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31 December 2021


Scott O

re number 8 - https://reason.com/2021/12/30/americas-huge-pile-of-national-debt-makes-combating-inflation-more-difficult/
Oh, what will the geniuses do now?
What are our readers predictions about that little issue?

Scott O

As far as predictions go...
Some stuff will happen in the coming year.
Some of it will be expected and some will not.
I'm pretty confidant I'm correct.
Happy New Year, Y'all!


Good one Scott,👍 Now take Emery up on his offer of a bet with that.

Here is MY prediction.... Now most likely Repubs will mop the floor with the donkey party. Count on those donkeys to whine and snivel about voter fraud.Disenfranchised voters who never got an ID in their lives.(so they may claim) Not enough time to vote(Nevermind they has weeks to do so)
"Voting is racist." (give them time to use that line)Remember? Math is now too.

Then there will be the "found ballots" that magically show up to get the losing LIB to limp across the finish line.


number 10.

A reasonable guess. I'd say Michelle Obama.

Why? Because she has SUCH BEAUTIFUL ARMS.

Bummer that the Senate numbers aren't there to appoint hubby to the 11 member Supreme Court.

I'm genuinely interested in the inflation angle since fast fractures can occur. A fast bond market meltdown would result in all kinds of hullaballoo. A lot of the Democratic voters don't have as much of a dog in the fight since a lot of them come from several classes..
. The very rich, who cleverly avoided the whole thing or aren't doomed because their $2B become $1B.
. The poor, illegal aliens, students, folks on social programs. No savings to kill off.
. Gubmint workers and retirees. Wages indexed to inflation, guaranteed pension values.

It all seems supercharged now due to the financialization of the economy. Not much ownership of hard assets. Lot's of ownership of numbers in a computer somewhere. The hoi polloi heavily induced (the 401k fer example) to step into the casino.

I'm open to historical analogies to look at. The Great Depression is a poor example...too many differences.

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”
- a well preserved gentleman

Barry Pruett

1. Bumblebrain will not be president on 1 January 2023 (0.2) will not be president on 21 January 2025 (0.9); will serve out his full term (0.3).
2. Kamala will resign before 2022 election (0.5).
3. Covid will revert from pandemic to declared endemic (like the flu) status before 4 July 2022 (0.7).
4. Republicans will win the House in 2022 (0.95).
5. Republicans will win the Senate in 2022 (0.7).
6. Russia will invade Ukraine in 2022 (0.4).
7. China will invade Taiwan in 2022 (0.5)
8. Fed declared inflation will exceed 10% in 2022 (0.3).
9. Republicans will win at least 14 House seats from California (0.8).
10. The 25th Amendment will be used to designate a new Vice President before the 2024 election (0.1).

Paul Emery


Can you elaborate on why you think Kamala will resign later this year?

Paul Emery

Let me reword that Barry

What would possibly cause Kamala to resign later this year?


Unfit for the job comes to mind Emery.
Never pass confirmation by Congress is another.
How's her job on the border going Emery?

But HEY!! Let her fail at the job of Prez. Most Lefties would vote for Trump just to get rid of her.

Barry Pruett

It is a game. Just put your guesses up and stop being difficult. I don’t think I have to explain all my probability guesses to someone who is not even listening anyway

Bill Tozer

Morning all. Hope everyone is dug out and safe. For better or worse, we survived the year and Biker Bill wants you all to know he is proud of you. Morning Paul

I am a coward and did not make my predictions on time. Thus, I won’t. Save to say….famous last words.

Two schools of thoughts on our VP. The first one is the Biden Is already a wash out and Harris is would be a total disaster as the nominee in 2024. The Lefties would get a shellacking. So, make the change now. Biden comes out and says because of declining health he feels that best to set aside…blah, blah, blah. Then find someone to challenger her in 2024.

The other school of thought (which I lean to) is that the Dems need her around until after the mid-terms as the rallying cry of the racist white bad evil R’s attacking a woman of color. And not just any woman of color, but a Black Woman of Color! The Left doesn’t have too many arrows in their quivers at the moment as far as alternatives, so beggars can’t be choosers. They will parade her out after the mid-terms to decry the Biggest Threat To Our Democracy as their answer to the Red Tide, the Impending Doom of mid-terms. The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

My Cloudy Ball says, ‘Kamala did not hang herself.’


Here are 5 reasons Emery.

Better yet, why don't you tell us why she would.

Barry Pruett

I don’t know if any of you have Spotify but the interview with Joe Rogan and Dr. Robert Malone is fascinating. Check it out.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 110:47 am
Happy New Year in the Time of the Reckoning. Year Zero continues on.

The fatal flaw in your response to Mr. Paul is that you have not listed any indictments against her. Court of public opinion does not hold water in this particular case. :) so me the indictments and then we will talk. If Paul wants to defend Kamala Harris, VP of these here United States of America, I say be my guest and let ‘er rip. Go Paul, go!

It’s really all about 2024 now. The reports of the military preparing for massive insurrections and save our democracy if in 2024….. Things haven’t even heated up yet. It’s just horrible that the R’s are already taking shots at Speaker Pelosi calling her a lame duck dinosaur. Shameful. :)

Back to here and now. If the Dems have a trump card up their sleeve, they will wait until after the end of the year. They still have Jan 6, the National Day of Mourning. Worse than Pearl Harbor.





I report, Punchy can decide. That’s the rules.

