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18 November 2021



Why any public figure does anything but issue platitudes on a Twitter account is beyond me. Just assign some sort of PR dogsbody to the job and forget about it.

The trickier matter is the fact that the population has that semi-evil cohort that just love loves running around with cellphone cameras recording video of other people. Dante had a special spot for them but in the meantime all physical activity is potentially on permanent public display. All that is left is your life of the mind. In the future, wealth can be measured by privacy from these people.

Maybe the immunity of your inner voice from surveillance (at least until AIs are ubiquitous and better at reading expression and body language) is why the Blue Mob is so interested in making people bend the knee. Your private philosophy represents their greatest challenge.

Scott O

Kyle's acquittal is pretty hollow. I'm sure he and his family are greatly relieved, but it's beyond obvious he should never have been charged in the first place.
We are still left with the fact the politicians and talking heads on the left have never and will never apologize for the lies and slanderous things said about this man and the facts of the case.
We are still left with the fact that people went out of their way to deny him a fair trial.
One glaring example was Kyle's GoFundMe defense fund account being closed and the funds collected were denied to Kyle.
We are still left with a govt apparatus that will use the powerful tool of criminal prosecution solely for the destruction of innocent Americans who dare to exercise their civil rights in ways the govt does not approve.
Kyle's life is ruined. The hatred will follow him around the rest of his life while drug addict/violent thug George Floyd has statues and murals put up in his honor as some kind of hero.
This is not a matter of our nation "healing" but a matter of trying to figure out how we can remove the haters, racists and insane people from all forms of power.
Good luck.

George Rebane

ScottO 1145am - Well said.


Good post Scotto.

Moneywise, Mr. Kyle needs Sandmann's lawyers.

Pity that 'The Big Guy' is immune.

Barry Pruett

Having watched the majority of the Rittenhouse trial over the past couple weeks, it was the only verdict possible. There was just no evidence that showed "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Rittenhouse was not acting reasonably when he was chased and attacked by grown men (felons all). The system works. That said and not having watched much of the trial but based on the little I have seen, it appears that the grown men who chased down and killed Ahmaud Arbery should go to jail. I don't see any reasonableness to their actions. It is not white versus black as the media and the communists like to declare. Despite the imperfections of any man-made system, our judicial system works.


"The Rittenhouse jury just gave Biden his second colonoscopy of the day." - Donald J Trump Jr.

Does Walt have a birthday coming up?


One take-away worth considering.

The prosecutors office in Kenosha handled this trial, a political trial, in such a hinky way that it's worth considering how often this has happened before for whatever reason. Some percentage of convictions are utter BS and need revisiting.

How do you build more justice into the justice system? Dunno.

Scott O

scenes - "The prosecutors office in Kenosha handled this trial, a political trial, in such a hinky way..."
They HAD TO. The main DA who everyone expected to be in charge some how wiggled out and the poor sap that got stuck with it (OK, maybe he wanted it - idiot) did what he could. If you haven't got a case, you wing it.
Doesn't excuse his unethical behavior, but this was a forced march.
I see now the higher ups are still going to try to take this one step more:
You must remember that the narrative was that this white supremacist drove across state line with his firearm purposely to murder folks just trying to exercise their right to peacefully protest racism.
We all know these facts because of all the people that said so right after the incident.
AND the president! And he would never lie!
Instead of admitting their lies, they double down.
What kind of country is this if you can't run after some one screaming that you're going to kill them while calling them nigger and then while you corner them, and grab their rifle those evil white supremacists actually shoot you.
C'mon, man!


" evil white supremacists actually shoot you."

I think that a lot of the yelling is because K Rittenhouse upset the current rules of engagement that the Blue Mob thought everyone has agreed on.

Building burning, attacks on courthouses, massive spates of looting, decriminalization of shoplifting, beatdowns of fascists, toppling of statues...all with lots of wink wink nudge nudge from Mayors and DA offices. Not to mention 'free speech' exercised by screaming at and threatening the odd passerby.

Not legal:
Protecting yourself with deadly force, protecting property from arson with deadly force, putting up mean posters agin' the woke.

It's a rule set that greatly favors large mobs and younger people who have less to lose.

Obviously, at some point, the people you are savaging are going to notice. There's absolutely no reason to believe that an adversary would follow the same rulebook, especially in areas where the legal system has broken down.


That was priceless Scenes,, Thanks for the thought.
You know damned well I would wear it.👍🤣😂

I could tell who was listening to the radio in the other equipment on site, most of the horns went off on the news of the verdict.

