of "warming", it would affect places on or near the equator FIRST.

I'm sure some true believer will have a fine excuse to claim it's just "weather".

Bill Tozer

‘GOP candidate declared winner in Virginia state House race, Republicans will gain control of chamber’

“The recount was one of two requested by Democratic candidates in General Assembly races, from which Republicans emerged with 52 state House districts and Democrats with 48.

The second recount is scheduled for next week, but Greenhalgh's victory ensures GOP dominance in the House, which the party lost in 2019.

Democrats will remain in control of the Virginia state Senate, in which they hold a 21-19 majority. The November election, however, proved disastrous for Virginia Democrats, who lost both the state House and the governor's mansion, in what some are viewing as an early indication of how 2022 elections might play out.”


We lost the State House in 2019 and we got it back already? If this is what the local 420 Brigade called us ‘toast’, the dustbin of history, losers in 2018 and 2020, then take my slice, toss it in the toaster, and make mine burnt.

Speaking of making toast, Biden in one of his less lucid moments said you put bread in and out comes toast. Where did the bread go?

Bill Tozer

Having yesterday celebrated a 2-cent drop in gasoline prices like it was V-J Day, the Biden circle (this time in the form of Steven Rattner, the Obama Administration’s “car czar”) lit out with this howler about the tiny uptick in today’s jobs report:
Wow. They are coming to take you away.

I used to think that Australians are a freedom-loving people, but that has turned out not to be true. Crocodile Dundee is dead; Pajama Boy now rules.


I thought the Aussie cops pepper spraying a teenage girl(s) point blank in the face for not wearing a mask outside the mall was bad enough. I thought the cops tackling to the ground and arresting a suburban man who walked down his street a block to smoke a cig and get some fresh air during lockdown was bad enough. He was there all by his lonesome. But, we ain’t seen nothing yet.

Bill Tozer

lol. Checkmate.

‘UN official calls out Elon Musk to help end starvation with $6B check. Musk responds, adds one stipulation.’

“In response, Musk said he would liquidate $6 billion worth of Tesla stock to finance Beasley's request. However, Musk added that the U.N. would need to prove that every penny donated went toward feeding people.

"If WFP can describe on this Twitter thread exactly how $6B will solve world hunger, I will sell Tesla stock right now and do it," Musk said. "But it must be open source accounting, so the public sees precisely how the money is spent."

In response, Beasley said his comments were mischaracterized. In fact, $6 billion would not solve world hunger, he said.

"Headline not accurate," Beasley responded. "$6B will not solve world hunger, but it WILL prevent geopolitical instability, mass migration and save 42 million people on the brink of starvation. An unprecedented crisis and a perfect storm due to Covid/conflict/climate crises."

Musk responded by reaffirming his commitment to transparency.

"Please publish your current & proposed spending in detail so people can see exactly where money goes," Musk said. "Sunlight is a wonderful thing."



Bill Tozer

Liberals supported soft-on-crime policies — now that crime has come to campus

"In a different era, university presidents would call for more preventative policing. But that’s a delicate proposition now. When Smith died just off Berkeley’s campus, the chancellor used its statement on his murder to give a short lecture on police brutality. Police brutality had absolutely nothing to do with Smith’s murder. Berkeley may as well have used its student’s death notice as an excuse to opine on climate change or global poverty."



Worth checking out.


Welcome to the future.

Scott O

It just gets better:
"“This kid died to stop a school shooter whose mother echoed the Trumpist Fascism of @stoolpresidente and @barstoolsports.”

Portnoy and Trump radicalized a 15-year-old sophomore to shoot up Oxford High School. You need proof? Well, Olbermann pointed to a 2016 blog post written by the alleged shooter’s mother. The blog post praised Trump.

“Mr. Trump, this is why I voted for you. I see the change that we desperately need. I see jobs coming back, people having to work for their handouts, money going to who really deserve it. If this blog even makes it to your eyes, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.”"
It's pretty obvious a woman who praised Trump for increasing the number of people earning a living is totally racist and hate filled. Not sure where Portnoy fits into this but, golly - we'll just have to take their word.
Funny how no one else ran out and shot anyone dead because of this but who are we to question the wisdom of our betters?
The kid was having some deep problems and was trying to tell those around him about it.
But Trump!
And Trump!
Did I mention Trump?
Meanwhile -
Just a white kid - probably a racist since all white kids are racists and he wasn't in school since now we know that a school is the only place a person should feel safe.
Not on the street or in a park. That's just white fragility.
Only in the schools. The experts have told us so.

