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25 November 2021


Don Bessee

A Blessed Thanksgiving to ALL!


The Estonian Fox

Well, we sure have much to be thankful for, this day after.

It looks like Biden's approval of releasing oil from our Strategic Reserves is paying off. He authorized, what was it, 50 gallons, to be pumped out? And look how fast the WTI dropped, near $69/bbl today. Boy, if that doesn't count as a 'WIN' for Joe I don't know what will. Watch for Jen Psaki's tweets in an hour or so.

Simultaneously, the pharma companies are rapidly pumping out their slick-oil anti-virus products. And mystifyingly at the same $69/, shot, price. Net, after insurance.

Unfortunately, the all-encompassing shutdowns will be coming soon in certain states. Booster shots will be required once a week. Maybe get yourselves the IV-drip-pole accessory with your next CamelBak.

Scott O

A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all from Lady Caroline and myself! We'll celebrate today at a friend's house due to one single selfish person who actually went to work on a holiday. I guess someone has to pick up the mess after the drunken deep fry turkey party goes south!
To counter Biden's mammoth release of enough dead dino juice to fill all the wealthy eco-experts' private jets, Canada follows suite:
Huzzah - we're saved!

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