LIB news sure is all buttsore. They ain't much for self preservation.

Now how can he be "racist" when he shot only white guys?
Give the kid a medal for offing the child molester. He did the world a favor.(I think there is a parent or two that would like his sevices because a school board covered up a rape.)


So how did Biden's mental evaluation go today?
Just another Liberal brain scan.. And the Hyena hoped he would die on the table. She got to be prez. for a few hours.


How long was this going to stay quiet?

The ECO nuts ain't going to be happy. This might explain why the price of oil dropped a little this week.

Bill Tozer

Let’s see what I missed today. Hmm. I see the pro-rioters are talking in the verdict with their usual grace and charm. To many articles to post, so here is tonight’s web sites for headline scrolling.

Newsbusters: https://www.newsbusters.org/
Holy Molely. Too many article to read.

RAW STORY: More freaking out about Trump, Trump, MAGA, and Trump. Oh, lookie here. This sounds juicy. A cord of wood is 4’x4’x8’ tightly stacked and stowed.

‘Proud Boys call for 'stacking up' bodies 'like cord wood' after Rittenhouse verdict’


Be afraid, be very afraid. The White Supremacists just released 100,000 Kyle Rittenhouses across the land! Quick, call the DOJ.

Scott O

Walt 6:59 - You do know that Biden just signs whatever is put in front of him?
The eco-nazis will be placated by the fed mega-dollars given to buyers of $100K e-cars. And paid for by people who labor and pay taxes and can't possibly afford a $100K anything.
It's for the children.

Scott O

New York Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney claims that Jacob Blake, a black man shot by police while carrying a knife and refusing to follow lawful orders, was “unarmed” and the victim of an “unjust killing.”
By his own admission he had a knife and quite inexplicably he is alive and talking to other humans. Not angels.
But make no never mind - The narrative! The narrative!
The left have completely lost their friggin' minds.
Keep it up, boys. I've been watching the commentaries on DK and it's just sad. "White Boy slaughters lefties with impunity" they claim. Well...
If ya wanna git slaughtered we can arrange that.
Just attack us while calling us names and screaming yer gonna kill us - we'll oblige.
Bring it.
Let's Go Brandon!

Scott O

BT - Really sad - "Two people died, another one near almost died, and nobody’s paying any penalty,” Todd bitterly declared"
Au contraire - 3 people paid a very steep penalty.
2 are quite dead and another, although hardly anywhere near death had his wanker hand taken out of commission. Folks need to understand that when you point a loaded gun at them they don't have the luxury of discerning your intentions.
Reality is a hard to fathom concept for lefties.


re: BillT@7:16PM

I like that 'Raw Story' place, although it's not about Trump, their raison d'être.

Their story is a story about another story written by an ex-member of a RaceClassCommunitiesTeam who is now an Extremism reporter about some posts she saw from some guy on a semi-private chat room. Hard hitting reporting from Odette Yousef.

lol. She'd better never read 4chan, although that would provide plenty of Raw Story Fodder.

My own take is that the story isn't 'Proud Boys', who are barely a thing, but simply the mood of regular people. Will they radicalize a bit? and I don't mean the Odette Yousef version where a Nazi is a Bill Clinton Democrat. Actually threaten Ma and Pa Kettle a bit more and you never know. Countries can go crazy, sometimes decades can happen weeks.

Scott O

Better and better - "For liberals and many people of color, Rittenhouse’s acquittal was an outrage — and a dangerous license for others to engage in violent vigilantism in the future."
Yep - a total license to just go out and act like yer in Chicago!
Tell me again how many black folk have been murdered in Chicago in just the last year?
Just in Chi-Town - just in the last year?
Better - "For liberals and many people of color..."
Like 5?
Mostly lefties.


" Just attack us while calling us names and screaming yer gonna kill us - we'll oblige."

You'll probably have to learn 'Men of Harlech' for the proper effect.

In my own feeble attempts to divine the future, not having a chicken handy, I've been idly paddling through Democratic Underground, DailyKos, reddit, and that giant cauldron of crazy people, Twitter.

My Lord, misinformed typists aplenty, although I don't know if they are planning on CROSSING STATE LINES!!!

I wonder sometimes if the biggest problem is that these people rarely have nuclear families and almost never do anything useful or productive for a living. Crawling under heavy equipment all day takes the energy out of saving the world by destroying it.