George Rebane

Plenty of time yet to make your predictions. Since my Kamala prediction has a higher prob than Barry's, I'll gladly answer PaulE. The DNC knows that the Dems have two deadbeats standing in the way of someone who could actually be a contender in 2024. Specifically, Bumblebrain is an over-the-hill demonstrated neverwas, and Kamala is a cackling incompetent at anything she has ever tried, one who is not liked by anyone very much (starting with her home state Californians). Hence, I believe she will be under pressure from the Dems leadership to vacate the office and allow a 25Amend replacement to be installed so that they can run in 2024 as an incumbent VP. Next question.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. That explains why Pelosi is sticking around. 3rd in line. Hillary, like Stacy Abrams are still out there saying, "Hey, don't forget about me! I am sitting by the phone, waiting."

Maybe give Beto another look...or Julian Castro or that former FL Gov Crist, or the young vibrant Eric Smallwell of CA. Or....Corey Booker or Doug Ryan (the only one who did not put his hand over his heart for the flag opening up the Dem Debates. I kinds liked the Crystal Lady who was treated fair and respectful at Fox after CNN trashed her and shut her down.

Bill Tozer

My only prediction is not on the list: 2022 will be the Year of the Karens.

One man's predicions...



Bill. I stated no indictments? She WAS put in charge of the border issue,, was she not? Was her instructions from Prez Dotard to keep it open and allow as many as possible in?(then mission accomplished) About one million to date.

If Emery thinks he's an influencer for all things Lefty, he's done a real crappy job. Worse than the Hyena. His token defence of same.


OK Capt Crickets,,, Who's going to take on Trump? Who stands a snowball's chance in Hell?????

Paul Emery

I'm not defending her in this conversation Bill. I'm just stating that in my view she will not be removed and or leave office before Nov of this year. Theres a hill to climb if anyone here believes that will happen. I would like to know the how and why of that happenning. My hopes are that B'iden will choose not to run again and the Dems will have an open primary in 2024. Can anyone here give an historical perspective if that has ever happened before?
Republican party

The real fun will be seeing what happens to the Republican party in dealing with Trump.


LOL Emery, So what about "firsts"? You have the "first" female VP. and she sucks at the position handed her. The "first" to have such a low approval rating.

Now Bumbles is the "first" to have a lower approval rating than his VP.
You Proggys have racked up plenty of "firsts" and none of them good.

As for Trump, the "FIRST" to have so many lies about him to be proven as such.

Many a Repub who says he plans on Running for President have already said they will stand aside if Trump Runs.
Have a good excuse for that?

George Rebane

re PaulE 433pm - Looks like my 110pm reply went over like a fart in church with PaulE - I guess I'm just a potted plant.

Re predictions - gentlemen, don't be limited to my predictions. Make any on any issue that suits your fancy.

Don Bessee

The ponytail of ignorance is exhibit one in the litany of lies from the lamestream that low IQ lap up -

The Wall Street Journal editorial board slammed the mainstream media's "conformity" to false political narratives throughout 2021, calling out its most notorious offenders for pushing stories that reflected a particular set of values and typically favored Democrats.

In a Thursday editorial, the board listed the year's worst media "narratives" that ended up being proven wrong, from liberal outlets initially refusing to consider the lab-leak theory of the origins of COVID-19 to the clear advocation of the Steele dossier as proof of Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, and argued they were the reason many Americans no longer trusted the media.

"The year 2021 that ends this week wasn’t the return to normalcy that President Biden promised, but it was invaluable in one respect. This was the year when the conformity that characterizes American politics and media was exposed for its mistakes as never before," the board wrote.

"By conformity we mean the progressive political and media consensus that forms quickly around an issue and then reinforces itself no matter the competing arguments or new information," it added.

The board argued that such conformity was about a shared set of political values and preferences that led to the same conclusions being reached about a particular event from those in the progressive media, who reinforced the "narrative" of a story. It specifically pointed to The Washington Post, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, The New York Times and The Atlantic as examples.

"Politicians and the press feed the narrative with leaks and the stories they pursue—or, as important, what they don’t pursue. Disagreement is rare to nonexistent because the cost can be ostracism or lost careers," the board wrote, such as when New York Times opinion editor James Bennet was ousted for publishing a 2020 op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., that called for using the military to control riots.

"Only when it is exposed over time as false does the conformity break, and typically only if there are negative political consequences for Democrats," it added. "The saving grace is that sometimes reality is impossible to ignore, and 2021 was the year this happened on some of the biggest events of our time."

The board noted multiple stories in which the media pushed a particular narrative that turned out to be false or premature, including declaring the lab-leak origin theory of the coronavirus was debunked, claims that lockdowns stop the spread of coronavirus, the Steele dossier and Russia collusion narrative, arguments that vilifying police would prevent crime, and the rush to defend actor Jussie Smollett over his false claims of being the victim of a hate crime.

"The reason so many Americans don’t trust the media is because they’ve learned from hard experience that the consensus they are told is unassailable truth will often turn out to be false," the board wrote.




"gentlemen, don't be limited to my predictions."

. 'Scoops' Emery, using the only thing faster than the speed of light, will use the speed of non sequitur to bring up Trump for no real reason.

. Mr. Walt will remove Boss Kean's dirt from Boss Kean's ditch using large equipment.

. PG&E will repair it's gear to work exactly like it always has. PG&E will be surprised the next time there's a large scale shutdown.

. Mr. Bessee will begin using " :-( " as President Potato continues his novel form of governance.

