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27 December 2021



Pge screwed up and left my power on this time. Propane tank has aboot 250 gallons... and starlink internet is humming along.


President Klain decides to tack a different tack and try to salvage something from the midterms.

"Look, There Is No Federal Solution": Biden Backtracks On Vow To 'Shut Down' Covid-19

This administration has been a real inspiration to me. Think I’m going to buy a ventriloquist dummy that makes bold statements too!

…..and thanks in advance for agreeing with me.

George Rebane

Gregory 1013am - What kind of service does starlink provide, and where is it accessible?


WOW Doc,!! 24KW? You can help out the guy next door, and still have every light on in the house, with the washer,dryer, and central heating going at the same time.

Ch.3 is showing pics from GV and NC snow. Pretty. Pretty deep too.
A good test for one of those battery powered snow blowers.
Now how will someone charge those batteries with the power out, and no backup genny? Back to that dark ages, and a snow shovel?


It's accessible anywhere that has a clear (fairly) unobstructed view of the sky.

It's still in the Better Than Nothing Betà phase, a great way to set expectations... but I'm about to cut the ATT landline/DSL cord. It has been very reliable for the past few.months.

I've seen nearly 300Mbps downlink speeds, usually above 100Mbps, minimum of 30. Upload typically 1/10 as fast, ping about 20 to 30ms.

$99/mo, $500 buy in.

George Rebane

Thanks Gregory.


PS for the past 10 months, there's been no noticable degrading of service due to weather

Bill Tozer

snow, what snow. First snowbirds with dogs on route to my humble abode. They were told power will be off 3-4 days, too many trees down. 4 days might be just a recorded message to stifle the when expectations. "What wimps," sez the guy who cries like a baby when MY power goes out.

From the sacred box I have pulled out a brand new MAGA hat sent to me when they first came out for a small donation. Nice, thick, the orginal and well made...not like the knock offs that came later. Got it on now to greet the NC refuees when they come to the door. :)
Hey, who else would take in their beloved ugly mutts? Beggars can't be choosers. its MAGA hat time!

Barry Pruett

We live in Penn Valley, and all the kids and dogs are at our house as well!

Bill Tozer

After Portland Riots, NY Times Suddenly Finds FBI Surveillance a Bad Thing Again


CBS Edits Out Own Reporter SLAMMING School Closures Causing Mental Health Crisis


WORST OF 2021: Craziest Analysis Award

[Spoiler alert.. Winner: Fox News Is “Danger to Democracy”
Runner ups ain’t bad either. I can feel the love.]

Help Jeff, they are attacking me!


Thank the LORD.. NO refugees at our place this time.
We did our part when N. of Placerville was on fire. We had'em for a month. One ungrateful Cousin and her three dogs.

The family in Alta Sierra are now living in the dark ages.
They plan on roughing it easy.


LOL Bill, looking to chase them off sooner than later?
The cousin mentioned above is a die hard Lefty. Maybe FOX NEWS on the tube most of the time drove her over the edge.
Something about real news really twists of the Lefties.

Bill Tozer

Fish and house guests smell after three days. Opps. No offense to our fish.


Looks like Robocop is here, and China has it.

Next month, "robojudge?" Let's just say China likes it's summary executions.

Bill Tozer

Another Loser Awards Ceremony with Shapiro as MC.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 27 December 2021 at 04:19 PM

No worries Bill….frankly I start getting a little gamey before three days!

Don Bessee

Alta Sierra has just about every way in is blocked at multiple places trees on lines everywhere and blocking main routes. PGE says they can not get into central AS to even fix yet, waiting on road clearances.

We were very lucky, treemagodon all around us, had some big branches break off but all missed the house, deck and car. Big shrubs look like toast. Looking down from our house i can see trees blocking streets and leaning on lines.

We are warm enough thanks to propane and backup power and led lights. The biggest problem is the cell system is overwhelme and 1 in 5 calls conects, everyone streaming?

IN the bad news good news department get woke go broke!


Bill Tozer

Readers Choice Meme and Cartoons Awards.

Always liked #6.

Bill Tozer

“Time to hunker down, stay warm, and pray for RAIN.”

Dr. Rebane. Pray for rain? If I didn’t know better, I would think you want it to rain so you don’t have to outside tonight and hose the satellite dish off. Brrr.

Tis the time of year when somebody calls 9-11 because their dish went out. Usually makes the Police Blotter. It’s an emergency!