Bill Tozer

‘Free Beacon Man of the Year Kyle Rittenhouse Acquitted on All Charges’




Scott O

scenes - "My Lord, misinformed typists aplenty, although I don't know if they are planning on CROSSING STATE LINES!!!"
I'd like to be a spelling or semantics NAZI here.
How many times have we've seen or read about Kyle "crossing state lines"?
He traveled about 17 miles from his mother's house to his father's house across precisely ONE state line.
That's a singular. I wasn't aware crossing a state line was illegal.

Bill Tozer

Scott @ 8:36 pm

Don’t be silly. One can cross state lines with impunity. However, once someone crosses state lines (or Stateline), one forfeits his/her right to defend oneself. Try to keep up. :)

Scott O

If I go from my house down the interstate 30 miles to Oregon how many line(s) have I crossed?
That would be singular.
You can cross multiple states lines as my wife and I have done recently, but Kyle crossed but one line or 2 states (multiple) line's (possessive).
Let's get it straight, dammit - we have a nation to save.
Let's Go Brandon!

Scott O

I'd love to know from the DA just exactly what rights we do give up once we pass over from one state to the next?
And for what purpose?
If you come to commit arson and looting, the FBI sez yer good to go as long as you are on the correct side of the current power structure.

Bill Tozer

So, Biden goes in to have a colonoscopy and out pops Kamala to be the First Female US President for 85 minutes.

Scott O

As the famous line goes from 'Blazing Saddles'
or in this case - where are all the brave lefties?

Scott O

BT - not quite. She was given the 'power' of the presidency. But several kindergarten teachers watched over her to make sure she played nice.
I'm sure even the Dems made sure she didn't do anything more than a dump in the john while Biden was having his brains examined.

George Rebane

Holders of CCW permits from three or four properly chosen states have the right to concealed-carry their firearms in most states of the Union due to the reciprocity agreements between participating states. So carrying across many/most state lines is not a legal issue.

Scott O

George 9:24 - C'mon, man!
In light of the nonsense from the recent Rittenhouse case you must be aware that it's all bull shite.
The left just makes up crap from whole cloth to impugn folks they don't like.
From the late 60's:
Pre-marital dancing!!
Just use a scare term associated with something unseemly or illegal and then paste on something totally licit but you don't like it.
He crossed state lines!!!!!
How many 'lines' did he cross?
Actually- none.

Scott O

From Law&Crime.com:
"Law&Crime’s founder Dan Abrams pointed out that many close observers of the case anticipated an acquittal, noting the prosecution’s tough burden under Wisconsin self-defense law and the murky facts of the case."
Murky facts?
Too bad these highly intelligent and highly paid pros couldn't cite one single example of those 'murky' facts.
And that crazy state of WI with their self-defense laws!! Woohoo. Glad my state lets folks attack those they don't like and beat the shit out of them with impunity. Sooo much more civilized!

Scott O

This crap is just out of hand -
"Prosecutors made a point to note that the then-17-year-old was the only person to kill anyone that day."
What has this got to do with anything?
I seem to recall a certain disturbance at the capital and there was this black guy that shot an un-armed white woman to death and HE was the only one to kill anyone that day.
Where was his trial?
Nice to see equal justice at hand.

Don Bessee

I would watch that! -



Don Bessee

Anyone see a problem with this? -

White, Asian, and multi-racial students are expected to have their own categories, while black students and Hispanic students will be combined into one group, the principal’s email reportedly said.




Seen elsewhere……

“Rittenhouse can escape the opprobrium of NBA teams by establishing a personal tie to the Chinese market.”


scotto: "I'd love to know from the DA just exactly what rights we do give up once we pass over from one state to the next?"

Legal marijuana for one, stretching the concept of 'right'. So far as I can tell, that's 100% of the basis for the California (and Nevada County) pot industry. It's not like these areas are uniquely suited to growing plants, it's simply taking advantage of the fact that the stuff goes up in value when it crosses state lines. In a sense, California is America's Mexico in terms of illegal smuggling.

Maybe there's an opportunity for trade here. Marijuana for large capacity magazines and chainsaws.

Lots of saltiness on MSNBC this fine morning. Only in Blue America could a multiple child rapist be a hero and the amount of outrage over someone protecting themselves from the tender ministrations of the Blue Mob is quite remarkable. The Child Army must be allowed to do as it likes.


"Anyone see a problem with this? -

White, Asian, and multi-racial students are expected to have their own categories, while black students and Hispanic students will be combined into one group, the principal’s email reportedly said."

You bet there's a problem. Why would black and Hispanic students share interests? That's a recipe for dissent within the gang the school is setting up.

