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28 November 2021


Michael Kesti

“He who controls the language controls the masses”. –Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals.


Get with the program man.

It's 'undocumented worker'. 'Worker' means that they all work (and that they increase the average wealth of a US citizen, not just the total wealth) and 'undocumented' means that they have a right to be here minus a bit of fiddly paperwork.

Can't have too many people after all. We can all fight over the best real estate and produce moar and moar 1st world pollution. If you're extra lucky, you get a higher birthrate so that the problem is compounding.

There's probably a simple sociology computer model that can be built when you introduce those with no in-group loyalty to those who have it. It's probably the first time in history the experiment has been tried, but I'll bet I know a couple of possible outcomes.


Scenes it's more like undocumented voter


or 'undocumented citizens'.

Bernie Sanders on immigration.

The Estonian Fox

(Updated 12/2)

Oh my, you seem to have gone to the dark side. Or at least the Jen Psaki "citizens-will-enjoy-embracing-inflation" side. Pork at $45/lb!!! Shameful. Must have been an outlet of Whole Foods. Are chocolate bars next, maybe at $4/"fun-size-Snickers" bar? Hopefully we don't have to put a .223 through those too.

Fortunately for you, I called Jimmy Carter, to get his view on the rampant inflation. Jimmy said - "Hey, put an extra sweater on, buy a case of Billy Beer, and blame the previous president". Who knew it was so simple? Almost worked for him.

Happy eatin'.


Great shooting George. That should be some good eating.

Bill Tozer

“Papa, you've still got it!”

Bill Tozer

Close enough for government work

‘50,000 Records Went Missing From Illegal Immigrant Data To Produce False Impression Backlog Was Shrinking’

Don Bessee

Its gotten to the point the old lawyer joke comes to mind, how can you tell they are lying? Their lips are moving! -

Biden claims to have served as a 'liaison' during Six-Day War despite still being in law school at the time


Scott O

re the porcine puncture fest - years ago I was talking to a lady who recounted her first wild pig shoot. It was in Monterey County on a private ranch and the owner would just about pay you to get rid of the critters. She said it was a pretty simple affair. They located a well-traveled 'run' down in a gully where the pigs frequented. She was armed with a 44 mag revolver and waited in the middle of the run while beaters drove the herd down into the gully. Of course the first piggy that hove into view was a big ol hairy tusker and she just stood her ground and dropped him. She did admit to making sure there was a side exit convenient for a quick side step if needed. Between her and some others nearby, they make short work of several pigs.
I noticed an article a few days ago about the wild pigs becoming a real nuisance in the neighborhoods up close to the hills in SoCal. Crossbows, anyone?

Scott O

Don 6:49 - Law school? I thought he was driving a big rig? Or was it mining coal? Of course you have to keep in mind he's not lying. He's lucky to remember his favorite flavor of ice cream.

Don Bessee

Follow the law, what a novel concept in the creepy grampa joe admin -

A federal appeals court overrode a three-judge panel decision Wednesday, restoring an injunction blocking President Joe Biden’s “sanctuary country” orders as legal challenges continue.

These “sanctuary country” orders are directions by top officials in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They require immigration agents to delay the deportation of illegal aliens until they have been convicted of aggravated felonies.


Don Bessee

They must not have been able to take the kakkling all day -


Bill Tozer

Don B.

Nobody likes working with Harris. Same thing on her campaign. When Bernie’s former campaign spokesperson dumps ya.....well......”The conflicts began in July, when Harris’s staffers leaked inner clashes to the establishment media, suggesting the vice president’s office has “treated [them] like shit” in an “abusive environment.””

Why does no one want to work for/with Kamala?

Interesting to note that the Senator with the most staff complaints filed with the Senate Ethics Committee over the last few years is one Amy ‘Minnesota Nice’ Klobuchar. Go figure.

‘Jill Biden said Harris should ‘go f–k’ herself for debate attack on Joe’

Don Bessee

Scum bag alec baldwin is used to talking to his group think lefties and his hilarious phony wife hillery who poses has an accent toting hillaria cultural appropriator and thinks we are as stupid as them! Which makes this almost predictable, at least a third of folks will buy this because they are ignorant of how guns work!!! -

"Guns do not go off by themselves," Schneider insisted. "Let us not forget this was a single-action – it was not a Colt, it was a replica … – a single-action weapon needs to be cocked and fired. So what kind of idiots do you take us for?"