All the downed lines? Blame the tree trimming crews.
If they actually did their jobs and stopped milking PG&E like a dairy cow, things may be a lot better.


My satellite dish melts snow.

Not because it has heating elements... because it has active phased circuitry array circuitry that generates heat.

Bill Tozer

‘You Unparalleled Boob’: Biden Blasted For Finally Pushing COVID Back To The States. ‘So What Orange Man Wanted. Got It…’


Punchy’s right…..a “General” who loses so many on his watch should probably step down.

IT’S OFFICIAL: More Americans Have Died from COVID Under Biden Than Under Trump.

…..and because it’s Biden you wouldn’t even need to tell him.

Scott O

Bill and Pinky re Biden's admission of failure - this is why Paul is suddenly "too busy". His entire collection of rants against Trump have returned like a steaming cow pie to splatter all over his face.

George Rebane

Gregory 1103pm - I wasn't aware that phased array technology was available today in residential satellite receivers. I assume if that's available, then your antenna would have a tighter receiving beam that is also steerable to max S/N. Is that what they advertise?

I have a static dish with an after-market heating shield strapped on which has done well during this heavy snowfall. Although the DishTV receiver did tell me once that my signal loss was due to a lot of water in the atmosphere and not anything wrong with my equipment. I suppose your antenna would even then perform better because of its enhanced ability to dig out signal.

paul emery

Bidens doing fine-still 10 points higher in job approval compared to Trump.


Trump had the entire MSM and DC establishment arrayed against him (never thought a wannabe California hippy posher would be such a shill for the DC status quo). For President scarecrow they’re “water carriers”!

Maybe you should just stick to reporting polls…..critical thinking doesn’t appear to be your strong suite.


Hey Punch…..was Biden lying when he said he was going to “shut down the virus” or was he lying when he said “this will be resolved at the state level”?

Asking for a friend.

Scott O

Paul 9:53 - "Bidens doing fine..."
Oh - OK.
Funny how even an increasing number of Dems at a high level don't share that view.
Pretty sure Stalin and Mao had high approval ratings at the end as well.
MUCH better than Trumps!
Good lord.

Bill Tozer


Hilter did not drink Diet Coke.

Bill Tozer

Gregory @ 11:03 pm

good to know. I was kidding Dr. Rebane about hosing the Dish off. Figured he already solved the problem on his end, being a rocket :) Still, rain would long as it don't freeze up at night. black ice is no fun.

So, you have 250 gallons of propane, 300 Mbps, power, are the man. I have 20% propane (40-50 gallons), and rent the tank. Yep, you ain't no dummie either. I have a sneaky suspenion the propane companies are swamped, especially after the recent weather events and trees uprooted and all. i can make it 10 days least. fingers crossed.


"Hey Punch…..was Biden lying when he said he was going to “shut down the virus” or was he lying when he said “this will be resolved at the state level”?"

Maybe it was the time that Biden hassled Trump about there not being enough testing.

Fast forward a year and there's not enough testing I guess.

You know it's possible to dislike Trump and still think that Biden is a disaster, but the local troll just views it all as arguing points. It's like fighting over whether The Flash is faster than Superman. I ain't got no time for that.


Posted by: scenes | 28 December 2021 at 01:43 PM

Just doing my civic duty reminding Punch that he finds lying abhorrent and that he should have known better when he backed The Pride of Scranton.

Bill Tozer

Afternoon Paul. At least you are consistent as evidenced by your morning constitutional here this morning. Biden up by ten over Trump? Good to know. Very good to know.

Hey, wasn’t Biden up by 17 then 14, then 10 today. In only eleven months? Wonder what it will be in 4 months. Follow the trend lines over time, pilgrim. But I do appreciate your “a winner never quits, a quitter never wins” attitude. Never say die and all that jazz.

Fake it til you make it.

‘Never say die: Trump-Russia collusion theorists strike again’
More good news for Paul. He will be in hogs’ heaven.

Matt Taibbi
‘The Democrats' Education Lunacies Will Bring Back Trump’


GR 936am

The Starlink sats aren't up in the geosynchronous Clarke band where they can be made to stay put, and so the beam is continually tracking the sat providing service at the moment and be ready to hop to the next one.

The orientation of the physical dish is a wonder to behold when first powering up and it looks for a sat to chat with but it don't move much in operation.

