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15 December 2021


Bill Tozer

One reason the left hates the American Constitution, and wishes to replace it, is that its embedded principles along with much of its explicit text is foursquare against the two main purposes of the left: class struggle and race struggle. Never mind the drive to abolish the electoral college, or the Senate, or admit new states to increase the odds of Democratic election victories. Just take in how the left wants to rewrite—which means abolish—the Bill of Rights.



The Karen of Broad Street sez: "blah blah Trump blah. blah. Trump blah. blah blah."


In other news, this doesn't look good.

"The NFL funds groups that openly advocate for defunding the police. Through the Inspire Change program, funded by the League, the NFL backs the Vera Institute of Justice, the Oregon Justice Resource Center, and the Community Justice Exchange. Each of these support defunding or even abolishing police."


Not a surprise


A pretty good idea for a website.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 17 December 2021 at 06:03 PM

As a man who apparently has nothing else in his life except political polls and making up weird new political parties I imagine you need all the support you can get.

Green Libertarian ......what a Maroon.

...and thanks in advance for agreeing with me!

Bill Tozer

‘Federal officials and advisors who have consistently boosted COVID-19 vaccines are starting to sound more like skeptics of the vaccines' efficacy and safety.’

“Federal officials and advisors who have consistently boosted COVID-19 vaccines are starting to sound more like skeptics of the vaccines' efficacy and safety.

The face of the Biden administration's COVID response is now making the same claims about vaccines that got a contrarian journalist booted from Twitter, while the CDC encouraged Americans to avoid a specific vaccine.“



That Emery TDS is working overtime.

Biden is neck deep in the shithouse. DEMS are giving their "I'm outta here" resignations to queen Nan. Trump is 5 and 0 as king maker. Every endorsement has come out on top.

ALL the LIBS (yup, you too Embot) are crapping diamonds in fear of Trump running.
Biden has taken a great accomplishment and turned it into a 3RD world shithole. The rule of law is nonexistent.
The courts have ruled "remain in MEX" stands. Biden has fuck you to the courts and still allow hundreds of thousands of illegals to cross and scatter from shore to shore.

So Embot, you just keep living in the past. Sucks to be you.
But don't let anyone here stop you from proving your stupidity, day in, day out.

Paul Emery


Can you explain to our readers why you are afraid to use your real name?


Back to that Embot? WE know his name. That's YOUR problem.
(I just have to laugh at how it twists you off)
Here Emery, THIS pretty much says it all.

I doubt you will get past the first paragraph.(if you look at it at all)


Fish's name is the official Emery memory test. Yes,, you failed.


He done did it AGAIN.

Can you say ,,,, brain damaged? Oh yaaa. Run for a second term.
You might still remember your name.
LOL! And Embot thinks he can still beat Trump in a fair election. (If the last election was fair,, then why are the LIBS doing their damndest to federalize elections to gain full control?)

Bill Tozer

'Working class won big under Trump's Tax Cuts and Jobs Act'

"Data from the IRS show that President Donald Trump’s tax cuts, known as the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, helped lower- and middle-income households the most, according to a report by the Heartland Institute. Moreover, it led to “lower average income tax rates for taxpayers in every income bracket.” The information was based on a comparison of tax returns between 2017 to 2018, the first year the law went into effect."


Bill Tozer




Posted by: Paul Emery | 17 December 2021 at 06:51 PM

Our readers?


Bill. Queen Nan likes her inside trading. Those rules are for the little people.
There is an actual law that's supposed to preclude lawmakers from doing just that. Not that they even give a crap about it.
This is how many lawmakers made millions.

Don Bessee

The brewing civil war between actual black dems and the lilly white wokester socialist dems -



Bill Tozer

‘Biden Holds a Losing Hand.’ Pat Buchanan


Bill Tozer

Four Months After Withdrawal, Biden Admin Doesn’t Know Identities of Afghan Refugees Resettled in US’

"During a nonpublic briefing before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, it was made clear that not all security and vetting measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our homeland," Sens. Ron Johnson (R., Wis.), Josh Hawley (R., Mo.), and Rick Scott (R., Fla.) disclosed in a letter sent Thursday to the Department of Homeland Security. The lawmakers are ordering the Biden administration to account for its failed vetting efforts and to "address the lack of transparency regarding this evacuation and resettlement operation." Congress, the lawmakers disclose, still does not have basic information about who the refugees are or if they were qualified to be brought into the country.”