George Rebane

ScottO 703pm - California does all it can to make it hard for the legal hunting of feral pigs, a declared statewide nuisance animal.

Scott O

George 9:21 - Yep - I've read about the feral pig issue in Kali for over 20 years.
The folks in the suburbs in Glendora, Azusa and San Dimas need to start using night vision and silencers.
There's no end of restaurants in East LA that will pay for the unbutchered carcasses.
Even in Oklahoma and Texas with pretty much unfettered hunting they're still a problem.
There's lots of Y-Tube stuff including this:

Don Bessee

Perhaps it was because the Presidents head in her video was deliberate and was dripping blood and not...... But toobin should pay big damages to all on the zoom, was he really using plastic philately tweezers? YUCK! -

Kathy Griffin Rips CNN for ‘Misogyny’ in Firing Her but Bringing Back Jeffrey Toobin After Masturbation Scandal




" There's lots of Y-Tube stuff including this:"

The helicopter hunts looks absolutely amazing. Some of those guys are remarkable shots.

The trapping videos are oddly satisfying besides being more likely to grab breeding (and pre-breeding) females.

Bill Tozer

‘The West’s Fear That Dare Not Speak Its Name’

“Zemmour is being called “the Donald Trump of France.” And he and Le Pen are now running third and second behind Macron in the polling to become the next president of France, which suggests the power of the issue on which they agree: uninvited and unwelcome Third-World migration.“


The Outdoor channel has " Wild Boar Fever " on their lineup.
It's filmed in the EU, and these guys and gals are scary good
at dropping hogs running full tilt through the trees.

Don Bessee

They have always been luddites who hate humans -



from the OP: "balanced, complete history".

Well, there you go. There's the heart of the problem. A 'balanced' history is different than an accurate one. No doubt, like most flagellants, Mr. Rhodes wishes to split a history book into bad deeds by white Europeans (who didn't see each other as a monolithic group until probably the post WWII era) and good deeds by everyone else. One big chapter per 'race'. Maybe we could highlight the pages with white/brown/black/red/yellow.

It's an interesting thought experiment to consider what an accurate US or world history would look like minus the civic boosterism (which *does* have value, but that's a different matter). Maybe lay it out like one of those Oxford histories with chapters written by domain experts. Chapters are sized to the relative importance of a thing. Accuracy is paramount. Native Americans are not presented as humane matriarchal super-ecologists, English settlers are out for the main chance.

Accuracy for God's sake. Contrary to Mr. Rhodes, a black guy did not 'invent' the color computer monitors. Really, no one did. If he means Mark Dean, Dean had a hand in the IBM PC design. A black guy did not 'invent' the filament light bulb. If he means Lewis Latimer, Latimer invented a more durable filament. Rubber wasn't invented by Native Americans unless they added sulphur and latex together. USB wasn't invented by an Indian-American, it was invented by a team (those things always are) that included Indian-Americans.

Honestly, these history rewrites to boost ethnic pride are just as bad as 'George Washington never told a lie'. Please keep Kevin Rhodes away from the book selection committee.


Speaking of rubber, if 'inventing' rubber means getting some of the raw stuff from a tree and making a shape out of it, perhaps we should consider a tree the real inventor.

For millennia people have been cutting down and torturing trees, treating them as chattel. These are the lifeforms that invented rubber and that's how we treat them.

Tree Lives Matter!

Show Me Kid

"our competitors in Russia, China and Europe march forward, surpassing us militarily, educationally and culturally" per Mr. Rhodes. I am sure that students in Russia and China receive a complete and comprehensive curriculum in history, involving purges, death marches and the such in those countries and learn of the genocidal events that those countries have led against regions of the worls.

Bill Tozer

re: The Union opinion page. Boy, what a bunch of keen mind readers (5) over there commenting on Kevin Rhodes’s opinion. Kevin really set us straight and left us speechless. They just know we wish to cover up (bury) bad American history. It’s true! We can’t handle the bad and the ugly, and there was never any good, so we distort and cover up. Ok fine. Whatever you say.

Re: Dr. Rebane’s Herding the CRT cats, well, when I first saw it there were 8 comments. I read all 8. Then one day the count was 29 comments, then 87, then...... I can not stomach to read most of the comments so I really cannot comment further, say to save one thing about history, the point of the opinion piece:

Historians (the deep researcher types) have concluded years ago that newspaper accounts of past events happening in real time are the most inaccurate accounts of history. Not reliable.