I was not convinced it would work well enough when I put my name and address on the wait list but I knew AT&T was going nowhere and fiber wasn't happening in my neighborhood anytime soon.

Bill Tozer

one man's opinion on Moscow Mitch, the Cocaine snorting Grim Reaper.

McConnell Makes His Case: ‘We Must Be Doing Something Right’

"What’s his reply to the critiques of him from the populist right as too much of an accommodationist? “Well, my response to that,” McConnell says, “is look at the polls. How’s it look out there after a year of this administration? After a year of us not becoming the issue and letting them be [on] full display? We must be doing something right.”"

Bill Tozer

-Daily Cases Of Coronavirus Smash Records In U.S. After Biden Promised To ‘Shut Down The Virus’

-White House Rushes To Walk Back Biden’s Admission Of ‘No Federal Solution’ To COVID-19

-Red States Boost Unemployment For Unvaxed Workers Fired Over Vaccine Status

-Booster Backfire? Some Experts Concerned Fourth COVID Shot May Weaken Body’s Ability To Fight Illness

-Newly Crowned Jeopardy! Winner, Dubbed Highest Earning ‘Female’ Ever, Is Actually A Man
Looks like my man Dan ain’t taking it like a girly mon.

‘The New Yorker Has 9,000-Word Conniption Over Dan Bongino’s Rising Media Influence’

“But wait, there’s more! Osnos even tried to pin the killing of Ashli Babbitt during the Capitol Hill Riot on Bongino”.

“Bongino reportedly snapped back as Osnos was preparing his write-up. After Bongino slammed a magazine memo as containing “obviously false material,” Bongino then later reportedly ripped Osnos on his podcast: “‘[Y]ou ass-kissing-Biden, surgically-attaching-your-lips-to-the-ass-of-the-Administration piece of garbage.’”

Bongino certainly has reason to be angry, given Osnos’ sleazy attempt to make him look like an instigator behind the events of Jan. 6. Journalist Glenn Greenwald also slammed The New Yorker’s character assasination of Bongino in a tweet: “One last point about the formulaic Bongino profile: it used to be that a @TheNewYorker hit piece by a CNN writer would be harmful. Now: it doesn't matter. They've so whittled their credibility that the targets of their smears have larger audiences than they, making them impotent.”

Hmmm. First Mark Levin, then Shapiro, then Buck, and now Dan. Hard to find anything they ever got wrong. They must be cancelled. They are oblivious the embodiment of The Threat to Our Democracy.

Hmmm again. Wonder what Buck has to say on his feed. Probably about masks, mandates, and the Wuhan bug


A local sandbox idea.

Not that I'm saying to do this, but if you live in a town that makes you get a bunch of permits and fees and (usually denied) permission to cut down a tree, this would be a mighty good time to do it.

Paul Emery

Perhaps this is gods way

"People living in counties that voted for former President Trump in the last presidential election are nearly three times more likely to die from COVID-19 than those who live in counties that voted for President Biden, according to an analysis conducted by NPR...Counties that went to Trump by a higher percentage had higher COVID-19 mortality rates and lower vaccination rates, with the rates lowering as Trump's vote share increases." - The Hill

Paul Emery

Here's more:

Since May 2021, people living in counties that voted heavily for Donald Trump during the last presidential election have been nearly three times as likely to die from COVID-19 as those who live in areas that went for now-President Biden. That's according to a new analysis by NPR that examines how political polarization and misinformation are driving a significant share of the deaths in the pandemic.

NPR looked at deaths per 100,000 people in roughly 3,000 counties across the U.S. from May 2021, the point at which vaccinations widely became available. People living in counties that went 60% or higher for Trump in November 2020 had 2.73 times the death rates of those that went for Biden. Counties with an even higher share of the vote for Trump saw higher COVID-19 mortality rates. "


Wow, punch, that means you can sit tight and wait for Trumpers to just die off... problem solved. In the meantime you can keep the bs to a minimum.

To folks interested in the Starlink system, here it is


Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 December 2021 at 04:45 PM

Have you had all your shots Punch?


"People living in counties that voted for former President Trump in the last presidential election are nearly three times more likely to die from COVID-19 than those who live in counties that voted for President Biden, according to an analysis conducted by NPR."

So basically he's saying that Trump counties had it right in wanting a change in government. They are poorly served by the bureaucracy and wanted something new.

Of course, coming from NPR, there's the schadenfreude derived from watching your political enemies die from slow strangulation.