If school systems want to actively promote prison politics within their walls, they should probably just go with the organically formed variety in jail. White, Black, Hispanic (two flavors in CA), everybody else.

Just musing about that for a second, maybe school race segregation makes sense. The future of the US can be found in prison systems. Overcrowding, universal surveillance, stronger hierarchy differences, the death of self-sufficiency, identity groups running matters on the street. A person could closely study jail organizations in order to better understand the future of civic culture.


Not real, but a great idea.


If there were just room on the container for this, it would be super cool.


I would expect at least a state funeral with gold coffin, kneeling and whatnot.

Scott O

It's Saturday morning! You just knew The Week In Pictures would feature something really topical...

Bill Tozer

Good morning, indeed. Nice pics there Scott. What a gorgeous morning so far.

The Rittenhouse trial was a microcosm of the bigger theme painted daily by our furless friends in the dark corners of life. That theme is that the Left looked upon the Rittenhouse trial not as a individual criminal case but instantly made it all upon the bigger picture....which is their ideology.

No wonder the Left react (not respond) to the Gadsden Flag as racist or Imperialist or very bad. Berry Berry Bad. Dog whistle big time. It’s not about the flag, it’s about their ideology. It’s not about Kyle the labeled White Nationalist, it’s all about their ideology. About their group think where the individual is killed off (figuratively most of the time) and the group is preeminent above all. Heck, the Left (and our weaponized FBI/DOJ) is still looking for the Pulse Nightclub shooter’s motive.

I am sure there are a lot better montages out there, but this will suffice for the moment.


George Rebane

re scenes 708am - the Left, since Bolshevik times, has always seen little difference in how they want to run their countries, with very little difference between the strictures under which their incarcerated and uncarcerated populations live.

Scott O

BT 9:39 - re the video in the link -
Glad to see the misinformation folks are on the ball.
No more hateful lies, no siree Bob!


Someone should inform these idiots that communism is pretty much fascism.
"Footage captured a crowd of people marching the streets with a signs that called Rittenhouse a “white supremacist” and demanded to end the “fascist USA.” The crowd chanted in support of a communist revolution."

Bill Tozer

NYC Mayor-elect Eric Adams slams 'extremists' who vandalized Queens neighborhood to protest Rittenhouse verdict: NYPD charges five with rioting while one is arrested in Portland


Don Bessee

The propaganda ministry did their jobs -



Don Bessee

The results of 0's purges of flag officers -

He argued that all three are products of a culture the military has fostered that favors leaders who are obedient, rather than principled freethinkers.

"I think they’re products of a culture that has arisen within the U.S. military that simply does not encourage innovative thinking or creative thinking," Milburn, who spent 31 years in the military, told Fox News. "That rewards perhaps obedience above all else."

"I think within our organizations, the Joint Force, we sadly have a culture that does not always see the most strong-willed creative thinkers rise to the top," he continued. "It's a culture that I think is amiss."

To date, no one has been held accountable for failing to predict the Taliban’s swift seizure of Kabul while U.S. citizens still inhabited the city. Milburn said the Afghan government’s collapse should have been obvious.

"How are these three holding themselves responsible? I've seen all three of them during the 90-day period use that term," Milburn said of Austin, Milley and McKenzie.

"It's very difficult to explain exactly what that means if you continue in office," he added. "Holding yourself responsible often is a prelude to resignation. Not always, but … that's really the ultimate sanction. So, it is hard to take them seriously."

Milburn said the trio has "rendered their own words hollow."

He pointed to a Sept. 28 Senate Armed Services Committee hearing where Milley testified that he wouldn’t resign because the service members in Kabul couldn’t refuse their orders. The general said it would be unfair to abandon his duties while enlisted men couldn’t.

Milley also testified that he only serves as an adviser to the president and that the commander in chief can choose to ignore his counsel.

While Milburn agreed, he also said that if Austin and McKenzie gave the same advice, that a particular order could cause a catastrophe as bad as the Afghanistan withdrawal, "wouldn't you make a firmer stand?"

"That is the time to stand your ground and simply say, 'no boss. I'll give you my resignation

Milburn also argued that Biden’s military leaders should have planned for the Taliban’s immediate takeover, even if it was considered unlikely.

"No one really without any sense of foresight could say [Biden] will yank [the troops] out and the Afghan government will not collapse," he told Fox News.

"Certainly as military planners, you always have some contingency plan, no matter how unlikely you think an event is to occur," Milburn added. "If the events are going to be catastrophic, you plan for that."