I checked back on another Union op-ed comment stream (Rittenhouse the murderer) and found a comment that I overlooked. The person (male or female I cannot tell) and presented me with a challenge. I have not replied. Where to begin, or where to begin? Nah, not worth the time. I will let him/her think he has me over the barrel and my silence is proof that he is 100% correct. Such brilliance leaves me in awe. Two paragraphs:

M Jensen
Reply to Biker Bill - view message

“Equating Reed and Maddow is absurd. Reed is a comedian with an opinion, I challenge you to name anything Maddow has reported on as being untrue, conspiratorial or baseless. You're free to take what you will from her reporting but you can't dismiss it like a Hannity or Carlson.”

[Pause Button: Joy Reed is a comedian with an opinion? Learn something new every day. And all this time I thought she was a just a homophobic blogger who landed a gig at MSNBC hosting a newscast about all race all the time and the dirty racists who done did it. Funny gal she be.
As far as Rachel Maddow’s stellar unblemished record of accurate reporting....well, best to let sleeping dogs lie.]

Continue to paragraph two:

“The Rittenhouse attorney said the defense was bankrolled by militant right-wing organizations sufficient enough to run, not one, but two mock jury trials and insisted Fox News be embedded in the preparation and trial. What gets shoved under the rug is that this country allows a child to carry an assault type weapon into a tense situation and shoot people when he gets scared like the immature incel he is. The Aubrey case is not so easily defended even by those who wish to, which is no doubt why the coverage has been less robust. But I won't be at all surprised if that predominantly white jury sides with the defense. After all, the precedent has been set.”

I have been enlightened. The proof is in the pudding. ‘Twas blind but now I see.

Don Bessee

Bought and paid for by the chi coms -



"re: The Union opinion page."

Oh well. That's bound to be the whole paper over time along with the crossword and hoary old comic strips.

It's cheap and easy, and no doubt they have a chain-wide web thingie to plug text into, to get locals to write on national political issues that get everyone het up. Following that you get Twitter-lite as the bon mots pour in. It drives traffic at lo lo cost.

I wonder sometimes if you couldn't build a local paper that actually went to city council meetings, looked into county crookedness where it exists, followed the money. Newspapers in days of yore managed to produce a wall of text on a regular basis which I have to assume were produced with a small staff. Not being in that business it's hard to second-guess their approach, but I sure know what I would prefer.

Don Bessee

The left is so comfortable with lies that creepy grama joes litany of lies goes on unabated -


Bill Tozer

Well, having a local newspaper is better than no paper at all. The police blotter is rather sentimental to me as my local paper growing up had a police blotter, albeit the paper came out two days a week. Tues or Wed and Saturday. They would publish minors’ name who got caught smoking marijuana. Most of the stuff was mischievous mischief, sometimes malicious mischief.
Even made it to the pages one time. The suspect in the mischievous mischief was seen riding a bicycle away “ at a very high rate of speed.” Probably stuck a rubber snake or dildo in the Karen’s mailbox. The Witch’s house.

Today it is all good. Last night I was belly aching. The funny thing is when I first signed up for the. Union on-line, I did so ONLY for the police blotter. I had cancelled the print edition after the 3-6 month special expired years ago and just went without the Union in my life, happily tootling along in blissful ignorance. Lately I don’t bother to look at the police blotter until they build up and read 3-4 at a time. Go figure.

Kilroy was here.

Bill Tozer

The police blotter. Things have changed. The kids should be more respectful of their elders, but that ain’t nothing new. Just don’t ever mess with a Sister. Lordy, no.


re: Police Blotter.

Less poetic but more examples of miscreant antics.

The jail media report is always good for checking out the potential felon o' the day.

re: Newspapers.

I spent a few minutes browsing through small town newspapers on google news archives. The 1930's seem pretty good because it's a combination of old style reporting on the neighbor's bridge club plus a ton of wire stories. The one I was checking out had 10 daily pages of dense news with some ads. Pretty remarkable. Dunno what changed aside from the ad business, although I bet it was something.

While geeking out on the decline of newspapers, I did like this article.

which had this immortal paragraph:

"At a time when both the newspaper industry and the comics industry are looking to expand their market shares, it raises the question: Why are newspaper comics so terrible?