Both of those things strike me as true and a good reason to oppose the Blue Mob whenever possible.


Gotta laugh at that BS from Emery. Remember? it was your Proggy Press telling people they will most likely DIE if they get the "Trump shots"."Untested",, and all that jaz. So you go ahead and suck up to those history rewriters.

Here Emery,, ain't Socialist rule great?

"The European Union is reportedly drafting a law that will allow Brussels to seize private property during a pandemic emergency."
That includes, food, medical supplies, etc.

I bet you can't wait for Biden's string pullers to get wind, and have Herr Biden do the same.

Scott O

Paul 4:40 and 4:45 - Did they bother to investigate who the dead people voted for?
We already know the answer is no.
Remember this is NPR.
The folks that thought that Hunter's lap top "wasn't an important news item".


re: starlink.

I wonder how the speeds will change when they build-out a user base. From all accounts, they handle bad weather pretty well. It sure would be nice to have something that worked longer than 10 seconds after a power outage, it isn't like the local carriers will spend any more money than they have to on reliability.

Question. Why on earth (so to speak) would you spend a bunch of money running high speed internet cabling to rural homes when this is available? lol. Just imagine all the committees, fast-talkin' proponents, folks looking to make a little vigorish in the rural internet biz that will have to find real jobs.


Almost forgot.. Emery has yet to post the poll that shows Biden
sucks worse than the hyena. Now that's BAD.

Now why won't you post the bad news Emery? You side sucks on ice. Most news folk that actually have a soul would embrace the suck and admit the skunk stink.

Paul Emery

Who are we to question Gods way.

What happened to the fake news story about "Hunters Lap top? Hasn't had a bit of ink for months not even from the shrill billies and their press?


Scenes 514pm

Not all homes have enough clear sky above... big pine trees abound. I've a couple big uns that I dream of removing for additional bandwidth.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 28 December 2021 at 05:20 PM

What happened to the fake news story about "Hunters Lap top?

Russian hookers……they peed all over it Punch.


So Punch…..did we get both vaccinations and the boosters…..I’m sure that’s what god would have wanted for you.


LOL Emery, you forget Herr Biden's orders? " YOU leave my boy alone!"
He has high priced color by numbers masterpieces to peddle to those looking for access to Pops.

Now care to tell us just what would be happening if his name was Trump Jr.? Think he would be getting the same hands off treatment?
LIED on a gun purchase FED Doc. ( a felony) Had an unsecured
firearm, (a big no no) A coke user/abuser in possession of a firearm. ( another felony)

But he's Biden's little boy. Now is he paying child support for his bastard child? He claimed he was destitute.


gregory: "Not all homes have enough clear sky above... big pine trees abound. "

I guess a person could start the Rural Broadband for Homes With Trees You Can't Cut Down That Are In The Way Company.

That should be worth a cool few million bucks in government grants. and that's just for the study.

Heck, you'd think that a company selling home fire (and tree-falling-on-the-hosue) insurance would give you the Starlink stuff just to clear the lot.


Here you go Emery,, "laptop" news.
"Boy, does Hunter Biden get a ton of breaks. The White House has basically given up on setting any ethical rules for the First Son, while the cultural elite rush to cover for his sleaze.

Last week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to commit to “basic transparency” about Hunter’s divestment from an investment fund owned by a Chinese-state entity during a White House Press Briefing. She also refused to admit his infamous laptop is authentic."

Funny, everyone else knows it's authentic.


walt: "LOL Emery, you forget Herr Biden's orders? " YOU leave my boy alone!""

My eyes!

Just for fun I went hunting for a H. Biden photo dump. Found one. A great big archive of ol' Hunter being the fun loving kinda guy that he is while generating a few Benjamins for The Big Guy. I mean, that was a lot of pictures.

Oh well, just another stellar example of Team Blue accusing other people of the things they are the masters of. You just have to laugh.


""Hunters Lap top? Hasn't had a bit of ink for months "

You know, that's a good point.

My best working theory is that it just doesn't have political traction. People who think the Bidens are a bunch of pervy grifters don't vote for The Big Guy in any case.

Team Blue voters (the people you want to convince) simply doesn't care that there are 100's of dick-pics-with-prostitutes (and family members) of the First Son. I'm thinking that the average Democrat admires Hunter for both his sleazy ways and his ability to weave money out of nothing but a last name. The Bidens livin' the Blue Mob Dream.