Bill Tozer

14 arrested for LA smash-and-grab robberies all released on zero-bail policies



Is Iceland going to see another volcano blow?
From the "experts".
"GPS measurements in Grímsvötn show that the ice-cap has subsided by about 45 meters.

The discharge in Gígjukvísl river this morning 2220 m3/s yesterday.

Examples are that volcanic eruption can occur in Grímsvötn after water is drained from there. It is believed that volcanic eruptions can occur after sudden pressure release due to reduced water level in the lake. The last time something similar happened was in 2004, 1934 and 1922.
Written by a specialist at 04 Dec 15:08 GMT"

Bill Tozer

Taking a page out of the Looney Left playbook.

‘Fifteen States Respond to ‘Woke Capitalism,’ Threaten to Cut Off Banks That Refuse to Service Coal, Oil Industries’


Next up: The Left is turning pro-nuclear power. It’s for the survival of the planet and our grandchildren.


re: BillT@7:54AM

Yah know, as the country descends into madness, any US-based CEO that isn't a fully paid up member of Team Blue should probably start thinking about offshoring their legal presence, management, and operations.

It's not like Chevron isn't a worldwide presence in any case and I don't see things improving.

An obvious case is Elon Musk. The Bidenistas really really don't like him and his two main companies look to have too many eggs in the US basket. I'm afraid that Mary Barra is the future of this country, not Musk.

Bill Tozer

@ 8:05 am

You could be right. But, but, but what about the Interstate Commerence Clause?
Not much to add to this. The Grim Reaper cometh. The Destroyer of The Good.

PRAGER: A Brief Guide To Leftist Destruction



"what about the Interstate Commerce Clause"f

"Congress shall have power "[t]o regulate Commerce with foreign Nations"

At least that doesn't involve choosing which banks will deal with you, what your Board of Directors looks like, shut-off of VISA, Paypal, etc. if they don't like the cut of your jib, union issues.

(it's worth looking at how President Potato screwed over Tesla in terms of subsidies. You can argue that they shouldn't exist at all of course).

To be fair, it isn't like operations in China, southeast Asia, etc. don't have their own problems. Maybe they are easier to deal with since it's simply a matter of a little baksheesh (usually) rather than someone's woke religion. You can see why Elon Musk wants to go to Mars although I doubt escaping the Blue Mob will be that easy. It's like thinking that moving to Texas or Arizona allows you to escape Californians.


Now for a good laugh.

Don Bessee

Fredo gets the boot -




I hate to be an I told ya' so,,,, BUT,,

Taxing weed would NEVER work. Dope smokers will always go to the dude on the street.

Bill Tozer

RIP Bob Dole.

Bill Tozer


Now here is a good reason to mask up.

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN)At least 14 people are dead and hundreds are displaced after Mount Semeru, a volcano in Indonesia's East Java province, erupted on Saturday, authorities said.



Good find Bill. I just watched some video of the eruption on youtube.

Volcanos seem to be popping off all around the globe.

The one in the Canary islands is only getting bigger.
Another new vent opened last night.

Look at the bright side. None on our side of the ring of fire
has signs of waking up.

Bill Tozer

From the BBC:





And for Scattershots:


For Walt:


Bill Tozer

Happy Monday morning. i found this article delightful.

'Matt Walsh’s ‘Johnny The Walrus’ Hits #1 On Amazon’s ‘LGBTQ+’ List. His Response Is Priceless'

“I now have the number one LGBT book in the country. Any further criticism of me or my book is now homophobic,” Walsh wrote to Twitter Sunday morning. “Checkmate.”....

“I am stunned by these bigoted one star reviews attacking my number one bestselling LGBT book.”


talk about a twist no one saw comjng


Apropos of nothing, I was considering electrification this fine morning

Obviously the Great State of California (and Blue America) is pushing for 100% electric cars, home heating, water heating and cooking, etc. From a simplistic engineering standpoint, there's an elegance to having one great big power source with highly controlled (or no) emissions. I doubt that residential solar panels will ever cover anything beyond wall plugs in a house. Heating is not trivial.