The primary example of the art form's laziness is a comic strip devoted to the idea of being lazy: Garfield, which newspapers and readers alike politely tolerate as it drops a Monday-hating, lasagna-eating fart every day."

Don Bessee

They do not even try to tell the truth or pretend to be intelget -



No good deed goes unpunished.
"HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu police arrested a man for attempted murder on Friday after he allegedly hit a robbery suspect with his car on Queen Emma Street.

Authorities shut down a portion of the roadway between Vineyard Street and South Kukui Street at around 11:45 a.m. following the crash.

A 43-year-old man allegedly robbed a 21-year-old man near his car.

Officials said the 21-year-old then drove after the robbery suspect, hitting him with his vehicle."

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 5:46 pm

Re: jail media report.
We are on the same page. I read the jail media report daily, the new bookings page. Have been for quite a spell. Better than the blotter, IMHO. Interesting snapshot on our little microcosm of society. Thumb through it and it is the usual stuff that all LE face. Drunks, drugs, drunken domestic abuse, drug induced assaults, stealing....the usual stuff.

What has caught my eye the most is the age of the arrestees. Driving drunk through GV at 3:01 am? Well, that does not raise my eyebrows because that’s what the 20 somethings do. Not very smart, but youth is wasted on the young.
Out of town visitors (partying for the weekend) getting popped for drugs/alcohol offenses. No big deal. Mostly the 28-34 year old crowd. Same with public disturbances, crazy mentally ill people off their rocker (again and again). Sometimes I just look at the ages and offenses and where they are from and arrest locations. Probation violators with dirty tests taken to jail, problems with tenants or landlords.

During the last couple of years or so, I have noticed the ages of the arrestees have risen. What was once a bunch of 28-34 year olds is now 36 year olds and busts for those in their 40’s and 50’s. Folks are sowing their wild seeds longer and longer as their adolescent stages last longer and longer. Of course, I am taking in general terms, not every case. But something I have taken note of.

One of those things in life that stick: Years ago (I cannot give you a year) the news interviewed a black sheriff or police chief in a Southern town. Georgia or North Carolina I believe. He was of note because he had solved the crime problem that faces ever town and city on the earth. The arrests and crimes reported in his town were way down from all the surrounding areas. His ‘magic formula’? He said that if he could he would take every young male in the city and lock the, up until they are 35. He said something happens inside the men heading down the wrong path when they hit 35. At 35, they stop doing what they where doing. Matured? For women, it was 28 years old, but males made the lion’s share of arrests. Throw them in jail until they are 35 and the crime problem drastically reduces.

So, with that in mind, I often see that age trend of male (and female) arrestees hold up....until the last couple of years. The booking ages are going up, albeit the the under 35 rule still applies.

Just an observation. An antidotal tale. Reflection of our culture. Delayed or retarded maturity, I reckon.

Don Bessee

Oh shit, we pushed no bail and prop 47 as good little wokesters and look what they do to us. OK so now we just ignore it going forward is the party parrot line -


Bill Tozer

Don B Blunt @ 6:48 pm. :)

re: AOC, the so-called crime wave is just a pigment of your imagination. Fake News, fake Newsom:

Wonder what she thinks of Walt’s earlier post in the Sandbox?

“I hate to be an I told ya' so,,,, BUT,,”

Posted by: Walt | 05 December 2021 at 01:21 PM

Bill Tozer

Massive retail theft. That’s what BLM has left us in its wake. Residue from the Streets of Fire.

They are not criminals who swarm retail outlets and overwhelm drug stores and dispensaries. They are unlicensed pharmacists. Nay, they be enterprising folk.

If I had a hammer
I'd hammer in the morning
I'd hammer in the evening
All over this land
I'd hammer out danger
I'd hammer out a warning
I'd hammer out love between
My brothers and my sisters, ah-ah
All over this land

Bill Tozer

Well, it appears that Dr. Rebane is the smartest one here. He went pig hunting instead of reading the Union. :).

Kermit the Frog thanks you, Dr. Rebane. He is finally free of Miss Piggy’s spell. Ain’t easy being green. Your time to smell like pork.


BillT: "So, with that in mind, I often see that age trend of male (and female) arrestees hold up....until the last couple of years. The booking ages are going up, albeit the the under 35 rule still applies."