Paul Emery

Can you show me the results of investigations, indictments and convictions of H. Biden and his crew? This all stemmed from stolen evidence.


'Scoop' Emery: " This all stemmed from stolen evidence."

So now the laptop is real?

You need to get your story straight old son.


Stolen you say Emery? Care to prove that?
Leaving it at a repair shop, and NEVER going back to retrieve it, is far from "stolen". Then there is that little problem of it being turned over to the FBI. So the guy made a copy of the hard drive. He knew the FBI would bury the evidence to protect
slow Joe.

Leave your car at a repair shop, don't pay the bill, or retrieve said car, the repair shop can claim it, and sell it.
Same with an abandoned laptop.

Barry Pruett

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Harry Reid for the current constitution of the United States Supreme Court.


Light a candle Emery, Mr. "nuclear option"
has done passed on.


Enjoy Emery.

Opened the art gallery in NC yet?


Godspeed: John Madden

Good riddance: Harry Reid


Emery gets hoisted by his own pitard again.

Scott O

scenes 6:21 - "So now the laptop is real?"
Which one?
He did have a laptop stolen. By Russians!!
Was that before or after she peed on him?

Scott O

Grey 7:03 - Yeah, we saw that newsflash tonight.
We all had the same thought.

Scott O

Paul 6:17 - "This all stemmed from stolen evidence."
So Paul - care to show us the police report where anyone reported it stolen?
There's folks full of shit and there's idiots.
Paul manages both.
Read it and weep, Paul. The Biden family is full of sex pervs, drug addicts and messed up kids.

Paul Emery

So exactly what laws did Hunter Break Scott and why hasn't he been indicted?

Scott O

Nice try, Paul - Say, what white racist Dems were indicted back in the Jim Crow days?
No indictments, no convictions - no problems!
Paul endorses blacks being lynched because there were no indictments or convictions.
Pretty cool thinking, Paul.
Like I said - Paul is full of shit and an idiot.

Bill Tozer

Harry big corrupt LIAR! Typical Dem. Liar, liar, liar. A pychotic sociopath. The types you cannot shame. The Defender of Lies. Democrats.

'Harry Reid lied about Mitt Romney’s taxes. He’s still not sorry.'

[Says it all]

"Yet Reid (D-Nev.) not only refuses to retract the allegation but also seems to take great pride in it. When pressed by CNN's Dana Bash last year about continuing to defend a statement that is not true, Reid responded, "Romney didn't win, did he?""

Everyday on the Senate floor for years railing about the EVIL KOCH Brothers, the ones that calling the shots and the biggest threat to our Republic ever. Those Koch Bros were the bogeymen of the hour. Funny, the Koch Bros were not the richest by any means, nor were the biggest ones to buy politicans.

Desert tortoise land? You mean that place in the desert where the Brady Clan was told to move off the land so Harry Reid's son could build a giant green energy eyesore with federal subsidies? Move the protected tortoises (and cattle herders) off the land. There is big money to be made. That exercisr bike sure worked his face over. He looked exactly like the mob had roughed him up. They don't like liars who renege on a deal. His brother's face looked exactly the same. Big welts on face.

Bill Tozer

lol. "and why hasn't he been indicted?"

Elementary my dear Watson. Hunter is the party in power's son. You didn't really expect Garland or Wren to ever indict Hunter, not to mention doing anything like an investigion? Ha!, surely you jest. Nobody investigates the investagators. The FBI seized Hunter's laptop and there it will remain, the contents of which shall never see the light of day.

WHY hasn't Hunter....

Professional courtesy is the answer. Same reason sharks don't attack lawyers when they fall overboard. Professional courtesy.

Bill Tozer

oh, this should be good.

You Bastards

Bill Tozer

Sandbox, Dec 5, 2017. And you where there:

“The entire intelligence signed on to the conclusions in the Intelligence Assessment. Do you deny that Walt?”

It was because the entire Intelligence community concluded that the Russians had been interfering in our elections and Obama instilled sanctions that the Russians opposed and were using as leverage to prevent the deal that Flynn and his former partner had been working on. Flynn contacted him to say that Trump was calling off the sanctions and their project would be able to go ahead. So Russians say do this for me and I'll do this for you. Collusion for sure if true.”
The walls are closing in. I'm sure Mueller has direct testimony on this from Flynn the Flipper

"Democrats on the House oversight committee said in a letter dated Wednesday that the whistleblower reported attending an inauguration day event with Flynn's former business associate Alex Copson, the managing partner of ACU Strategic Partners.