So, basically you have a single point of failure (well, two. Power source and transmission lines) for everything giving you a life with post-1850 technology. But I ran into a funny side issue. These kinds of pics....

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqEwLle8xKU (Long Line of Electric Cars Wait for a Charge )

The thing is, if people start doing 90% of their fueling at home via the grid, there'll *never* be refueling stations to the extent there are now. There's normally no need. They'll never build enough refueling stations to deal with emergencies (or Thanksgiving travel), never have enough local fuel available with any kind of interruption. Peak usage will not be part of any build-out. In short, the envisioned system is brittle, there's no spring. Period. Good luck with that hurricane, fire, holiday travel, big ol' midwestern snowstorm.

Bill Tozer

Buy an expensive EV and race back to your apartment and try to figure out how to plug it in. "Let them eat Teslas."---new mother Mayor Pete.
Oh goodie! This should be fun. Afterall, there are reputations to be saved and faces to be washed of egg. Lets do a redo.

'Feds could release 'alternative' Mueller report soon'

"An unpublished investigative compilation sometimes referred to as the "Alternative Mueller Report" has been located in Justice Department files and could be released soon, according to a letter filed in federal court Thursday."



Thanks Bill,, I just got a chance to to see your "gift".
Some things we just bury deeper.

Don Bessee

And no making girls register for the draft -



Bill Tozer

Evening Walt.

Guess I will put crime here…..the crime wave AOC and Dem leaders sez it don’t exist.

“No doubt leaders of the Democratic Party are anxiously trying to figure out how they should deal with political fallout over the whirlwind of crime they have unleashed. Denying its existence seems like one of their less promising strategies. But, to be fair, it is not easy to see what more plausible line they can take.”



Bill Tozer

‘Lawyer for dying COVID patient who recovered after court-ordered Ivermectin urges new thinking’
"There are obviously remedies that we're not looking at," attorney Kristin Erickson says. "And we need to think outside of the current standard of care.

Within days. Ng recovered and is now back home walking and enjoying life, Erickson said.

"After one day, he was able to do a breathing test he couldn't do for 22 days," she said in an interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast. "After three days, he was off the vent for two hours. And then by the fifth day, he was off it entirely. So the hospital tried to file for, you know, a physician report, after he was off the vent, saying that ivermectin is not the reason he's better. But clearly it is."



Mr Kunstler jots down some notes on the nature of the times...



My favorite news article of the day:


"The lawsuit notes that most of Texas’ population growth over the past decade came from Black, Latino and Asian people, but alleges that the new maps scatter these voters across districts, diluting their votes and denying them opportunities to choose their representatives.
...(immediately followed by)...
It also argues the maps pack Black and Latino communities into bizarre-shaped districts"

So I guess that Black and Latinx voters are both scattered and packed simultaneously. It must hurt.

District drawing is a funny beast. I remember hearing for years about how some districts were drawn specifically to group black voters together so that they could have one of 'their' people be the representative (blood being thicker than geography and all). It's also been used (by everbody) to squeak out another vote or two in a legislature. Basically, if you agree with the aim it's a good thing, if not, it's gerrymandering. Modern Democrats should cut to the chase and come up with a plan making voting work like their ideal for university admissions.

Bill Tozer

“Can’t give away our sources and methods” is a lame, yet effective defense. It’s for thenational security of our children.

‘CIA staffers weren't prosecuted for sex crimes with children: Report’


Bill Tozer

‘Misremembering Pearl Harbor’ VDH

The tactically brilliant but strategically crazy attack on Pearl Harbor unleashed incalculable furor against a once sophisticated Japanese empire, which foolishly attacked the United States at peace



Good for Santa! It's about time! In some of the hoods he has to go?
Better watch out,, better not try,, Santa's pack'n and you better know why,,,,
"Santa is packing, and I don’t mean his sleigh.

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office in Colorado tweeted a picture of Santa getting his concealed carry permit (CCP)."

Bill Tozer

Governments warn of heart problems from COVID vaccines, but Twitter calls research 'unsafe'
Japan follows Nordic countries in citing higher-than-expected risks in young people.



Well ain't that special??
Elon Musk is now anti subsidy! The same SOB that got rich using
Has Tesla even turned a profit yet? (he might even stand a chance now that he's fled Calif.)