I remember making the point some time ago that the decrease in crime stats over the decades seem to exactly match the big ramp-up in imprisonments. My thinking was that simply taking potential miscreants off the street for a decade or so greatly reduced crime. The cops overcharge because they simply figure that you didn't get caught for the other 10 misdeeds. Fair? Probably not. In increasingly low-trust societies, the equation seems to be higher incarceration rate = higher safety.

Failing that, everyone's house needs to become more of a fortress. I don't imagine the US nudging towards the Japanese model of low diversity/high trust anytime soon.

A person could learn something by examing a large chunk of police logs. A smaller geographic area (Nevada City for example) can show not only an increase in certain types of poor behavior, but the simple truth that the same names and places show up over and over and over. My bet is that a DNA test from the piles deposited behind local businesses would lead you to a tiny handful of people who find themselves in the (un)enviable position of being treated like sacred cattle in India.

The strong case for a police substation at the Northern Queen is simply a sign of the times, as is the Coyote St. RV Park. The degradation of a local environment is easy enough to achieve without the help of well-meaning progressives pushing us there.

Bill Tozer

Scenes @ 9/11 am

A person could learn something by examing a large chunk of police logs.

Yep. If nothing else, the streets and roads start sounding familiar and you know there is some problems going on in that neighborhood, be it, say, Long Valley Road to off Squirrel Creek to….whatever. After a few trips to the house, the cops probably have had enough and they are going to not come back without someone in the back seat. Wonder what’s happening on the 400 block of Railroad Ave? GV or NC, take your pick. The block addresses sound so familiar even without details.
There are two Sheriff substations in PV now. One at the Holiday Market shopping center across the street from LWW gate 1 and the other in Pentucky at the old market stuck back near the laundry mat. The Northern Queen has been in the blotter a bunch of times. They must take homeless vouchers for rooms.

I need to apologize for my 7:16 pm last night. Upon re-reading it, I blew it.
“What was once a bunch of 28-34 year olds is now 36 year olds and busts for those in their 40’s and 50’s….”

Off by a decade. Try this: What was once a bunch of 22 year olds doing wild and crazy hot head stuff became a bunch of 29 year olds and is now 34-37 year olds and busts for those in their 40’s and 50’s.

If you really want more than the jail media report, the Sheriff’s dispatch logs are another source. You have to wait a day but what the reporting parties calling is insightful. I let others do the scanner for me. The fortress idea is the logical human response. My humble abode is my castle.

Bill Tozer

Best get back on topic. Not a bad piece from an intern/undergrad.

Critical Race Trove From California District Tells Students How To Use Witchcraft On People Who Say ‘All Lives Matter’

Critical race theory has been fully institutionalized at the California high school district that tried to reeducate me six years ago when I first pushed back
‘Federal taxpayers fund program paying students $5k to receive training in critical race theory’
According to promotional materials and grant documents, RISE students are trained to use critical race theory as a means of evaluating teacher quality, among other things.


re: CRT@10:49AM

and what better time for CRT after all? Any time is a good time.

That link led me to a chapter of a book on the subject "Research Studies on Educating for Diversity and Social Justice"

"CRT is used here to centralize the discussion of race and racism at Branham High School"

Gotta love it. The thing is that I run into this stuff *all the time*. It does make one rather bored with the "THERE'S NO CRT IT'S JUST GRADUATE STUDENTS!" jackwagons.

Sadly, my high school spent it's time trying to jam organic chemistry, auto shop, foreign languages, and parts of the Western Canon into (mostly) unappreciative heads. Sounds like they were wasting their time and should have saved mornings for 'Privilege Walks' and struggle sessions.

The modern Left has so much emotional investment into this trash that there's nothing to be done, it'll take a generational change at this point. I just pray that the insanity burns itself out before it creates a countervailing force.


What can be done is defunding the K-12 schools and public colleges and universities.

Of course, kids must still be educated, so it'll have to be school choice with funds going to the school the students end up attending. Little by little. Drip by drip.

Bill Tozer

(Repost from Herding CRT Cats and cat ladies)


Scott O

scenes 11:49 - "The modern Left has so much emotional investment into this trash that there's nothing to be done, it'll take a generational change at this point. I just pray that the insanity burns itself out before it creates a countervailing force."
Wouldn't count on it - every gen produces more fuel for the bonfire. There's a good essay on Taki about the problem. From the essay:
"The lesson to be drawn from the last half century of right-wing political failure is that you cannot defeat moral certainty with factual accuracy. If there is ever going to be genuine right-wing reaction to the left-wing assault on civil society it is going to have to be based in an alternative moral framework. Ocasio-Cortez was right. Being morally right counts for more than “being precisely, factually, and semantically correct.”"
We are dealing with a mix of religious fanaticism and stupefying ignorance. IE - "CRT isn't taught in schools and you're a hateful racist if you're against CRT being taught in schools".
As long as you 'feel' like you're on the side of the angels, facts are just a side issue brought up by your opponents.