The whistleblower said Copson gushed that Trump's inauguration was "the best day of my life" because it meant his company's effort to create a U.S.-Russia energy partnership in the Middle East, which reportedly would have included more than two dozen nuclear plants in the region, was moving forward. Copson said Flynn was making sure Obama-era sanctions, which he claimed threatened the nuclear project, would be "ripped up," according to the whistleblower."

If it can be shown that Trump instructed Flynn to lie to the FBI would you consider that an impeachable offense?”

So the spe3culation is that Flynn called his former business partner on inauguration day saying that their business deal would go forward because he was making sure the Obama imposed sanctions would be torn up removing that obstacle to the deal because the Russians would then approve the deal. Collusion? Duh
For your reading pleasure:

Trump reaches his all time low in RCP consensus poll. -19.2
Lowest in history at this time and still falling.

with all the contacts that the Trumpers had with the Russians it is inconceivable they don't have a book of information they can release whenever they want to. Trump still talks like Putin is his long lost brother so they know they've got him so they don't need to do anything.
reply: OK everybody, you just read it. Paul Emery's new, new, new standard of proof is:
"it is inconceivable"
That's it - any time Paul asks for proof, just roll your eyes and say: "oh Paul, it's inconceivable!"
I'm glad we have that all settled.
No more digging up facts and citing sources.
Thanks Paul - this will be way more simple.

George Rebane
Administrivia - Well sumbich, ScottO (643am) and PaulE (over the years) have made a milestone contribution to these debates. I've often wanted to use 'it's inconceivable' as the only support for one of my arguments, and always I've backed off with 'Nah, nobody would accept that.' But then, conceivability is in the eye of the conceiver, and why shouldn't my conceivables be as valid as the other guy's conceivables? So henceforth let it be known that personal conceivability is now an acceptable citation and element of proof. I can already see various levels of conception coming into use, with the indisputable level, from which all other ripostes must shrink, called 'immaculate conception

Go Paul, go!

It is safe to speculate that the Russians would use the same techniques and enthusiasm to gather information negative to Trump that they did with HIllary, to obtain leverage if Trump goes south on them. I mean this is a group that hacked emails with negative information towards Hillary to help swing the election towards Trump, There are of other examples of Russians attempting to and in some cases succeeding in hacking into our election computers and election offices.

They indeed took Trumps encouragement when he said " I will tell you this, Russia: If you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press.”

That is indeed encouraging a foreign country to break the law of which they obliged and made their findings available to Wikileaks for publication

Yes, my speculation that it is inconceivable that they would not peruse the same tactics against Trump is a more than reasonable speculation considering recent history. The material they gather would then be available as a bargaining chip, to put it likely, they could use against Trump when necessary. (Blackmail!)


Your casual regard towards the Russian interference in our elections is astounding considering your conservative pedigree and family history.
Posted by: Paul Emery | 07 December 2017 at 10:08 AM

Re Gregory 10:02

I've never seen someones stuttering problem manifest itself in writing.
[Now, you remember that time Trump used an opposing candidate’s stolen e-mails FOR his political benefit against Hillary. Trump used STOLEN e-mails. Sounds eerily familiar. Anyway…]

Yes, at this point I agree that there is no clear evidence they succeeded in swinging the election but there is much evidence they tried and there is much evidence the Trump team solicited their aid. An example:

On July 8, 2017, Trump Jr. tweeted that he agreed to meeting yhe Russians with the understanding that he would receive information damaging to Hillary Clinton.

The greaser in the Tower!!!

Bill Tozer


George Rebane

Administrivia - I looked in the comments spam folder and found five fine comments that their authors failed to tell me about. A couple of them were lengthy essays. I had no idea that RR commenters were so shy about reporting unwarranted removal of their contributions. To quote Bumblebrain, "C'mon man!"


I see Bill had plenty to say. You would think he got snowed in or something. The grade going down Pet hill on HY20 was sure dicey at 5AM. I had snowflakes (the real ones,, not LIB nut cases) hitting the windshield all the way to the flat ground by Beale AFB.
Today I joined the storm damage club. Lost a tree.(I didn't like it anyway) Firewood for next year.

I see Emery slinked off after losing his latest battle of wits.
Kinda tough when your unarmed.


Oh.. Forgot to post the stupid news of the day.
Yur gonna LOVE this..

"Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) guideline requiring taxpayers to report stolen goods as income"

The old joke comes to life.
" The Gov. wants it cut!"

"The IRS Publication 17 (2021) guideline states, “If you steal property, you must report its fair market value in your income in the year you steal it unless you return it to its rightful owner in the same year.”"

I'm sure the pavement apes doing smash and grabs will get right on that.


"Biden mocked for celebrating historic 2021 economic record
Biden failed to cite which analyst made the claim, leading to some users to mock the president's claim"

Uhhh,,,, Paul Emery?


been gone since friday... went to reno for xmas ... then couldn't get back on sunday. the 80 didnt open till after my bedtime last night.

lawdy, theres been lots o trees downed here.
but my power and internet still be up.


Welcome home Gregory. Playing Jeremiah Johnson up in them thar hills?

Bill Tozer

Go back to Berekely you stink-asses. No stink-asses allowed

Bill Tozer

Walt. Better Jeremiah Johnson than Showshoe Thompson. If he pulled a Snowshoe, he would have to go backto get his rig.

welcome home Gregory.
wasn't expecting this:

ASU students claim investigation into their harassment of white students in multicultural center is 'racially biased'

"Dear white people, aka ASU, you openly discriminated against us on November 16, when you handed down your decision from your racially biased investigation," said Mastaani Qureshi.

Scott O

Speaking of power failures...
How about a year (or more) long one?
There's a merry little book envisioning just such a fun time:
But of course we all know that unarmed rowdies being shot dead by the capital police are our biggest worry.

Bill Tozer

Scott O @ 7:37 pm

"But of course we all know that unarmed rowdies being shot dead by the capital police are our biggest worry."

For those keeping score, Alex Baldwin has shot and killed more people than the entire unruly mob of Insurrectionists did on Jan. 6, 2021.

Bill Tozer

When the boys came out to play, Little LA Times journos run away.

Larry Elder

Bill Tozer

@ 10:07 am

oppsie. try this linkie.

Scott O

Because of course...
"The OIG has yet to release a report in connection with the investigation."
Well - mistakes were made.
This country is nothing more than a banana republic.


Dan Rather tries and fails. Gets shot down like a clay pigeon, and just as fast.
#LetsGoBrandonReallyMeans “You can’t handle the truth.”

Uh,, we have LONG memories.
"Right-wing commentator John Cardillo tweeted, "Dan, Remember when you and your producer fabricated memos to derail Bush 43’s presidency, but you were caught, fired, and shamed off air? Remember that truth?"

"Says the man who literally lost his job for reporting fabrications and lies about GW Bush. Hahah.. you cannot make this stuff up. Let's Go Dan Rather!" radio talk show host Joe Pagliarulo wrote. "

Barry Pruett

RCP Poll. Trump vs. Biden. Trump up by five points.


Come on Barry,, you trying to give Emery an embolism?
He's going to have a rough time finding a renta-buddy these days to spill his guts to. It's New years. They have drinking to do to help forget everyone else's problems they have had to listen to.


Scott. They must have found out the Clintons put out the contract. You know a Clinton will never get charged with anything. The investigators didn't want to get suicided either.


"Speaking of power failures..."

I was thinking about that today.

Given two strong tendencies
. Building systems with more complexity/interconnects/etc. for small marginal gains in efficiency (many of which are government mandated).
. The tendency for companies to provide barely standable goods and services at the lowest price, implying that things break under load.

You can expect it to get worse rather than better. Cascading failures, power/communications/transportation systems that are run on the ragged edge. Lotsa single points of failure. Just give us a few more years when the all-electric home and car is mandated. Yee haw.

It's nice that Musk provides internet that isn't subject to some local guy cutting a fiber line with a backhoe. I would think that any local company would look into getting that and joining it with their current service (bonding? is that the word?).

KNCO was fun this morning. Barbi Galore from the County Emergency Folks was talking about what a GREAT JOB everyone is doing and how neighbors should be NICE to each other and not giving much useful information. (h/t to everyone actually doing God's Work driving a service truck, cop car, or plow).

Some guy called in talking about his superduper Tesla Powerwalls and solar setup which gave him a whole extra day of 'lectricity. Sweet.

My New Year's Wishes
. PGE puts the repaired lines right back where they can be knocked down by the next snow storm and leaves us with a PSPS 'cuz they might get knocked down.
. The various phone companies continue with their backup power longevity and inability to scale during an emergency because, really, who needs phones?
. The gas stations don't have backup power because, really, who needs gas?