. Broad St. will be renamed 'George Floyd Boulevard' with a 100 foot tall street mural permanently put in place. Chad Ellis will continue to be blamed for all local injustice. Overpriced coffee, hamburgers, and Chinese-made gift items will celebrate the history of the Gold Rush, Maidu, and George Floyd.

. The FUE will eat three Costco cheesecakes followed by a wafer-thin mint. Hilarity ensues.

. Mr George, realizing that ya can't trust nobody to provide power, and that you're still on-grid with propane, will design and build a wood-gas generator. A CARB commando team will parachute in for a tense stand-off.

. E. coli from trimmigrant campers, struck by lightning, will evolve into a humanoid champion for marijuana rights. Winning a seat as a county supervisor it will issue a series of grower-friendly edicts and wipe out the organic junkfood section of Briar Patch in a fit of muchies.

. Mr Crabb, in a severe writer's block, asks Mr. Scenes for gag ideas. Upon using several, the local Grand Jury directs a mob to visit his house with torches and a bad attitude.

Bill Tozer

I predict more of the same.

‘Twitter bans mRNA vaccine pioneer-turned-critic. His response? 'Constant clown show':

Social media censorship ramps up against perceived threats to COVID-19 narratives. Fact-checker set up straw man to deem mask article false, author claims.




Scenes predicts,,,,,
"The FUE will eat three Costco cheesecakes followed by a wafer-thin mint. Hilarity ensues."

You mean THIS??!!

Then Fish gets the last laugh.

Paul Emery


You state this as fact:

" Everyone in the world save America’s Democrat-prone electorate knows that the Team Biden is the weakest, most feckless, incompetent, and ignorant leadership the US has installed in the last 50 years (yes, even beating out the peanut farmer). "

Can you provide some documentation to support your bombast about who the "everyone" you refer to actually is? Who is "everyone" anyway?

Scott O

From Paul - "Can you provide some documentation to support your bombast about who the "everyone" you refer to actually is?"
Oh, c'mon man - it's obvious!

George Rebane

PaulE 744pm - I’m surprised that your news sources haven’t reported over the last months how our allies are making plans for security and survival without the US, and our enemies are making forays that correctly assumed that the US would do nothing but pass out diplomatic bullshit. The inference for disrespect is obvious beyond words. Only naïfs and hardcore supporters of Team Biden don’t understand the geo-strategic developments since Bumblebrain was sworn in. We have shown the world that we no longer seek to retain our sovereignty nor our hegemony.


Emery has yet to point to ONE thing Biden has done that hasn't turned to shit. Now why is that Capt. Crickets?

How is his war on COVID going Emery? More dead than when Trump was running things. So much for that campaign promise. Seems to me that is a LIE in your book.. Care to comment?

I know, I know.. A simple ditch digger's questions are just too tough for the brainiac of Broad St.


Some lite reading for Emery.
"Here are ten Biden policies that have ended abundant and affordable energy in America:

1. On his first day as president, Biden canceled completion of the Keystone XL Pipeline, taking away thousands of American jobs, reducing domestic energy production, and driving up the cost of oil.

2. One of Biden’s first actions as president was suspending oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and New Mexico.

3. Biden’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reinstalled regulations that restrict domestic energy production, including resurrecting the “Waters of the United States” rule that limits how farmers and ranchers can use their land.

4. Last month the EPA announced new regulations for methane emissions from oil and gas production, transmission, storage, and distribution. The American Petroleum Institute estimated that the Democrats’ desired ban on oil and gas development on federal lands would cause nearly 1 million Americans to lose their jobs, and cost the U.S. $500 billion to import gas.

5. Biden’s EPA is also pushing a new rule regulating greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles. That regulation is estimated to raise the average vehicle price by $1,000.

6. President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, citing its harm to American jobs and the U.S. economy. Biden rejoined the United Nation’s globalist project, which will result in more energy regulations and restrictions and drive up the cost of domestic energy, including gasoline and heating.

7. Biden’s decision to put a moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal land and his goal of banning hydraulic fracking will no doubt please Russia and OPEC as the U.S. loses its energy independence and increases its dependence on foreign oil and gas.

8. Biden vowed to prohibit fracking, which will cause a massive loss in American jobs. “Banning fracking, as Biden has promised to do, would eliminate 19 million jobs between 2021-2025,” according to the House Republican Policy Committee.

9. Biden’s policies have resulted in skyrocketing prices at the gas pump. A year ago — in November 2020 — the average gas price was $2.11 per gallon. By November 2021, the national average gas price had shot up to $3.42. Americans paid 61 percent more for gas as inflation soared to a 30-year high.

10. Biden’s Build Back Better plan would spend taxpayer dollars to force utilities to use more expensive forms of energy (as called for in the Green New Deal), reducing energy choices and raising costs for American consumers."


Really worth voting for again,,, Right Emery?

Bill Tozer

#8. I will go with that. Since the Producer’s Price Index recently hit 9.6% (with very little fanfare in the Lamestream in Nov or Dec, the CPI will likely follow.
I once had an enlightened discussion with someone who had been there, done that. I was whining about helping a dude out after his release from Folsom and then, in turn, being ripped off by the chap. The listener calmly said, “Biker Bill, the reason they are called cons is not because they are convicts….it’s because they are conmen”. Some things stick.

One man’s prediction:

‘Omicron Is Turning Into Om-i-con’


Bill Tozer

MS NBC’s predictions:

MSNBC Panel: Biden An 'Albatross' Around Democrat Necks In the Midterms!