"Ignoring the ramifications of any decision that you make or order that you pass, I suppose would come within that category of SNAFU," he said.

Ultimately, uniformed leaders need to know when to stand against superiors to best serve the nation, Milburn argued.

"As a military professional, our duty isn't simply to follow orders," he told Fox News. "There is a point where if we see something that is happening catastrophic to the institution, then doesn't our oath to the Constitution obligate us to take action?

Yet McKenzie didn't act on a top Taliban leader's suggestion the U.S. take responsibility for security over all of Kabul during the evacuation, the four-star general testified during a Sept. 29 House Armed Services Committee hearing. He said he was unsure if that offer was presented to Biden.

"That was not why I was there, that was not my instruction," McKenzie told the panel. "I did not consider that to be a formal offer and it was not the reason why I was there, so I did not pursue it," McKenzie told the panel.



Don Bessee

She has that right! -



The Estonian Fox

Dec 2021 issue of Commentary mag, there is a review of a book by Adam Schiff. Who even knew he could write?

"He ends his book lamenting the perils of a political culture in which different parties cannot agree on basic facts: 'In the absence of that shared understanding—if indeed each party is entitled to its own alternative facts—then what basis is left for judging the merits of any particular agenda or platform? If everything could be true, then nothing is true.' In the end, then, Schiff is describing a problem he helped create."

So George, Mr. Schiff must read your blog, since he had to get that idea from somewhere. It certainly wouldn't be self-generated.


re: EF@9:00AM

It's slightly out of context. The book appears to be a 600+ rant about Trump (mentioned 850 times or so) and will probably just end up at the Goodwill store next to works by Alex Jones, the last several biographies by the Great and Powerful Obama, and microwave cookbooks.

"Of all the damage that Trump would do to our
democracy, nothing has been as deleterious as his constant
attack on the truth, ...
If everything could be true, then nothing is true.
And there is no confusion more inviting to the autocrat."

The autocrat being President Trump of course.

God knows why anyone buys these current politics polemics. Judging from the works written 100+ years ago, modern politicians from all parties are of average literacy at best.

George Rebane

Efox 900am - Thank you for the kind words ;-)

Don Bessee

The people rise up and take down the socialist defund the police creeps -

The Nov. 2 election dealt a resounding defeat for progressives in Seattle, one of America’s most progressive cities. Candidates for mayor, city council and city attorney, who supported defunding the Seattle Police Department, were easily beaten by three centrist candidates who advocated for adding police officers.

Among the winners was Ann Davison, who defeated abolitionist and Democratic candidate Nicole Thomas Kennedy for city attorney. With her win, Davison becomes the first Republican elected in Seattle in 34 years.

Kennedy Thomas, a public defender, advocated ending the prosecution of misdemeanor crimes. During the race she became best known for her anti-police tweets made during violent protests after the killing of George Floyd. She tweeted about her "rabid hatred for police" and called the people who fired a mortar at the East Precinct and set fire to a youth jail "heroes."

Despite the victory for law and order in a city that has seen a spike in murders, the newly elected leaders still face significant obstacles. The city council is considering a proposal to cut $10 million from Seattle police in the outgoing mayor’s budget. Council President Lorena Gonzalez, who was defeated by Bruce Harrell for mayor by 18 points, just offered a budget amendment that would eliminate 101 officer positions. It was defeated, but only narrowly on a 5-4 vote.

But community leaders who support more police and prosecutions, and fewer tents, have a message for council members who want business as usual.

"I really think they’re going to think twice," said Victoria Beach, who leads the Seattle Police Department African American Community Advisory Council. "Let this be a wake up call to them that ‘you’re next when election time comes up for you.’"



Don Bessee

Weak politicians create dangerous bail 'reforms' that do not take the safety of the community into account but pander to the wokenistas. Does anyone think the socialists in sac will learn from this? -

Two separate judges freed him on low-cost bail, records show. First for $500 in February after allegedly shooting at his nephew the previous summer and again for $1,000 earlier this month after a woman accused him of punching her and running her over with the same SUV that allegedly plowed through Waukesha’s Christmas parade, killing five and injuring 48.

Brooks, who has battery charges and firearms offenses dating back to 1999....



Don Bessee

So the pied piper of 'bail reform' and friend of soros is mentor to the SF DA who is being recalled i think this guy has the blood on his hands from yesterday and i suspect he will be facing the same fate -




A good one for the UFO file.

The photo is high quality.

The NASA "evidence erasers" missed one.

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