No surprise here. My best guess is that by sufficiently increasing building burning and the normalization of crime and mental illness, you bust society loose from it's moorings. Step two is to rebuild it in some 'more desirable' fashion.

"Spending in the race intensified a few weeks before Election Day, when New York billionaire George Soros and Bay Area philanthropist Patty Quillin combined to put millions of dollars behind Gascón."

"NEW: Leaked memo reveals Los Angeles D.A. @GeorgeGascon to implement “restorative justice” pathway that will expand diversion to juveniles arrested for certain felonies including, not limited to:
Sexual battery...Robbery Arson...Grand Theft Person...Vehicle theft...Assault "

It's why I find Broad Street Karen's Trump fixation so dismissable. Both sides are well beyond worrying about that, there's bigger fish to fry.

Bill Tozer

People, people. Get with the program. The reason Biden’s numbers are so low is because the press has been too soft on Republicans. Need to step up our game, like today. Chop, chop, people, hop to.

‘As Dems Fail, Chuck Todd Laments They Don't Play Hardball with GOP’


You know, the far left (Democrats) have to really contort themselves into knots to tell the whoopers they are putting out. The Pretzel Persons: Border is secure, greatest economy since ‘84, we will leave no one behind (except Americans in Afghanistan), inflation is actually good for the working poor, BIDEN beat back the virus, we did not advocate for defunding the Police, the rich aren’t paying their fair share, CNN-the most trusted name in news. Add all the problems and struggles in your life are do to 1) White People and 2) Rich people. OK, add the “only solution to past discrimination is present discrimination and the only remedy for present discrimination is future discrimination.”

The one thing they have given us the straight scoop on is you can save $4,000 on an used EV. Followed by not everyone is looking to buy a used car when questioned on the spike in used cars prices since Biden took office all those many months ago.

Indeed, the Pretzel People. My sis used to have an album next to the record player that was called Pretzel Logic.

I will refrain from commenting on ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness.’

Bill Tozer

From Scenes’s 7:25 am. That’s Randy true to form. Have gun, will travel.

Randy Quaid

For 10 million dollars I’ll stand on your front lawn myself in a white bathrobe with a big hose, smoking a cigar and drinking a beer. This is a special discounted limited one time offer good til Christmas Day.

Lance Gooden
Elon Musk has done more for America than Elizabeth Warren will ever do.

Bill Tozer

Good gorgeous morning, gentlemen and scumbags. This week in pics continues to be so-so, but farther down I saw a couple I liked.



Biker Bill to Victorian Karen: You’re an old hippy and you don’t know what to do, should your hang on to the old, should you grab on to the new?

Karen: I never was a hippy, Bill. I thought you knew that.


And the rest.....



Sandmann will never need to work. 275 million bucks from NBC.

Now word on the rest of the slander'rs.


Another poll Emery would never post.

Scott O

Paul "All they do now is engage in personal attacks on me..."
Yep - that's all we do, Paul.
And we have a secret back channel on the dark web where we call you even worse names - "rapscallion" and "mischief maker".
Do you feel abused, Paul?
Has the sting of the glove slapped across your face stirred you to action?
Shall you call us out on the field at dawn to face you?
Shall we bring our seconds and choice of weapons?
I'd bring my intellect and intelligence.
Paul will bring bumper stickers from Spring Street and a bong.

Scott O

Paul "So it appears the RR's have given up defending Trumps over 7 trillion deficit in four years."
Just as it appears Paul continues to smash kittens' heads in with a rubber mallet.
Everyone needs a hobby.

Scott O

George - my last 2 posts disappeared when I refreshed the page.

Don Bessee

Creepy grampa joes crew is resorting to revisionist history like good little apparatchiks -



Paul Emery


Do you deny that Trump ran u a 7 Trillion dollar deficit in four years? Just testing you to see if you are a true Trump supporter.


billt link:


I've always liked that graphic.