Here's a news story that's a harbinger of things to come, call it a prediction. You can get a lot of legs from this since it's related to the 'unmarked First Nations graves in Canada that everyone already knew about' flagellation contest.


The problem is that the whole damn country is bristling with 'unmarked cemeteries'. Any populated place has a foundation of bones. There are quite a few youtube channels where grave hobbyists wander around somewhere and track down abandoned or repurposed graveyards. Most of the time you're lucky to get fieldstones in addition to the ground depressions.

But that won't stop anyone. I smell the savory odor of outrage in the air.

Bill Tozer

Clearwater, Florida? Isn’t that the place that used to send me a ton of junk mail? I will never forget the name Clearwater Florida. Forgiven but not forgotten.
Perhaps Paul may have not understood the context of the English word ‘save’. Save for....
Or, he is just loosing it.

Dr. Rebane (update): “Everyone in the world save America’s Democrat-prone electorate knows that the Team Biden is the weakest, most feckless, incompetent, and ignorant leadership the US has installed in the last 50 years....”

Paul: ”George”

You state this as fact:

"Everyone in the world save America’s Democrat-prone electorate knows that the Team Biden is the weakest, most feckless, incompetent, and ignorant leadership the US has installed in the last 50 years (yes, even beating out the peanut farmer). "

Can you provide some documentation to support your bombast about who the "everyone" you refer to actually is? Who is "everyone" anyway?”

Hmmm. The old trip wire. Bet he sleeps that one off and come back fit as a fiddle. Now, that’s prediction.


Speaking of predictions,,,

January 1 – USPS will deliver your Christmas package

January 6 – Second insurrection attempt canceled

January 20 – Pfizer unveils booster shots 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8

January 21 – Men break every record ever held by women

January 22 – Harvard gender studies professor discovers five new pronouns

January 23 – The Babylon Bee discovers a 3rd conservative joke

January 25 – Obama releases another memoir

January 27 – Mark Zuckerberg finally learns how to smile with his eyes

February 1 – WHO runs out of Greek letters for variants and starts naming them after the Muppets

February 2 – Jan 6th committee finally catches your Grandma

February 26 – China officially annexes United States

March 1 – Bill Clinton plants the flag on brand new Epstein Island

Don Bessee

This one is no surprise to us in cali -




"Bill Clinton plants the flag on brand new Epstein Island"

Huh. So that's what they call it.

George Rebane

re PaulE 744pm - As a public service for Paul who has no idea what the world thinks of America under Biden, in addition to what the Dems themselves think of ol' Bumblebrain, here's a little compendium of what fellow leftists think of him and his 2024 chances.

Paul Emery


You can count me as one of those who would prefer Biden not run in 2024. AS I have said many times I hope he doesn't run again and the Dems have an open primary not the sham that picked Hillary, who I didn't vote for, in 2016. I believe there is less than no chance Biiden will leave office before then unless he has serious health problems. I have the same prediction for Kamala.

Now George who is likely to clean up the mess for the Repubs after Trump crashes and burns which is a certainty with advancing legal dilemmas from so many fronts. He's a scammer who is counting on not running again because he has no chance of winning in '24.

My question to you is do you believe Trump will be the Repub candidate in '24 and if not who will likely replace him.

Barry Pruett

Too soon to say Paul. Let’s focus on the present and your president’s plethora of missteps and shear incompetence. Biden is driving the USA towards totalitarianism and you are blissfully ignorant. 😂

Paul Emery


Are you referring to Trumps pal Jeffery Epstein who Trump used to jet set around with?

"When Jeffrey met Donald

Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump met around 1987 as Epstein climbed the financial investment ladder. Epstein had his own financial firm at this point. Trump was still a real estate mogul and his foray into politics was a way off. However, both were in elite social circles in New York and the Palm Beach area.

What happens at Mar-A-Largo

Jeffrey Epstein was a frequent guest at Donald Trump’s Florida golf course. The two were photographed together there multiple times. In 1992, Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein were both at a party at Mar-A-Largo featuring twenty-eight “calendar girls.”


Paul Emery


Can you provide a few examples to support your 12:45 statement of facts that you claim I am "blissfully ignorant" of?

"Biden is driving the USA towards totalitarianism"

George Rebane

The facts abound for the Dems progress in destroying the country as a world hegemon, sovereign nation-state, and daily, as a desirable place to live for American citizens. Every meaningful measurable is on the ropes - real wages, inflation, crime rates, regulatory overloads, disastrous public education, promised tax, interest rates, and debt increases, workforce depletion, soaring increase in transfer payment recipients, bureaucratic bloat, etc. The Dems have really taken every opportunity not to waste the Corona pandemic and climate hysteria to debase the QoL and future prospects of this great land.

Bill Tozer

Geez Louise, Paul…..err, afternoon Paul. Glad to see you are fine form. Let’s get ready to rumble! Cool beans. How was your New Years? Get caught up on your rest? Blood pressure back down? Hugs and kisses.

Geese Louise Paul!! This IS a prediction thread. Just come out and say you predict Biden will not run in 2024 and lay out some probabilities. Period. Simple. No documentation needed. It’s just your best reasoned guess based on probabilities. And it is not your friggin wish list. Don’t open the Hope Chest. Predictions.

