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24 November 2021


Scott O

Historically this post is quite true. We have however a new layer of disfunction in the matrix.
That is widespread untreated mental and emotional illness. Witness the exploding amounts of adults needing "safe spaces" from obviously perfectly harmless people whose crime is simply holding differing views. These damaged peoples' psyches block a proper accumulation of information and a rational thought process. Emotions become the master and increasingly we see that arguments are based on 'personal truths' and feelings instead of facts and reality. "I feel" pushes aside "I think" as a precursor to argumentative statements. This insulates the person who states it from having to bolster their argument with facts and reason. How are we to argue against what a person feels?

George Rebane

ScottO 635pm - Methinks you're being too kind to such people in their 'safe spaces'. In my simpler taxonomy, their aberrant snowflake behavior is just another manifestation of stupidity wrapped in psychobabble.

Scott O

George 7:33 - I wasn't trying to be kind, just making note of current trends. Did colleges and universities have safe spaces with color crayons and teddy bears when you were in school? They sure didn't when I was at Sac State and Davis. I'm sure there were some fragile creatures even then but they were politely told to get their heads straight or maybe just go home to mommy and daddy. When you have a system that enables mental illness, you get a new level of stupidity that never once existed. It is a fact that society now supports and succors far more people who have lost touch with reality than ever. There was never such a load of stupid people in "higher" education when I was there as there is now. And the added layer of untreated emotional and mental problems is the principle reason. The most left wing radical of the 70's would be embarrassed at the insanity now embraced by today's leftists.

Bill Tozer

Might go here.

Media Calls Waukesha Fatal Car-Ramming A ‘Crash.’ They Called 2017 Charlottesville Car-Ramming An ‘Attack.’


Bill Tozer

Stupidity, ignorance, or pure evil? Whatever, no common ground.
Think I will spent the day with family, counting my blessings, and turn out liberal media.

‘Liberal Media Claim America’s Thanksgiving Holiday Promotes Genocide, White Supremacy’

‘University Vice Chancellor Claims Rittenhouse Verdict A ‘Chilling Message’: Black Lives Don’t Matter’
And finally, as the smash and rob hordes continue their violent criminal acts against persons, property, and luxury goods, the biggest concern of our enlightened ass hats is what to call the group of looters? How is that for a kicker.

“Meanwhile, a debate has broken out about what to call the thefts.

Police and law enforcement “experts” in California are saying that the recent surge of smash-and-grab thefts in California shouldn’t be called “looting” because that term carries racial connotations.

That has prompted a spokesman for the San Diego Police Department to call the thefts “organized robbery,” according to a new report.“


Canoga Park? Canoga Park! What’s next? Pebble Beach?

George Rebane

Looting sounds like exactly the right word to use regardless of the looters' skin color. My Viking ancestors did a lot of 'organized robbery' on the Russian rivers and northern European coastal towns. But that didn't make the sumbiches organized robbers, they were looters. If you want to use another word, then try 'pillage' like in the recommended order of 'rape, pillage, then burn'.


Maybe 'mostly peaceful' robbery is the key phrase.

Given that this is all state-sanctioned to a certain extent, at least the Viking's customer base was allowed to fight back. Your town might get sacked, the men killed and the purty women carted off but it would be somewhat rare to have the city fathers arrest you for the crime of self-defense.

Speaking of the death of manliness, you do have to wonder about all of the words you hear about the saintly Native Americans come Thanksgiving time. A pre-Columbian era dude would be horrified by the stories cooked up their chroniclers, white hippy women. It's not only that their land gets taken by invaders, but their dignity gets stolen by Democrat hausfraus.

We live in embarrassing times.

George Rebane

Building on scenes 1229pm. Revisionist woke history will never teach kids that North America's 'noble savages' were so much engaged in centuries of internecine warfare (i.e. enthusiastically killing each other), that they didn't have the time or energy for much else to advance their civilization. And without the wheel or metals (save gold), even their southern cousins were not able to lift themselves into what for Eurasians was the Bronze Age. With the arrival of the rapacious Europeans (almost 5,000 years after start of our Bronze Age), it was their self-inflicted ignorance that killed them. Today our new woke elites would like all of us to return to those days of uniformly compliant helplessness while they keep the guns.

