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28 December 2021


Scott O

"The last thing our Left will tolerate is making school choice possible and letting parents decide where their children will be schooled."
Look at the parents that simply tried to stop part of the curriculum - "Call the FBI! Terrorism!"
You need a majority of voters to demand an end to govt run education nation-wide. Since we don't have that, and it doesn't look like you're going to obtain one, what now?

Barry Pruett

Yes. There has been talk around town of opening school similar to the John Adams Academy in Roseville offering a classical, patriotic education.


"The only plausible road back (from beyond the tipping point to the Great Divide) is to regain local control" full stop.

Just thinking about it for a sec, I'd say that one of the main causes for the emergence of Oceania is the firming up of remote control governing. Computer/communications systems, job hyperspecialization, the natural tendency for power to centralize, things work differently when you deal with matters face to face.

Does anybody really think that people like Adam Schiff, President Potato, AOC, or Jeb! would naturally attain power in a society with distributed power or a hunter-gatherer clan? Low-T males and crazy-eye wimmen will be the death of us all.


"There has been talk around town of opening school similar to the John Adams Academy in Roseville "

I love the idea, but the problem is that it's always 'talk' except for those personally trying to set it up.

100+ years ago, men of means funded local libraries, public buildings, opened schools, there were quite a few philanthropists.

Now? Not much except for the occasional funding of a plaque on a statue.

It's pretty hard to write a large check when you might still need the money, but I strongly doubt the staying power of local works, let's say a Great Books sort of school, unless some number of people put the thing in their will. Typically the money goes to the grandchildren or some cousin to buy a new car or a house, all while explaining why something like a classical education is a good idea.

George Rebane

Speaking of dumbed down socialist schooling, to become an actuary today is harder than ever, and only a small share of those attempting it do finally succeed. See the last Scattershots for details and an example question.


re: actuaries

Wouldn't that simply be the handful of people who write the software/spreadsheets? Admittedly, finding the odds in a novel situation is non-trivial. You could argue that that's one of the grand challenges in machine learning as actions are all about perceived outcomes.

George Rebane

scenes 1155am - I'm sure that the industry has developed a lot of spreadsheet algos to handle repetitive type cases - just plug in the new numbers and turn the crank. But the real problems that, say, most insurance underwriters face is calculating market (fair?) prices for premiums on policies that insure one-of-kind assets and events. Developing combat systems for new types of threats involves the next higher level of such probabilistics, and the added professional risk is always that you overlooked some subtle stochastics or combinatorics that appear obvious after a colleague points it out during a project review meeting (aka the shark tank). Been on both sides of that one.

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