It's hard to escape the conclusion that it's all about power. The folks living in Crazytown hated the 17 intelligence agencies until they managed to shove enough of their folks into management there. Now they love 'em. Same with schools. District attorney's offices. Gubmint officials. The newest front is the armed services as normal people leave (or don't enter) and it becomes simply a jobs program for the woke, run by a giant HR department.

lol. Remember back when the big problem we all heard about was how the Christian Right was going to make all the women wear long dresses and teach creationism in high school? It turns out that the folks who want power over others come from the opposite side of the aisle. A two-pronged attack from building burners at the bottom and non-STEM made-up disciplines from the universities at the top.... with men-in-dresses uber alles.

Oh well, no one ever promised that civilization was a project with continuous advancement. After this current situation blows up, maybe something of value might be produced.


"The researchers found a significantly increased risk of developing a symptomatic Omicron case compared to Delta for those who were two or more weeks past their second vaccine dose, and two or more weeks past their booster dose."


Oh well, so much for the 'vaccine' saving the world.

Truth is, this stuff will stick around until it somehow mutates into yet-another-flu. In the meantime you can expect to get it at some point. and then again. and again.

Maybe the Chinese can work on Version 2.0 to make things even more special.


Broad Street Karen: "blah blah Trump blah blah? Blah Trump blah."

come'on everyone, jump at the bait. It's ever so fresh.

..and so it goes (h/t l. ellerbee)


That Emery sure loves living in the past.

So Embot, you DENY Trump gave us the best economy in decades?
You DENY praying to whatever lower power for something to trash his achievements?(China fulfilled that wish) It was the only thing that would hurt Trump.

Now how come you won't speak ill of your Dotard president?
Worst inflation since Carter. Fraudulent claims of "new jobs.
Where are they? Did he put the tens of thousands of pipelayers into shiney new jobs? You know,, the ones he put out into the cold on day one.

So just what has Biden done,, Emery,,,? Nice dumpster fire
you voted for.Everything he's touched has turned to shit.

Now lets see what non answer the Buzard of Broad st. comes back with. More of Queen Nan's spending of 7 trill?

The lying LIBSHITS claim there has been no infrastructure bill in years. So they just HAVE TO PASS Biden's spendoroma.

Then what the hell was this?

Some of that spending Embot has been whining about?


punch 1234pm

Do you deny Biden has tried to double that in the last 11 months?

Pass a bill with landmines like start a flow of cash to folks and only 'fund' it for one year... and pretend it would not be extended ad infinitum.

George Rebane

ScottO 1127am - They seem to be posted now. Are those the ones you're referring to? Nothing in the spam folder.

Scott O

That's the ones. Dunno. Shrug.

Scott O

So Paul - since you don't deny smashing kittens heads' in, why can't you admit what kind of hammer you used?
Or are you too ashamed?
Let's go Brandon!

And how's that "investigation" of Hunter's lap top going?
Also - the "investigation" of who in the IRS collected and leaked private citizens tax records?


The polls Embot really don't want you to see.




In other facts, the Calif. budget surplus. Yes, we get over taxed, hard and dry. Instead of giving it back to us slaves, the overlords are looking for ways to skirt the spending cap, and piss it away, any way possible.
Overtaxed by 31 Billion bucks.

No wonder people are leaving this state in droves.

Paul Emery

Not as good an economy as Obama, or Clinton Walt, not even close. Obama and Biden inherited a trashed economy when they came to office. Can you show me otherwise with facts and data. I've done that endlesly and you have never put up any numbers and sources .

No way of evaluating deficits under Biden at this point Gregory. Show me the numbers and their source and I'll give it a look.


Uh oh…..more lies! And we all know who gets his panties in a bunch when a politician tells a lie.

Today's deep question: How many restaurants did Biden desegregate during the Civil Rights Movement, anyway?



Posted by: Paul Emery | 18 December 2021 at 03:25 PM

Show me the numbers and their source and I'll give it a look.

No time, simply no time…….busy, busy, busy, busy, busy!


Well jeesh, it looks like the Biden Variant of COVID is doing it's thing.


"...the variant, which appears highly transmissible and able to evade immune response from vaccination or prior infection,..."

It looks to me like this administration has utterly failed. If you could tell who was actually in charge maybe something could be done.


You keep believing that Emery. The term dilutional comes to mind.
Seems it's only YOU that think "O" did a good job.
Trump found that magic wand, shoved it up "O"'s ass, broke it off, and beat him with the other end.