Bill Tozer

Barry P.

All lawyer jokes past, present, and future do not apply to you. 12th Command, I believe, as it has been written:). It’s it true you lawyers wear collared shirts to hide you for skin? Asking for a imaginary friend.
Let’s go Karen!

Walt @ Epstein didn’t kill himself. Self hanging would have not broken those particular neck (bones, but strangulation certain would. Ok, very rarely to almost never.
It’s time for Maxwell to drop a couple of names. Maybe get it down to 12 years folding laundry in the women’s prison. She ain’t looking bad for 60.

If I recall properly, after the very first day of testimony by a underage victim, Epstein killed himself. Never was a day two of the trial.
I don’t see the government pursuing the johns. Bill Gates and Prince Andrew, sure. They can weather this out. But not so with some anonymous big big boys whose dropped names could do some real damage to.
Government just does not seem that interested in pursing the johns. No justice for those girls......

There was some humorous scuttlebutt in cyberspace (an antiquated word) about when Kamala went down not too long ago to get some advise from Hillary to improve her image (lol), that there appeared memes that said, ‘Kamala didn’t kill herself.’ Hillary must stay relevant. It’s in her blood. Imagine our female VP asking Hillary for advise on improving her image. Fact is stranger than fiction. The only thing Kamala has going for her is the Obama’s like her.

Don Bessee

Alta Sierra has gotten its ass kicked, hurricane level utility destruction! Well we may be down we are going to come back stronger!


Bill Tozer

I can only imagine what Carrie Drive on the Dogbar side looks like. Imagine what Rattlesnake must look like. Little Valley Road has been in the blotter a lot lately, either for some agitated disagreeable cad in the neighborhood or for falling trees. Keep in blocked in.Don’t let him out, lol.

“The gas stations don't have backup power because, really, who needs gas?”

The gas stations don't have backup power because, really, who needs charging stations.

Bill Tozer

Hornswoggled! Bush Wackers!

WSJ editorial mocks auto manufacturers getting 'double-crossed' by Biden admin: 'Hard not to get a chuckle'

Well, at least EVs don’t make that ‘gurgling sound.’ —VP K. Harris. And did you know we all have been mispronouncing her name all this time? The Dem JV team portends quite the bleak future with its very weak lineup. Varsity team don’t look much better. Mercy.

Biden walks away before or after the mid-terms?


Daughter and Son-in-law live high up on the South end of Alta Sierra. They just got power back a few hours ago. Still can't get out with all the downed trees.
C'mon Son, I taught you better than that. You have a chain saw,and a 4x4, get with it.
Hell! The storm of 91 (or was it 92?) was a doozy. three feet of snow @ 1400 feet! Indian Springs road had a tree across it about every 50 feet. Had to plow and cut our way down to PV.
We didn't wait for the county to do their job. It was neighbor helping neighbor. Just like the good old days.
Power out for days, and never thought of generators.

Now where did we hear,, "snow like this is a thing of the past".

There is an army of young folk that can help clear the roads of trees and such. Look in on the elders nearby. But it seems they are more concerned that the PlayStation is dead in the water.

Bill Tozer

Walt. I remember that storm. There was a ton of snow. Around or exactly on Valentine’s Day. The Denny’s across from (then) Albertsons was closed, but if you paid in cash, the nice nice caring older waitress would let you in and cook up something easy on the grill for you and warmed up some coffee for ya.

It was so high that the mountains piled high of snow in the plowed parking lots must have taken all spring to melt. I remember the seeing road half the road sign in front and just the top of another street sign. And after shoveling the driveway out to the street, the county trucks would come by and leave a huge burm. Those plows did not worry about any pedestrians getting showered with snow.

The thing I remember most about that storm was using my buried front axle on the 4x4 beater GMC pick up as a nice plow to get through it. Keep moving and hope you don’t get high centered. Pushed old Betsy through until with out warning she pushed no more,

The other thing I remember was KNCO on the air telling people to quit flipping off the plow drivers because it’s starting to get to them. Not appreciated. They are our neighbors, our valued public servants. They are clearing the roads and, yes, are making 4’-5 berms and blocking you all in...again, but quit yelling at them to f-off and giving them the double fisted middle fingers, lol.

Barry Pruett

It is rare that someone tells me a lawyer joke that I have not heard already! 🤣

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