Bill Tozer

@ 12:29 pm
speaking of the death of manliness....her is a woman who likes lumberjack sports and writing columns.

'Kyle Rittenhouse and Every Able-Bodied Man Had a Moral Obligation to Protect Kenosha'

Any able-bodied man over 16 years old had a moral obligation to defend Kenosha against vandals, looters, and arsonists attacking while police stood down.


Bill Tozer

re: Organized robbing, looting, and smashing. Heather MacDonald




"'Kyle Rittenhouse and Every Able-Bodied Man Had a Moral Obligation to Protect Kenosha'"

The irony of all this is that the only thing that keeps the hair of the Blue Mob's chinny chin chin safe is the full force of the state crashing onto anyone protecting Kenosha.

It's all a deeper game than people realize I think. Private companies are used to remove rights or privacy in ways that are not allowed by government, Blue Mob Street Armies punish jus' regular folks in ways not allowed by government. Private armies are used overseas in ways not allowed by government. People implementing countermeasures end up pauperized or in the oubliette of a federal prison.

Once you radicalize the bureaucracy, all things are possible. Outsourcing allows basically unlimited force.

George Rebane

Scenes 755am - Good points Mr scenes - “outsourcing allows basically unlimited force.” The only hope is that it is still the political leadership that can stifle the radicalized bureaucracy, but even that does not always work. However, you did embarrass me with your “oubliette of a federal prison.” No complaint though since it undoubtedly burnishes the intellectual trappings of RR.

Bill Tozer

I have no defense against this stupidity. I need to focus first on getting my jaw off the ground after seeing this and can’t seem to muster a reply. I am defenseless, disarmed, and gobsmacked.

‘Black Lives Matter claims America is 'stolen land' in Thanksgiving tweet’


The only thing I can recall that left me without argument and totally defensiveness is the story of my association with a non-profit that was seeking a renewal of a use permit.
*—-Sorry in advance to the reader for repeating a story for the third time on these pages.

Things were going fine with the renewal and all requested changes (many unreasonable and some expensive to the outside grounds with aesthetic low lighting in the front grounds, etc.). Things progressed swimmingly until a resident on the street showed up. She said she felt “apprehensive” about people walking by her house on the street.

Nevermind I and other volunteers produced traffic reports from the CHP showing no impact. Nevermind that there was a liquor store on the street, two churches, a furniture repair shop, and a HVAC business on the multi use street. The woman felt apprehensive about people walking down the street by her house. Put the monkey wrench in the gears and stopped everything. I had no reply. We tried kissing her behind. Volunteer contractors came over and built a brand new redwood wheelchair ramp. She complained that the new redwood wheelchair ramp was not painted to match the color of the building (an old house, formerly a dentist office in years gone by.) She then complained that their were too many new ground level soft lights in the parking lot, so we removed about half of them. Yet, when she said to the BOS she felt apprehensive, was was left defenseless. One cannot argue with feelings. Silly me was armed with facts.

Well, turns out she was right. After I left the organization a few years later a man walking in front of her house went in a murdered her. It was her ex-husband to done did it. Ironically, we offered services that may have helped her ex.

The silver lining of this whole thing is it got me into the Constitution. When the BOS asked to see the rental agreement with the landlord, he raced up to the BOS and told them it was none of their beeswax, citing the Constitution clause about private contracts between private individuals and told the BOS they ain’t ever going to look at his rental agreements with his properties (several) and told them to take a flying leap and go ahead and sue him. Stay in your friggin lane.



"...One of the reasons for these errors, the researchers discovered, was that Facebook’s “race-blind” rules of conduct on the platform didn’t distinguish among the targets of hate speech...."

I love watching the logic convolutions here. Training an AI to have the official bias is like watching a juggler dealing with more and more balls.


I have a new plan for Facebook. Allow anything that isn't illegal.

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