I, like you, do not see Biden running in (making it to) 2014. Unlike you, I ponder if Biden make it through 2022 or Jan of the following year…aka..one more month. What are the odds, the scenarios? I don’t see our Commander in Chief leaving in/by this fall..maybe late fall so I give it a low probability. Still, his declining mental health. He has had prior surgeries for aneurisms. But, we BOTH agree on there being no Biden after 2024 and neither one of us could pull the lever for Obama the 2nd time or Hillary the first time. It’s like intersectionality or something. Unity.

I predict: HARRIS leaving and JOE staying after the mid-terms.. Harris steps aside, Joe announces new VP and has (her?) jump in to be the suitable replacement and also sitting as VP gearing up to be the next in-line for 2024….to save our democracy. High stakes poker.

The question for 2022 is can Biden make it through through the whole year? He does not sleep good at the White House and really wants to sleep in his bed at home. No place like home. Dr. Jill to the Rescue. Or…Lou.


Bill Tozer

Oh, there’s a prediction in the link somewhere. I predict they will try following Dionne’s advice. Brings out the most vocal and the cameras. What choice do they have at this juncture anyway? As Walt quipped, there is a new definition for coup….Jan. 6. Fire away! Keep launching lead balloons and don’t drop them on your own feet. Those mud balls don’t stick and your ole faithful hound got old and he don’t hunt no more. Bring back Michael Avanti. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Ok, the mud balls do stick on Raw Story readers. Correction.




The Troll of Christmas Past shows up to poop on George's Prediction Thread.



Prediction. Trump runs, Trump wins. Cleans up Bidens third world dumpster fire previously known and the United states in record time. He did it once, and will do it again.
Leftists like Emery will start where they left off manufacturing lies against Trump.

Paul Emery

Show me the so called "facts" George

Bill Tozer

Boy, this is good. Don't think anyone has called Paul the Good Humor Man. Paul is out there in the middle of the street calling out Dr. Rebane.
The saloon door swings open, Dr Rebane takes a step out, sizes up the situation; the shadows, the angle of the sun, the street, the surroundings, pauses, then spits on the ground. Paul's eyes widen.

to be continued....

Paul is having a rough time adjusting to 2022. He must of thought it would be like 2020, not like what 2022 actually looks like.

Don't be a Squidward, good buddy. zNobody likes a contentious sour puss. Gtumpy old white geezer. where does all this anger come from? oh well, we all have our bad days. I forgive you, pilgrim.

George Rebane

PaulE 846pm - Paul, you are the gift that keeps on giving in substantiating RR's long-held position that leftists have a socio-political awareness totally limited to lamestream spewed bullshit. The facts you seek are presented daily - with tabulated numbers and source references - on outlets like FN, FB, and numerous online sites and podcasts. That you are unaware of the trends and what has been happening with real wages, inflation, crime rates, regulatory overloads, disastrous public education, promised tax, interest rates, and debt increases, workforce depletion, soaring increase in transfer payment recipients, bureaucratic bloat, etc is beyond my comprehension, even for those who drastically limit their news sources.

Perhaps a good place to start and come up to speed on the events of recent years is VDH's 'The Dying Citizen' - it is an excellent compendium of how we got here, all substantiated with abundant facts that you can verify and/or dispute. Give it a try; climbing that mountain of knowledge provides exhilarating views.

Bill Tozer

@ Well, that clears the air. Makes me more understanding of the failure to communicate problem. Just need to bring Paul up to speed on current events. He’s retired now and probably needed a nice clean break of feverishly scanning his sites and being paid for it as our local news director for years. He just needs to be brought up to speed after his sabbatical.

Reminds me of the last time I addressed one particular fine Union commentator. Told him the Dems are becoming the party of the rich and big business and the the Republicans are becoming the party of the blue collar working stiff. He objected, never having heard of such an outrageous notion and then I realized it was all foreign to him. Outlandish my comment was. He never heard of just a think. The working stiff was the backbone of the Dem party.

I ended it simply by saying “it’s been happening for a while”. Nuff said.

Perhaps some documentation of current trends might be seen in a different light than just typical California in my rear mirror story that gets ‘em yelling, “Why don’t you move to Alabama!”.

Everyone knows that millions of people are leaving blue states and moving to red states, but I still haven’t have heard the liberal line on the phenomenon. They have to come up with an explanation other than the obvious one–liberal policies don’t work, and create inferior living conditions–but what is it? I am all ears.

From Dr Rebane to PaulE 744pm - “I’m surprised that your news sources…”. I’m not and neither are you. :)

Don Bessee

Well i have to admit that this series of soros funded destroyers of society keep winning DA races -

Growing up in Harlem in the 1980s, I saw every side of the criminal justice system from a young age. Before I was 21 years old, I had a gun pointed at me six times: three by police officers and three by people who were not police officers. I had a knife to my neck, a semi-automatic gun to my head, and a homicide victim on my doorstep. In my adult life, I have posted bail for family, answered the knock of the warrant squad on my door in the early morning, and watched the challenges of a loved one who was living with me after returning from incarceration. Late last year, during a stretch of multiple shootings within three blocks of my home, I had perhaps the most sobering experience of my life: seeing ––through the eyes of my children–– the aftermath of a shooting directly in front of our home, as we walked together past yellow crime scene tape, seemingly countless shell casings, and a gun, just to get home.

In large part because of these experiences, I have dedicated my career to the inextricably linked goals of safety and fairness.