Now what did your lord and master "O" say about jobs? "They ain't coming back"
With Trump, they sure as hell did, with plenty more to go around.

Keep making an ass out of yourself.. Your real good at it.


Posted by: scenes | 18 December 2021 at 03:53 PM

Yeah…..wasn’t the President like the General of the Country during the last administration or something….you know….the thing?!


Here Emery,, Your hero "O" got one thing right.
"'Don't underestimate Joe's ability to FUCK things up'

Yup, he nailed that one.


Speaking of Commie bastards,,,
""We invite you to join the Communist Party in this epic time as we make good trouble to uproot systemic racism, retool the war economy, tax the rich, address climate change, secure voting rights and create a new socialist system that puts people, peace and planet before profits," emcee Ben McManus told the audience during the event.

Blumenthal was introduced as a "special surprise guest" at the event. "

Paul Emery

T/he magic" you referrred to is a trashed economy a raging virus that he ignored until it took over. Remember he was the one that wanted to stop testing.

Direct quote Trump

"If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any,” Trump said during a White House event highlighting administration actions to help senior citizens.

Trump has frequently made inconsistent comments on testing. At times he has sought to downplay the severity of the coronavirus pandemic by saying the U.S. has tested more people than any other country, and as a result, the number of confirmed cases is higher.

Other times, Trump has complained that the positivity rates and case counts are too high, because the country has been testing so many people."



The Hill?? Just a LIB rag. They also said Trump would get perp walked..
How did that work out Embot?

Now how bout those Kangaroo court inquisitioners tampering with evidence? Changing emails to fit their needs?
LIBs LIE... That's what they do.
And Roger Stone giving them nothing.

Less than a year Embot, The house gets cleaned. your queen gets dethroned. Back to the loser lounge.. And the fake investigation is none.

Bill Tozer

Brother Walt @ 10:06 am

“Sandmann will never need to work. 275 million bucks from NBC.”

And don’t forget young Nick Sandmann has already settled with CNN AND the Wa Compost as well as landing a gig serving as an intern in Moscow Mitch’s office. Not a bad way to enter adulthood, eh?

Over at the Union, one of the usual lovely posters wrote he would love to smack that smirk right off of Sandmann’s face. Oh, how violent. I call violence onnthe man who desired to assault the boy, the child Nick from Kentucky. The smirk! The smirk, OMG, the smirk!
Me thinks that remark was rather rude of the poster, filled with unearned arrogance and oozing of earned ignorance and violence against children. Perv! Anti-social behavior, for sure.

Me thinks young Nick the child done wiped that smirk (and snark) right off the Union commentator’s mug. What ye sow is what ye reap. Karma, baby. Sweet Justice.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 18 December 2021 at 04:29 PM

So delightfully senile……!


Even'n Bro Bill. The kid had a good law man. Now I hope he finds a good money man. Speaking of smerks,, just where did Embot go? He gets all butthurt when no one will play his game.

Those polls showing his side deep in the crapper sure didn't help.

Now just waiting for the Trump announces his running for office just to see Emery turn Baboon ass red and start flinging poo.

So Emebot,, any bets what fake evidence will turn up to try and impeach Trump on day one?


LOL!!! Biden presents his list of uhhhh,,,"accomplishments".

What? no jobs for the pipelayes he put on food stamps?
He promised the good paying jobs.

Emery will have a good excuse.

Don Bessee

Good God the wokersters in the dod are ruining what was a unified cohesive force structure is seeing the socialist dems cause divisions in the ranks. 0's purges were bad enough but now we are a laughing stock and no one is afraid of our decision makers -



Bill Tozer

re: polling and trolling.

I believe that…..that Paul Emollett is overlooking some real juicy stuff in his comforting polls. While one should never overlook the bottom line, it’s what the data tells me that is of interest.

Is it just me, or have others looked at pools since August and concluded that…..

1) Since Biden’s colossal clustergluck in Afghanistan last August, the independents have moved away from liking Joe. Loose those independents, you lose the Oval Office and left sitting on the oval porcelain throne. Independents have soured on Joey Fingers from Stratton, PA.

2) on the questions of strongly approve, approve, strongly disapprove, disapprove…the Strongly Disapprove is getting larger and larger in the category that pollsters combine (Strongly Agree/Disagree with Agree/Disagree with Somewhat Agree/Disagree) to get their bottom line. With folks putting more emphasis on the ‘Strongly’, Biden and the Dems are facing some serious blowback.