Scott O

Gregory 4:38 - " it'll have to be school choice with funds going to the school the students end up attending."
That would quickly dry up the supply of useful idiots for the Dems and the left.
And they know it.
You can expect cities in flames before that happens.

Don Bessee

So the snowflakes who invented micro aggressions are actually offending a massive group of people -

Arizona Democrat Gallego slams use of 'Latinx' as a 'performative' term to appease 'White rich progressives'

A new poll found that just 2% of Hispanic and Latino voters recognize the term 'Latinx,' while 40% of participants feel offended by it.


Bill Tozer

Well if nothing else, CRT is a job creator.

Don Bessee

Having doubts that the wokesters will be listening -


Don Bessee

Rules for thee and not me or my crack head says creepy grampa joe -


Don Bessee

The joys of living in a socialist shit hole -


The Estonian Fox

Our president has ordered lockdowns of millions, destroying jobs and even the desire to work at all, but only suspends his direct employees from attending the Wuhan Winter Games (WWG).

Why not issue a blanket denial of travel for all of those American winter athletes to the WWG? If he can destroy many middle-class lives, and ignore our complaints here at home, step up Joe, and deny the upper-class elites from attending WWG, a soon-to-be well-known super-spreader event for the Rho variant. The Chinese will be upset with ANY assumed slight, of course, so give them a large slight. They simply make up reasons for invading Taiwan, and for denying democracy in Hong Kong (who's even heard of the democracy movement there recently?). Let's give them a good reason to be autocratic toward us.

Or send Mr. Trump as the U.S. rep to the WWG, but with a renewed Twitter account. That'll be fun.

The Estonian Fox

Americans have our Proper-Named storms/hurricanes from June through November/December, and then shift to Greek letter-storms if the weather gives us more than 26.

So whose alphabet do we go with after the Wuhan-virus Omega variant? I offer up Amharic. There are over 230 different characters in the Amharic syllabary, though the characters' names are nowhere near as flowing as the Greek. But there's enough to last until 2050 or so. That oughta satisfy even Colonel General-doctor Anthony Fauci IV. Yes, primogeniture's nepotism is never going away, even for the SCIENCE. The great-grandson's title is so CUTE though.

Just trying to be the good engineer and thinking ahead, planning for the future.

Don Bessee

One commie too many -


Bill Tozer

Might go here

Leftism: A Religion of Four Pillars

Bill Tozer

Increasingly, school districts are asking candidates for teaching positions questions about “cultural competency,” race, and “equity” during the application and interview process. Education Week has the details. They aren’t pretty.


BillT a couple of weeks ago: "The Northern Queen has been in the blotter a bunch of times. They must take homeless vouchers for rooms. "

For some reason, that popped into my mind this morning.

It occurred to me that it's a canonical example of The Stupidity of Government and the Law of Unintended Consequences.

The likely situation: The Great County of Nevada, via financial incentive, managed to convert senior housing (the decent/cheaper variety being rare on the ground here) to a mayhem hotspot. The homeless appear to have more political mojo than the elderly.

Of course, there's also the national trend for motels/hotels to be bought by family-based businesses who then tend to do the bare minimum to keep them up and make the neighbors' lives miserable. Dunno if that's the case for the Northern Queen.

Bill Tozer

They say small minds talk about events, great minds talk about ideas. Tonight, I will put my mind in neutral and talk about events.

“COVID relief funds diverted to NY CRT-style K-12 training via Biden American Rescue Plan
U.S. taxpayers are subsidizing New York's Culturally Responsive Sustaining Education Framework, which "portrays America as a structurally biased and oppressive nation in need of fundamental transformation," warns scholar/commentator Stanley Kurtz.”

George Rebane

'Small minds discuss people; average minds discuss events; great minds discuss ideas.'

Bill Tozer

The Illiberals

‘Academic Ideologues Are Corrupting STEM. The Silent Liberal Majority Must Fight Back’

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