There is a presumption of pre-trial non-incarceration for every case except those with charges of homicide or the death of a victim, a class B violent felony in which a deadly weapon or dangerous instrument causes serious physical injury, sex offenses in Article 130 of the Penal Law, domestic violence felonies or charges of PL § 215.50, public corruption, rackets, or major economic crimes, including any attempt to commit any such offense under Article 110 of the Penal Law. For any charge of attempt to cause serious physical injury with a dangerous instrument, ADAs must obtain the approval of an ECAB
supervisor to seek pretrial detention.

The Office will not seek a carceral sentence other than for homicide or other cases involving the death of a victim, a class B violent felony in which a deadly weapon causes serious physical injury, domestic violence felonies, sex offenses in Article 130 of the Penal Law, public corruption, rackets, or major economic crimes, including any attempt to commit any such offense under Article 110 of the Penal Law, unless required by law. For any charge of attempt to cause serious physical injury with a dangerous instrument, ADAs must obtain the approval of an ECAB supervisor to seek a carceral sentence.

Prosecutors can only request incarceration in “extraordinary circumstances” and must first receive approval from a supervisor.




Emery wants facts? OK smart guy,, why don't YOU supply some for a change. Have any that actually says otherwise? What? None of yours can hold water? What a shame.

All Biden needed to do to drive inflation through the stratosphere, was screw with our oil supply. Which he did on day ONE.(And you were pleased....You DENY that?)
When the price of energy goes up, everything else follows.
Well, maybe not the price of dope. That price is in the crapper.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joe has a small following who are wishful thinkers -



Don Bessee

Lets go brandon can we say blood bath mid terms? -



Paul Emery

The economy was a total wreck when he left office a year ago. It will take Biden at least another year to totally turn things around. Much better than a year ago.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 January 2022 at 05:07 PM

"Let's go Punchy"

Paul Emery


VDH is a totally non credible source and well and one of the Neo Cons that got us into the Iraq war that cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Try again


Posted by: Paul Emery | 06 January 2022 at 05:31 PM

VDH is a totally non credible source and well and one of the Neo Cons that got us into the Iraq war that cost us trillions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Says the "rawstory.com" aficionado.


Do you know "The Thing"....all surrounded by a modern light jazz accompaniment.



Give it a rest Embot, The economy went to shit because of your pals the Commie Chinese. Care to remind us what you yapped when Trump shut down air travel from China? What did your cohorts like Pelosi spout of while standing in Chinatown Frisco?

No need to soil yourself here,, we all know what was said.

You and yours prayed for something to trash the economy, and your wish was granted. So your blaming Trump is pure Libby bullshit.

So How has what you voted for going? Enjoy U.S.A. third world shithole? Isn't 10% inflation great? Sure would like to see your face while your shopping for food. Can't afford much anymore thanks you your hero Biden.


Afghanistan.."the good war".. Name that Proggy President that said that Embot. And your hero Biden lost that war in all of three days, and got or troops killed in the process.

Paul Emery

Quotes from Georges reference Victor Davis Hansen-classic Neocon supporter of the War in Iraq:
"Hanson's 2002 volume An Autumn of War called for going to war "hard, long, without guilt, apology or respite until our enemies are no more." In the context of the Iraq War, Hanson wrote, "In an era of the greatest affluence and security in the history of civilization, the real question before us remains whether the United States— indeed any Western democracy—still possesses the moral clarity to identify evil as evil, and then the uncontested will to marshal every available resource to fight and eradicate it."

Total war monger responsible for the deaths of thousands of Americans and trillions of dollars in debt.

From his book An Autumn of war.

Don Bessee

No link no look oh great ponytail of ignorance @707!!


Ya that antifa cuddling will get traction with the disgusted independents! -

Jamie Raskin Decries Republicans as Fascistic ‘Shrinking Minority Party’ at January 6 Vigil Partly Hosted by Antifa



Paul Emery

Quotes from his book Autumn of War

Is that good enough for you Don?

Paul Emery

Lets see Walt Biden had 16 killed in the war. Bush, Obama and Trump had 2460. Whose responsible for the other 2444 Walt?

Paul Emery



Paul Emery

Economy is booming under Biden

"U.S. financial markets are outperforming the world by the biggest margin in the 21st century, and with good reason: America’s economy improved more in Joe Biden's first 12 months than any president during the past 50 years notwithstanding the contrary media narrative contributing to dour public opinion.

Exceptional returns from dollar-denominated assets, especially the S&P 500 Index in both absolute terms and relative to its global counterparts, can be attributed to record-low debt ratios enabling companies to reap the biggest profit margins since 1950. Corporate America is booming because the Biden administration's Covid-19 vaccination programs and $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan reduced the jobless rate to 4.2% in November from 6.2% in February, continuing an unprecedented rate of decline during the Covid-19 pandemic......."



How many dead when "O" was running the show Embot?
He was calling all the shots from the White House.

Biden's economic performance? What a load of CRAP!!
We are living it. It sucks as bad as your posts.

Just what has Biden done???? The price of everything is in orbit. ( well,, dope price is down 50%)

Drugs from across the border is at record levels.. Well in Nevada City terms, that's good economic news.

Over a million illegals Biden has let in. No wonder You Proggys don't want voter ID.

Trump had the war won. Deal with it. Biden LOST IT. Pull the troops out and leave our civilians behind. Is that what you call a leader?

One year of Biden, and the Trump is 10 points ahead in the polls against any Proglodite.

Oh.. The count is now 25 Proggys leaving the sinking SS LIBship. I can't imagine why. You say Biden is doing such a bang up job. (The job has been banged more times than an anvil in a blacksmith shop)

So who do you have to beat Trump Embot?
The question you have never answered. Oh Wait... You still haven't answered ANY questions. A perfect score in the book of Emery.