3) Young folks turning away from Biden in droves, as mentioned by Brother Walt @ 2:43 pm. The young are the Dem’s base. Guess they just not that much into Grandpa Joe dozing off at the dinner table and drooling all over himself, the food, the table setting while mumbling away about playing some old 78s on the RCA phonograph. They are putting a lid on him.

4) Trump increased the percentage of Hispanic voters voting Republican from 2016 to 2020. Now, in 2021, the Hispanic voters are leaving the Dems in noticeable droves.

5). The only issue besides Global Warming that Biden got a big thumbs up from the Unhinged Panic Porn Left was his handling on the Wuhan Flu. No longer. He is going underwater on the flu bug too.

6) Issues continued: The Southern Border, economy, inflation, foreign affairs, crime, day of birth abortion, quality of life, bigger government, out of control spending on steroids, racist CRT, penised champions of womens sports….well, let’s just say Joe the Storyteller peddles issues that the majority of voters strongly disagree with. No like. Yucky. Go Brandon, go away.

Paul Emery

You write "And Roger Stone giving them nothing. "

He pleaded the 5th Walt. this is what Trump says about people who plead the 5th:

"“You see the mob takes the Fifth,” Trump said during a campaign stop in Iowa late last September. “If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

So Trump believes Roger Stone is a mobster.



You just catch that Embot? Old news.
Nothing more than what Loise Learner did with her targeting of Tea Party non profits.
Really think he would make a statement just to have the likes of you and all LIBS breathing twist it to fit their needs?

Get ready for plenty of 5TH taking, and "I don't recall".

So it was just fine when the guilty LIBS did the same?
Though shit Emery.

Don Bessee

Yes indeed the young have kicked grampa drooler to the curb in dramatic fashion -



Barry Pruett

Paul. Have you watched the movie the big short?

Paul Emery


Can you give me some examples where the " guilty LIBS did the same"

Names, dates and link please



Barry.. Emery is still working on justifying his double standard.


Nice try Embot. Do your own homework. Besides I already did.
Or can't you read?
You really don't pay a lick of attention... Do ya?

Don Bessee

That sad wizened po ol man still thinks he can make demands as if he has any relevance. LOL

The socialst green dem agenda is dead, dead, dead. Sure bring it back in the elction year. ROFLOL -




Posted by: Paul Emery | 18 December 2021 at 07:04 PM

Remember Walt....the call for links is just a Punchy Brand™ affectation......he's admitted he doesn't read links.


Coming back to ya' yet Embot? Name a time when a LIB spilled the beans on one of his/her own under oath.

Stone understood full well the kangaroo court isn't interested in real fact. They have their predetermined outcome.

What facts they do have are already being tampered with.
The steaming pile of Schiff just can't stop himself.


Fish. He already owes me 2000 bucks for history and civics lessons.


Here is a link for Emery. Get the hard stuff out. You're going to need it.


Posted by: Walt | 18 December 2021 at 08:10 PM

He'll need a guitar case the size of a casket to pull in that much change....,.

Don Bessee

Those mutha mullahs are not afraid of the creepy grampa joe wokesters -

Rockets fired toward US Embassy in Baghdad; one shot down, other misses
The rocket fire came less than two weeks after the top U.S. commander for the Middle East warned of possible attacks by Iranian-backed militias




Fish.. Like the one he sleeps in?


No wonder LIBS want to keep the border open.

Nose candy still the LIBS choice of blow.

Don Bessee

I dont know about you but i have been snatching up pork loins and bacon every time its been on sale to fill the garage freezer. Bacon cheese burgers are going to be black market soon! Kind of feels like the Weimar republic -

Opponents in the U.S. meat industry argue that enforcement will hurt producers and consumers by increasing food costs, and violate the U.S. Constitution's Commerce Clause by requiring out-of-state producers to comply or face the sales ban.



Bill Tozer

Not on any thread or politico topic. This young lady has talent. The right stuff. 4 Non Blondes.

whats up



Ya really have to love the BB.....