Bill Tozer

And those with their heads in the bubble just can’t understand why some, like our Founding Founders, do not trust government. An necessary evil that must be restrained, first and foremost.
A law unto themselves. The Andrew A. Weissmann playbook: do not seek justice, do not seek truth. Seek only convictions.

‘GOP’s Fortenberry Targeted In Yet Another Questionable And Politicized Case From Troubled Department Of Justice’
No major reforms have taken place at the Department of Justice or FBI even as its politicized bungling of prosecutions and investigations has made major news.


Don Bessee

Well thats refreshing -



Don Bessee

These are the people teaching your kids! -




Where is EMERY???? Biden requests his help!!

""The Five" co-host Jesse Watters tore into The White House for reportedly begging news organizations to afford President Biden more "favorable" press coverage as his failures surrounding inflation and gas prices continue to dominate national headlines.

"Do you realize how bad things must be for a Democrat president to be begging Democrats in the media for a better spin?" Watters asked on Wednesday's show."

Maybe Biden should actually talk with the press?
Naaaaa.... His dementia would really show.

Don Bessee

They are stating to make this easy for next year with their tone deafness ties into Walts 505 -




Yes.. Where is Patton when we need him?


Anyone happen to come across these photos yet?

The Massie family sports some REALLY COOL firepower.
Rep. Massie owns an M60??? And Mamma with a Chicogo typewritter.
I bet that made AOC wet herself on the spot.

Don Bessee

The scum bag DA in lala land is going full blown soros while the bodies hit the ground all around -

"In less than 24 hours, two children have been killed by gunfire," he wrote Wednesday. "Instead of holding press conferences with out-of-state prosecutors celebrating "accomplishments," we need a DA of the People who is going to stand up and say enough is enough! Public safety should be mission #1."



Scott O

scenes 12:14 - from the article:
"...diluting their votes and denying them opportunities to choose their representatives."
That's some mind bending word-smithing there.
"...diluting their votes"
To what? 1/2, 2/3rds of a white man's vote?
"...denying them opportunities to choose their representatives."
Well - they aren't denied the vote, so how are they 'denied' the 'opportunity' to choose their representative?
Well, of course - 'their' representative.
Meaning a proper lefty Dem because ALL latinx vote that way.
According to the white males that tell them that.
If a bloc of straight white conservative males started living in downtown SF would the howling rock apes in the so-called 'Justice Dept" make sure those folk would be able to choose 'their' representative?
It sure doesn't hurt to try the case. It's not like it's Garland's personal funds being used to finance the prosecution. After getting caught trying to use the Justice Dept to go after people that might jeopardize his family's CRT public school hustle, Garland needs a win some where.

Scott O

Walt 5:05 - And Paul and his lefty buddies would have sooo much to brag about!
Even MORE dead from covid than when Trump was pres!
Cause we know only conservative ant-vaxers die from covid, right?

Don Bessee

While the lefties pretend it aint so while the actual people suffer in so many ways -



Scott O

Don 6:37 - from the article:
"Gascon chided a legal system he said allows easy access to firearms to those who should not possess weapons."
What are the chances of criminals illegally obtaining a firearm when they're in prison vs when they're free on the street due to "equity" justice?
As Jen would say - "moving on..."

Don Bessee

The fbi gets slapped down again as it should be especially when they are running interference for the biden crime framily -

Federal judge grants Project Veritas' request for third party to review James O'Keefe's phones seized by FBI




Now what did Biden say about Trump ?
Oh Yes....

"Biden hits out at Trump, says anyone responsible for so many Covid-19 deaths 'should not' be President"


Someone should remind Biden.
More dead with him as prez.,, than with Trump.

Bill Tozer

re: WSJ poll


“It looks like Latinos don’t like violent crime, inflation, and mass illegal immigration appreciably more than the rest of American voters.

All of the usual caveats associated with one poll apply, especially since the 2022 election is eleven months away and there are so many undecided voters. But if this poll accurately reflects sentiment among Latinos, even eleven months out, it’s very big news.

UPDATE: A new YouGov/Economist poll finds that Biden’s approval rating among Latinos is only 40 percent, with 47 percent disapproving. In the Wall Street Journal poll, the split was 42-54.

So the news from the YouGov poll isn’t as good (from my perspective) as that from the WSJ poll. But it’s pretty good.”