Don Bessee

What a HOOT they say yet bloomberg spent what a hundred mill to no effect a la FLA! You are looking for the irony angle aren't ya ponytail of ignorance? Otherwise its time for the home. LOL



Posted by: Walt | 06 January 2022 at 08:16 PM

I wouldn't get too carried away about Punchy Walt.....I imagine after the holidays he's desperate for human contact. Like a kid who acts up any attention good or bad will suffice.

Maybe George will take one for the team and ask Punch to lunch again.....that seems to make him more agreeable for awhile.


Emery must be following Biden's advice. "keep the record player on to stay up on the news."

Just to rub salt in that open wound,, Biden and the Hyena's polls are SO deep in the crapper. Record LOWS... And Embot says Biden is doing a great job. Yup,, he's RIGHT!! Doing a great job helping Trump get re-elected. Biden don't even know what day this is, let alone what year. "2020 is going to be a great year" Yes Emery,, that's what Biden said. Now do you know what year this is now? No using Google,, no asking the bar fly.


drop a dime in the music box... The poll dancer needs something to cry too.

Good job Biden,, your shooting holes in the bottom of your own dinghy. But you have Emery to try and plug those holes.(not enough fingers and toes.... Tough luck)

George Rebane

PaulE 531pm - I think you just ended this conversation.

Bill Tozer

Nice predictions, Paul.
'Who are the real insurrectionists?'

By Victor Davis Hanson

ok, i did not make a predicion nor use uppercase.


Biden has done a good job with COVID you say?

Biden has done such a good job getting rid of COVID,, more dead with Biden than Trump.. Emery mathematics.. The virus is also dead with them.


"PaulE 531pm - I think you just ended this conversation."

Oh well. There's always That Guy who shows up to pee on any worthwhile discussion. He's probably a lot of fun at parties. I've noticed that those people always smile without meaning it.

EZ predictions.

. Lots of 'For Sale' signs in Alta Sierra as everyone notices the lack of exits, lack of power, fire danger, a generally sketchy place to park people in their declining years. Given the lack of properly attendant adult children, you'd think that cohousing and it's relations (small houses in groups/ senior trailer parks/etc.) would become more popular given the ageing population.

. Outbreak of dendrophobia as people notice those tall things that will crash through your roof at any old time. One problem is that a lot (most?) of these trees have lifespans roughly equivalent to a house. They'll probably all have to be expensively removed at some point if close enough. Full employment plan for tree dudes. Insurance will factor this in even more to already high rates, budget $5k and up if you live near the things.

. Homeless population will expand given high rent and Bidenflation. Lack of law enforcement will continue, especially given the political strength of homeless advocates. Expect local cheap motels to continue decline in quality and an increase in so-called 'hostile' architecture. De facto RV parks will expand on some streets. As people cease reading physical books, local libraries increase their mission creep into homeless services.

. Alpha building sits another year. Downtown rents don't decrease along with decreased value of commerce, vacancies slowly increase.

. Lots of fire danger, snow danger, power danger town halls. Lots of words spoken. Utility companies and county government continue doing whatever they were already planning to do.

. RR's own Ron Lowe, Paul Emery, mentions Trump 200-300 times over the next year. Rising to the bait, other commenters engage in bantering with what were bad faith posts.

And so it goes.

Im nearly out of niglios

. RR's own Ron Lowe, Paul Emery, mentions Trump 200-300 times over the next year. Rising to the bait, other commenters engage in bantering with what were bad faith posts.

He really does crave the attention.

Paul Emery


You proposed VDS as a cover it all link to your expansive screed at 09:44 AM. I merely noted on my response that even a casual look at his beliefs reveals he is a hard core Neo Con of the ilk that led us into the Iraq war which disqualifies him as a credible source of wisdom since it was him and others like him that led us into that unnecessary and tragic war that led to thousands of America and Iraqi deaths and trillions of dollars in debt. How you can embrace that direction and call yourself a Conservative is beyond me.


So many things are beyond you Punch…..

Bill Tozer

Great predictions Scenes.

Are “they” building an RV park across the street from the fairgrounds? Strike while the iron is hot. You have mentioned a couple times without elaborating about the RVs lining the street in Nevada City. That was the first I have heard about it. Not up there much, save a couple trips to the Eric W Rood Center a year.
Yes, there appears to have been a few complaints in police blotter, but I need a local’s help:

Sitting down here in the Inferno Zone, I cannot for the life of me think of a business on Coyote Street Big enough to make a caller say the RVs are impeding customers’ access to the business.. In my minds eye, I am thinking about that stretch above town that ends at Juvenile Hall. The top part of town. I am drawing a blank of any business there expect maybe that one house next to Juvy Hall.

Meanies. Putting money before people. Don’t think they are welcomed to park and stay at the Rude Center. Stick the RV park in GV. Problem solved.

One small point of nuanced critique. Mention Trump 200-300 times over a year? I had to read that one twice, then again. I realize Paul is spending less time and less frequently and all that, but surely you meant 200 times a month over the next year. Sure, there may some months that he barely makes it to those numbers, but I would be willing to predict that over a course of a year, the monthly averages would be in the ballpark. Depends.

Paul Emery

Did you support the war in Iraq fishman?


Punch I realize that you’re pretty addled these days but if you recall we discussed just that when it was a more relevant issue.

No….I didn’t support it.

(…..can’t believe I’m responding to the silly old crank. Ron Lowe indeed.)