Hillary Clinton Reportedly Considering Losing Again In 2024


Paul Emery

Can you show me where "guilty libs" took ther 5th Walt? If not you're just making it up like you always do. By the way I hope Trump does get the nomnation in '24. What a gift for the Dems to once again run against the biggest political loser in over 125 years. I'm sad to say it won't likely happen. New York is digging in for a criminal indictment soon. Here's direct quotes from David Cay Johnston non the less. I'm sure he needs no introduction to this crew.

"Former president Donald Trump will soon be indicted for criminal racketeering under New York state law, according to Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist David Cay Johnston.

Johnston indicated Saturday afternoon that the charges will stem from Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance's ongoing investigation into whether Trump's company misled lenders or tax authorities about the value of its properties.

"I anticipate they're going to bring a racketeering charge against Trump," Johnston said. "Certainly Trump's team, when he's indicted, and I'm certain he will be indicted, is going to try to lay the blame on everybody else, and so what the prosecutors want to show that is if (Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer) Allen Weisselberg phonied up documents, it was at the direction of Donald Trump."

MSNBC host Yasmin Vossoughian then pressed Johnston to confirm that he is certain about an impending indictment.
"Oh, yeah," Johnston responded. "They would not have done all of this and know how much they know ... if they weren't going to to do this. Yeah, they will indict him. Exactly when? I don't know. I don't expect it will be on a straight tax charge. I think there will be a tax charge, but the key charge will be racketeering."

check out this you tube and get bac to me.



You want fries with that too Emery?
Do your own damned looking. Just think of the satisfaction you will get finding what you're looking for.

Typical hippie. Getting others to do your work.
Not tonight bub.
You have a search tool.. Try using it for a change.

The Schnauzer

Trump is about to be indicted for racketeering in New York: David Cay Johnston



Funny, Trump is still walking free.
Four years of LIB lies go nowhere.
And Emery took the bait of those LIB lies.
What a gullible boob.

So Emery,, just where is that overwhelming evidence Schiff was supposed to have? I will take the forthcoming silence, as "Ummmm,, I don't know........"


Raw story? LOL!!! Pure Emery bait bullshit.

The Schnauzer

Trump and Don Jr. could be in big trouble if Assange is extradited to the US: national security expert


Don Bessee


In the real world its back to creepy grampa joes love of the 70's and corn pop who infuluence his run to the days of Jimmy peanut -

Chief among the findings of the report, written by Senior Economist Bob Schwartz, is that the U.S. misery index was 11.2 in November, a level similar to the indices during economic recessions.

“The misery index after dropping for several months never fell to levels consistent with past expansions,” Schwartz wrote in the report. “Worse, since its brief downward journey, the index has resumed climbing and erased almost half of the decline.”

Developed in the 1970s by American economist Arthur Okun, the misery index is an economic indicator used to measure the average person’s economic well-being. The index is calculated using inflation and unemployment figures and is used by economists to gauge public sentiment as it relates to the economy.

Rising inflation is clearly the main culprit in this year’s high misery index. “The scourge of inflation, which hit a 39-year high of 6.8 percent in November, has returned with a vengeance and is the main culprit behind the latest increase,” Schwartz noted.

Last week’s inflation CPI report found inflation had ballooned in November from the previous year by 6.8%, continuing the worst bout of inflation in the almost four decades. Prices increased across the board for consumer goods, as gasoline, food, and new and used cars all experienced price hikes.



The Schnauz

Trump's coup accomplices have been exposed -- and they're sitting in Congress


Schnozzola Schlong

Our democracy is 'on the brink' thanks to 'one tantrum-throwing bully' — and he must be stopped: Mary Trump

Dumbest a-hole on the Hill': Watch Michael Cohen laugh at 'stupid' Mark Meadows' legal problems

'Somewhere between stunning and stupid': Anti-Defamation League chief slams Trump's anti-Semitic rant



Keep digging trolls,, none of that lame BS to be found anywhere else.
Fake news, as fake as the peepee papers.

Bill Tozer

The fued continues. Musk called Pocahontas a free loader off the taxpayer, lol.


Bill Tozer

shapiro on joe biden



re: billt@8:50

You have to admit that Musk really nailed the moniker.


I do have to say that she'd make the perfect President of California.