That’s good news indeed…..considering the YouGov/Economist poll is pretty much a lefty-leaning poll, lol.

IMHO, the American public (voters) think the Democrat Party spends too much time on social issues and not enough focus on economic issues. Well, economic issues are not the Dem strong points. Each time those voters go to the pump or buy a pound of grounded beef, they see and are immediately reminded of the economic issues staring them right in the eyes. When the Rev Jesse Jackson starts chastising the Woke, you know he smells a damaged brand comets…which is bad for his brand.


A real good vid of some UFOs taken by a pilot.


Never seen flairs in formation,and traveling dead flat.
Kiss that explanation goodbye.


Here's a nice little story.


No comment really needed here.

Bill Tozer

News you may or may not use:

‘Gap narrows in attempt to recall Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant”
Lips that belong to a Righty will never touch my lips

‘Young Dems more likely to despise the other party’
‘National Education Association board member wished death on those seeking exemptions from COVID mandates’
Leaving NR (PBS) for NBC is a very short distance to travel.

‘Remembering Yamiche Alcindor’s Greatest Hits’

Bill Tozer

On a slow news night (except Ted Cruz’s speech on the Senate floor), let’s watch “Going home to Mommie’s house.”


Bill Tozer

‘The Coronavirus Attacks Fat Tissue, Scientists Find’
The research may help explain why people who are overweight and obese have been at higher risk of severe illness and death from Covid.




This might help get around the paywall.


The odd thing here is why this wouldn't be a well known 'feature' of fat for the last 100 years. I can't believe that COVID acts differently than other viruses.

Oh well, put it in the same bucket as 'just how effective are these different types of masks', 'what are my odds of catching the plague outside', 'what are my odds of catching the plague inside in a non-ventilated area in x minutes at y feet away', 'what interior areas have proved to be most dangerous (bars? grocery stores?), 'what are detailed demographics of COVID deaths', 'why does Pfizer want 75(!) year secrecy on their internal reports', etc. etc.

Lotsa secrets. Fairly useless county health departments filled with arbitrary opinions.

The real lesson from all this is that if things get slightly sketchy, you are on your own. Plan and act accordingly.


re: link.

Once again I forgot that typepad is the 'Worlds Worst Software'(tm).

Let's try this.


Bill Tozer

Good lovely morning Scenes. It’s a great morning for those who do not have to chain up.

The NYT was not behind the pay wall on my end. Odd. Of course, I had to delete two-3 lines of the URL and take it back to the question mark…..a suggestion Dr. Rebane asked me to do when moi used to post long URLs. I was surprised as anyone that there was no paywall.

The kid dropped by a few weeks ago and presented me with a brand new I-pad air cause the old one was running on faith and fumes, long past it’s planned obsolescence date. Think the Fatty Cell story from NYT came through Apple News. Just finally got around to setting up the new machine manually cause I never used the Cloud on the old one or used saved passwords. I don’t like it.

Was going to go back to a laptop for printing and such, but the gift arrived first. Darn. Oh well, never look a gift horse in the mouth nor buy a bull with one testicle. Good thing the kids don’t read RR or know my handle Bill Tozer. :)

Bill Tozer



“There is a severe mental health crisis among graduate students in political science. We present findings from an original survey on the mental health of political science PhD students at seven US universities. Our results are concerning: 15.8% expressed thoughts of suicide in the two weeks prior to taking the survey. About 30% of respondents met the criteria for depression and only a third of those were receiving treatment. Approximately 32% met the criteria for anxiety and fewer than half were receiving treatment. We also found that students with poorer mental health were more isolated, had fewer friends in their department and fewer people to turn to for help, and were more likely to contemplate dropping out of their program. Our study raises important questions about the experiences of graduate students during the PhD program and serves as an urgent call to action to address the well-being of our colleagues.“

Gee I wonder what might be behind this? Maybe too many graduate students are stuck starving on the intellectual desert island of most universities today, but don’t know it.




Bill Tozer

What a great name for a Sheriff.

'Let's Go, Brandon' boat wins - and then loses - holiday boat parade contest

“Another judge, Sheriff J.D. Diggs, also stood by his vote for the political vessel. "If there had been a boat out there with some kind of content that I personally didn’t like, do I penalize that person because they were exercising their free speech, and I just didn’t like it? The answer is no,” Diggs said.