I got comments going missing….

Bill Tozer

"I got comments going missing"

Did you hit the 'post' button?


Always a legitimate question to ask Bill…..I think so but can’t say for sure.

Anyway to PunchyBot’s question……no, I was not a supporter of the fiasco in Iraq.


Emery would rather fight the terrorists right here. Emery believes freedom is free. The bad guys would just leave us alone if we left them alone. Right Emery?
You just keep believing that. Care to say why we were attacked on 9/11? Do you even know? They hate our way of life. How dare our women have rights.
Your an idiot of the highest order.

Terrorists have already been caught at the border trying to get in. And those are just the ones we have caught.

Bill Tozer

Are you, or have you ever been a Domestic Terrorist?

Are you, or have you ever been
a member of a Domestic Terrorist organization?

That is the question. Yes or no.



"Stick the RV park in GV. Problem solved."

You can make a strong case for Brunswick Basin. The Bruce Phillips bedevil-the-neighbors center is already there. I think you can sell plasma. There's grocery stores to panhandle at. It would be easy to set up a police substation like the one they need at the Northern Queen. The ER is close as a primary treatment center. The hills are already full with campers afoot. Simply pave another piece of land and install burn barrels and piss pipes. Not pretty but better than a million cat holes. Seriously, I think that gubmint trailer parks are probably more practical than the other half million ideas I hear.

"Mention Trump 200-300 times over a year? I had to read that one twice, then again. I realize Paul is spending less time and less frequently and all that, but surely you meant 200 times a month over the next year. "

I guess I was being kind. 200-300 is probably good for the initial non-sequitur, like you are seeing in this 'predictions' thread, but admit that there's usually a dozen or so following the initial petarade. Someone should write a scraping-the-web script to keep an up to date Emery Trump Metric (ETM). For all I know a person could use it for stock or racehorse predictions.

Bill Tozer


Proposal is for that parcel right across Mc Coutney...where you can pay for parking and used to be a seasonal Christmas tree lot...the field...the same dirt lot that a rather grizzly looking chap said he was going to going to rent out the dirt to po fo with leaky old trailors about 20 years ago.

Sure, its not as convient as Grass Valley Utah's Place, but how much more can Burger Basin take?

There is a bus route right there and Brighten Greens is practically right there. Close enough walk to the Pine Creek Center if need be. Either that our put em around some library near Cement Hill. :)

"I can see the lights from my back deck." -- Dr Rebane without power.

Don Bessee

Well that took way too long but its not entirely unexpected -




Posted by: Don Bessee | 07 January 2022 at 12:43 PM

NOOOOOOOOO! She's the only entertaining thing on MSNBC. A bottomless well of unintentional hilarity!

Bill Tozer

As far as 200-300 times a year prediction, I must lower my prediction. My crystal ball says we may be starting all over again with BDS which will undoubtly skew the numbers for the first quarter of this new year.

At least Paul has now has a Cheney he xan agree with. The Left was praising Karl Rove yesterday for his statements on Jan 6. Even Dick Cheney came out and was recieved with open arms by the Lamestream.

Jan 6; The day that changed everything forever.

The best thing Dick did was shoot a lawyer other than Barry in the buttocks. Almost blew the side of the his face off too for good measure.

I predict a new breakout of BDS, the virus we only thought was eradicated from modern society


BillT referring to our plans for locating an RV city: "Either that our put em around some library near Cement Hill. "

Well, that ain't ever going to happen.

In my long and unstoried life, there's one thing I've learned fer sure. The higher in government or disabled person/po' folk non-profits you are and the nicer the office, the less likely you are to ever see the 'clients'. It's such a solid rule that I suspect it's subtly built into basic physics.

Perhaps they could move the county executive offices and Grand Hall of the Stupidvisors to a nice new building elsewhere and then move in. There's a reasonably sized and cleared lot ready to go after all.

In the interest of predictions 2022 (twenty double deuce as J. Kunstler would say).

. The NC and GV Planning Commissions will get mad at someone for cutting down a tree that's going to crush a house but lacking sufficient permits, fees, and begging.

. More thrift stores will go out of business even though most of the labor and all of the stock is free. One of those mysteries of life.

. The NC police bicycles and Segway will remain unused.

. There will be some push to remove public access to Nevada Court records, arrest perp pictures, police log.



See how the panicking Leftis are?
It's only a legit election if they win.

Don Bessee

Well in spite of the ponytail of ignorances ilk nay saying the exodus is growing -

Californians fleeing for Texas so fast U-Haul runs out of trucks for them: report
California and Illinois saw the largest net-loss of U-Haul trucks



Bill Tozer

DB @ 12:43 pm
re: joy reid

Sad news. Her fan will be very disappointed. Makes sense to remove the biggest racist on TV before the mid-terms.

Not all are taking the news in stride.


Paul Emery

Here's some news none of you have noted. Nevada County will become part of Congressional District 3 starting next election in 2022. We will no longer be stuck with Trump lap dog Doug La Malfa who will go his merry way with a re redistricted District 1. Also we won't be burdened with Tom Mc Clintock who will pack his carpetbags and run in District 5. He doesn't live there but the Repubs don't care about such details. He won't be representing the sliver of Nevada County as he is in the present.

So both Repubs who currently represent our Blue County will be gone. We will be part of District 3 which currently has a Dem majority of 12% so our Blue majority will be more at home.



Barry Pruett

Ummm. District 3 is Republican plus eight Paul.

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