Paul Emery


Do you know who David Cay Johnston is? Unbelievable if you don't


Still going to those bottom feeder websites Embot
Rawsewage hasn't been right yet.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 8:04 am

Morning Walt and all comers. I believe that The Schnauzer has done us all a favor by pointing out what Aunt Karen reads daily and how it has warped his mind. Spending time on Raw Sewage explains a lot. Me thinks that the Raw site has really schlonged Karen with his unforgettable over-sized schnozzola and spreader of fake organic fertilizer.

To each his/her own.

PS: My much awaited Christmas gift has finally arrived in the mail! Life is good, now it will be better.




So Embot, get anywhere with the search tool?
Bet you didn't do a lick of homework.

Scott O

The Schnoze 9:38 - "national security expert"
I seem to remember the "national security" experts telling us Hunter's lap top was Russian disinfo.

Scott O

Paul - re D C Johnston:
You really want to tout a leftwing moron like him?
Turns out ol' D C is just another lefty hack writing whatever bilge his waiting left wing bobble head readers want to hear.
Has this pillar of journalistic integrity ever apologized for his BS?


Scott.. Emery believes it,, that's all that matters


"Hunter's lap top was Russian disinfo."

Hey, that's right.

that's what 'dozens of former intel officials say'. roflmao.

So was Ashley Biden's diary. "Classic Russian Disinformation". Most especially the part about 'being in heat' and showering with the Big Guy. What a damaged family that is.

as for the 'Schnozzola' posts, it's not even a good troll. Sounds phoned in.

We do need a regular commentator who is from Crazytown though. Paul's Trump butthurt barely registers anymore. Maybe I should take up the job.


Machine has turned out to be the John McCain of the Dem party.
Carma is a real bitch

Bill Tozer

Talking about 2024

‘It’s hard to believe Biden never talked with Harris about 2024: Goodwin’


Well, it’s hard to believe cause every political junkie in the Beltway, in the US and abroad is talking about it. But, in a charitable mood this lovely day, I will risk having egg on my face and say, “I believe her.” Just kidding. No way am I going to pull a 420 Broad St Brigade.

Bill Tozer

Been kicking this around in my noodle from last week: Is Liz Cheney getting the Band Of Neocons back together? You know, like their GOP, aka, Grand Old Party, bombs away. Sure the Dems have no problem with that.
The Lincoln (Log) Project people, despite that horrid felony child sex abuse (rape) coming from the top of the Project, they like Hillary are truly the unflushable turds. Nuff said.

‘Vilified by Trump, Liz Cheney explores her political future with backing from GOP elders, like Hillary, are truly the unflushable turds.’

“Cheney's immediate political goal, however, is to retain her House seat from Harriet Hageman, a Trump-backed primary challenger. To help, she is marshaling the forces of the pre-Trump GOP establishment.”


Add to that this gem she let slip. She was telling the microphones how deeply disappointed she was with her Republican colleagues and chastising them vigorously “on the other side of the aisle.” Yep, that was a slip if I ever heard on. The Republican Congress critters on the other side of the aisle.

Add to that…. Congresswoman Cheney is telling Congressman Schiffilis to hold her beer.

J6 Committee Fabricates More Evidence, Says Trump Waited 187 Minutes To Call For Peace. It Was Actually 25’

Wyoming Republican Rep. Liz Cheney went after former President Donald Trump in her prime-time performance on Monday claiming that private messages of the president’s staff revealed an apathetic leader complicit in the riot at the Capitol as the attack unfolded.

“The violence was evident to all — it was covered in real time by almost every news channel,” said Cheney, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hand-picked vice chair of the Select Committee on January 6. “But, for 187 minutes, President Trump refused to act when action by our president was required, indeed essential, and compelled by his oath to our


Don Bessee

The joys of watching the waterfall of liberal tears as the socialist green dream goes down in flames! -



Bill Tozer

Don @ 3:16 pm. Good Sunday, sir.

Indeed, Liberal Tears fall from sky. Fall to earth and refreshes me weary heart. :)

Companion piece. One of the drawbacks for not doing Twittershere.

"Senator Manchin made news with his announcement that he is opposed to the Bummer Beyond Belief bill that is the repository of the Democrats’ socialist hopes and utopian dreams. His making the announcement on FOX News — making big news on FOX News — just makes it that much sweeter."


Bill Tozer

Who said the 7 stages of grief starts with denial? This one starts with shock. Shock I tell ya, pure unadulterated shock.

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