One unnamed judge apparently voted for the boat without realizing what the phrase meant.”



“There is a severe mental health crisis among graduate students in political science."

Not surprising given the 'talent' pool at this point in time. Crazy people used to sign up for the Psychology Department.

The only thing more irritating than an activist is a dead battery. Well, maybe Guinea worms.

Bill Tozer

quite the imagine you left us with, scenes.
Guinea worms is the new catchphrase of the day.


President Potato getting some decent press today. I wonder if a visit from Nevada City’s most notorious guitar botherer is on the agenda?

Don Bessee

When it comes to creepy grampa joe how low can it go is a never ending dive -




Paul Emery

Direct quotes from Trumps team leaders Steve Bannon and Mike Gaetz. Check out the provided You Tube link

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on Thursday talked with conservative broadcaster Steve Bannon about a plan to use "4,000 shock troops" to take over the jobs of federal government employees.

Bannon has previously said that the so-called "shock troops" need to be prepared prior to Republican control of the executive branch.

"People didn't like that Donald Trump raised his voice but sometimes you've got to raise your voice to raise a ruckus and to raise an army of patriots who love this country and will fight for her," Gaetz said on Bannon's War Room program. "We're going to operationalize the performance to go right after the people who are imposing the vaccine mandates, who are enriching themselves and who are selling out the country."

"Understand, this is a theory of governing," Bannon agreed. "It's fresh and it's new. This is Trumpism in power. That's when we went to the 4,000 shock troops we have to have that's going to man the government. Get them ready now. Right? We're going to hit the beach with the landing teams and the beachhead teams and all that nomenclature they use when President Trump wins in 2024 -- or before."
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"You're going to have those as the 4,000 political appointees," he continued. "No more powderpuff derby. This is going to be hardcore accountability at every committee [in Congress]."

"Yes," Gaetz replied. "And we're going to go after this administrative state and we're going to start at the Department of Justice and the FBI. That's the job I want. You know, send me over to the Judiciary Committee and their sphincters will tighten because they have been doing a lot of corrupt things over there."

"I don't need a new committee, I just need a gavel," he said.


Barry Pruett

And Paul? So what?


.....and right on cue. I understand why he wants to continue focusing on Trump though.


... what does rawstory report?

Don Bessee

What an interesting day, jucy got juiced on 4 counts and the polls show that if the election were held today Trump would beat creepy grampa joe, the kakkler and buttedgeedge in heads up matches! LOL


Don Bessee

Right on cue the lamestream ignore the jucy convictions -



Paul Emery

Well Barry I guess that's what you support. "Shock Troops to man the government". Direct quote from your guy Bannon.

Barry Pruett

4,000 lawful political appointees? I don’t see the fake outrage here.

Scott O

You would think in his free time away from RR that Paul would develop a new style, but no.
"So, Barry - you want all the small children to die. Good to know."
They are talking about having a cadre of qualified top managers to be ready in the next admin to sweep out the corrupt bureaucrats as much as possible.
I guess Paul is FOR corruption in Washington.
Good to know.


Well look who comes from the crypt.
Was it Hillary's acceptance speech for prez?

Don Bessee

So now even titlest is going woke you cant get personalized golf balls with lets go brandon but -

Certain political and vulgar messages that Fox News Digital tested on the website did not receive the same error message including "F Trump", "ACAB", "Antifa", "Kill Cops", "Impeach Trump" and "Kill Trump.




BTW Emery,, Biden's poll numbers are great,, ain't they??🤣

Scott O

Don 4:21 - Now, will they go for the obvious charges of perjury? He lied repeatedly under oath.
It will be interesting to see what actual punishment he gets. Probation, a fine and 'community service' would be as if he had done nothing wrong.
The man dumped a mega-tanker of gasoline on the racial fires in this country. He needs to have the book thrown at him. He is a menace to our country.
The only good to come of all of this is the ongoing expose' of the lefts' racist mindset.

Scott O

Walt 5:11 - Yes, but Biden has complained about that.
It seems the leftists in the news media haven't done a good enough job to cover up all of his failures.

Paul Emery

hmmm Scott don't the "400O shock troops" you advocate have to go through some congressional approval process?

Don Bessee

SO @530 Saw one article that said 10-12,000 investigative hours went into the investigation gathering all the video from the route, finding the ubers etc who were in the area and gathering their video.

Jucy should have to pay that cost on top of whatever the probation report recommends.


Jose Peyote

'Get them ready now': Matt Gaetz and Steve Bannon discuss plan to take over government with 'shock troops'


Don Bessee

Here is one for the po' ol' pollhead -




Those "shock troops" are FBI agents.
Just like they were the instigators before. They will track down Granny and Gramps, but not the entrappers. Funny how that works.
The FBI is now the Proggy KGB.


Hummm. Trillions spent in one bill. and Emery financial LLC has nothing to say.
Now out to out spend that.. Oh.. Won't cost us a penny... Says placeholder Biden. It's all good.


Free money? I better go and get a student loan for my quantum
engineering degree.

Don Bessee

Bod Dole laying in state looked more alive and cogent than creepy grampa joe -



Bill Tozer

‘Pay Your Own Darn Bills’: AOC, Who Makes $174,000 Per Year, Blasted For Complaining About $17k In Student Loans

“Ocasio-Cortez’s $17,000 in student loan debt sounds like a lot, but it probably only involves a monthly student loan payment of $100-$200. It’s hard to know exactly what her payment is without being familiar with the specifics of her loans, but $100-$200/month is a reasonable estimate given that the average graduate owes $28,400 total, which equates to a $297 monthly payment.”

In response, Daily Wire commentator and bestselling children’s author Matt Walsh observed that student debt forgiveness is a glorified form of “welfare” for the affluent.

“She’s [Rep. Rashida Tlaib] aperfect example of why we shouldn’t forgive student loans,” Walsh tweeted. “She makes $175,000 a year and wants the tax payer to assume her debts? No, pay your bills you deadbeat. Student loan forgiveness is upper class welfare.”

“Half of all student debt is held by people with graduate degrees,” he added. “The idea that this is some kind of persecuted class of people who deserve tax funded debt forgiveness is absurd.”


Hmmm. If you make $174,000/year WITH benefits, that would place you in the top 10% of income earners. The rich are not paying their fair share. The game is rigged!

Don Bessee

Wokesters going wild -

Biden CBP hosts seminar on 'unconscious bias' amid border crisis
Border agent said the upcoming event is 'more woke bull---'



Scott O

from Paul - "...don't the "400O shock troops" you advocate have to go through some congressional approval process?"
Back to outright lies again, Paul?
I didn't 'advocate' any such thing. I was explaining to the slow thinkers like you what Bannon and Gaetz were talking about. Not that I would mind a thorough house cleaning of the FBI, IRS, etc of the filthy players.
And I never claimed that anyone who needed vetting and approval by congress would be able to elude any legal requirement for their placement.
It seems Paul's ability to read and comprehend English has fallen even further than I had thought.
Taken any cognitive tests lately, Paul?

Scott O

Bill 6:40 - from AOC "...I knew that getting another degree would drown me in debt that I would never be able to surpass."
And yet others do on a regular basis and have no problems.
This speaks loudly of her inability to provide value to society.
The one degree she has is obviously useless as far as providing her with any real knowledge of the real world. I guess that's why she ran as a Dem for office.

Bill Tozer

Polls, polls, polls…..with the usual caveats and disclaimers.

The last two big polls (surveys in IMHO) have differing results. One says the most important issue on people’s minds is inflation. Inflation. WSJ big poll.

The other poll which made headlines dovetailing with the WSJ poll sez immigration is the number one issue on people’s minds.

Inflation, immigration. I say tomatoe, you say tomato. Either way, Brandon owns the whole kit and caboodle.



LIB radio (NPR) did a poll on Biden. I better not give the results. Emery might stroke out. (Gotta keep him alive long enough to watch the elected mules go to the glue factory come Nov.) Even National Progressive Radio think Biden SUCKS.


Why am I not surprised?

LIBS like their illegal votes. HELL!.. They got Biden elected.

Paul Emery

Making it simple, do you or do you not support the Bannon and Gaetz proposal to bring in "4000 shock troops" if Trump were to regain the Presidency in 2024 or earlier as they suggest could happen?

Paul Emery


Glancing at the polls Biden is nowhere near the negative job approval trump had in the same date of his Presidency. RCP Job Approval Consensus has Biden down by 9.7. T.rump on the same date in the same poll was down 15.5.


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